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I found a computer pricing problemI have resolvede the issueI have also called *** ***, I left a mesage with her to call me.If you have any questionsPlease feel free to call me any time @ ***

I am shocked at the complaint about my employees as we are very strict about food safetyI wish the customer would have said something to the manager right then on the spot so we could have corrected the behavior and coached the crew personIf he can identify date and time, I could watch the video
camera and fix the problemPlease know that customer safety and well-being is our utmost conernIf he would call the restaurant and let me know when he will be in again, I or my supervisor would meet him there and buy him lunchSincerelyMarlene W.President

I think it's not right for them not to pay my billIt wasn't my fault that they didn't make the food right

I call for Central AC problem,some one answer,no name,said FREE stimate,BUT they charged $ just for comming to checK???...Free stimate??? years in business??

We have received the copy of the complaint that *** *** has filed with your agency and are happy to provide you with a brief overview and timeline of our transaction and efforts to help satisfy her.1. *** *** responded to an online ad for a *** *** that we were offering for sale. A printed copy of the ad is attached. After test driving the vehicle and negotiating a discounted sale price, she agreed to purchase the vehicle.2. *** *** had the opportunity to inspect and test drive the vehicle as well as have the vehicle inspected by an independent mechanic or service facility prior to completing the purchase.3. During the sales and delivery process, *** *** was informed that the vehicle was being sold in As Is condition. She was provided documentation as to some of the major defects that may occur in motor vehicles. She signed four separate places indicating she understood that there was no warranty with the vehicle and that she was waiving the standard used car implied warranty of merchantability. The implication that these documents were not disclosed or were somehow altered is both and defamatory. Copies of all four signatures are attached. The original forms are available for review4. Several days later *** *** informed us that she had an issue with the vehicle As a goodwill gesture we offered to inspect the vehicle. After the inspection was finished, we informed *** *** that we completed a service that was a follow up to a prior repair we had performed We also indicated that the service would probably need to be completed several more times after the vehicle was driven before the system was back to operating properly. We offered to complete the follow up services at no charge as a continuing goodwill gesture. At this point *** *** was in agreement with the plan of action5. After performing as it should for a short period of time the vehicle needed to have the follow up services as anticipated. We again offered to complete the service at no charge. At this point *** *** changed her position and became aggressive and accusatory in her conversations and demanded that we return her vehicle and the money she paid to fulfill her purchase contractAgain, as a goodwill gesture, we offered to exchange vehicles and return the balance of the money that she had paid less a charge of $1200. At the time she agreed and we proceeded accordingly. 7. After confirming that the original credit card payment we received from *** *** was completed and had not had a stop payment or dispute attached to it, we processed the refund of the balance as agreedIt is our position that we have done exactly what we agreed to do and have in fact gone above and beyond what is required to help satisfy *** ***. We can appreciate that she may have been through some recent personal struggles and support her personal religious beliefs, however we believe we thoroughly disclosed all elements of the transaction, offered continued assistance to resolve her issues and have acted in a legal and moral manner throughout.Please feel welcome to contact me directly if I can provide any further information or documentation that is needed in your review. I can be reached by phone at *** or by email at ***

accept this as our response to Case# [redacted] submitted by [redacted].We
would like to apologize for the delay in processing Mr. [redacted]’s cancellation
request. It has been received and we will process this cancellation
immediately. The outstanding balance on Mr. [redacted]’s account...

will also be
removed. His account will be closed and paid in full. Also, the outstanding
balance has not been reported to any credit bureaus. We
look forward to your prompt resolution of this case. A copy of this letter has
been sent to the customer.

This email is in response to your letter dated January 20, 2016 regarding customer complaint [redacted].  I have attached a copy of the email exchanges with regard to this complaint and have circled the passages in red on that document and highlighted the references to the email in red on this...

document. On October 1, 2015 the customer placed an order for 6 signs and 6 wire stakes for next day delivery.  To accommodate his schedule we offered to do the job the next day for him at our regular prices even though our standard turnaround is 3 days.  He gave us the copy for the signs.  We proofed the sign to him 5 times that day with the complete copy he asked us to print on each proof.  He had minor changes or questioned the size on each round.  My employee and I both called and emailed him at the end of the day to get approval so we could run his job after he again asked to confirm sizes.  His voice mail was full and he didn’t return emails so even though I paid my employee overtime to stay and get his job done, since we didn’t have approval we couldn’t run the job.  I sent him an email explaining the situation and received the responses circled in the email.  I don’t like to use email to communicate about difficult issues and wanted a chance to calm him down so I called him and told him we would print the job for him that day at no extra cost.  We proofed the job to him for a 6th time prior to printing and he signed off.  We are not open on weekends but I arranged to make a special trip and open the shop on Saturdayso he could pick up his signs.  He looked them over very carefully, paid for them and left. On Monday I received an email telling us we misspelled libel as liable.  He saw that copy six times and told us specifically to print the word liable in red.  After the fact he came back and blamed us for not knowing what he really meant was libel.   I pointed this out to the customer and even though it was 100% his mistake, I offered to make the change and reprint the sign for free.  He rejected that offer and threatened to post the sign on [redacted] if we didn’t refund his money.  I don’t take kindly to threats and feel my offer of reprinting the sign was more than fair given it was completely his mistake so I retracted my offer to reprint the sign.  He then made a number of threats with regard to small claims court, posting on social media, filing a complaint with my corporate office and sharing his version of events with his friends if we didn’t refund his money. I bought this company in August and have completed more than 300 projects with a customer satisfaction score of 4.9 out of 5.0 on [redacted] and [redacted].  Please feel free to [redacted] our business and read the wonderful comments our customers share about us. I think you will agree that his comment (other than one that was posted a year ago before I bought the business) is a direct contradiction to the experience that virtually all of our other customers rave about.  Our customer satisfaction rating would be the envy of any business and is among the highest among 500 FASTSIGNS centers nationwide.  I am sure you would like to mediate this situation but in his complaint he asks us to refund his money or remake his sign – which he already rejected as a solution to this issue.  The customer has already posted a negative (and very one-sided) version of this situation on line and shared an unjustly negative review with my corporate office which they completely discounted after reading the emails.  I was professional and accommodating through the entire process.  I will not offer anything to the customer at this point as he had an opportunity to resolve this amicably and professionally and chose to go a different route.  Please feel free to call or email if you want further information or would like to discuss. [redacted]FASTSIGNS [redacted]Office: [redacted]cell: [redacted]fax* [redacted]attach

Please accept this as our response to Case# [redacted] submitted by [redacted]. The [redacted]s account was cancelled on September 4, 2015 and the refund check inthe amount of $85.98 was mailed on September 18th, 2015. We spoke tothe [redacted]s on September 14th and 16th to let themknow the...

refund request was issued and again on the 30th to let themknow that it was mailed on the 18th.  We look forward to your prompt resolution of this case. A copy of this letter hasbeen sent to the customer.

Please accept this as our response to Case# [redacted] submitted by [redacted].
A Vector Security representative spoke to [redacted] yesterday, November 1, 2016, regarding the status of his account and resolved all issues. Since we had not received his signed cancellation notice, his...

account was still active. After discussing this with [redacted], we resent the cancel notice via email which was promptly signed and returned. We also discussed with him that the open invoice on his account will be credited off and he will not owe any further money. His account will be cancelled as soon as possible.
 We look forward to your prompt resolution of this case.
I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]
[redacted] My account located at [redacted] is “canceled” due to
the fact I did not renew it, as I explained to Vector’s representatives. I wish
I had never had an account with Vector Security at [redacted]
[redacted]. The account was cancelled effective the end of the contracted service, May
18. The reason for my cancellation is detailed in my complaint to the Central
Virginia, ID [redacted].I understand that I am responsible for the following checked
statements:I will receive a final bill for my outstanding balance of
$0.00. *I will not receive a final bill for any outstanding balances.I will receive a final bill for my contract term balance of
$0.00 *I will not receive a final bill for any contract term balance.I will allow my leased equipment to be removed from my home
by a vector Security technician and if I fail to do so, I will receive a final
bill for my equipment cost. * I will not have my equipment removed from my house.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted]nd find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. 

Hi [redacted] – I talked to [redacted] (case#[redacted]) today. She and I discussed her entire visit at my restaurant.  I was able to apologize for her service and quality.  I thanked her for her feedback and I am sending her a check for $20.08 and also including 3 Extra Value Meal...

Coupons for her to use on another visit to give us another try.  I believe she is very satisfied with the resolution and will be back for another visit. Please let me know if you need anything further.  Jenny S[redacted]

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2018/01/10) */ does not sell anything at all. the customer appears to have directed the complaint at the wrong business.

[A default letter is provided here which indicates that the business has not responded to you directly.  If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
At this time, I have not been contacted by McDonalds regarding complaint ID...


12/7/17To Whom it May Concern:I did contact this person 11/27/17 at 10:24 A.M.  First a message was left and then I spoke with this person as he called me right back at 11/27/17 at 10:29 A.M. At no time did he say his food was cold orask for his money back.  He gave me his make and...

model, I told him thank you and we could use it as a training tool.  I watched the video.  There were numerous cars in front of him. Not sure what he is speaking about when he refers to the inside area of drive thru being dark as the lights were all on insideof the store and out.  He never mentioned that to me.  He never asked for a refund.  If he thought hewaited 30 minutes he did not, We did not offer him anything as he did not say anything about the food.He only complained about the wait. To my knowledge he had eaten the food. I did apologize and toldhim I would speak to the General Manager.  Our conversation lasted several minutes. We cannot controlsituations that come up in front of a customer. There are many things must be taken into account.Based on the conversation I had with the issue was resolved.  I am sorry for his wait but I am not refunding his money or replacing his food.R. Dave S[redacted]Customer Service

This situation was handled by the restaurant within two weeks of incident. We strive to give 100%satisfaction to our customers and take care of every situation at the store level whenever possible.spoke to this customer today. 4/29/2016 and she stated this was handled at the store a...

long time ago.Not as soon as I would have liked, then I wouldn't be writing this letter. I also offered a free meal nexttime she is in town for the mix up.
Thanks Owner Operator
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.I DID wait a long time in the drive thru, not only to place the order but at the 1st (pay)window. The car ahead of me was gone for several minutes from the 2nd window and I waited and waited, at 1st window, just to pay.  The 2nd drive thru window WAS dark. It was very very dimly lit. I would not have been sure if the 2nd window was open if I had not seen the car in front of me pull away from there.  We drove home just down the road and the food was VERY cold. I DID tell Mr. Dave this when I spoke on the phone with him. Apparently he has a short memory. This was one of the worst and weirdest drive thru experiences we have EVER had. Our service and the mananger Dave’s response was VERY VERY poor. I am SO disappointed with this Amelia restaurant and Dave’s response.  I AM ACTUALLY APPALLED with this whole experience. I would like to watch the video with Mr. Dave from start to finish to see how long I waited and to see the staff at the 1st window who was seemingly mad at something and taking a super long time to take my money.
[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 11, 2016/01/13) */
To whom it may concern,
I have reached out to [redacted]. I have not heard from him yet.
I also got a complaint from him 12/26/15. I sent him a "Big Our Guest" Card to replace his wrong sandwich.
The address does not match the...

address you have listed.
I am anxious to talk to Mr. [redacted] to get this resolved.
Thank you,
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 13, 2016/01/14) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
No I don't accept because [redacted] doesn't care about the satisfaction of customers. You think I'm the only one that has an order messed up from McDonald's. I'm just the only one that follows up. This complaint is about the one I filed with on November 18th 2015 about my order being messed up on November 8 2015 between 6:45am and 7:00am.The hotcakes with sausage with a side order of bacon and a larger hi-c orange that was cold.I was on my way to school Sunday morning and I didn't have time to stop back in about the order.[redacted] is trying to undermind me because I contacted you. They mess orders up all day long but this one was bogus.This is why I contact your office because I contacted McDonald's twice and they did nothing.The December 26 2015 order was taken care of I didn't complain to your office. I have recorded conversation about her calling me and me calling carol back an she was on another call and hasn't gotten back with me since.I will not be imtimidated by [redacted] or any employee who works for her.I hot a call from her 12:59 on January 7 2016 and I attached my call back to carol.

In regards to Mr. [redacted] continuing complaint, we do feel it is necessary he seek his care elsewhere.  Also on his insurance card he has [redacted] Family Practice as his primary care physician on his wife's insurance, which is primary.  On his [redacted] card Dr. [redacted] is listed as his primary care doctor.  Since his wife's insurance is primary we are not primary care with [redacted].  I have documentation where [redacted] our billing/insurance supervisor has spoken with Mr. [redacted] and advised him of the above.  I don't exactly know what he expects us to do with his complaint.  I feel we have explained the situation in great detail.   I have nothing further to offer Mr. [redacted].  He has seen the orthopaedics and did not have to pay for the visit. 
Office Manager

Vehicles are all purchased as-is at our dealership. We made the noise clear to the buyer and on the buyers guide. We did at no cost to the buyer,provide an after market warranty through [redacted]. We provided paperwork and have flyers readily available with the coverage provided by the warranty company....

Any complaints about the warranty or how they are handling the repair should be taken up with the warranty company itself.  This does not even account for the  fact that the payments are in default on the vehicle at this time.  Thank you.

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