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Review: I held my sons 6th birthday party on Saturday, October [redacted], at 1pm. I arrived at 12:30pm to begin set up. Upon arrival, the manager, [redacted], told me to set up (she did ask if I needed help, I declined), and said that the party host would be in 10 minutes before my party (12:50pm), to put balloons on all the chairs. As I was setting up, and family began to arrive to assist me. When I next looked at my watch, it was 1:10pm. I went back to [redacted] to ask where my host was with the balloons, she said that the host was blowing up balloons and would be out soon. I reminded her that the party began at 1pm, and it was now 20 minutes later, my guests were arriving, and we had no balloons. She just kept saying she would be out soon. My party host finally came out, and walked into the room, no smile, no greeting, nothing. She just walked in with the balloons. In the meantime, one of the adult guests went out to purchase food, and overheard [redacted] discussing my party with other associates stating that she did not understand why I was in such a rush, since no one was even at the party yet. (Her opinion is completely irrelevant. If there was no one at my party, things should have been taken care of in a timely manner anyway. FYI, most of my guests were in the play area with their kids, which was not [redacted]'s concern .) My guest told me what happened, then complained to another manager named [redacted], and another man who was there in a shirt and tie. I walked towards them while she was discussing what she overheard. I also interjected and told him the story regarding the balloons, and questioned why the party host did not introduce herself, etc. [redacted] called the host out to speak to her, at which time, my guests ended up tying the balloons on the chairs, something so simple, however should have been done prior to the guests arriving, not over 20 minutes into the party.

When she came back in she introduced herslef, her name was [redacted]. At this point, I only had 2 families who were not in attendance, the kids were ready to eat. We placed the kids food order. It was now almost 1:30. By 2pm, we still did not have any food. I went back outside to complain. I cannot fathom how an hour into a children's party, the kids have not been fed. This time I spoke with [redacted], he made every excuse in the book as to why we did not have food, but never offered to help, or apologize for the inconvenience. Now I became extremely irate. Instead of telling me that I have a lot of guests (something McDonald's should have been aware of), and offer [redacted] assistance, he just stood there. While talking to me, he referred to me as "sweetie", which shows that he was very chauvanistic about the issue at hand. [redacted] ultimately walked away from me and said "I can't help you". When the food finally came out, all the girls food was brought out first, and the boys not until 5-7 minutes later. So again, I was paying for this party for my SON, and he was the last to eat. He should have been the first! When the food was brought out , we didn't even have cups, I had to go ask for them and all the employees looked back and forth at each other until someone finally gave them to me.

Now another manager, who's name begins with an * (sorry I forgot her name) stepped in and tried to calm me down. She was very nice, and the politest person I encountered so far. After the kids ate, she and [redacted] came in the room to clean up, but by now my guests were irritated with the service too, and we took the bags to clean ourselves. In the meantime, I was playing a game with the kids and someone pointed out that ice cream was brought into the room for the kids. What? I didn't cut my cake yet, plus, shouldn't that be discussed with me first? I took the ice cream right back out and placed it on the counter. I told them that I was the parent, and the person paying for the party, and anything brought out should be discussed with me first. I also noticed the employees putting the ice cream that was brought out to my party back into the ice cream machine. How do they know the ice cream was not contaminated? It should have been thrown away.

Somewhere in all the arguing and complaining, I made it clear to the McDonalds team that I was not going to be out of the party room at 3pm, due to their delay on set up and food.

Upon leaving, I went to pay my bill and I was being overcharged! I have always excelled at math, therefore knew what my price would be. I tried to explain that to the manager (this was the one who's name began with an *),but she didn't undetstand it. Somehow my price was over $200. The party was $160, I had already paid a $30 deposit, and I only had 4 extra kids at $8 each, plus three items off of the dollar menu. I asked her to break the price down over and over again, but she couldn't do it. After going back and forth, I then asked her to cancel what she rung up, and re ring me item by item. I was right. The error was because I was being charged for the 4 extra kids, as well as for their happy meals.

Before I left, I made sure to let them know I was going to complain about the service. I also mentioned that I didn't think anything was [redacted]'s fault, she quite obviously was not trained properly. Managers should set an example, and when I have one who talks about me to her employees, in front of other guests, one who calls a parent sweetie, and says I can't help you, and one who can't do math, I feel sorry for her and for the entire staff.

The sad part is, no one, not any of the 4 people I encountered, or any of the other people who were working and knew what was going on, said I'M SORRY.Desired Settlement: I want the franchise owner to contact me via telephone to discuss the situation further, as well as an apology from the store. No parent should be distressed during their kids birthday party.



At this time, I have not been contacted by McDonalds regarding complaint ID [redacted].


Review: First I went to the drive thru.Ordered a small caramel frappe, the lady told me to go to the first window for my total. She then ask what I wanted again, I told her a small frappe and she said $3.17. I then said are you sure? I paid cheaper yesterday. She said yes. I then asked again if it said small frappe. She told me to hurry up. I then paid which was a big mistake. I went to the second window and said is this a small??? The girl said no its a medium. I told her I only get smalls because It will be a waste. She then got a manager which told me she will make me a small but won't give me the difference back instead she try to up sale pies and cookies which I would have to pay more money for. I didn't even have the product in my hand at this point. They basically stole my money and did a take it or leave it thing with me. This is fraud and misrepresentation of a product. I got scammed.Desired Settlement: They need to relook at the no refund policy. There is a right way and a wrong way. Doing this just to get more money and up sell is the wrong way.

Review: Transferred from Mc Donald's [redacted] I didn't see a proper choice for my complaint. My complaint is there is a towing sign in McDonald's parking lot but not visible in all areas. I purchased items from McDonalds on April 18th and then I walked over to the [redacted] with my niece and nephew for an hour only to return and find my car had been towed. I spoke with the manager on duty who acted like he knew nothing about a towing policy but the company that towed my car stated that they were hired by McDonalds. I had to pay $165 in cash to get my car back because the company hired by McDonalds would not take a credit card. If you can't park in the parking lot unless you are in McDonalds, that's fine but the sign or signs need to be displayed so you can see so it doesn't seem like a set up and hope you don't see and then your car is towed. If the company is hired by McDonalds and towing happens often, then the manager on duty should be able to offer some direction or guidance when asked. I stated I made a purchase and it was unfair to ask for cash when the sign isn't displayed so you could see it. I was also told by the person driving the tow truck that their were other cars towed as well. Once again it seems like a set up to tow your car and ask for cash money to get your car back. If other cars were towed then the sign or signs weren't seen by me as well as others. One of the employees at McDonalds stated her car had been towed before also. (seems a little strange)Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

I think my money should be refunded but most of all that the signs should be made visible upon entering the parking lot and not just in a couple of places within the lot that most people won't see.



I spoke with [redacted] from the business and she stated that there are two 36" by 36" signs for towing. One at the the front of the parking lot and one in the middle. The signage has been up for a about a year now.



The towing signs are not clearly displayed. You cannot see them upon entering the parking lot and depending on where you park, you can't see the signs. Also when I spoke with the manager at McDonald's he took no responsibility for the towing enforcement even though the towing company stated that they were hired by McDonald's. The expectation to have $165 in cash or you can't get your car is a bit much. There were several people who had their car towed so once again, none of us could not see the sign or does McDonald's believe we wanted to get our car towed. I don't think McDonalds is owning up to the fact that the display of the signs is not adequate and I'm not satisfied with that.

Review: I was injured eating a sau egg mcmuff with a jagged shard of ceramic or white glass in it. Went to store manager immediately and she gave me store information and told me they would take care of any problems arising out of this incident. It broke my dental bridge, pierced my gum causing it to break out repeatedly and severe neck pain that is on going. I have responded to request of medical release 5/14 for Kaiser hosp. and have not had any response. Desired Settlement: To pay for expenses already incurred - and take care of on going relevant expenses.



We are in receipt of your letter regarding [redacted].

I contacted the to try to get more information regarding Mr. [redacted] complaint and was told that it was okay to reach out to Mr. [redacted]. I tried contacting Mr. [redacted]h on 7/22/14 and had to leave a message on his answering machine. I left my contact information but never heard back from him. I also left him a message on 7/24/14 at 1:50 pm also leaving my contact information, I have not heard back from him from that message either.

I have searched Mr. [redacted] in our data base of insurance claims and cannot find anything. If I could get which restaurant it happened at and date and time I could look a little more thoroughly. If he knows whom he spoke to that would also help. I am not sure what he is talking about with the statement "I have responded to request of medical release 5/14 for [redacted] hosp. and have not had any response". If he could tell me who he got the request from and where he sent it that would also help in my investigation.

Mr. [redacted] is welcome to contact me directly at [redacted].I am in the office from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.


Loss Prevention Manager

Review: MC Donald was averting if you download there free app you got a free big mac,fries and med drink g.So I tried to download the app on our phone and kindle and it was not working.I even went to MC Donald's to get help they refused so I never was able to download the app and get the free meal they advertised.I have a receipt that tells what and where to go to do this still nothing and employes refused to help when I went in and they were rude and treat me like I was stupid and someone even laughed at me.Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

The free meal they offered the free big mac,fries and med drink.

Review: I received an advertisement from the McDonalds in question. The advertisement read "Enjoy a FREE regular menu sandwich with free medium fries and soft drink when you download the MCD app. The advertisement offer expires on 06-30-14. I downloaded the app and brought in the advertisement which I did showed to [redacted] who was the manager on duty on 03-10-14 at approx. 8pm. [redacted] said they could not honor the offer because that offer did not appear in the app anymore. [redacted] asked if I would like any of the other offers, none of the other offers were totally free like the one that brought me into the store and made me download the app. [redacted] said she thinks they were losing too much money on the free offer and removed it from the app. I told [redacted] that is baiting and switching and I would notify the of the situation. Nothing was resolved.Desired Settlement: honor their offer of a free medium extra value meal which includes a regular menu sandwich with a medium fries and soft drink.

Review: Location Address: [redacted], El Cajon, CA 92020Occurred: October 31, 2013, aprox 1:30pmI purchased a large drink at the El Cajon location. I noticed you are using new cups. I was in my car and picked up my cup to take a drink, the lid came off and iced tea spilled everywhere, filling up the little space in my car where I set my cell phone. My cell phone was completely ruined and I had to go purchase another one. I was extremely upset, but thought it was just an unfortunate accident. Then a few days later my fiance and I went to another McDonald's and purchased large drinks. This time the employee warned us to be careful because the lids don't stay on the cups. Now I am extremely pissed. Obviously the company knew that these cups and lids are faulty and you kept using them, now putting me out $600 to buy a new cell phone! I should not of had to spend this money due to your company's incompetence. I would like to speak to someone regarding some kind of compensation. I already filed a complaint on your website and had a voice mail from the manager of the El Cajon store. She offered me 2 free drinks. Her offer is unacceptable and offensive. Two $1 drinks will in no way help me to cover the cost of this new cell phone I should not of had to buy.Desired Settlement: Refund of what my new cell phone costs.

Review: On a Friday night I Placed my ordered through the macdonalds drive thru. it took a very long time to receive my order that even the customer in front of me got in a loud argument with the cashier. when I got to the window the cashier was not friendly at all that she didn't even greet, then one of the three sodas I had ordered wasn't ready so I was told to pull forward and she'll bring it out to me. But I was discriminated only because I'm [redacted] she was talking to her coworker about me not being able to understand her instruction or what she was telling me to do. In her words She said: probably she won't even understand what I'm telling her to do? I told her she needs to be more friendly and not discriminate people because of what they look like. Hopefully macdonalds corporate will take action on this matter and not let this happen once again.Desired Settlement: Macdonalds needs to train their employees to be more customer friendly and to not discriminate customers please.

Review: I went to McDonalds to purchase a Fillet-O-Fish with a coupon for $1.49, that expires on 12/22/13. I placed the order and informed the person taking the order that I had a coupon for $1.49 and he stated that the cost would be $2.12, which I thought was a bite high for a $1.49 item but I was prepare to look at my receipt. When I presented my coupon, the person spoke to his manager and the manager informed me that he would not be able to give me the Fillet-O-Fish for $1.49 but could give it to me for $2.00 since that was the current promotion. He said that he would not be able to key in the $1.49. I asked for my coupon back and informed him that I would be contact both McDonalds and the To say the least I was very disappointed in McDonald's not honoring their coupon. This was a coupon that was sent to me by USPostal service so I assume this was a promotion in my neighborhood.Desired Settlement: I would like to be able to get Fillet-O-Fish that I ordered. I would also like for McDonalds not to engage in false advertising. This is really unbecoming of McDonalds.

Review: On 26 Aug I visited the drive thru of this McDonalds like I do daily (for the last 2 yrs)I filed the following complaint with them after calling to complain.-- This is the 4th time in a week that we were served a reg soda vs a dt [redacted]. My husband is a type 1 diabetic and cannot drink reg soda. We have been going to this location for 2 yrs now and over the last week, our orders are never right. (BTW - I always ask if it's a dt [redacted] when they hand it to me) Yesterday I called to speak to the manager. Larisa D[redacted] (not sure on spelling) just blew the situation off, come in and we will replace it. When asked her managers number she would not provide it, nor would she provide the district managers name or number (that name and number can be handed out). She could not provide me with corporates number either. When asked where her SOP manual was, she could not locate it. She had a poor attitude and should NOT be running a store. I DO NOT CARE about a dollar soda! This situation could have KILLED my husband or put him in a coma!! (Again this has happen 4 times in a week!!) It could have been someone else's family member. If this situation of the wrong soda being loaded into the machines is not fixed soon, you could have a law suit on you hands.Desired Settlement: This is a serious matter, someone could end up dead or in a coma because these kids keep loading the machines wrong. Their attitude that they do not care and they will replace with a free soda does not fly with me. I do not care about a free soda, I care that a life is not lost!



This customer contacted the before she actually contacted us to provide us with an opportunity to investigate and correct the issue,When we investigated the incident, we discovered that the manager on duty had contacted her Store Manager immediately following this customer's call. The manager on duty claims that she did apologize and offered refund/replacement several times to the customer during the call and assured her that she would follow up with her Drive-Through employees on the importance of marking the cups properly and making sure that customers received the correct drinks. She did not minimize the importance of the situation or blow off the customer's concerns. The manager also provided the number of the local office (at which she would have been able to reach the Store Supervisor) to the customer, but the customer insisted on obtaining the Store Manager's or District Manager's personal number, which is against our company policy, and said would not be happy until she had that. When the manager told the customer that she was not allowed to provide the Store Manager or Supervisor's personal numbers, the customer proceeded to curse the manager and called her a “[redacted]". At that point the manager told the customer that she could call back to speak to the Store Manager, but was not willing to speak to the customer any more once she started cursing.Subsequent to investigating the incident at the store levei and following up with the Supervisor to confirm that the situation had been addressed at the store level, our Customer Satisfaction Representative contacted the customer to apologize again, to assure her that we take customer satisfaction and safety seriously and had addressed procedures at the store in order to avoid another mishap, The customer reiterated that she was upset that she thought the manager had not taken the matter seriously, which was not the case. She was also angry that the manager would not provide her with the name and number of the District Manager (Supervisor). The manager did provide the number of the local office but, once again, was not authorized to provide personal numbers of the Store Manager or Supervisor to customers. In this matter, the manager was following company policy. We do not have an “SOP manual” in the stores, as the customer seemed to insist the manager should have known about. As a newly promoted manager, she handled the situation to the best of her ability until she was cursed.The customer indicated that she had been using the Drive-Through at this location for 2 years and that the incidents with incorrect drinks had occurred several times in that one week period. She did not indicate that this had been a frequent problem prior to that week. It is possible that there were new crew trainees working during that time. Since communicating with the customer about this complaint, the customer has not contacted us again to complain about a recurrence of the issue. Consequently, we believe that this was an isolated incident that has been resolved through follow up and addressing procedures with the staff at the location.



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Review: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:

Let me make one thing VERY clear, the person I spoke to on the phone started cursing at me BEFORE I cursed at her! The District Managers number CAN be handed out and I know this because my husband IS a District Manager. There is an SOP at every business and if the Manager on duty (new or not) was not aware of where it was located that is a training issue. The reason there is no more complaints is because we both REFUSE to go to that McDonalds again. The customer service is below average and management leads a lot to be desired. I will be taking this issue to 7 on Your Side now.

Review: On Thursday, October 17, 2013, I visit McDonalds at [redacted], Washington, DC [redacted] around 5:00pm. Included in my order were two (2) apple pies. My 11 year old niece and I did not eat until we got home. While eating my niece informed me she had a bug on her pie. When I took a look at her pie, I thought it was a black spot from cooking, but when I looked at the pie with my eye glasses on, I could clearly see it was a bug (roach). She explained to me she was breaking her pie in half and notice a bug on the back of her pie. I called the McDonalds via telephone ###-###-####, but an answering machine answered. I did not leave a message. I called McDonalds comment telephone number and left a message. I later returned a call to the McDonalds location and left a message. I would like a refund for the one (1) pie I ordered, a Health Inspector to inspect the above facility for bug infestation and all employees to receive training on cleanliness. Thank you,Desired Settlement: Again, I would like a refund for the one (1) pie I ordered, an Health Inspector to inspect the above facility for bug infestation and all employees to receive training on cleanliness.Thank you,

Review: On Saturday, June 1st at 10:41AM, I ordered 2 egg, cheese, and bacon bisquits and one Egg White Delite (w $1.00 coupon) from the drive through at McDonalds.Before I got to my destination, I noticed that none of the orders was correct. I tried to call the number on the receipt to see if I could get some kind of compensation for the completely erroneous order and a fax machine picked up (###-###-####).Later in the day, a manager picked up named "[redacted]" and she said they did not have any of the breakfast items I ordered because the store is shutting down for 4 months starting Sunday. I asked why they could not tell me this when I placed my order as I would have changed my order or not ordered at all. She did not respond to the questions and just said I could have a "free lunch" if I came back. I asked if they would also have a reduced lunch menu due to the closing and she was unresponsive to the question.Desired Settlement: I need owner contact information for the McDonalds at the above referenced location since the manager failed to provide it. [redacted], you misinterpreted my request. I am moving forward with this complaint.

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