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• May 01, 2021

Don't take your electric here!
After the dash error message on my Fiat electric that I needed to disconnect the charger and service the charging system, I called Fiat Corporate. The suggestion was rather than damage anything, hire a tow truck to the dealer. A Fiat approved tow that was nearly $300. From my understanding, Ken Garff West Valley is the only Fiat dealer in Utah and I had not done business with them prior. In communication with the service department I was told that the diagnosis was a charge control module for $2,500 and no stock or known availability. I asked what if it doesn't fix the problem only to be told that they had checked everything else and that's what it is. I was told that once I gave the go ahead they would order the part in. Obviously placing my trust in them as a factory dealership I gave the approval. After some time I was notified the car was repaired and ready. Picked it up, drove it home and plugged it in and exactly the same problem error message! Invoice stated to call the service manager before leaving anything but a 5 star review so I did. I was transferred to a voice mail for Ryan. I had no return call or message from Ryan so a day or so later called to find out Ryan is the Assistant and they then transferred me to Chad which was also a voice mail. After leaving him a message I received a message giving me his direct line. In calling the direct line and leaving a message I have heard noting. So in retrospect, the big ear "We Hear You" campaign now seems like just another marketing ruse.

• Feb 22, 2021

Was I taken advantage of?
Came in to look at a 2012 Ram 1500 (1c6rd7gt2cs296644) at Ken Garff Ford here in West Valley. I liked the truck and my salesman JR. helped close the deal by adding a tow to the truck. Things seemed to go smoothly until we get to the financing part of the deal and Matt seemed to put in a bunch of extras that I feel were misrepresented as mandatory. When I finally had a chance to review the documents I noticed I was going to pay thousands of dollars financed over the life of the loan. I read that I had time to opt-out if I sent in a copy of the contract and a letter explaining why I wanted to remove some of the extras. I did just that but never heard anything back. I tried calling JR. but he is never there and never returns any of my calls. Also, my truck has a major issue that keeps it from starting sporadically. I took it in a few days after I got it and Garff Ford took it over to Garff Dodge to fix and gave me a new key fob which didn't solve the problem. Nobody could get ahold of JR. or Matt, but Matt did finally call after I left a message. He told me he will have JR. Call me to set something up to fix my starting issue. I never got that call, but I decided to send the truck back to Garff mechanics who were not able to duplicate the problem. I was told to bring it in again when the problem became critical. I now have a truck that starts from time to time and I am not happy at all. VIDEO LINK

Sorry to hear of your experience when purchasing a vehicle from Ken Garff NissanOften times when financing a vehicle the bank gives the dealer certain parameters in order to approve the dealSuch things include proof of income, proof of residency, references, etcWithout these items, the bank will not lend the moneyI understand you did not want to provide these items to give to the lenderYour down payment has been refunded in fullAgain, we are sorry for the situation you were put in and would love to discuss in detail if you have the time.? Thanks,? Winston B [redacted] General Manager

? Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Until I have reached an agreement with Ken Garff to a satisfactory level I would like to continue to have an open case.? the general manager again got his facts wrong with what I will acceptmy last communication was "I will accept reimbursement of purchase price and the worthless warranty sold to me"Please refer to prior communication.I will attempt a face to face meeting with myself, attorney and the general manager.I am looking forward to future communication.Sincerely, [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meThis company has taken up enough of my energy, time and moneyThey will be getting nothing further from me Sincerely, [redacted]

***, ? I am aware of the situation? regarding your registration issues on your Nissan TitanI have personally reached out to our licensing clerk to see how and why the car was registered in UtahWe will reach out to you first the to ensure this conflict gets resolvedI you have any question meantime feel free to call anytime as we are always here to help.? Thanks,? Winston B [redacted] General Manager? ? ?

Thank you for your request.We are having the Floor Manager, Jager, reach out to [redacted] and see if there is a vehicle that we can offer her at the terms and conditions she is looking forWe feel that we addressed her concerns at the time of the return in an honest and prudent manner and refunded her down paymentAs you know, the availability of used vehicles differs from day to day depending on what is available and if the pricing is in line with the marketWe will do everything in our power to accommodate and satisfy her needs as long as it can follow the guidelines of the dealerships ability to make it a Win-Win opportunity.We appreciate your time and the opportunity to assist our customers and find ways to say YES!Kind Regards Terry B***Assistant General ManagerKen Garff West Valley [email protected]

? I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and, trusting they will follow through as outlined in their response, find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Sincerely, [redacted]

Thank you for to keep us informed of ways we can do a better job for our customersWe are committed to maintaining our A+ rating with by taking every complaint seriously? We contacted our manager at the Southtowne location immediately to get get his response to this concernThis was his responseWe have xxx'ed out the "potential buyers" phone number to protect privacy.Hello guys, [redacted] ? did call me yesterday on the telephone and asked for Anthony I did state that he worked at a different location and asked what she needed to see if we could assist her here at Southtowne [redacted] 's husband [redacted] dropped off the vehicle this morning and we wrote the RO at 809am at which point we took to shop and did a used car inspection that the potential buyer requestedWe went over findings and found car to be in good shape at which point my advisor John G [redacted] dialed the potential buyer at phone number given to him by Xxxxx time was am [redacted] was informed that no one answered phone and said he could wait a little while to see if they called backNumber provided was ###-###-###At 953am Xxxxx informed us that he could no longer wait and said he would pay the charge which we did for a total of which was for the inspection and misc shop supplies for and sales tax of [redacted] was happy when he left just was not able to wait any longer for the potential buyer to call backThe potential buyer called back at pm and spoke with John G and explained to him that she had no cell coverage earlier that day and called as soon as she got receptionLet me know if there is anything I can do for youI did try and call [redacted] and left her a message at pm to see what I could do to take care of the situation, have not received a return call as of yet.Since then we have contacted the "potential buyer" who has agreed to pay the chargeWe will happy to refund Mrs [redacted] .? ? I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is very satisfactory to meI spoke with Riley from Southtowne and he explained all matters to me thoroughly and I am very satisfied with the final resolutionI appreciate the time he took to explain how they remedied the situation with the potential buyer and how their policies CAN actually be put in place to protect both partiesMy husband also said that a guy named John was very nice and professional when he brought the vehicle inI so so appreciate a company that really cares about its customers enough to fix something and make sure they understand what is going onThank you very much! Sincerely, [redacted]

we have been working with [redacted] through this unfortunate vehicle fire her son had with the Subaru WRXWe were able to have the vehicle towed to a Subaru dealership for a diagnosis of what caused her vehicle to burnThe Subaru dealership determined the vehicle caught fire not because of any type of recall but rather due to other causes.? [redacted] is working with her vehicle insurance company and Subaru to see if this can still be covered ? ? ? ?

? Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Even though I received my refund and the contract cancelled, I was not accommodated in any manner otherwiseThe refund being issued was a necessity given that their were falsified documentsI paid dollars between filling up the car with gas that was given to me with 1/tank and having my mechanic check it overSincerely, [redacted]

? I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me The offer Terry referred to, was offered todayThey never contacted me prior to today!! He said they would fix it if I paid for the $part and coolantI agreedI just want this mess over Sincerely, [redacted] ***

[redacted] and Ken Garff West Valley agreed that [redacted] would purchase an engine and that we would go to Tooele and bring the vehicle back to Ken Garff West Valley for the engine swap.We agreed that [redacted] would supply the engine and additional parts if necessary.We quoted him $to? R & R the engine and that we would pay half of the labor as a Good Will gesture.It is schedule to go into the shop tomorrow for the replacement due to our overbooked shop appointments in the system.We did not discuss any time line for completion and respectfully decline to compensate [redacted] for any other items or repairs.We feel that we went above and beyond our responsibility in that we went to Tooele and towed the vehicle to our shop for no charge.We will still honor our commitment to replace the engine at half of the labor cost of $which will be $and [redacted] to remit the balance upon completion of the engine.Thank youTerry B***Assistant General [email protected]?

Looked like we were able to get everything resolvedIf you need anything else please reach out I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Sincerely, [redacted] ***

The guest is coming in on Monday (7-25-16) ? to have the repair performed? Brad, the Henry Day service director made contact with the guest & resolved the errors and communication issues? The guest stated that he will cancel the case? No other action is required ? Thank you?

We have reviewed the chain of events with this case and here is what we have foundOn 1/18/with 143,miles, the vehicle came in running poorly, we diagnosed that the CAM and the Lifter were wornWhen they are worn this can cause metal shavings to go in the engineWe replaced the CAM and lifter, changed the oil and filter and at this point the engine ran great and there was no reason to go any furtherCustomer paid $(deductible) the service contract paid $2,As people know, it is the job of service contracts to keep the cost down so they will only repair parts with a known problem, and will not repair based on conjecture of what could happen in the future On 2/11/with 144,miles the customer brought the vehicle back complaining of a leakWe advised customer of a transmission leakCustomer declined the work being done and was charged a diagnostic fee of $which I would be happy to reimburse as a goodwill On 2/21/with 144,miles, customer brought the vehicle in with an engine leakWe found the valve cover leaking, we replaced the valve cover gasketCustomer Paid $ On 5/4/with 149,119, customer brought the vehicle in with a check engine light running roughly againAfter diagnosing, we informed the customer that the vehicle needed an engine, which the customer declinedIf there was further internal damage this would not have been from a workmanship issue but could have been from the metal shavings in the engine from the initial parts that were faulty, the CAM shaft and lifterCustomer paid $in diagnostic, as the repair was declinedThe service contract (Warranty Contract Carried by a 3rd Party) denied the engine replacement claim, but that would be between the customer and the 3rd party contract holder, not with Ken Garff West ValleyThe only thing we would do is call the 3rd party carrier, price the repair to them, and when/if that work is declined, we would then price that work to the customerIf there are any questions on whether that is/should be a covered item or not, that is a matter of discussion with the 3rd party contract holder, and not with the dealership In total, the customer paid $302.51, the 3rd party warranty company paid $2,We are willing to reimburse the customer $as a goodwill, but the $2,was not paid by the customerIf the customer has a concern about what is or what is not covered under their service contract, that would be a matter of discussion with the 3rd party companyWe are sorry for the alleged mistreatment, and will have a discussion with the individuals involved

To whom this concerns, I'm the general manager at Ken "Garff" Hyundai Southtowne and have spoken on the phone with Mr [redacted] last week, I advised him that I would look at the deal and review with those involved the details of this specific deal and have done so, after purchasing(2-7-2017) the vehicle Mr [redacted] had some concerns regarding the suspension on the Navigator and returned to the store(2-10-2017) and we inspected the vehicle and replace all tie rods and ball joints on the Navigator, we also replaced brake pads and did a wheel alignment on the navigator at no cost the Mr [redacted] We have tried to work through the issues on the 152k mile Navigator with him, but it wont ever be like a new vehicle I am not aware of any additional moneys he has spent at other dealerships Please feel free to contact me as I'm at the store and have the recorded phone calls between Mr [redacted] and my sales advisor and the managers that were here during the purchase of the vehicle Thank you Mike T [redacted] GM 801-912-

We sincerely apologize for the distress that this purchase has caused for the customersWe do not like hearing that our customers feel that there have been underhanded dealings or shortcuts taken in their purchasesAt the time the customer purchased the car, we spent over $in reconditioning to help address the concerns and issues with the carWhen we delivered the car, we felt as if all of the problems had been addressedThe unfortunate thing is when you are dealing with year old cars that have over 130,miles, there can be unseen issues that can arise at any timeBecause of the age and mileage, we are unable to warranty the car in any wayThe customers signed an "as-is" form when they bought the carAgain, we feel terrible about the issues that have arisen and the difficulties that have been caused as a resultAlthough both Ken Garff dealerships, because we are a separate dealership from the one that they took the car to for repairs, we have no stance on that part of the complaint

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