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On January 6th 2017 we repaired your peeling tub.  We do apologize for the wait and miscommunication.  The water shut offs you refer to in your complaint were emergencies.  In the event we have a severe water leak we will shut off the water without notice to prevent property...

damage.  Any other planned water maintenance, all residents will receive written notice prior.  Thank you for your patience.  Sincerely,  Rochester City Living.

I have reviewed the complaint by Ms. [redacted], a resident of our [redacted] community and would like to clarify the facts of the situation.  Ms. [redacted] has been a valued resident in our community since moving in about one year ago.  Immediately after moving into her...

apartment, Ms. [redacted] complained about noise from the upstairs residents and we allowed her to transfer into a different apartment and waived the transfer fee.  Ms. [redacted] recently began expressing similar concerns about noise from the upstairs residents.  We did not inform Ms. [redacted] that her lease would not be renewed.  On the contrary, not only did we offer a renewal term, we also offered to allow her the option at her sole discretion to transfer once again to another building, or vacate at any time without notice or penalty.  We take great pride in providing quality housing and professional management to all of our valued residents.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.  I spoke with the Army sergeant that was present for the inspection and he denies any claims of foul pet odor at the time of the inspection. He denies this fact even being mentioned. Additionally, prior to my leaving, there was no such odor. Thus these claims are completely false. Again, I have several witnesses to the state of my apartment prior to my leaving and they can attest to the fact that it was pristine. Also, again, there is no way that the business can prove that these carpet stains on the underside of the carpeting didn't exist prior to my departure. I can't even be sure that these photos are actually from my apartment. Perhaps these are the same photos they use to charge all their tenants. Please reference my initial letter. Finally, considering that so many prior residents have faced the same charges, I can only assume some fraudulent activity at play. Even online reviews of the apartment mention this issue from prior tenants. Again, there is even already a complaint from a prior tenant who is happy to also discuss the fraudulent behaviors of this business. Perhaps there is a carpeting business that is benefiting in association with the business. The sergeant that was present for the inspection as well as the witnesses to the state of my home prior to my departure are shocked and are willing to legally attest to this. Without proof that these stains did not exist prior to my entering the residence (i couldn't very well tear the carpet up upon move in and never even thought to as I had never had such issues with renting in the past), I should not be held responsible. 
[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]
Kimberly Werner

On April 20th, 2017 [redacted] R [redacted] applied as an
applicant in our office at approximately 3:15pm, [redacted]’s score did not meet our
criteria. [redacted] and her husband [redacted] L [redacted] asked what their options
were, we explained to them they could...

find a guarantor that may increase their
odds and it would cost an additional $25. They agreed and [redacted] provided his
information and applied as the guarantor, the score was still too low. Being
that they originally paid for the application with a $100 money order we
explained that they had a remaining $25 that would be sent to them and we
verified their address as [redacted]. We explained that
it may take a couple of weeks due to having to process the money order and then
cutting a check to send to their address.

The $199.00 admin fee has already been refunded, the check was issued on 5/23/2017 and mailed to the address on file which matches the address on the complaint. Amiee [redacted] | Property Manager

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.  Regards, [redacted]  I have enclosed the ledger. Why were we charged the 1991.80 and the 1656.57. We are being penalized twice for the same infraction.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.  Regards,  [redacted]

Please see the attached photos documenting the damages in question. These photos were also sent to Mr. [redacted] per his request on 6/26 and 6/27; 13 photographs outlining the carpet damages and excessive filth left behind, including animal fecal matter on the bedroom carpet. Both myself and the Regional Property Manager reviewed these damages with Mr. [redacted]. Along with physical review, we use company guidelines and estimates from vendors to determine appropriate charges. We request that all our residents leave their apartment home in clean, undamaged condition upon their move out. Although Mr. [redacted] may not agree with these charges, they are legitimate and were documented

Response and pictures attached 10/20/16Good afternoon,This information will be regarding the move out of a Ms. [redacted] who formally resided in [redacted]  I have attached photos to this email of the carpet damages that are in question. I have also attached themove in and move out inspection forms. On their move in section form there isn't anything  documented about carpeting, condition, or stains. Upon move out, the Maintenance Director took photos of the stains on the carpet from their apartment. The amount due is reflecting 3 days of rent and utility charge of $54.94. The leases ended 5/30/16 and the keys were turned in and the apartment was vacated on 6/2/16. Charges for damages are $315.00for carpet stains and bleach stains.  If any additional information is required, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Regards, Bonnie [redacted] /Property Management [redacted]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. It clearly states that it was returned to sender so it is known that I never received this, and the fact that it was returned to sender and still put in collections is almost as if business fraud when I received no option to pay the amount due. I dispute the 150, "No attempt to clean". If I didn't have an attempt to clean then there wouldn't have been a said trash bag for you to take out. That is a very subjective charge and a scheme to get money on people as you don't offer a security deposit so you can just charge residents a ridiculous amount of money. I also know the worth of that awful carpet, and the size of where the carpet was and it was not worth 466. I know that there are places with much better quality carpet, and have more square footage and didn't cost nearly that much. I need a charge adjustment, and as you can see in the records I was a good resident and made on time payments. I will not let a letter that NEVER made it to me, prevent me from renting in the future. Along with the adjustment to charges, I need this to be removed from collections as you can't neglect something that isn't known about.

We received the complaint on
10/14/2015 in regard to the roofing leak at Elmwood Terrace Townhomes.  We were made aware of the roof leaking on
August 10th, we called a roofing contractor and had him come in to
make a repair.  We trusted that the
contractor had taken the appropriate...

steps to resolve the issue.  Such was not the case as was made apparent on
August 20th.  We tried to get
the contractor in who made the original repair back to fix the problem.  We were unsuccessful in our attempts and
hired another roofing contractor to make the repair.  This contractor came out multiple times
without the proper equipment to perform the repair.  We had to hire a third contractor who came
out and completed the repair on 10/14/2015. 
This was a much longer process than is typical.

Upon contacting the resident in December we offered to release her from her lease, on December 22nd we offered to have our maintenance personnel move her within the community.  Upon speaking with the resident on January 3rd we had agreed we would move her by professional movers to another...

apartment within the community or offer to release her from her lease without penalty.   On January 17th the resident contacted us again and expressed we did not have a top floor apartment with the same kitchen layout and cabinets available and she would not move to a different rehabbed unit and would like to know when we would have a unit available to her liking.  We have enforced our policies which has included notifying all residents within the building in writing not to smoke in the building as well as verified that we do not have any residents actively smoking in doors during multiple periods in the day and night.

The resident rented an apartment on-line without seeing the apartment until the move in day. He was informed at the time of leasing that we offer renovated and non-renovated apartment homes. On move in day they were not happy with the renovated apartment that he selected and then chose to take a...

renovated apartment home. After move in there where two substantial rains that causes curb drains to flood into a common area of the building. Our service team addressed and cleaned up the issue as soon as we were informed.  He was offered a rent credit to replace any items that might have been lost due to this water penetration.  He declined because he did not have proof of the out of pocket costs. We then gave him a gift card to replace any items or cleaning cost he incurred.  Our project manager is currently waiting for information from the township about the curb drains to prevent any future water penetration from the curbs. A separate sewer drain problem occurred about a month after moving in. Once again our service team came,  cleaned and addressed the problem. A plumbing contractor was called out two times to address the main sewer line and a restoration company was contracted to clean the affected areas in the apartment home. He was given a month of free rent and the option to transfer into three different apartment homes on-site of the same floor plan. None of which were to his liking. He then requested to transfer into a larger townhome at the same rental rate of his cheaper apartment. We declined that offer due to the fact it rents at a higher cost and we have like apartments available for him to transfer into on site. He was approved to move into a townhome but at the current rental rate. We then offered for him to transfer into our other apartment communities in the market. After touring those he was upset that he would have to pay a deposit at the new locations. He did accept an apartment at one of our other communities and then canceled and re-accepted the apartment. Which changed his transfer dates. If he would have transferred the first time that he accepted the new apartment home he would have received a refund that would have covered the deposit at the new community. All of our communities follow and abide by the federal and local fair housing laws. He has not personally informed site management or upper management of any false marketing or fair housing infractions. We would like to know what false information he is speaking about so we can address immediately.

In reviewing the previous resident file, their lease states that a 60 Notice to Vacate must be provided prior to moving out.The resident provided Notice 7/16/2017 which would make the date they would be responsible for rent 9/16/2017.The residents vacated the property 8/4/2017.  They were...

charged $1656.57 or the equivalent of 39 days of rent as a “penalty” for giving insufficient Notice.Their account was credited back 23 days of rent, which equaled $963.77, when the unit was re-rented on 8/18/2017.The resident was given the same explanation via voice mail on 10/17/2017. There is no refund owed to the residents. I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 11910896, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.   Regards,  [redacted]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below. The company's response is extremely misleading.  They bully tenants
into paying for clean up of apartments between tenants. This seriously
hurt my family's finances and a large company like Morgan Management
certainly doesnt need 300 dollars. Furthermore, Alex is lying.  She
refused to provide me with the documentation necessary to prove I owe
300 dollars.  She took an attitude that whatever she says goes and I
have no right to question a $300 bill. She provided some pics but
refused to even tell me how they came to $300. Christian was extremely
condescending and displayed his ignorance by scolding me for not
cleaning the apartment to their satisfaction. On the more
important issue: Alex is lying about the mild and stink bug issues.  I
complained for the entire 4 year period that I was in that apt. They did
get an exterminator butbthey alwaus came worse. Most of the time it
took many calls and threats over a long period of time before they
stopped ignoring my complaints while there were literally about 50 stink
bugs in my bedroom. They also ignored my mold complains until they did
some quick cheap fixes that were uselss.  I now know health issues were
caused by this. The day I movwd out my health issues went away. Alex is
extremely incompetent as is every office manager they hire. The
apartments arent not maintained and resident complaints are literally
ignored.  The average maintenance request took weeks of calling as
reminders (most reminder calls were responded to as if this call was the
first they heard of the complaint especially by christian). I moved to
an apt complex that responds to every maintenance request that same day
and will not leave until job is finished with courteous staff. This is
such a contrast to Westminster and Alex should be ashamed at heraelf for
such poor management and such poor customer service.  office staff is notorious for gossiping about their residents.
 I have caught them before withoit them knowing I was listening and
other people have as well.  One time they were discussing a residents
sexual orientation. I want my 300 dollars back. At least for the
terrible experience of residing in this disgusting complex for 4 years
and always paying my rent on time.  Regards,[redacted]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.  In response, I have explained that I would be flexible with the kitchen layout, but not with my personal safety. Upon signing my lease, I chose the top floor for a reason and would not compromise on that. How can you offer to transfer me if you do not have a comparable apartment available? It is not reasonable or fair to transfer me to an apartment on a lower level than what I originally agreed to move into.  On December 9th and January 19th, your General Manager, J. K[redacted] informed me there was no longer a no smoking policy as Morgan Communities decided to discontinue it shortly after I moved in back in July. Now you are saying there is a no smoking policy. Which one is it? Do you or don't you have a no smoking policy? And why can't I seem to get a straight forward answer on that? I have told Jonathan I would accept the transfer if there was an apartment in a top level, which is not an unreasonable request given the HUGE inconvenience I am enduring. There is at least two apartments on the top floor that I know about. Although the layout is different, you never offered those to me. Instead you're insisting I take an apartment on a lower level (ground level), how does that work? If there is an apartment on the top level I would be more than happy to have your professional movers transfer me there. But you need to be reasonable and understand my safety concerns. Otherwise you force me to choose between my health and my safety. Is that the position Morgan Communities is putting me in?  I won't even address the invalid "eviction" letter Arlene sent me on letterhead stating I was violating a no smoking policy Jonathan said you do not have. Her attempt to harass and bully is something I still have not received an apology for. I have both residents on video admitting they smoke in there apartments and have sent it to your staff. Would you also like a copy? Please let me know where I can send it to.  Lastly, other tenants in the building have also complaint. There letter is on file in the rental office. Regards,  [redacted]

Ms. [redacted] did live at Waverlywoods just over a year. She states that she left due to "Waverlywood not providing peaceful enjoyment" but note that during the entire lease there were a few complaints for this apartment and they were all addressed immediately.  After receiving notices the resident...

below called very apologetic and explained that they were shocked to hear of the complaints and that going further will do their best to not disturb anyone in the building. Keep in mind we have not received any other complaints from anyone other than Ms. [redacted].   The Webster areA did have multiple car break-ins and the Police were called. As for the scratch on her car, I cannot verify where that happened and it was not brought to my attention.  A dog in the building had an accident in the hall and it was cleaned up immediately. Dog feces was not put in front of her apartment door intentionally. Shari asked me due to having two leases overlapping if she could leave early. I told her she may vacate her apartment prior however would still be rent responsible till the end of her lease term 3/22/16.  It was brought to my attention on 2/19/16 that Shari [redacted] vacated her apartment. Because she was served a Three Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit & Surrender Possession of Premises Ms. [redacted] was not charged additional rent.

I appreciate the quick follow-up on this concern. I accept your proposal of letting me and my wife out of our lease early without penalty. I will follow-up with the community office when we have secured a different place to live in. 

We have offered to release the resident from her lease or transfer her to a new apartment, the resident chose to transfer to a new apartment.

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