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***, I understand your frustration with the brakes not being fixedWhen we were unable to reach a resolution on the vehicle, we agreed to refund you in full for the amount you put down to hold the vehicleUnfortunately we sold the car to another customer that accepted the vehicle in the condition it was inWe would never force you to take the car if you did not feel 100% comfortable with you purchase and from there we mutually agreed you would not take the carSorry we were unable to accommodate all your requests

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: I clearly stated that our warranty company covered the cost of repairShouldn't they then be reimbursed the money for the defective work performed?? The parts that were installed by your service department are MOPAR parts and according to your own paperwork that was given to us they are still under warrantyYet we were told no they were notThe vehicle was towed to your establishment on May 2ndIt was not running poorly at the time with a check engine light on because the vehicle was not running at allWe were never informed of metal being in the oil when the repairs were done the first timeOr the second time it was in your shopOr the third time it was repaired by them. Had there been metal in the oil that should have been told to usThis vehicle in question was serviced less than days before it went into your shopThere was no metal in the oil at that timeThere also was not a large leak in the transmissionThat was looked at by a different mechanic and he found that to not be true
*** ***

Mr***,I would like to apologize for any confusion that occurred about our online priceAt Ken Garff Nissan SLC we truly believe in customer service and know how important it is to ensure customer satisfactionWe have a transparent sales process that honors the online price for all customer
Also, to protect our customers and the dealership we do offer exteneded insurances and warranties on each transactionThese additional products are just options and are never enforced when purchasing a vehicleI would love to personally talke with Mr*** about his experience at Ken Garff Nissan SLC and try to help anyway Possible.Thanks,Winston B***General Manager

This is Matt G*** at Ken Garff West Valley DodgeRegarding the Odometer discrepancy, the odometer is a special order part, that is exchange only, meaning that the odometer must be ordered with the exact miles on the cluster at that time, due to federal guidelines. The
odometer and cluster are then manufactured and programed with the miles and specifications according to what was reflected at the time of the orderDuring this time the vehicle should remain "down" or parked so that the mileage on the vehicle and the mileage on the odometer are accurate at the time the new cluster comes in. For Ram Promasters the process take 60-days due to national back order currently. The customer cannot leave his vehicle with us for the entirety of the order process, as the vehicle is used for work, thus it is not possible to order a cluster and have the mileage reflect what is actually on the vehicle 60-days from the order date. In order to better assist the customer, myself and Tony Pour service manager, escalated the concern to Chrysler District Manager of Fixed Operations, Kevin, to try and get a cluster expedited to remedy any mileage discrepancyKevin reported to us some days later that this was not possible as the cluster is manufactured by a 3rd party company who operates on a first come first serve basisFrom there we worked a deal on a new vehicle for the customer, giving fair travalue for their vehicle, not accounting for any of the mechanical problems they have had with the vehicleTalking to the customer last on 10-31-they decided that they did not want to purchase a new vehicleFrom the information we received from Kevin with Chrysler, we instructed the customer that their home dealer in Florida could order a new cluster for the vehicle, but that it would have to stay down for the entirety of the order so as not to have a mileage discrepancyThe leaking roof was an issue originating from another dealer's repair, and was not notated on our repair order when the vehicle was dropper of for their electrical concernI also explained to the customer that the $was a valid repairAfter diagnostic from our technician the conclusion was that the battery had failed, in addition to the cluster needing to be replacedThe battery itself is not covered under manufacture warranty and retails for $There was one hour of diagnostic charged to the bill as well, equaling the referenced total of $

We do a used car inspecion on all of the cars we sell. The inspection is more extensive than just the safety and emission inspection required by the state. Obviously we missed a few things that could have been better on the car. All of the issues that were brought to our attention
by the customer have been repaired.Bryan K***

Thank you for your request.We are having the Floor Manager, Jager, reach out to *** and see if there is a vehicle that we can offer her at the terms and conditions she is looking forWe feel that we addressed her concerns at the time of the return in an honest and prudent manner and refunded her
down paymentAs you know, the availability of used vehicles differs from day to day depending on what is available and if the pricing is in line with the marketWe will do everything in our power to accommodate and satisfy her needs as long as it can follow the guidelines of the dealerships ability to make it a Win-Win opportunity.We appreciate your time and the opportunity to assist our customers and find ways to say YES!Kind Regards Terry B***Assistant General ManagerKen Garff West Valley [email protected]

To whom it may concern, This truly does sound like an unfortunate experienceThe customer on this vehicle has serviced their vehicle numerous times at our dealershipThe majority of these services are regular maintenance interval oil changes and tire rotationsWe have had a few mechanical
repairs as well on this vehicle such as replacing drive belts, fluid exchanges, etcThe customer has only mentioned performance issues with this vehicle twice beforeThe first time was in September at 55k milesCustomer stated the vehicle would shake at idle and actually died one timeThe vehicle did start right back up and they brought it in for serviceWe then proceeded with our diagnosis on the vehicle which involved a test drive, computer diagnosis, and basic overall inspection of the vehicleAt this time, no fault codes were stored in the vehicles ECU and the vehicle drove as it was designed for the technicianWe performed an idle reset at the time which is a procedure that we do on occasion just to reset the idle speedThe vehicle was then released back to the customerThe customer then returned additional times over the course of 9k miles for oil changes, manufacture campaigns, and an alignmentIn July of 2017, at 77k miles, vehicle now out of warranty by 17k miles, the customer came in saying the vehicle felt as though it was driving heavy, and would shake at stop lightsWe proceeded with our diagnostic again, which found that there was a Nissan TSB (technical service bulletin) that related to this concern on the vehicleThe TSB suggested reprogramming the vehicle ECU to the newest part numberWe reprogrammed the ECU at no charge to the customer at this timeWe test drove, found the vehicle to drive as per designCustomer then returned in Feb of at just shy of 87k with a check engine light onCustomer requested a loaner vehicle at this time while we diagnosed the vehicleWe made the customer aware that based on the mileage, the vehicle would be subject to the $diagnostic feeThe customer agreed to this and we issued a loaner and began workHowever, at the time of write up on the vehicle, our power was cut to the building on 02/07/for a period of hours due to a construction incident in front of our dealerWe were unable to have the customer sign electronically on the advisor's tabletWhen the diagnostic was returned from the tech, it was deemed that a mass airflow meter would need replacedWhen the customer came to pick up the vehicle, we provided the estimateThe customer declined the work on the vehicle and stated they would have it fixed elsewhere due to costWe stated that was fine, but they still are responsible for the $diagnostic feeThe customer that came to pick up the vehicle was not the same person that dropped it off originallyHe stated he was not going to pay the diagnostic fee and he never agreed to thatWe politely reminded him at the time of write up that they had agreed on the diagnostic chargeHe continued to argue and stated we were ripping him off, he was not going to pay the diagnostic fee because we couldn't prove he agreed on it, and he then proceeded to call our advisor's some names that I would rather not type on hereAt this point, my assistant manager realized that nothing was going to come of this and told the customer to take his vehicle and leaveWe took care of the diagnostic chargeAs the customer was leaving with his friend, they stopped at the front of our service drive doors and yelled some profanity back into our drive while other customers were presentHe was then asked again to please leave our propertyI confirmed the physical actions of this conversation the following day by watching this unfold on my camerasWhile there is no audio, you can see the motions of the customer and his friend and my assistant manager asking them to leaveThe customer then called in the next day and spoke with me to let me know how poorly he was treated the prior day by the advisorI apologized but did remind him that I reviewed the camera footage and said that it didn't appear that my advisor was the only one at faultHe then started to argue with me stating how unprofessional we were and that he would never be coming backI stated I was sorry to hear that and wanted to know what the customer wanted out of this whole situationHe stated he was going to buy the sensor himself and repair the vehicleI told him fine and I even had my parts department sell him the sensor at a discounted price. I do feel that we did everything as we should have on this vehicleWe followed our repair processes every time the vehicle was here and provided accurate diagnosis and repair recommendationsI do not feel that this customer bought a faulty vehicle from the start, given it has driven nearly 90k miles before having a severe issueLots of factors could play into the transmission going outLack of service on the transmission fluid, overheat concerns, or unfortunately just a general failure of an internal component of the transmissionI am sorry for the customers frustrations, but I do feel we have done everything we could do from out dealerships standpoint.

We apologize to *** *** for the time it has taken to get the credit for the fender flairs sentThere has been some confusion between departments regarding what was going to occur. As of this afternoon, after speaking to *** on the phone, a check is being cut and sent to
*** reimbursing him in full for the cost of the fender flairs
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and the dealership is Ken Graff West Valley DodgeWhich is the one I selected from the drop down menu at the beginning of this process
*** ***

We have worked with *** to get her into a better vehicleShe traded in the vehicle that was originally having issues with the transmission and got into a brand new vehicle with no issuesThe customer is satisfied with the deal she received.

***, I will definitely get your charges reversedPlease contact either myself (Winston Bennion) or Pat Dunlavy our Service MangagerIt is our goal to provide every customer an unsurpassed experience and would like to apologize that this did not occurI look forward to hearing from
you. Winston B***

Thank you for using the Revdex.comWe take customer service very seriously and appreciate the platform the provides to communicate and resolve issues like this one and are committed to maintaining our A+ Rating by resolving complaints to our customers satisfaction
We have reviewed this complaint along with all of the correspondence that we had after the saleI can totally understand where you are coming fromEspecially since you are having to travel such a long distance to resolve issues with your vehicleI want to accomplish two things in the next couple of days
I want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your Durango
I want to make sure that we have done everything that we can to reconcile our relationship with you
We have obviously not done a great job in meeting your expectationsI wish I could tell you that we are perfect but as you know we are notBut, when issues like this come up we take them very seriouslyWe are going over every step of our process on this end to assure this experience won't show up for another customerWe appreciate you communicating the problem with us so we have this opportunity to review our processI did leave you a message today and I think one of our sales managers called you as wellWe will follow up with you again on Monday to make sure you received our messages and speak more to the items above
I sent a Chevron gas card for $*** to you this afternoon to reimburse you for your travel fuel
I am in the office from 8:to 5:so I probably wont be able to talk to you again todayIll try to reach you again on Monday
Matt G***
Customer Advocacy Manager
Ken Garff West Valley Chrysler Jeep Dodge

We understand your frustration and would be more than happy to correct it for you, if only we can duplicate itWe had the vehicle here for three days, test drove it numerous times by one of our best master technicians, and the problem you describe was never duplicated or experienced
Honda will not allow us to buy parts or labor if we cannot verify the problemWe called our national Tech line to see if other pilots had been experiencing this so that it could perhaps point us in the right direction on how to duplicate it, and were informed that they have not had similar complaintsWe would also be more than willing to have our technicians ride with you so that you can point out the problem to themIts not at all that we don't believe you, but at the dealership level our hands are tied to these rules of problem verificationAt the the end of your compliant, your issue is directed at Honda Corporation, and we are a separate entityDealerships and factories are mutually exclusive when it comes to fabrication, design, and disposition of the Honda productWe, at the dealership level, cannot change the safety design or warranty claim process that Honda Corporation has in placeI suggest you make this complaint to Honda corporation, not a Honda dealership where your complaint can be directed toward those that can influence the safety design and/or warranty claim process surrounding the concern you have

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: I have ring Texas have that stock number for the Laramie out the door
*** ***

I am sorry that you were treated the way you expected. We pride ourselved on taking care our customers and sometimes we do make mistakes. It sounds like we made a mistake with you and I appologize that we weren't able to resolve the situation to your satisfaction

We have had numerous conversations with *** *** and have profusely apologized for her experience with our store. Her Nissan Juke is now fixed and in properly running condition at this time, however, she is still skeptical about the vehicle and would like a Subaru
WRX. We have agreed to do anything in our power to help her into a WRX while limiting her negative equity on her current Juke. We have taken appropriate steps to ensure that the issues that *** *** experienced in our store are rectified and we are always trying to improve as a store
Ryan B***, GSM

Mr*** reached out to us here at Mercedes-Benz of Salt Lake City in March of to secure a very exclusive vehicle which he wanted to purchase. This vehicle is a GAMG MSRP $156,345.The customer asked us to secure financing on his behalf which, after considerable effort (
for various reasons), we were able to with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services.The customer then expressed his desire to have us find a vehicle that was a better color combination than the one he had contacted us on. We worked for over two weeks to secure a vehicle for him which we did.He then contacted us to let us know his circumstances had changed in the early part of this month and he would not be able complete the this point we had only collected a $5,deposit.We contacted the dealer we had secured the vehicle from and explained we would be unable to complete the trade because the customer had backed out. This caused a large issue between us and the dealer as they had secured a deposit on the vehicle we traded to them for The G63.approximately days after we had cancelled the deal with *** and Cancelled the dealer trade with the dealer that had the G*** wanted, *** reached out to us and explained that he wanted to do business with us and hoped we could still secure the vehicle for him.We explained this was possible only on condition he sent us the full Down Payment ahead of time as good faith and to secure the transaction and only after receiving the down payment would we transport the vehicle to our dealership. *** agreed to this and sent us the balance due to satisfy the requirements of the lender. This was $35,for a total of $40,as required by the Lender. He wired this money and we received it, confirmed it had cleared, and then completed the dealer trade and secured transportation.The cost of securing the Gfor *** was giving up a future Gat the trading dealers request. This vehicle is a total redesign for and currently extremely desirable with many dealers securing orders for the vehicle at well above the anticipated MSRP which is not uncommon for a new model in limited production.After completing the trade with the other dealer for ***'s Gand having the vehicle shipped, *** contacted us and expressed his desire to cancel the transaction.We explained to *** we would like him to complete the transaction but that if he chose not to, we would send him his deposit less than the cost of transportation, the cost of the time for the management team to secure financing, secure the vehicle, and prepare other logistics to accommodate ***. We also assess the anticipated cost of losing a Gwhich we have given to the other dealer, and at the expense of satisfying a customer order for a local customer which we have in the order bank as this vehicle must be sent to the trading dealer per our agreement with them.We have notified *** that upon receipt of a letter signed by him agreeing to surrender $11,of his down payment to offset these costs we would gladly send him the remainder of his $40,dollar down payment.

The customer, *** *** contacted our customer service team at pm on 7/18/2016, speaking to PreciousThe customer was inquiring about pricing on a vehicle, stock number *** - vin number ***All chat incoming and outgoing communication is recorded, including chat, The
Chat transcript is where I found the stock number ***The customer asked if he could buy the particular truck, ***, for $55,OTD (which includes all government fees), to which Precious replied "I just talked with Tony and he said that it sounds pretty realistic, how soon can you be down here," Tony being the Floor Manager on duty at the time The issue seems to have occurred when the customer reached our floor manager Tony G***, as the stock number the customer provided Tony, ***, was for a different truck that was quite a bit more expensive than the previous truck Precious and the customer were speaking about via the chat clientFor the original stock number, ***, we could have sold it to the customer at the requested priceUnfortunately, it has since been soldAs for stuck number ***, which was $more in price, it would not have been possible to work the same car deal for the same numbers a it would have constituted a massive financial loss on our end in order to facilitate such a purchaseIf the customer would like to get a truck in their $55,Out The Door price range, we have several trucks that would fit that particular budget and payment and we are more than happy to re-initiate contact with the customer in order to facilitate that purchase

The customer came in for an oil changeHe parked in the service drive and shut his vehicle offThe service drive advisors did a meet and greet with the customer and was asked by the customer for an oil changeThe vehicle was driven by the lot tech to the oil change line for dispatch
into the oil change rotation.We changed the oil in the customers vehicle.We have reviewed the footage of the initial inception of the customers vehicle on the service drive and throughout the possession time and see no irregular actions or service errors while changing the oil.The vehicle was in the shop no longer than minutesFrom the time the vehicle was started and moved from the driveway to the oil change lineit was less than minuteThe vehicle sat turned off for 15-minutes and was then started and brought into the shopIt is a yard driveThe vehicle's oil was changed and then it was returned to the pick up lane which required another yard drive and was turned off waiting for the customer to pick up, Total on time is less than minutes.The customer received his vehicle and then returned to the drive and discussed his concerns with the drive managerThe manager then contacted me and I sat with the customer and listenedThe manager is a seasoned Ford technician and has extensive knowledge of Ford'sHe explained that in those models and year made, Ford has have problems with the VCT in the engines.We then asked the customer to go with the manager to the Ford facility next to us and get a second opinionThe consensus was the same.We committed to address the oil problem with the vehicle taking responsibility for the problem.The customer agreed.We then commenced with the work and we discovered that the head gaskets were blown as wellOur experience tells us that there is not a chance that the vehicles head gaskets were blown while in our careThe vehicle would have had to overheat due to a lack of coolant and there would have been pressure in the cooling system as the temperature rises causing the head gaskets to failOnly running the vehicle for two minutes would not have caused the head gaskets to failThe coolant would have had to have been depleted to cause the result.We contacted the customer and explained the findings and that in "Good Faith" we would cover the labor to repair the head gaskets and he would cover any and all parts including coolantThe customer has been contacted and refuses to agree to our findings and resolution.The customer sat with me during his original discussions and was vulgar in his language and maintained a disgruntled attitude throughout the entire process until he felt confident that we would stand behind my commitment to repair the oil related parts.We have discussed with him the resolution on the head gasket and are waiting for his replyHe said he would be contacting his lawyerWe put him in a loaner vehicle while we have his vehicleWe asked him about the loaner and he said it was in his garage.We feel that we have responsive professionally and are going above and beyond our process to satisfy his concerns.Please feel free to contact me at 801-706-6177Thank you Terry B***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

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