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Review: Ryan homes has neglected to repair my front steps and refuse to repair my vents in my home that were blocked off during construction.

I purchased my home from Ryan Homes and after it was built I settled in October 2010. During the summer of 2011 I noticed that my front sidewalk at my steps started to sink. Believing it was just settlement I let it go. It has since sunk to approximately 12 inches. Not only is it my front walk way but it is spreading to my driveway across the front of my home. Also, my AC unit has run out of Freon. I contacted to the contractor and was advised that it was out of warranty so I had to hire someone at a cost of $175.00 to come and refill it with Freon. When the company checked to see if cold air was coming from the vents it was discovered that I have four (4) vents that no air can pass through. The vents were either blocked or never connected during construction. I contacted Ryan Homes in June about my complaints and someone from Ryan Homes came to look at my complaints. I was told that the builder in fact had failed to install rebar in the concrete of my steps and that they were responsible. When I mentioned about the vents being blocked or not connected to any duct work he stated they would have to go into the walls to see and it would be a cost. Also, my AC unit does not cool the upper floor of my home because the unit is not big enough and my home should have been built with two units. I have not heard back from Ryan Homes and my calls have not been returned.Desired Settlement: I want Ryan Homes to repair properly my front walkway and driveway. I want Ryan Homes to repair my duct work that all my vents are working and if not then what ever the repair cost would be I want to be reimbursed from the purchase price of my home. I also want Ryan Homes to pay for a home survey to see if my AC Unit is big enough for my home and if not, to either install a proper unit or a second unit.



**. [redacted],

Review: Home builder installed concrete driveway. Cracks appeared within 6-8 months from closing on new home. Ryan Homes acknowledged cracks. told to monitor.

Was told by service department to monitor cracks and then was told at the time if they were to get bigger they would replace. Contacted Ryan Homes through service department. Came out and acknowledged cracks were bigger but only offered a repair of caulking the cracks.Desired Settlement: I have 5 concrete pads that are cracked and would like replaced. 5 out of the 9 pads have cracks in the concrete.



Review: Purchased a home from NVHomes (a division of NVR) about 45 days ago. During initial walk through two days before settlement, we identified numerous issues with finishes and found walls that were not installed "plumb" and/or squared. In one particular location (master bathroom), the mirror and the finishes were obviously misaligned. When we questioned why this is happening, the project manager with NV Homes told us it was an "optical illusion" and suggested no resolution. After settlement of this home, I spoke to the production manager at NVHomes regarding a few wall issues I found disturbing at my home and he advised that it would be address the next time they are doing repairs at my home. Today, NVHomes performed another list of repairs and was supposed to address the issue above. When the workers showed up, they simply described how much work would be involved to properly fix the wall issues and did not perform the repair. NVHome replaced the mirror in lieu of fixing the issues appropriately. NVHomes then proceeded to tell us that if we want anything else fixed, we would have to go through their service department and schedule someone out to see our issues. We find this extremely unprofessional and irresponsible.Desired Settlement: We would like NVHomes to return to our home to correct all walls, trim & finishes that are installed incorrectly and stand behind their work as advertised in their ads and website.



[redacted]The Dear [redacted]:I am writing in response to complaint ID [redacted] which was submitted to on 3/28/14 and transmitted to NVR on 4/19/14. The items listed in the claim are as follows:Wall out of plumb/square - Basement BathroomWall out of plumb/square - KitchenBathroom mirror misalignmentEach of these items were reviewed during the customer's Post Settlement Follow-up meeting, which was conducted on 2/20/14 with an NVHomes Project Manager. Each of these items was within acceptable tolerance, however, NVHomes offered to make additional adjustments to satisfy the customer's desires in the spirit of customer service.In the case of the basement bathroom wall out of square the customer elected to have the work completed. In the case of the kitchen wall out of square the customer reconsidered and elected that it would nt be worth making the repair. In the case of the bathroom mirrow, NVHomes adjusted the mirror and then subsequently replaced the mirror to satisfy their desire. On 3/28/14 the customer reviewed all of the completed work with an NVHomes Project Manager and signed on the Post Settlement form which states that "the items have been completed in an acceptable workmanlike manner and the house was left in clean condition".At the conclusion of that meeting, the Project Manager informed the customer that all future service requests should be directed to the NVHomes Custer Service Department. It is a standard procedure for the Project Manager to be the customer's point of contact during construction of the home and through the Post Settlement Follow-up (approximately 30 days after settlement). At the completion of the Post Settlement Follow-up, all customer service requests are handled by our Service Department.We have no additional record of service requests or complaints from this customer since the Post Settlement list generated on 2/20/14. Since recieving the complaint we have reached out to the customer on numerous occasions and have not recieved a response. Sincerely,[redacted]Vice President

Review: I bought my new home from Ryan Homes in December 2004. Since then we have incurred major repair bills due to faulty craftmanship. While this complaint specifically addresses replacement of faulty duct work (whole house) and Heat pump, I stress that no company would sell us a warranty with the purchase of a NEW Heat Pump due to a faulty designed duct system that had major leakage, drywall dust, and that another companies previous attempt at re-engineering the duct work failed. This complaint ,originally filed against [redacted], the company that installed the duct work and Heat Pump in the new home,BUT the has advised me that since I did not purchase the ducts and HVAC from them, but rather Ryan Homes/NVR, that my complaint should be refiled against them.

We have had water in the crawl space due to faulty concrete walkway that had to be replaced, and the source of the 12 gallon leak was found. Our homes sub-floor was installed in violation of Building Code,causing such movement that we could knock a bottle of water over on our countertop. We had to jack the center of the home up a full inch due to excessive space between the concrete support pillars. Ryan's attempt at repairing this failed, so we had to hire a contractor to secure the sub-floor with 5 floor jacks and basically building a wall across the house with the jacks and wood. Our Master Bath Floor squeaks so bad when walked on and this was on our original punch out list. The home was so poorly insulated that we had to spend $1,000 to add insulation in our attic. We had to replace our entire driveway due to it falling apart and cracking everywhere. The company we hired informed us that the original install was way to thin. There is not one straight wall in our home.

Ryan Homes used OSB for the subfloor rather then plywood, and becasue of this a $9,000 commercial laminate floor we had installed in 1000 sq feet had to be removed due to the sound of broken glass and bubble wrap popping. When it was removed, we discovered zero screws installed in the OSB and only 4 nails from a nail gun in each corner of the OSB- many of which missed the joists. We had over 200 screws installed and a Porcelin Tile floor masticked and glued to ensure no cracking or sound issues. This cost us major dollars. Ryan Homes had to replace our 20 foot sloped ceiling, and promised us they would have the ducts cleaned which they never did. We discovered this when the ducts were removed. This home was a vacation home until January 2012 when we moved here.

Our Master Bath Shower has many cracked tiles from the original install, and the door does not stay closed when we shower.AS IF THIS WAS NOT ENOUGH ISSUES FOR ANY NEW HOME TO HAVE, WHAT FOLLOWS IS AN IN DEPTH DISCUSSION OF OUR FAULTY DUCT SYSTEM AND HEAT PUMP WHICH WAS UNDERSIZED, EVEN THOUGH RYAN HOMES REPLACED IT ONCE, IT WAS STILL UNDERSIZED. Any mention of [redacted] below is due to the fact that [redacted] installed the faulty duct work and both Heat Pumps for Ryan Homes.

We bought our home in [redacted], DE in December of 2004. The [redacted] Model that we bought was a one of a kind home, so we had no opportunity to compare to other homes.[redacted] had done the installation for Ryan Homes, and from day one we had nothing but trouble. We learned that the installer from [redacted] had been fired after our install, and we definitely know why.To begin with the unit was under sized by a full ton, the ducts were all wrong and we could not cool our upstairs in the summer to get under 90 degrees. After fighting with Ryan Homes and too many service visits to count, we brought in an outside company that confirmed the unit was undersized, the air return(one) was too small for the home, and the install shoddy.We then learned that Ryan Homes was building our model as the sales model in [redacted]. After a few homes there were delivered, we discovered that the same model without the upstairs had a 3.5 ton unit, while ours with an optional upstairs had a 3 ton unit. Under threat of a lawsuit, Ryan Homes got [redacted] to replace the unit with a 3.5 ton, which we still felt was too small based on the square footage and what we saw in the other community. We got pigeon- holed into accepting the 3.5 ton. After the install, and for the 2nd time- there was no filter installed in either the 1st or 2nd unit. I discovered this when the house was 3 months old and went to change the filter and found none in the unit. We never did get the right size from [redacted]. So a in 2007, when Ryan Homes finally agreed to have [redacted] replace the unit with the 3.5 ton(we wanted a 4 ton, but Ryan Homes refused that), we arrived from MD and found the unit was not working. The service tech discovered the inside unit frozen solid (this in a brand new unit!). In addition, the supposed duct enlargement was not done properly and we discovered a foot hole in our bedroom ceiling. Yes that’s right; one of your employees put his foot thru the drywall from the attic and never told anyone!

After this new unit was unfrozen, it still did not work properly. It was noisy and still not cooling or heating properly. We had and maintained a service contract with[redacted] for 8 years.

Three months after the new unit was installed, I went to change the filter, and AGAIN discovered no filter! This was just beyond belief. For the next couple years, each time the service was done, we requested the proper size filter. Every receipt showed one size written by your service tech, BUT a different size installed. Again unbelievable! Then [redacted] started to refuse to sell me a filter.

We continued our service contract, figuring that this was still a builder type unit and that with the newer coolant being used, and Freon being phased out, if the compressor went we would replace the unit.

Last year we had some construction done and needed a new filter. I called [redacted] since [redacted] would not sell me one, and instead of them helping a good customer, I was told I had to order a whole case of filters. So I placed the order, requested it be expedited and waited. After three weeks, I called and asked where my filters were. The person that supposedly ordered the filters gave me a fit and claimed it was the supplier delaying things. I then called a manager([redacted] I think) and told him of our troubles- not knowing the right sized filter, and not getting one from your company. [redacted] came to my house the next day to measure and brought several sizes. When he arrived, he apologized to me and admitted that the case of filters had not been ordered, and that the guy that gave me a hard time([redacted] I think) had lied to me. So [redacted] determined the size and left me with a few until the order I had paid for and was lied to about arrived. A few days later, I get the order and there are only 8 filters , not the 12 filters that I had paid for. This was just unbelievable, but things get even worse. On our next service visit under our contract, we again complained of the loud noise inside the house. A [redacted] service tech, supposedly fixed it, but in actuality he just disconnected it in the attic, under some insulation we had. In addition, he apparently was eating sunflower seeds, and our attic deck where the air handler was, was filled with empty shells. This was it for me, and I did not renew our contract.

I brought in an outside company to tell me why I had virtually no airflow and tremendous dust build up. This was followed by two other companies so I could hopefully get info that matched (a common thread) from more than one company. With each contractor, the moment we went into the crawl space, each one, within 10 seconds, said this is all wrong. Apparently [redacted] had installed the main trunk all the same size, and not tapered down to supply the proper static pressure. One of these 3 companies also pointed out that in the attic, where the air handler was, the duct connecting the air handler to the vertical stack that went down to the crawl space, was much too small. So small that it was choking off the air supply just as it left the air handler. This seemed obvious to me, and should have been obvious to your people and the other two companies. I was convinced to hire them to correct the duct system. We spent $4,400 to correct what we were told needed to be done, and in the end, we had no airflow at all.

[redacted] did a study for us that showed we used 1500 KW more then we should have, and also told us what we knew-which was the unit was undersized. We called this other company to come back, and the only way they would correct their duct work was if we bought a new system from them.

Here was yet another company that was ripping us off. I called in an engineer to inspect things, and there was so much wrong it was ridiculous. He reported our home as the dustiest one he had ever seen. He also told us that all of the duct work was improperly installed and there was tremendous duct leakage. He also told us what we already knew was that the unit was still undersized. It turns out that a friend of mine bought our identical home in [redacted], and he had a 4 ton unit.

With that info, we set out to get quotes from 3 other companies to replace our heat pump. Each company told us that they would not be able to offer any extended warranty unless we replaced all of the ducts, as everything was wrong. So here we were with an engineer and a total of 6 companies telling us the duct work was all wrong and leaking horribly. In addition, they could not believe that there was only one tiny air return for the entire 1st floor ( over 1900 square feet).

On the first Monday of this month (May 2013) we hired a company to pull out all of the duct work and replace it and the Heat Pump. It took 8 days and we could not believe the things they found. The flex duct was full of holes and construction debris from the shoddy job your people did when they replaced the original 3 ton unit with the 3.5 ton unit. This job cost us $20,000 not to mention the $4,400 we were already out for earlier duct repair.

Coincidentally, we had consulted with an Attorney this week and were seriously considering a lawsuit against Ryan Homes and [redacted] HVAC, when a new [redacted] newsletter arrived talking about “shady contractors”. How ironic this was! I’m guessing that you never heard anything about our issues. I remember speaking with [redacted] about why my older Carrier unit in MD worked better then the new unit [redacted] installed. Her response was that Carrier was a higher quality unit. I do know now that ICP is the maker of Carrier, Bryant, Comfortmaker, Payne, and Arco Air. By the way, when [redacted] installed the new 3.5 ton unit, they took off the labels and left me generic manuals. I believe it was an Arco Air, but regardless, why would they take the label off the unit?

My house was bought brand new in December 2004, and we tried to work with Ryan Homes and [redacted] and kept renewing the service contract. I have never in my life been more frustrated and mad at any company as I am with Ryan Homes and [redacted]!s. Everything I have laid out here is true, and I have the documentation to prove this.

I have owned homes with Heat Pumps for 30 years, and always kept service contracts on them As a matter of fact, in 1990 in my home in MD, I had to add additional air returns as we had blown 3 compressors in 7 years. I DO know how important air returns are, yet could never get your company to address this, the poor service, the lack of filters (2 times), being lied to, and finally having a service tech leave me with a huge mess to clean up and a disconnected damper duct. We were loyal customers and tried to deal with your company all these years. So after the 3.5 ton unit was installed, Ryan Homes washed their hands of us, and [redacted] continued to provide the worst service I have ever seen. I am out $24,400 on a Heat Pump (the one that was replaced) that was only 6 years old!

Finally, we have the right sized unit, new ducts properly installed and a clean comfortable home. I don’t expect any response to this letter, but thought I would let you know all that we have been thru with our supposed NEW DREAM HOME! We have spent a small fortune in correcting construction defects, code violations and now tearing out the entire homes duct system and Heat Pump and replacing everything. This money we had to spend to correct what has to have been the worst installation ever done. It’s no wonder [redacted]'s original installer was fired. Further, I was hopping mad about being lied to, and because of this incompetance, my house went 7 months without any filter( 3 months on the first unit, 3 months on the 2nd unit, and another month after I paid for an order of a case of filters that was not ordered).

I asked John [redacted],Jr" how would you feel if this had happened to you?". Naturally we did not consider any estimate from [redacted] HVAC to replace our ducts and Heat Pump. Who would after a history like this?

If we decide to file this lawsuit, we will also be seeking Attorney Fee’s. Further, we will post on the [redacted] website and our newsletter, our story, so that no one else has to suffer like we did.

[redacted] is approaching 10 years old, and many homeowners have started to replace their lower end Heat Pumps. I would think that this type of negative publicity would be one that both Ryan Homes and [redacted] would like to avoid. I am therefore filing this complaint first, giving Ryan/NVR Homes a chance to try and make things right with us.

Obviously, we now have a new unit and no problems so all that we can ask is for some financial remuneration. We paid for a service contract for 8 years, and wasted a lot of time and money trying to work with [redacted] on the HVAC issues and Ryan /NVR Homes for all the construction defects mentioned in the beginning of this complaint. While I know that the cost of a replacement Heat Pump is something you would not pay for, we are out $14,400 in actual labor and duct charges to the shoddy work and poor service since we bought our home new in 2004.. We know this because we know from 6 different companies what a replacement Heat Pump would have cost. No one would offer any warranty to us with the existing duct work, so we essentially had no choice but to have it all pulled out and replaced.

I am disabled, my wife is now ill, and that kind of cost has really put us in harm’s way financially. We sent a rather large package to Ryan/NVR Homes and have received no reply. This was sent by UPS and I have confirmation that it was received.

I am a gentleman and reasonable also. As a former business owner I know the importance of reputation and customer service. Our Attorney has advised us that we do have a strong case, especially with all the documentation we have. I hope that Ryan/NVR Homes also are a reasonable and understand that the kind of treatment and service we suffered in our home, is service that is both unprofessional and incompetent. No other new home buyer should suffer as we have. I don’t mean this to sound like a threat, but now my financial future has been affected. I am out $24,400. I did buy a quality Carrier 4 Ton Heat Pump, along with a Mitsubishi ductless unit for my Family Room that could never get the proper airflow, due to the long flex duct runs. These units alone cost about $10,000, so this is why I claimed $14,400 in labor and new duct work. I did get a very competitive price, and now have the benefit of working with a competent company as well as an extended warranty.

I hope that you do respond in a positive way, with both understanding and generosity.


.Desired Settlement: As outlined in the above letter,Ryan/NVR Homes and [redacted] shoddy building practice, some of which included building code violations, and the HVAC Duct Installation and undersized Heat Pumps, as well as truly horrible Customer Service left me with no options if I wanted an extended warranty on a New Heat Pump. I was forced to spend $14,400 over and above the cost of a new Heat Pump to get any company to warrant their work.In addition, 8 years of service contract's at approximately $170 per year just continued the unprofessional and unacceptable service .Each service visit created more issues instead of solving them.I request a refund of the $14,400 for replacement Duct Work.

Finally, since the has advised me that my claim is against Ryan/NVR Homes since [redacted] worked as a sub-contractor hired by Ryan /NVR Homes, that even though their service was just atrocious, John [redacted],Jr has pointed the finger and blame on Ryan/NVR Homes.




Review: Purchased a new Ryan Home in 2012, they give a complete home warranty for one year and a electrical warranty for two years. 14 months into our new home the garage bulb goes out, when I went to change the bulb I notice that the light housing is in the ceiling with one screw and about to fall from. When I contacted Ryan homes I was told that the one year warranty is up and this is not covered, because I was two months out of warranty and that the two year electrical warranty does not cover the housing only the electrical system as a whole. This company has to be the worst company ever with customer service and there building quality. Will never buy another Ryan Home EVER. ALL I WANT IS THE WORK TO BE DONE CORRECT.Desired Settlement: ALL I WANT IS THE WORK TO BE DONE CORRECT. I UNDERSTAND MISTAKES CAN HAPPENS BUT ITS HOW YOU RESPOND TO THEM THAT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. DONT HALF DO A JOB AND COME BACK WITH I WONT FIX CORRECTLY.




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