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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
The offer Terry referred to, was offered todayThey never contacted me prior to today!! He said they would fix it if I paid for the $part and coolantI agreedI just want this mess over
*** ***

The picture provided to us for these contracts, which was attached by the customer, not only had no identifying information, such as a Vin number, but it also did not match the signed physical copies we have, nor what the bank has on file for the loan they facilitatedThe customer did NOT buy an Advantage Care product at the time of their purchaseIt is not our policy to refund an item that was not purchasedHowever, in the spirit of getting this case closed, we have refunded an additional $to the customerBringing the refunded amount total to $

To whom this concerns, I'm the general manager at Ken "Garff" Hyundai Southtowne and have spoken on the phone with Mr*** last week, I advised him that I would look at the deal and review with those involved the details of this specific deal and have
done so, after purchasing(2-7-2017) the vehicle Mr*** had some concerns regarding the suspension on the Navigator and returned to the store(2-10-2017) and we inspected the vehicle and replace all tie rods and ball joints on the Navigator, we also replaced brake pads and did a wheel alignment on the navigator at no cost the Mr***. We have tried to work through the issues on the 152k mile Navigator with him, but it wont ever be like a new vehicle. I am not aware of any additional moneys he has spent at other dealerships. Please feel free to contact me as I'm at the store and have the recorded phone calls between Mr*** and my sales advisor and the managers that were here during the purchase of the vehicle. Thank you Mike T*** GM 801-912-

Sorry to hear of your experience when purchasing a vehicle from Ken Garff NissanOften times when financing a vehicle the bank gives the dealer certain parameters in order to approve the dealSuch things include proof of income, proof of residency, references, etcWithout these items, the bank
will not lend the moneyI understand you did not want to provide these items to give to the lenderYour down payment has been refunded in fullAgain, we are sorry for the situation you were put in and would love to discuss in detail if you have the time. Thanks, Winston B***General Manager

***, I just read your message and want to make sure we get everything resolvedI will make sure that all of your money is refunded ASAPIf you have any further questions please do not hesitate to shoot me an email. [email protected],

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with your vehicle. After researching the situation is sounds like our West Valley store installed new brakes, updated the PCM, flushed the transmission and offered to have the spark plugs replaced at the selling dealership. All was paid for
except for the brakes which has issues because a nail had became lodged into the caliper. I was told that the CAM at West Valley has now handled this with you. If not, please reach out to him at ###-###-####

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:This is not the true storyI would like to make a correctionThe technician/mechanic that fixed our car was honest in his dealings and confirmed that the air filter was super dirty and looked like it had not been changed based on the evidenceThe dishonesty came from the service desk guy trying to cover up the entire storyHe told us lies and his manager followed suit with and even more continuous string of lies with absolute dishonesty The SERVICE MANAGER told me that the problem was a "miscommunication" and that they "did everything right"When I asked him further questions for confirmation, he was absolutely adamant that "everything had been done right" and was very disrespectful and had a negative attitude towards me. The primary issue came from the manager. It was obvious that he encouraged the practice of covering up to the individuals such as the service guy under his leadership. I feel that it is very important to emphasize this before closing the case as the work of the technician/mechanic fixing the car and his straightforward, honest and candid dealings with us should be praised and not punishedRather than blaming the situation on the technician/mechanic employee who was honest and sincere and did not do anything wrong, the management and the manager of the service should primarily be the ones investigated by your dealership to find the root of the problem.Thank you for making the resolutions that you have made as a dealership to try to make this right with usWhile we felt traumatized by what had happened with the oil change experience at your dealership, we greatly appreciate the efforts that your dealership has taken to resolve this issueI will accept your response and close the complaint as soon as I get the full refund and you confirm that your dealership has fully understood and accepted this clarification
Peggy L***

Perfect, I look forward to our meeting I will wait to hear from you
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID *** and, trusting they will follow through as outlined in their response, find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

I again apologize for the way that you feel you were treatedYou perception becomes reality and we definitely don't want any of our customers to feel they were mistreated in any wayI am truly sorry for the situation and the taste it has left for our store and would love to have the opportunity to do what I can to make it rightAs of Wednesday the 14th of January we had yet to receive the full refund from the various warranty and coverage companiesI authorized our office to make a check out to your bank and that we would wait for the full refundI assume they have the money now and it may or may not be reflective on your accountI am more than willing to send you a copy of the check for your records if you would likePlease contact me via email and I will send it to youPlease fell free to reach out to me with any other questions or concernsI am sorry again for your experience.*** ** ***General Manager Ken Garff Fiat###-###-####***

Mrs***, I'm very sorry for the confusing way things went down! We had managers working customers at the same time on the vehicle in the store and yourself over the phone. Both manager committed to sell the vehicle and for that I'm truly sorry! I will try to find another Lexus
with near miles and color for you if would like? Todd S***

Thank you for using the Revdex.comWe take customer service very seriously and appreciate the platform the provides to communicate and resolve issues like this one and are committed to maintaining our A+ Rating by resolving complaints to our customers satisfaction
We have reviewed this complaint along with all of the correspondence that we had after the saleI can totally understand where you are coming fromEspecially since you are having to travel such a long distance to resolve issues with your vehicle I want to accomplish two things in the next couple of days
I want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your Durango
I want to make sure that we have done everything that we can to reconcile our relationship with you
We have obviously not done a great job in meeting your expectationsI wish I could tell you that we are perfect but as you know we are notBut, when issues like this come up we take them very seriouslyWe are going over every step of our process on this end to assure this experience won't show up for another customerWe appreciate you communicating the problem with us so we have this opportunity to review our processI did leave you a message today and I think one of our sales managers called you as wellWe will follow up with you again on Monday to make sure you received our messages and speak more to the items above
I sent a Chevron gas card for $*** to you this afternoon to reimburse you for your travel fuel
I am in the office from 8:to 5:so I probably wont be able to talk to you again todayIll try to reach you again on Monday
Matt G***
Customer Advocacy Manager
Ken Garff West Valley Chrysler Jeep Dodge

First and foremost our customer, is our guest, here at Henry Day Ford We treat them as suchTheir comfort and safety is a top priority That is why I as the General Manager inspected the vehicle on 6/27/ In addition, I reviewed the service history The service history
revealed that the vehicle was driven miles prior to the accident occurring (See the attached repair orders) The torque spec for the truck is foot pounds, the tech torqued the wheel to that spec On top of that we have a "buddy system" that double checks the work of others So the possibility of over or under torquing a wheel is prevented The customers' insurance agent from USAA told our service adviser, Shawndale, that due to the number of variables; the cause of the sheared wheel would never be able to be determined He confirmed that it was an insurance matter I agree with that position The customer has since towed his vehicle from the dealership However, I reached out to Mr*** via email as a goodwill gesture and asked if we could inspect the truck We would go to where the vehicle is located and take some measurements Should we find an error in workmanship, then we will be accountable If we see no error, Henry Day Ford would still be receptive to helping the guest At this time we will wait for Mr*** to respond to my email I will update the with any new information

We understand your frustration and would be more than happy to correct it for you, if only we can duplicate itWe had the vehicle here for three days, test drove it numerous times by one of our best master technicians, and the problem you describe was never duplicated or experienced
Honda will not allow us to buy parts or labor if we cannot verify the problemWe called our national Tech line to see if other pilots had been experiencing this so that it could perhaps point us in the right direction on how to duplicate it, and were informed that they have not had similar complaintsWe would also be more than willing to have our technicians ride with you so that you can point out the problem to themIts not at all that we don't believe you, but at the dealership level our hands are tied to these rules of problem verificationAt the the end of your compliant, your issue is directed at Honda Corporation, and we are a separate entityDealerships and factories are mutually exclusive when it comes to fabrication, design, and disposition of the Honda productWe, at the dealership level, cannot change the safety design or warranty claim process that Honda Corporation has in placeI suggest you make this complaint to Honda corporation, not a Honda dealership where your complaint can be directed toward those that can influence the safety design and/or warranty claim process surrounding the concern you have.

This is an unfortunate situationWe submitted an FMC to Ford on his behalf trying to get Ford to cover or help with the needed repairs(Case# ***) I have attached the decision that was sent back to us from Ford for our request to help Mr***Unfortunately they denied any
assistance with his repair (see attached decision papers)We offered to help him with a discount on the repairs and he told us that he was not interested in thatHe also stated he was not offered a service contract at the time he purchased the vehicleWe offer this to all customers and I have attached the copy of his forfeited options that was signed by him at the time of purchaseWe would like to help resolve this issue with him but at this point can only offer a discount on the repairs, as he purchased the vehicle over a year ago and was offered a service contract but declined thatMr*** was upset with Ford Motor Company’s decision not to help him and stated he would be posting negative reviews on social media and would be traveling to every Ford dealer until he got someone to cover this repairAt this time we feel like we have been more then accommodating and have done all that we canIf he feels there is a better resolution please let us know.
5/13/I filed a complaint against Ken Garff of downtown salt lakeThe general manager has agreed to let me exchange the car for a different year Honda with no stale cigarette smoke or black mold, also I e more commensurate with the price I paidRegards, *** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Please clarify whether this payment will be made to Volvo or directly to me
*** ***

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response for now because:I would like to wait and see what happens with the car and what the insurance investigators as well Subaur concludesOnce their decision is handed over, we will visit this offer again
*** ***

To whom it may concern,We are sincerely sorry about the communication breakdown that took place between Mr*** and our employeeThe person who was handling his concern left our company and did not let anyone know about Mr***'s concernWe are giving Mr*** a full refund
of his money for the undercoating that was not appliedWe no longer do undercoating at our store so we were unable to apply it for him but he seems to be satisfied with getting the refund so he can find another business that will apply the undercoating to his vehicle

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