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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is very satisfactory to me. I spoke with Riley from Southtowne and he explained all matters to me thoroughly and I am very satisfied with the final resolution. I appreciate the time he took to explain how they remedied the situation with the potential buyer and how their policies CAN actually be put in place to protect both parties. My husband also said that a guy named John was very nice and professional when he brought the vehicle in. I so so appreciate a company that really cares about its customers enough to fix something and make sure they understand what is going on. Thank you very much!

We have spoke with our customer and are working toward an acceptable resolution for both parties. We have agreed to exchange the purchased vehicle (that was not agreeable to the customer) for another. We have an appointment at 4pm today.    Thanks,  Brandon W[redacted] General Sales ManagerKen Garff Honda Downtown

Contact Name and Title: [redacted], Exec. Asst.
Contact Phone: [redacted]
We have done everything we possibly can to remove the customer's name from our marketing data base. We have been told by our advertising agency that the customer's name has been taken off their list. Our extend our...

sincere apology to the customer.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Regarding Complaint #[redacted] To whom it may concern: After reading Mr. [redacted]’s last response, we will not call him to try and rectify any further.  We will just wait until he submits the form, we sent him, to the credit bureau to see what happens and then we’ll see what we can do after that. Spencer C[redacted]General Sales ManagerKen Garff Buick/[email protected]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Nissan has an open recall to address possible corrosion and rust around the sending unit.  No corrosion was found so we added the anti-corrosive material to help prevent it from forming as per instructions on the recall.  The sending unit in his vehicle is not a Nissan Genuine...

Part as it has been replaced with an aftermarket unit in the past.  In talking with Mr. [redacted], another shop had told him that the cost would be covered by Nissan but unfortunately they gave him incorrect information.We have called him and offered to do a diagnostic check for free to find the source of his issue but haven't heard back.

unfortunately some times the bank does cap the loan amount and the purchaser would have to pay for the contract out of there own money over and above any down payment. that would have been the case on your vehicle purchase. it was offered but could not be financed into the loan. we would be willing to do a 20$ discount on Parts and Labor which would save you approximately $1000.00. let us know if you would like to pursue that option.

CRM TEAm…  Please remove the following customer from ALL forms of marketing in DealerSocket.   DMMS… Please remove him from ALL third party lists for your dealerships.  If you find him on any dealership lists, please let me know.  He has made some complaints to the so we...

want to make sure we do not leave him on any list.   [redacted] Daytime Phone: ###-###-#### Evening Phone: ###-###-#### Fax: ###-###-#### E-mail: [redacted]   Thanks! Becca rebecca [redacted] | director of sales communication | ken garff automotive group mobile ###-###-#### | [redacted] | office ###-###-####

The customer, [redacted] contacted our customer service team at 1 pm on 7/18/2016, speaking to Precious. The customer was inquiring about pricing on a vehicle, stock number [redacted] - vin number [redacted]. All chat incoming and outgoing communication is recorded, including chat, The...

Chat transcript is where I found the stock number [redacted]. The customer asked if he could buy the particular truck, [redacted], for $55,000 OTD (which includes all government fees), to which Precious replied "I just talked with Tony and he said that it sounds pretty realistic, how soon can you be down here," Tony being the Floor Manager on duty at the time. The issue seems to have occurred when the customer reached our floor manager Tony G[redacted], as the stock number the customer provided Tony, [redacted], was for a different truck that was quite a bit more expensive than the previous truck Precious and the customer were speaking about via the chat client. For the original stock number, [redacted], we could have sold it to the customer at the requested price. Unfortunately, it has since been sold. As for stuck number [redacted], which was $6000.00 more in price, it would not have been possible to work the same car deal for the same numbers a it would have constituted a massive financial loss on our end in order to facilitate such a purchase. If the customer would like to get a truck in their $55,000 Out The Door price range, we have several trucks that would fit that particular budget and payment and we are more than happy to re-initiate contact with the customer in order to facilitate that purchase.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is Okay. However, please note that when asked to return my car for a detail after my car had not been cleaned after the repairs the still managed to not touch my back seat for a detail. Ken Garff offered me a detail again but at this point, there are only so many drives just for another mistake. Ryan has kept in contact to let me know him and Winston are trying to resolve my resolution, though the promise has not come through yet, I'm hopeful when the opportunity presents its self they will make it right. 

Contact Name and Title: [redacted]
Contact Phone: [redacted]
Contact Email: [redacted]
Ken Garff West Valley sold Mr. [redacted] a Black Ram 2500 on December 2, 2014. It was the night of our annual Christmas Party and our store closed early to accommodate 200+ employees being able to...

attend and we were a bit rushed. After the sale there were concerns with VTR (a finance product) on his contract. It was agreed to credit him the full amount towards fender flares (which is something I understand he wanted) to make him whole. He did that and received full credit, making him whole on that concern.

Mr. [redacted] visited our store very upset because he was not offered the 500.00 Military rebate and was told that he did not qualify. It is factory to customer cash that we truly want our customer to receive, but we apparently hadn't looked deeply enough and failed to catch it. I met with Mr. [redacted] personally and agreed that if he would bring in the necessary documentation that we would certainly honor the rebate as it comes from Chrysler. In attempt to correct this immediately and not have him wait, we wrote and gave him a dealership check that day for the proper amount.

Also, he found that there were scratches on his truck and our team agreed to have him bring his truck back and have them repaired. There were 2 attempts to repair the scratches. The 1st was with [redacted], a touch up service that is contracted to do work on our lot. Mr [redacted] indicated he wasn't satisfied with the outcome, so we sent him to the body shop at [redacted] (right across the street from us), where they buffed and repaired the scratches. It would be important to interject here, that the manager of the [redacted] ([redacted]) visited me to explain that he gave Mr. [redacted] an estimate to repaint the entire truck but told him he would not paint the truck and that repainting it would make it look worse. [redacted] stated that he believes the scratches have been taken care of. [redacted] also shared with me that he spoke to someone that does estimates for the [redacted] (also engaged by Mr [redacted]) that called him and they both agreed on that.

Mr. [redacted] was still not satisfied with the level of repair. As general manager, I offered to try my best to find another truck like his to do an exchange of trucks even though he had already driven his new truck for 1,500 miles. I offered a 100% refund on his purchase and return his traded vehicle back to him. As a part of that, we agreed to eat the $900 cost of reconditioning we had performed on his trade in and to simply rescind the deal and make each party whole as they were before the deal started. Or, in an effort to keep him in a new truck, I reviewed 4 different invoices with him of black (his color) trucks available within a 1,500 mile search and unfortunately, none of the trucks were an exact match to the one he purchased. For example, some had different seating up front (Captain Chairs vs. bench seat) and one did not have the factory installed "5th wheel prep group" and he wouldn't accept us installing a 5th wheel set up here at the store. We simply couldn't find a truck to satisfy him. After reviewing the options I agreed to contact our factory rep and make sure that I was not missing anything in finding a solution to swap trucks and attempt to make him happy. We could not find a like truck even with our factory representative's help. Mr. [redacted] flatly refused to "unwind" the purchase and simply would not believe that we could not locate an exact match and felt we were jerking him around, which was absolutely not our intent! We truly wanted to satisfy our customer.

He contacted our corporate office and we all put our heads together to seek a solution. In a few days (Friday, December 19th to be precise) we reached an amiable agreement that compensated him for what he felt we had done wrong and that put an end to the matter. Mr. [redacted] informed us he was satisfied with the solution.

This is an unfortunate situation. We submitted an FMC 360 to Ford on his behalf trying to get Ford to cover or help with the needed repairs. (Case# [redacted]) I have attached the decision that was sent back to us from Ford for our request to help Mr. [redacted]. Unfortunately they denied any...

assistance with his repair (see attached decision papers). We offered to help him with a discount on the repairs and he told us that he was not interested in that. He also stated he was not offered a service contract at the time he purchased the vehicle. We offer this to all customers and I have attached the copy of his forfeited options that was signed by him at the time of purchase. We would like to help resolve this issue with him but at this point can only offer a discount on the repairs, as he purchased the vehicle over a year ago and was offered a service contract but declined that. Mr. [redacted] was upset with Ford Motor Company’s decision not to help him and stated he would be posting negative reviews on social media and would be traveling to every Ford dealer until he got someone to cover this repair. At this time we feel like we have been more then accommodating and have done all that we can. If he feels there is a better resolution please let us know.

I am sorry to hear that you had less than a satisfactory experience at Ken Garff Nissan. It looks like there are some discrepancies as to what you paid and why. We pride ourselves on being extremely transparent and would love to discuss what you were charged and why. The warranty...

you purchased was an option that you do not have to take. If this is a product you do not wish to have, we can certain cancel the warranty contract. I would love for an opportunity to discuss as we are full disclosure and are confident we can come to a resolution. Feel free to reach out anytime as we truly do care about our customers and want to do what is right.
Main: [redacted]
Email: [redacted]
General Manager

We are certainly willing to own our mistakes, so in our due diligence in checking on this we found the following. Here are the facts that can be confirmed on Carfax-05/03/2016  202,193 Ken Garff Honda Riverdale Wheel bearing replaced, alignment performed 06/08/2016 205,096 Eagle...

Quick Lube, California Oil Change, coolant service, multipoint inspection.   07/11/2016 207,098Klamath Falls Honda, Oregon vehicle had repairs made including those made for loose lug nuts.  It’s difficult to connect the dots to Ken Garff Honda entirely after driving such long distances and having the  vehicle serviced at another location. Customer says that he has not been responded to by Brian K[redacted], service manager. This is not true. He has been in contact with the customer several times over this issue and has explained our doubts in being at fault. Customer says the vehicle was not serviced since it was here. The above facts outline this is not true. It is not possible to blame our technician for this problem if the vehicle drove 3000 to its next service, then another 2000 miles to the dealer who made the stated repair.

We have made contact with the customer and will be working toward an agreeable solution for both parties.

[redacted],We apologize for the frustration and inconvenience regarding your service experience with us, and getting your second key working properly.  We will be happy to either replace your second key, or refund your money completely.If you choose to have another key ordered, please note that...

Mercedes-Benz does not authorize us to send the key directly to our clients, and the keys must be physically picked up at the dealership.  We realize this is not ideal, but is a rule we must abide by.  Please contact me directly at your convenience which option you prefer, and we can get this processed.    Respectfully,Chris K[redacted] (801) 257-3006  [email protected] Relations ManagerMercedes-Benz of Salt Lake City

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