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Response taken by phone" The consumer came into my store to purchase a certain size crib mattress. I asked her 10 times is this the right size mattress? She insisted yes. I told her after she ordered it to go home and re-check the size then call me back. She said okay. She never called me back to...

confirm the size so we thought it was fine. Then she came and picked up the mattress. She got it home and saw that it was not the right fit. She wanted to return the mattress but I told her that we can not accept used mattress, we can re-sale used mattress either. It says it on the receipt that she signed. I told her that I would re-order her the size that she needs, now she wants r refund. I am not giving her a dime from our store. How and I suppose to know if the mattress was used or not or if shes telling the truth or not. She probably found one from Walmart or something cheaper and wants the money from me. It was her mistake and we tried to help her out and make it right and she called me all kinds of names, and used vulgar language at me. I'm done. I don't want to deal with the customer no more, and I don't want any more letters from the concerning this."
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  Regards,[redacted] That is not true they never told me or my Wife that. I and my wife have had to be seen by specialist and they provided referrals.Never told me or wife they were not our primary care Dr.**for me filling complaint they send me letter that is in attachments.Also when my wife talked to them about this matter they told her it was just to hard for them to do on computer.And Blue choice insurance Had them listed in search for doctors as primary care .

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered]
 Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:And once again threats and bulling to get me to stop my complaints are all you have to offer. You may have been able to make others believe that they were in the wrong so that they would drop their complaints but unitl this is settled by the AG and the I will not be bullied in to not pursuing this. The bank was more than happy to assist in stopping payment on that check when they were told the story of how I was taken advantage of by your business.There is NO way I would accept your word again that the vehicle was fixed. I was told that the breaks were fixed when I picked it up and obviously the only interest you had was in getting it off your lot and not in ensuring that your customer would have a vehicle that would be safe and pass inspection. Had that actually been the case we would not be in this situation now. Regards,

From: Date: Thu, Nov 30, 2017 at 10:06 AMSubject: case ID #[redacted]To: Dear Mr. [redacted], I'm writing in response to a recent complaint at the McDonald's store located at 712 E. Steels Corners Rd. Unfortunately the managers on duty during the time of this incident have no...

recollection of this occurring. However, we always want to guarantee the satisfaction of our costumers and apologize if they feel they were wronged in anyway. In the efforts to make this situation right we will mail the costumer a check for the amount of $15.15, which is what they stated was the amount of their purchase. Please feel free to contact me with any other questions you may have regarding this matter. Sincerely,  [redacted]Office Manger, Charco, Inc.

Sorry it has been a while since I was able to get to the actual paperwork to send you his actual signed copies of the warranty and Motor Vehicle Installment Sale Contract.  The first four images are of the front and back of that installment contract.  It is a long form so had to be broken into two images for each side.  I tried to highlight the information on the contracts that I referred to when I last responded.  The final image is the warranty contract stating right above his signature that they cover $60.00/hour and that he was responsible for diagnosis.  Thank you for you attention in this matter.

I am rejecting this response because:The seller of the crib mattress said that he had been in this business for 45 years and he was nott going to lose his license over allowing this mattress to be returned. Afriend of mine took the mattress to the store to return it for me . That. Man he talked said his name[redacted] and that the owners name was [redacted] When my friend had returned we were talking and realized that the man he talked to was [redacted] had longish dark hair and tha [redacted] had a round face and blondish brownish hair.So [redacted] had lied to him say that ,the owner, [redacted] would be there until the next after noon . In actuality he had been speaking to [redacted] in the store that day.

business works like a dictatorship and like a tracking society and there is little privacy settlements & confidentiality

Better Business:So the cameras show that I was in McDonald’s drive thru for 20 minutes.  IfI was in line then that means that I did not receive food, so perhaps the time was longer, perhaps much longer than the actual 20 minutes shown on footage. Either way, 20 minutes does not equal fast food.I cannot believe that Dave S[redacted] is pushing the matter so much.  I called because I had terrible service resulting in cold food and come away with a “sy” attitude and even poorer customer service.I am disgusted with McDonald’s employees, management and especially Mr. Dave S[redacted].
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:
Let me make one thing VERY clear, the person I spoke to on the phone started cursing at me BEFORE I cursed at her!  The District Managers number CAN be handed out and I know this because my husband IS a District Manager. There is an SOP at every business and if the Manager on duty (new or not) was not aware of where it was located that is a training issue.  The reason there is no more complaints is because we both REFUSE to go to that McDonalds again.  The customer service is below average and management leads a lot to be desired.  I will be taking this issue to 7 on Your Side now.

We   turned   Mr.   [redacted]   complaint   over   to   our   insurance    company.    They   handled   the   whole   process.   ...

I'm    NOT   allowed   to   do   anything   with   the   process.   If   I   do,   it   violates   my   insurance   contract.    [redacted]   [redacted]    Owner  of   [redacted]   McDonald's.

Our original response remains.  Photos attached.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to...

complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]

This customer contacted the before she actually contacted us to provide us with an opportunity to investigate and correct the issue,When we investigated the incident, we discovered that the manager on duty had contacted her Store Manager immediately following this customer's...

call. The manager on duty claims that she did apologize and offered refund/replacement several times to the customer during the call and assured her that she would follow up with her Drive-Through employees on the importance of marking the cups properly and making sure that customers received the correct drinks. She did not minimize the importance of the situation or blow off the customer's concerns. The manager also provided the number of the local office (at which she would have been able to reach the Store Supervisor) to the customer, but the customer insisted on obtaining the Store Manager's or District Manager's personal number, which is against our company policy, and said would not be happy until she had that. When the manager told the customer that she was not allowed to provide the Store Manager or Supervisor's personal numbers, the customer proceeded to curse the manager and called her a “[redacted]". At that point the manager told the customer that she could call back to speak to the Store Manager, but was not willing to speak to the customer any more once she started cursing.Subsequent to investigating the incident at the store levei and following up with the Supervisor to confirm that the situation had been addressed at the store level, our Customer Satisfaction Representative contacted the customer to apologize again, to assure her that we take customer satisfaction and safety seriously and had addressed procedures at the store in order to avoid another mishap, The customer reiterated that she was upset that she thought the manager had not taken the matter seriously, which was not the case. She was also angry that the manager would not provide her with the name and number of the District Manager (Supervisor). The manager did provide the number of the local office but, once again, was not authorized to provide personal numbers of the Store Manager or Supervisor to customers. In this matter, the manager was following company policy. We do not have an “SOP manual” in the stores, as the customer seemed to insist the manager should have known about. As a newly promoted manager, she handled the situation to the best of her ability until she was cursed.The customer indicated that she had been using the Drive-Through at this location for 2 years and that the incidents with incorrect drinks had occurred several times in that one week period. She did not indicate that this had been a frequent problem prior to that week. It is possible that there were new crew trainees working during that time. Since communicating with the customer about this complaint, the customer has not contacted us again to complain about a recurrence of the issue. Consequently, we believe that this was an isolated incident that has been resolved through follow up and addressing procedures with the staff at the location.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 31, 2015/12/03) */
We have contacted the customer and provided an apology for the poor experience she had during her visit and assured her that the matters she brought to our attention would be addressed by the upper level management who oversee the location with...

the individual she interacted with. Matters involving employees are written up and consequenses follow. It was explained to her that due to confidentiality reasons, we are unable to inform her of any actions taken with the employee. I apologized again that this is the law which we must obide by.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (2000, 33, 2015/12/04) */
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

Review: The Egg McMuffin breakfast meal includes a small cup of coffee. However, when you place an order, they automatically make it a medium coffee with a $.10 upcharge. You have to tell them to make it a small coffee in order to have the upcharge taken off of your bill. This happens every time I go there and order a breakfast meal. If they want to charge more, then the breakfast meal menu should be changed to be a medium coffee instead of a small one-be honest in advetising and transactions. I think this happens in other MacDonald's as well-maybe the people working there are told to automatically upcharge, and most customers don't pay attention to the details.Desired Settlement: I would like for other customers to be aware of this upcharge and have the choice to not have that done. Change the menu to a medium coffee and charge more, or keep it as a small coffee and don't upcharge.

Review: went to the mcdonalds at [redacted] , and ordered a big breakfast, at the drive thru. when I returned home there where no pancakes, just the butter and syrup with cold eggs cold hash browns l biscuit l susuage patti,.... no pancakes the time was 9:04 am and the store no is [redacted]. the employees looked sleepy and acted like we cant be bothered,with you. filed A COMPLAINT WITH MCDONALDS, But as usual I will get a reply, we will look into it. I ve had problems at this same store before, and have filed a complaint same answer... we will look into it. I know its a small amount of money involved, but still I paid for something I did not recieve.Desired Settlement: apology from the manager of that mcdonalds, and a free breakfast.

Review: When myself and three friends Were in the restaurant to order my food today (12/19/15 around 12pm. the shift leader and staff were extremely rude. I have never been treated so terrible. While taking our order we ordered a frapaccino .she told us the frapaccino machine was out so then we ordered a peppermint mocha. Then when given food I asked where my drink was they said they cancelled it because the frappe machine was broke. I said you didn't tell me my drink was also unavailable or I would have gotten something else. But that's ok and she was like first off I can only talk to one person at a time so. However no one else was talking to her and she asked me about my order. I then said never mind it's fine. She replied well what you mean do you want your drink or not. I said I didn't think you charged me for it so it's not a big deal. My two friends that ordered before me a quarter pounder, ff, buttermilk chicken sandwich and drinks waited 25 minutes for their food. When they asked about it their food the employee was like okay I know you ordered. And then found it sitting n handed it to them it was done and sitting there but she didn't give it to them. Both ketchup dispensers empty. When I told them at the cashier first they didn't even respond. Then I said I needed ketchup for my fries and they are out they threw down some packets on the counter at me. There was a woman cleaning and I said mam the ketchup dispensers are out and she said I know and walked away. There were a good bit of customers so they didn't even have ketch up for them. And she was so rude about it when I was nicely telling her. I heard I guy n his daughter leave and go to Wendy's. I saw a guy stand there for 10 minutes and then was asked what are you waiting on and he said no one has helped me yet and she said ok n walked away from cash register. The atmosphere was so unfriendly. I have never seen employees treat customs that way.Desired Settlement: Something needs to be done About their customer service and their employees. They should not be able to treat customers that way.

On 12/24/15 @ noon I entered this business and saw a large sign advertising "two for two". I STATED that I WANTED TO ORDER from the ad and selected two items from it. I was charged the regular price for these two items. I questioned the [redacted] and was told that the ad was not yet in effect because the mozzareli cheese sticks was not yet available. I commented that if that was the case then the ad should NOT be on display. This is deceptive advertising.Desired SettlementResponse from the business & some type of offering from this business.

Review: This McDonald's franchise continues to not change their oil frequently. Many times through out the week the fried food is served as a dark brown color and is extremely oily. This includes chicken nuggets and French fries. This has been an ongoing issue with this location and they only care about saving money rather than complying with the McDonald's franchise.Desired Settlement: Change the oil as often as the McDonald's franchise dictates - stop serving dark brown food.

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