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Paying my bill
I tried to pay bill on , but the system kept on telling me that only owed 1 month . I knew that I owed 2 months on my policy. So I called my agent and they said that they would pay the bill with debit card I gave them . They added if I did not hear from them, Everything went thru. I called Mapfire to see if my bill was paid and the automatic system said my bill was update. A few days later I received a letter saying my policy was canceled.

Mapfree Insurance refusing to fund work completed by [redacted] DealershipDealership holding car from owner without compromise from Mapfree for months My car is a Merc GLA - bought new [redacted] Merc- Tiverton, RI The car was regularly serviced by ***- last service was at 53K miles, the car started billowing with smoke one afternoon on my way to BCI pulled over & got out of the car immediatelyThe car had smoke coming out of the hood and the inside was extremely hotThe car has 55K miles on it The car was towed to [redacted] in [redacted] RI where the owner [redacted] said he would help meHe told me to call my insurance companyI called Mapfree and they came down to [redacted] to inspect the car [redacted] service Manager was told to purchase the used engine by the Mapfree AdjusterThe used engine was then not available so they were told to buy the new one [redacted] had found Now, the insurance company refuses to pay [redacted] for the work that was done & the engine because Mapfree state

I cancelled my policy with MAPFRE and was not refunded the full amount of the deduction they made to my account after cancellation I had three policies with MAPFRETwo were auto and one was a home insurance policyA few months back, MAPFRE increased one of my policies with no explanation as to whyWhen I called to find out, I was told they added my son to one of my policies because he no longer had insurance of his own and he lived in my homeSo I asked them to remove him from the policy they added him to and move him to the other as that was the policy he should have been onThe next month, my other son was still being charged for my other son being on that same policySo again I had to callThis time when I asked them to remove my son from one policy and move to the other, I was told he had a suspended license and couldn't be added to either policy though they had already been charging me for two monthsThey informed me I had to sign an exclusion form which I didThen I g

My Policy was supposed to be canceled during the renewal periodI received a letter stating I owe them more money Hi my name is [redacted] My auto insurance is under my husband [redacted] Our insurance was supposed to be canceled mid February when our policy was up and I have a voicemail saying it was confirmed to be canceledWe were told we just had to pay February's bill then nothing else afterWe paid for FebruaryToday we got a letter in the mail that we owe minimum $for the month of April and $3,remaining balanceI am quite confused because this doesn't make any sense with what the lady told us on the phone two months ago Policy XXXXXXXXXXXXX Zip code XXXXX

Mapfre claimed they didn't get my payment My bank and bank statement showed they did I cancelled that payment and meant to submit another one I attempted to pay my bill in full this past summer They said they never got the money My bank confirmed it was sent to their bank Commerce continued to say they never got the money I gave them my bank statement It wasn't enough I stopped payment on the check as my bank advised The next day, before the money was showing as back in my account, I got a returned check fee for $from Commerce I had been planning on just sending them the payment again When I called their smirky (sad) customer service representatives insisted there was no way they were going to waive the fee, so I decided it was time to change insurance companies I saved $a year by switching to [redacted] BTW I am now in collections for the $returned check fee and a fee for switching insurance companies early into my renewal I have excellent

Mapfre Insurance not returning my calls and my insurance Call called more than times waited on phone over one hour up to hours no representative On July my car was hit dead center on the right side of front and back passenger doorI called my insurance USAA and filed a claim with them with all the information that I got from the gentleman that ran int the carThe representative from USAA informed me that she couldn't file a clam with the insurance company as she couldn't find the insurance information I gave her That's when I went online and found out that Commerce Insurance is now Mapfre InsuranceI sent that information to my adjuster at USAAOn Monday the 23rd she informed me she put in a claim online with Mapfre and wasn't able connect with them and just left voice messageI called Mapfre that same day and was on the phone for more than 1hr:30min waiting for them to pick upWhen I finally got someone instead she took a recording statement or informed me she's

I have been attempting to contact any individual from the Mapfre Customer Service office,Not one will contact me backI have been invol Involved in an accident, thi s CoIs my insurance company, why won't they respond?

If I could give this place less than a 0, I wouldIt is literally the worst insurance company everI would never be insured by this place but unfortunately, the woman who hit me is Terrible customer service (no returned calls, emails went unanswered, rude adjusters) Outright lies ("We'll tell the appraisal company to call you before they do the appraisal" and called back a few days later to find that an appraisal had been done without my knowledge) Supervisors who are completely unhelpfulI got a supervisor on the phone one time, explained my situation, and asked if he could help me and he said "No, I was just told to take this call" My "borderline repairable car" is still in progressWe'll see what happens but I can guarantee you it won't be good things

I was involved in an accident that was the other person's fault Their insurance is Mapfre It has now been over months since the accident and almost months since my vehicle has been in the shop for repairs At first, they denied OEM parts and said that if the after market parts didn't fit, they would make up the differenceWell, they didn't fitNow Mapfre and the auto body place are fighting over $ Mapfre says they are not going to pay this difference I don't believe I should pay it either since the accident was not my faultAt this point, they have paid over that amount for my rental carI spoke with a supervisor, Glenn M [redacted] He went on to say that this body shop purposely put the after market parts on wrong so it would look like they didn't fitAnd of course he blamed the body shopThis body shop has an A+ rating on this site as well as an A rating on [redacted] I find it hard to believe they would purposely put parts on to fail This Glenn guy sounded like he came off of an episode of the Sopranos and was trying to bully me to take my car to a place that they work with directly This insurance company is terrible and I think him "steering" me to another body shop(as they called them CAREZ) may cross the legal linesI believe the shops they are steering me to are direct repair shops that have a contract with them They are essentially holding my car hostageThis is beyond ridiculous If I could give them negative stars I wouldIn looking over all of these other reviews, I am perplexed as to how they have an A+ rating on this site I will be going to social media

I would like to thank Michelle [redacted] as well as a adjuster Roslynn and also Sheryl [redacted] These women were amazing even though it was a insured from their company they treated me with the up most respect as well as did the best they could to help me threw this process which took longer then usualThese ladies are ontop of their job and have amazing customer service

This is a pretty clear and flagrant case of fraud I had an auto insurance policy, that had auto-renewal, and automatic deductions from my checking accountThey raised my rates by 20% for no reason, and I was not notified (I received a letter a month and a half into the new policy)At that point I canceled my policy, as I did not agree with the new rates, and could find cheaper elsewhereInstead of returning my balance, they then charged me an additional $cancellation feeThey had also taken payments out of my account for more then the agreed upon rate, without my permission In a phone call with Andrew, he was extremely unhelpful and rude, and notified me this had been turned over to collections Product_Or_Service: Auto Insurance Account_Number: XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Deduction from my account was taken after I cancelled my policy even though I had to cancel my policy month & days before my policy ended I had to cancel my policy due to MapFre not wanting to cover me when I moved out of stateI was told by the agent that I needed to find another insurance carrier asapI found another carrier and cancelled my policy on 2/17/The agent that I talked to said I would be sent a refund 7-days after I sent verification of new insuranceMy policy with MapFre was from 9/20/to 3/20/I then had a payment taken out of my account on 2/21/which should not have happened! I was not behind in any payments and am due a refund for the amount of $which was taken out of my account on 2/21/I have called several times and spoke with Darrell, Corey, and Vanetta which have all given me the run around on why I have not received a refundI was then told that I had a balance due of $which is obsurd! I need my refund asap!!! I

Unauthorized early withdrawal from checking account This company unethically withdrew money from my checking account before the date I authorized They have withdrawn money entire days before the expected and agreed upon date I did not authorize an early withdrawal

I changed my bank account for auto pay and they did not update and therefore did not charge me for two months and then adjusted my bill I called Commerce before my October payment is due to pay it with a card and then updated automated payment optionThe rep did not watch the account to remove it from the holdIt was not until mid December they realize the issueThey sent a letter not admitting the failure but my payment had been readjustedI had moved, I was aware my premium increased but when I took a closer look I realize it was moreThen I called them and they said sorry account was on hold and there is nothing we can do

MAPFREE sites "non-payment of the insurance premium" yet I paid in full for product Customer service says $charged on transfer of old to new car MAPFREE sites "non-payment of the insurance premium" yet I paid in full for product When I called customer service, phone person explained that the $charged was on the transfer paperwork performed to change from an older car to a newer one It sounds like a scam! Then MAPFREE charges a $"cancellation fee" feeThe cancellation was made official on 08/24/by the company I switched to The due date expiration on my policy was on 08/27/ I had my new car insurance policy company explained to me whether it was legal to charge customer for a "cancellation fee", they said it was bogus at best The charge for the paperwork on the transfer from one car to another at the tune of $127, unheard of I did sent in the final bill under the threat of being sent to a collection agency MAPFREE sells junk insurance policies for which

Mapfre is refusing to do a proper appraisal of the damage to my car [redacted] said this: I am sorry that you are upset with the appraisal that was written The initial inspection is always only visible damage to the vehicle and I explained when the car goes into the shop for repairs its common that additional damage is found and another appraisal is written I am confident that all the damage to your car will be addressedDuring this process [redacted] - I reviewed the reported damage to your vehicle and it appears that a large majority of damage is to the undercarriage Sending another appraiser out there will not add any of the undercarriage damage as that is not considered visible damage and appraiser is not going to be able to get under the car to see the full extent of the damage Damage of this sort needs to be viewed at an auto body shop where the car can be placed on a lift When the car is in the shop if the shop has any issues with getting an appr

As most of you know, my home was significantly damaged by water EIGHT months agoWhat I don't openly share is how my life and that of my family has been in turmoil ever since, due to the extremely poor management of our insurance claim by Mapfre Insurance (multiple adjusters, low-ball settlement amounts, several third-parties they hire but don't take accountability for, not giving us credit for items/quality we had despite receipt of proof)We are still displaced from our home, where no restoration work has even begun, since multiple contractor estimates far exceed the amount Mapfre wants to pay out for "like kind and quality" repairsMany contractors have quit returning our calls due to the level of difficulty in our claimMapfre has most recently terminated our rental (ALE) benefits beginning 4/28/17, leaving us no choice but to move out of our rental and back into our home with our children, where the entire house, less two bedrooms, is void of insulation, drywall, flooring, a working kitchen and bathrooms, and full of dust and other safety hazardsWe're remaining optimistic and know we have God on our side to intervene on our behalf to help us make it through this togetherBut, I feel the need to share my experience with my friends and family, not to seek pity or sympathy, but to issue a consumer warning to you(Prayers are always welcome, however!) Most people have never heard of Mapfre (I'm always asked who my insurance company is), but I noticed yesterday they have a business kiosk in the local Cardenas market in Murrieta, CAFor this reason, I feel it's my duty to educate my friends and family of our experience to allow you to make an educated purchasing decision for your insurance needsWe chose Mapfre for our home and auto policies through a broker because their price was the lowestYou might feel compelled to do the sameAnd although I hope you never have to experience the loss of your home and all the troubles that come along with it, I have learned that if the time comes, it's more important to have the right company at your side, who appreciates your business and acts with your best interest at heart, managing your case in an honest, steadfast manner, and making you whole by the end processIt makes me very sad that during a very vulnerable time in our lives, there are people and businesses out there ready to take advantage of us- even rely upon it- for their bettermentPlease share

Mapfre insurance charged me for days of coverage my monthly rate is Mapfre insurance charged me for days of auto insurance coverage from 12/23/2017-12/26/I cancelled my policy on 12/26/My monthly rate is That is a lot for days coverage policy number: XXXXXXXXXXXXX

My car was involved in accident on 10/13/To date 12/7/my car hasn't been fixed due to poor customer service & poor communication My car was rear ende on 10/13/by an unregistered or uninsuraned car/personMy car has been sitting in the shop since that time due to bad customer service & 0poor communication with adjustersMy sun roof hasn't worked since my accident (it's panaromic)First the insurance said they would cover it & that it depended on if I needed a full replacement sunroof or just a sunroof kit to fix itRepair shop said I needed a whole new sunroof (costing thousands vs.a sunroof kit a couple of hundred dollars)Once MAPFRE found out they said my sunroof breaking had nothing to do with the accidentThey stated because only side of the sunroof track wasn't bentI argued that the only time you see tracks on a sunroof bent is when it's a major accident where there was fatalitiesThis process above took weeks I have been paying hundreds of dollars a

Unauthroized EFT draft out of our bank account several times We were insured with Mapfre from [redacted] to [redacted] We paid for months premium in full on [redacted] The first problem was on [redacted] when Mapfre drafted money out of our bank account without authorization or notifying us of what the amount was forThrough many emails back and forth with the agent, Mapfre claimed they performed an exterior inspection on [redacted] and that they believed warranted an increase in our coverage to make sure our dwelling is 100% coveredHowever, Mapfre did not actually increase coverage on our policy even though they charged us more, and they could not provide any documentation or details on their inspectionAfter a month of dispute, Mapfre claimed they had the wrong square footage and the up-rate was removedRefund was finally processed on [redacted] The second time Mapfre performed unauthorized EFT draft from our bank account was when we decided not to renew our policy for term star

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