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Review: I had a home built by Ryan Homes in the summer of 2010. The final price of the home was over 375,000. The summer of 2013, during a heat wave the a/c unit on the top floor went out. The original builders warranty ended just a couple months before this so we had to hire a company to come out and make the repair. The a/c unit worked fine the rest of the summer. 2 weeks ago, the same top floor a/c unit has stopped working again. I had the company I used last summer come out again, they told me it is a completely different problem than before...I also had a different repair company come out for a second oppinion, they said the system that Ryan Homes used is completely insufficient for the size of my home, and that I will continue to have issues unless I get the whole system replaced. There are several other homeowners in my neighborhood who have had the same problem...!Desired Settlement: Ryan Homes gives the impression that their homes are immaculately designed, and energy efficient. For the price of my home, I should not need to replace any of the major appliances within the first 3 years of living there. 2 private HVAC companies both say that the appliances Ryan installs and the way they are installed is incorrect. I want an explanation from Ryan Homes as to why its ok to rip off their customers! I also want to know what they are willing to do as the home builder to fix the issues I am having with my air conditioning system.



We received your complaint

regarding your HVAC on the second floor of your home. We pulled your

service record and do not see any record of you contacting Ryan Homes Customer

Service or Masters HVAC regarding the issues you mentioned.

Review: On December 2008 I took procession of my brand new single family home. All was well until spring 2009 when we got the first serious rain, that resulted in water coming into the basement of the home. We did know where it was coming from the project manager came (because the property is being developed) and cut out a portion of the drywall to discover that the foundation was not properly sealed allowing water to come into the home that way. He pulled up the carpet sealed the foundation a few weeks later the house was all dried out and all is well. That is, until the next rain fall he advised us to put a have the gutter covered preventing them from clogging. Fast forward to 2014 and several situations where water has flooded the basement later the builders are now saying that there is no warranty any longer on the home. Because of full disclosure, in the event that we try to sell this house we will have to let the potential buyer know about the flooding in the basement. NVR needs to make this right.Desired Settlement: please come and fix the problem the egress window and a secondary window allows water to pour into our basement there has to be a resolution.



The [redacted]’ warranty for this

claim expired on December 19, 2009.

Review: Warranty coverage requires the builder to repair any issues that become apparent within first year. Several issues were brought to their attention due to poor craftsmanship. More than one attempt has been made on some issues. The attempted repairs are simply covering up issues, not correcting them. Will cost me thousands of dollars to repair properly after warranty expires. Exterior doors do not rest properly in jambs. Light shows through (have adjusted twice). Ceramic tile work has recurring major cracks in grouted joints (keep adding grout instead of re-tiling propagating the cracks). Basement floor does not fit company's stated tolerance for depressions and ridges (Brian S[redacted] resisted correcting initially-repair not complete). Floors warped upstairs in bedrooms (not corrected).Desired Settlement: Correct structural issues under good faith and fair dealings for a reputable custom home builder.



We have reviewed the complaint assigned [redacted].Ryan Homes is happy to review the exterior doors to ensure they are resting properly in the jambs. Expansion/Contraction is a normal part of a home’s reaction to weather changes specifically around seasonal changes in temperature. All doors were checked during the 10 month review that occurred in September. Ryan Homes has re-tiled the top of the tub deck, after re-grouting resulted in additional cracking. Our warranty regarding cracks in the grout is one time grout touch up during the first year. In this case, we have gone above our warranty specifications by re-tiling.The basement floors depressions and ridges are within our stated tolerance (¼” within 32” is our stated company tolerance).Ryan Homes does not have a record of the customer reporting warped flooring in the upstairs bedrooms. Our customer care has created a service ticket to have this and the doors addressed by our service department. The customer can contact customer care at ###-###-#### if you have any additional concerns.



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Review: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because: It is not a touch up issue on the grout, the tile was not installed correctly to begin with resulting in a failure of the joint-and it is spreading. Not all cracks were fixed either (covered up with caulk is not a solution to the problem). For an advertised custom built home at this price point the craftsmanship is not even standard industry practice and is not acceptable.Regards,[redacted]



Our Service Department is happy to review the tile with the homeowner and will be in touch to schedule a time when [redacted] is available.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: I signed a contract with Ryan Homes and was told by Gary M[redacted] that I would get the financing needed to close on my home. I submitted all information that was need and for months I heard nothing from Gary M[redacted]. I received a letter July 1st, from Ryan Homes that I would be going to closing on my home on Aug 12. On Aug 8th I contacted Mr. M[redacted]'s office to make sure everything was set for my closing and they said they had no idea as to what I was talking about. When I told them about my letter, I was told that they had me scheduled for closing on Sept 6, when I sent a copy of the letter Mr. M[redacted] claimed that he couldn't get my financing squared away because he just received my credit report. When I told him that was a lie because I had notification from all 3 credit bureaus that he had it since July 3 he tried to come up with several excuses that had no merit. He then told me that it would take 2wks to get things taken care of, it is now Sept 4 and me and my 4 daughters are still living in a hotel with no end date.Desired Settlement: I want my house that was promised to me when I signed the contract in March 2014 and that I set to be built as well as all the money back from my hotel stays, storage unit, and boarding for my dogs. He nor NVR mortgage should be allowed to continue doing business if this is their practices. I am a disabled veteran and a mother of 4 and we are homeless while Gary M[redacted] continues to give people false hope on a home and then not come through in the end.



October 24, 2014Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the complaint filed which was assigned the lD # of [redacted].The consumer applied for a mortgage loan with NVR Mortgage on 3/7/2014. The borrower's credit score did not meet the minimum to be approved for a product and the loan was denied, with an adverse action denial notice being sent to the consumer on 4/17/2014.The consumer had indicated that they were going to be working with a credit repair agency in hopes in increasing her credit score.The borrower completed a second application for credit with NVR Mortgage on 8/11/2014. The borrower's credit score still did not meet the minimum credit requirement for the program that she applied for and a notice of credit denial was sent to the consumer on 9/17/2014.NVR Mortgage did not provide the borrower with an approval letter on either loan. If you need further assistance, please contact me at ###-###-####.Thank you, Greg S.Director of Quality Control

Review: NVHomes has constructed my home and is giving me a hardtime with the below :

1. Lawn/yard/landscaping service :

Most of the trees they provided had already died and when I brought that to their attention, they are refusing to replace them putting blame on my maintenance instead of focusing on the soil test to see if the trees died due to shock. The lot that my home is constructed has lot of dirt because my home was the last constructed home and NVHomes used my lot as dump yard for the construction activity in this community([redacted] community at [redacted] VA)

2. Workmanship issues : There are serious workmanship related issues around drywall, structural and issues regarding air leaks from the main door. They have applied a patch to block the air/draft and this makes me nervous as they are choosing cheap ways to fix issues. Need to understand how the home passed energy star testing with such a big leak in the main door.

Some of the drywalls are so crooked, they cameback in july to fix them to some extend. Such is their workmanship that makes me feel I am being cheated. As of now they are saying they will fix any further issues only during june of 2015, but my concern is will they be able to do a good job next time and why do I have to live with these defects when I paid a full price.

Before approaching my local congressmen or senator I thought I will make a honest attempt through to give them a chance to rectify their shortcomings.Desired Settlement: NVHOmes to replace the dead trees and redo some of the lawn work


Fix all the drywall issues and arrange arrangements for our stay as we cannot live in the house during construction.

Replace the shower door and main door as this is not was promised OR compensate so that I can go buy the desired products from the market



The NVHomes service team has met with [redacted] and ageed to a list of items need repair in his home. Work is scheduled to begin on 10-6-14 and complete 10-8-14. [redacted] and his family will not need to move out of the home during these repairs. NVHomes will properly cover the areas that

are having repairs and we will have the house professionally cleaned after completion. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any additional concerns on this complaint. Thank you.

Review: In 2004 I purchased a brand new home from ryan homes which used [redacted] to install my roof. I have had continuing problems with leaks throughout different areas of my home. When I looked through my settlement paperwork I noticed that I didnt have my warranty certification from [redacted]. I contacted [redacted] since I did have that information and I was told by them that ryan homes did not pay them so my warranty is null and void. So I then contacted ryan homes and they told me that [redacted] is responsible for my roof not Ryan homes. Neither party was to be responsible and I am basically stuck with payingout of pocket for any repairs. I had a roofer come out and allegedly fix my roof but I continue to have problems in those area I am aware of. I had another roofer come out yesterday and I was informed that there are several issues with my roof. To start they never installed an ice and water shield (which is code), the laps on shingles are too close, and capping not in shingles. These are just the few that I remember. I was informed that I will continue to have problems unless the roof is replaced. replaced. The cost to replace will cost anywhere from $13,000 and $15,000. There is no way I can afford this much less I dont believe I should be paying for a roof that was improperly installed and not even installed to code.Desired Settlement: I would like for my roof to be replaced by different roofer and issued a written warranty for the new roof and want them to pay for it.



Ryan Homes has offered [redacted] the option of fixing her roof leaks or

splitting the cost of a new roof with her. Ryan Homes explained that [redacted] was not the contractor that completed her roof. [redacted], which is a [redacted] affiliated contractor completed her roof. While [redacted] roof is not

warranted by Ryan Homes at this point in time, we are willing to assist with repairs or replacement.

Review: Purchased brand New Home in February 2013 from Ryan Homes.Observed water leakage in the ceiling immediately after closing, necessary repair was done by builder that time.Wherever heavy rain come, the problem continue at the same location.Last repair done by Builder in April/May 2014, again we are facing the same leakage within 3 months of repair! Now Builder informed us that this is out of warranty and homeowner has to do the necessary repair at their expense!It is our understanding that any repair work done during the warranty period should have at least warranty of one year from date of repair. The water leakage from the ceiling is consider to be a construction defect in brand new home.

Product_Or_Service: HomeDesired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Replacement

Builder has to act promptly and do the necessary repair.



We have reviewed the complaint assigned an ID of [redacted].The customer originally contacted Ryan Homes about a roof leak in the morning room within the first year of ownership and within the one year period the roof is warranted for. The leak was repaired in April 2014. The customer contacted Ryan Homes about a secondary leak in a different location in September 2014. The customer was given the contact information to the original roofer, as this was outside of the Ryan Homes one year warranty. The roofing contractor responded by repairing the leak and water testing the repair. The roofing contractor completed this repair and test on October 9, 2014, at no cost to the customer.Ryan Homes appreciates the efforts of the to bring closure to this issue. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

From: [redacted]<[redacted]>

Date: Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 4:59 PM

Subject: Compliant ID [redacted]

To: "[redacted]" <[redacted]>

Review: The company failed to verify that the SSN on the credit authorization form matched the copy of the Social Security Card that was provided. They claimed that they needed to pull my score again because of this, however the hard inquiries still showed up on my report. Then they pulled my credit a second time but failed to pull it as "Married vs. Single". They claim that this made the report inaccurate and therefore had to pull it a third time. After an email conversation with the loan processer that started on 12 Dec 2013, asking why the multiple credit pulls were done and expressing that they no longer pull my credit without notifying me first, there has been a fourth credit inquiry by this same company. The credit inquiry is dated 13 Dec 2013. Every time the inquiry is made it effects my credit score negatively. No other mortgage company that I have been working with has had to pull my credit more than once. I am completely dissatisfied with this companies inattention to detail as well as it's attitude toward my concern for multiple hard credit inquiries on my credit report.Desired Settlement: I want this company to contact all 3 the credit reporting agencies in writing and express to them that the credit inquiries on 10-4-2013 and 10-14-2013 were inaccurate due to NVRs Malpractice and that the inquiries should be deleted from the report. I also want the inquiry from 12-13-2013 to be deleted due to the fact that NVR did not contact us in order to notify us that this report was needed.

I want to be cc'd on the letters sent to Transunion; Equifax and Experian requesting that the inaccurate credit inquiries be deleted.


Credit Inquiries in question:

10-4-2013 (Pulled with inaccurate SSN due to NVR's lack of attention to detail, despite having a copy of my Social Security Card)

10-14-2013 (Pulled "Single vs. Married" due to NVR's lack of attention to detail)

10-31-2014 (Pulled without consent)

12-13-2013 (Pulled without consent)



To whom it may Concern:

The purpose of this letter is to respond to the above referenced case filed by a consumer with your office.

The consumer applied for a mortgage loan with NVR Mortgage Finance, Inc, for a newly constructed home on October 7, 2013.

The borrower signed a credit authorization letter in order for NVR Mortgage Finance, Inc. to pull credit that would be used to support the mortgage origination process.

A credit report has a validity period of 120 days. The build cycle for a new home is greater than 120 days, so refreshed credit reports would be required between the original credit report and the loan closing.

The consumer withdrew their application for credit in June, 2014. Up until that date, based on the borrower's signed consent, NVR Mortgage Finance, Inc. had authorization to access the borrower's credit report as required to support loan processing.


Review: Ryan Homes uses subs/employees who have horrific driving habits and are destroying our neighborhood with the new construction in [redacted] MD . We have no sidewalks here but the rest of us stay on the road! Our children use these roads to get form point A to B daily including the bus stop. Ryan has created huge deep gullies driving off road carelessly and recklessly. These gullies run down the entire top half of our street are continuing to erode underneath and cause possible further road damage . Moreover, anyone walking in the neighborhood -which includes many children- may be seriously endangered if they step into these with possible ankle/leg injury, or worse case these truck drivers hitting adults and/or our children. Despite no sidewalks there is no reason for Ryan drivers to drive off road on our lawns and on other areas of land! We have spoken to our HOA many times in hops that repair will be done ASAP and the damage will cease .The HOA staff provide some loose rhetoric that this will be addressed....and Ryan really cares about their "relationship" in the community with current owners. We're not sure if the HOA has truly impressed or concerns to Ryan but they tell us they communicate constantly. We presume our communication with Ryan directly will have to be going into the sales office it seems, possibly with potential buyers there. So far nothing fixed on the roadside we have noticed more major damage in the last week. We have also been told by just wait until Ryan is done building -maybe 5-10 years??for a resolution. Not acceptable. Ryan's drivers have taken out mailboxes of neighbors but those have been replaced for obvious urgent reasons.Ryan's focus is selling homes. In fact, on a separate note they continue to use inferior subs who were told have produced serious workmanship defects in their new homes such as [redacted], HVAC company formerly called [redacted]. We've heard new home buyers angrily vent! This is a separate issue but speaks to Ryan's apathy with qusliDesired Settlement: Address the repairs and tend to them ASAP. Address the negligence of the drivers and curtail it from continuing any further. Respond back to us promptly please.



We would like to assure you Ryan

Homes takes the safety of [redacted]’s residents very seriously and we will

take the necessary steps to make sure our subcontractors obey the speed limits

and drive safely through the community. We will provide written notice

immediately to each of the vendors informing them of the complaints Ryan Homes

and the HOA have received about driving too fast and driving off the shoulders

of the roads. The project managers on-site will also be asked to monitor

the subcontractors speeds and take the necessary steps to ensure they comply.

Review: I just moved into a new townhouse built by NVR and immediately ran into serious noise issues. The noise levels from outside truck traffic to a big box warehouse retailer are unbearable.

My townhouse is right on the main street and despite all the promises from the sales office; townhouse was not built to withstand the amounts of noise. I tried to bring this up with the builder and they refused to do anything about it.

The noise in the house is constant; it starts before 6am and lasts till midnight. I am not able to get a good night sleep and constant exposure to this noise is causing me loss of productivity and elevated stress levels.

I informed the builder about the issue, but it is unlikely they will make the future home buyers aware, so they will keep building substandard units in our neighborhoods.Desired Settlement: Either soundproof the walls and windows or issue a refund or exchange.




Review: Feb 2013- was made promises and commitments for start date on lot of June 2013. When construction started in August the interest rate went from 3.5 to 4.5. Was told that regional manager would contact us, no follow up or contact from [redacted].

Sept/Oct 2013- during construction numerous issues with material used and quality of workmanship, no oversight by builder on site. IE... house is not setting up on support pillars under house, substandard wood(knot filled, warped, cracked, shredded, partially cut through, studs that have been tunneled and eaten by termites, dry rotted, ETC)in house, workers using hammers to put holes in plywood floors and roof, not being inspected by management team after any portion of construction such as foundation, framing and inside services. Patches for holes are 2x4 and 2x6 nailed to patch inside of house. Ceiling joist spans warped in all locations, gaps in areas where headers, windows, doors and ceiling joist meet 2x4s for wall. Installed pluming for bathtub when no tub was to be done. Incorrect roof installed on house, 8/12 pitch should have been installed 6/12 instead. Bolt screwed from downstairs ceiling through floor in door way of master bedroom. Part of floor on second floor has 1/4 to 1/2 gap/space from wall. 2x4 laid on top of steel I-beam and then bent down to wall.

All the items above were found by myself or my wife with the exception of the roof.Desired Settlement: Contact from CEO to hear further issues and address/resolve issues dealing with misrepresentation and unfulfilled promises made by sales team, poor customer service, no construction site management, blatant disregard for customer concerns and not honoring and removing verbal statements and commitments made.




Review: My wife and I closed on our Ryan Home December 28th 2012. When we closed, there were underlying issues that were noted and to be repaired. Since then, none of them have been corrected. The first major ordeal we went through with Ryan Homes was that our Lawn was supposed to be in place by early June as agreed upon by a written contract. We did not receive our lawn until the very end of June, weeks after their legal deadline. We have since then had several repairs that have fallen under warranty work, each time making special arrangements both with our former project manager and family members so that someone could be home. Once the fireplace, door [redacted] to the garage, a broken faucet, a refrigerator water line they forgot to install, a speaker in the incorrect spot and so on. Since then we have filed several other issues needing attention and so far they have not been addressed or actually fixed. At one point the "regional service manager" was at our home to look at the issues. He supposedly took note of each problem, created pictures, and moved them on up the line. He also attempted to repair a broken light pole to no avail. Since then he made no attempts at sending anyone to our home to correct these issues and yet again we wasted a day trying to get our problems solved. We now have a large list of things needing corrected. These are not problems that just happen during new home building, but issues that have just been totally ignored yet every time we speak to Ryan homes there is an assurance they will be fixed hastily. These items include a sump pump exterior connection that is leaking water along our foundation, unfinished porch posts where bugs can potentially be creating homes, a shingle on the garage that was installed improperly, exterior painting that was not even close to finished in some areas, damage created by painters to our exterior numbers, a basement wall bowed out from the foundation, a garage door that was hung improperly and is bowed terribly bad on the railing potentially ruining our garage door opener, a door to the garage that has a gaping hole to the exterior letting heat and cold air out 24/7, a chip in our granite counter top, a dead tree on the property line that we were assured when we bought that property that any dead trees would be removed and an unfinished refrigerator line. If this were the extent of the issues of the home Ryan Homes claimed was finished December 28th 2012 I would be only slightly unhappy. But, unfortunately, that's not the end of it. We have a railing upstairs that was not properly installed into a stud and has come lose from the wall which could have been a severe safety issue had the person fallen when it happened. Additionally, the upstairs bathroom is so out of square that it's clearly visible from the tile how bad it is. Lastly, our kitchen sink has had the plumbing come lose and when they sent a plumber out he thought the issue was a leaky faucet. He swore the repair was done and then when I left after starting the dishwasher I return home to a flooded cabinet that is now water damaged along with my hardwood floors that are now warped. This seems like way more than just a couple fluke occurrences for our home, the first of the Ryan Homes in our neighborhood.Desired Settlement: I want everything repaired so I never even knew all of these problems existed. I want it done right and not like the downstairs wall where they had to put in the water line for our fridge. I would like to have a home that feels new and not something I could have bought used. Although, I doubt even after everything is repaired and made right that I can have much to say positive about my experience after all the stress and wasted time this has created.



[redacted], (Division Service Manager, Ryan Homes COL )meet with **. [redacted] on Wed. 9/11 at 6pm. We reviewed several items that were of concern to him. We returned to his home the next day, Thursday 9/12 at 330pm to correct his kitchen sink drain as well as a number of other issues. There is an additional appointment this coming Friday, 9/20 to take care of matters that needed greater lead time(e.g. flooring repairs, countertop repair, etc.

Review: We purchased a Ryan Home in August 2011. The house is less than 3 years old and we have had numerous problems. The rough-in plumbing in the basement was installed in the wrong location. It was not installed to allow for new walls to be installed to allow for room of a standard tub and toilet. We had to bust out the concrete and fix the plumbing. In numerous areas in the house, drywall tape as separated from the joints. While settling cracks will occur, whole sections of drywall tape should not be coming off the walls. Finally, a shower leak was caused by improper installation of the drain. Ryan Homes was sent pictures of the problem and they said it was a caulking issue that should have been fixed by us as the homeowner. I have never had to fix caulking in any other houses that I have lived in. Our bathroom floor has to be replaced to eliminate mold and the shower has to be redone.

Ryan Homes does not care about any off their customers and want to put the blame back onto the homeowner.Desired Settlement: We will fix the problems ourselves as we do not trusted Ryan Homes to fix anything. We want repayment of all costs to fixing these problems.



Dear [redacted],The following is a detailed respose to each of the inquiries made in Complaint [redacted].Issue #1 – Rough in plumbing

installed in the wrong location in the basement

Review: NVRip-off

What is the issue?

Four disconnected people Brian *.P[redacted], Cristina P[redacted], Tamika H[redacted], and Jason W[redacted]

representing builder Ryan homes and its parent mortgage company NVR, interacted with me, confused me, gave false promises, fake prequalification to lure me into signing the contract, wasted my time and energy, spoiled my new home buying plans by cancelling the loan, and also have taken my deposit of hard earned money $ 3507.42.

Who are the people involved?

[redacted] (myself)

Brian *.P[redacted]

Vice President

NVR, inc. / Ryan Homes

p: ###-###-####


Cristina P[redacted]

Loan Officer

P: ###-###-####

F: ###-###-####

cp[redacted] [redacted]

Tamika H[redacted]

Loan Processor

P: ###-###-####

F: ###-###-####


[redacted], NC [redacted]

Jason W[redacted]

Sales Representative

[redacted] at [redacted] P: ###-###-####


What happened?

Around Feb 17th 2014, I visited Ryan homes at 2600 arrowood road, [redacted]. Sales Representative Jason W[redacted] gave details about the homes available. I asked for corner town home or particular type of elevation and also told him I have an India trip coming up in March and would pay deposit only after my return.

On Feb 27th I gave all the necessary financial details, including my next job offer letter. I asked for the entire checklist for documents, eligibility requirements, interest rate and complete all the formalities like pre-qualification before I return from my vacation.

Jason introduced me to NVR Loan Officer Cristina over email on Feb 28th and sent all my details to her. She looked at all the financial details and sent a mail with prequalification as subject, wrote FHA loan interest rate as 4.25% and added “We will not be able to move forward with a loan application until you write a contract with Ryan Homes.“

Jason was keen to get the contract signed and asked me to send the signed contract from India along with the check. I told him it is not possible and I will do anything only after returning from India and stressed for the checklist. As soon as I returned from India on Mar 26th, I met Jason, He said everything is good and if I pay totally $8000, I can move into the new home in April and lured me to sign the contract. After I signed the contract, he asked me to meet Cristina in person.

When I met Cristina on March 27th, she started asking for new details that I was never aware of before signing the contract, one of the items was 2 paystubs form my new job that started on March 25th. I said it will take 1 month to get paystubs as I have just joined; in fact they knew it as I had already given the new job offer details ahead of time. I was stuck as I have already signed the contract and given my first payment believing Jason’s words that I can move in April and I was staying in hotel with many difficulties.

Cristina introduced me to her colleague Tamika H[redacted] of NVR Mortgage and she was asking multiple documents at equal intervals. Whatever she asked was also given as per her deadlines.

After I gave the paystubs from my new job, Cristina and Tamika started asking for strange requests like reimbursement policy letter from my employer apart from their standard offer letter. My employer is [redacted] and they are well acquainted with home loan processing, claimed never in their history that this kind of strange request had come to them, and after heavy demand from me, they provided that on may 22nd. NVR was not even clear on what they want, after multiple interactions got a template from them and I forced my employer to provide it, even though it is a strange request from NVR to manipulate something.

I generally file taxes in October after filing my company taxes in September, but because of NVR demand I filed the tax early and provided the tax returns. I had declared all my debts in February itself to get prequalified by them. 2013 Tax was only a gain as I got money back from the government as tax refund.

While these communications were happening, I had already paid 3970 towards my down payment. I had met every deadline they set in providing the documents and provided everything they had asked for. Even the attorney called me and confirmed the closing date. When I cross checked with Cristina, she said it’s wrong and she will update the attorney and will postpone the closing date.

After 3 months of unwanted communications, after I paid 3970 in 3 installments, they denied the loan verbally over the phone call by Cristina on June 12th saying, “I need to get money from a relative and close the car loan of $18,000”. When I said I do not have that much money to close the loan, she advised me to get the money somehow from some relative, or she has to cancel the loan.

Same day a letter came from Brian P[redacted] saying that they are planning to sell it to another party and cancelling my home offer for the following reasons:

• Failure to pay the fee from moving from April to may

• Not producing a loan approval

• Delays in providing full disclosure of your finances

Why it is wrong?

Ryan homes made wrong promises to make me sign the contract and collected the deposit and not returning it back.

NVR told me to borrow money from others to pay the car loan $18,000 that is not fair and not possible;

The delay from moving to new home from April to May is due to the new request made by Cristina after I signed the contract. Jason and Cristina are well aware of my new job start date even before I left for India as I had given them the offer letter.

Producing a loan approval is their job. I disclosed all my finances upfront and they were playing with the data and delayed everything. Even if I am not eligible to buy the house, it is again their fault as they are the ones pre-approved it and started the process. Now I have proper pre-qualification from [redacted] for higher loan amount. They lure the customers with some discounts to go with their own mortgage unit.

All disclosures were made and documents were given as per their deadlines.

P[redacted] chose different reasons as it would be illegal to put on paper what Cristina said over the phone. This clearly explains the way they run the business and take customers for a ride and finally rip off.

While p[redacted] was threatening retaining the deposit, I told him they are totally wrong in their process by giving false promises and fake pre-qualifications to start the process and collect depsosit, he said that’s the way the company is running the business for many years and they would not change even if it is a torture for the customers.

At one point of time, I got frustrated by their delay and told them to sell the property to someone else and cancel my contract and return my money, but they did not. They wasted my time for whole 3 months and at the end tried to force me to get money from someone else to be eligible for their loan requirements.

NVR has taken 3507.42 from me without any calculation; their policy is to retain whatever the amount the buyer has given them. In one of his letters P[redacted] has said penalty as $2,725.00. It clearly proves they do not have any rules or policy, but swallow whatever the customer has given to them.

NVR claimed wrong reasons for withholding the money; they do not have any proofs for my wrong doing or purposely delaying buying the property.

Also, I did not customize the home, the original buyer who customized the home did not buy the reason, I questioned why, and they did not give me the reason. I do not know how much money was taken from that buyer and what reasons were given to him to deny the house.

If they do this to 40 customers, they need not even sell the home; they would have made the money.

I looked up in the web for complaints about Ryan Homes and NVR Mortgage, the list is never ending. Below is the partial list and their reputation can be known from these links:

Ryan Homes targets first time buyers for most sales, which make their tricks a little easier to pull off, but clearly, no matter who the buyer is, NVR/Ryan Homes is willing to use predatory tactics. Most ironic in this case, Ryan Home advertises NVR mortgage is a better choice in part because they are more coordinated with their own builder, and are thus more cooperative and flexible when complications come up. The complaint here alleges that coordination may have intentionally created the problems. It seemed planned, not inadvertent. ([redacted]

What is the total loss?

• Deposit money 3507.42

• Waste of 4 months time and rent

• Torture of unwanted communications and unreasonable demands

• My hourly rate for drafting this complaint

• Home buying plan, dream and hope failure

What is the prayer?

I need to be compensated for the total loss mentioned. Failing would start legal proceedings in court.Desired Settlement: compensate the loss.

What is the total loss?

• Deposit money 3507.42

• Waste of 4 months time and rent

• Torture of unwanted communications and unreasonable demands

• My hourly rate for drafting this complaint

• Home buying plan, dream and hope failure



We have reviewed the complaint [redacted].

Review: We purchased our home from Ryan Homes in 2012 and have been having issues ever since. The home was not built properly and we were told that it would have a two year warranty to repair any issues as long as they were within reason. The company maintenance staff has been by on several other occasions and has to fix a ongoing mold issue that we have in our Master bedroom bath and also downstairs in our morning room. Each time they offers temporary solution and we have to contact them back in order for another temp solution to be given. Recently about a month ago we contact them via their website to submit a service request to have them come and look at the exact same issue we have been dealing with now for two years. Upon arrival they seemed to be concerned and told us that now the issue was our responsibility to take care of by our fridge because it looked like water damage yet they didn't even look to see where the water may be coming from. They also told me they would call at a later date to schedule the repairs for the master bathroom and also the back morning room area where the other issue were remaining. It has been a month and we have yet to hear anything from anyone not even a call. The issue with the mold is spreading now and we are concerned that because of lack of properly treating it will cause an even bigger issue and more expensive one because of negligence. We were told by the Project manager that we needed to contact our insurance agency and file a claim to see nit they would resolve our issues. At this pout we are seeking help and legal counsel if necessary to get this issue resolved. We paid almost 212,000 for this home and we are getting nowhere with repairs that are clearly their issue., yet they are choosing to put it off on our insurance company and have us pay for damages and repairs that we could not prevent from happening. We also have had several wood repair specialists as well as a water treatment tech come and look at the issue and have been told that there is a possible crack in our foundation. How is that possible if we have only ;iced in our home for two years and its new construction. Something needs to be done and not before too long the homes is not structurally safe for me my husband or my four children. please help.Desired Settlement: we need the issues to be properly treated the floor to be replaced due to mold and other water damage near fridge and also we need a the shower in the master bath to be repair properly as well not a temporary fix. We would also like a full inspection completed and to be compensated for our time and efforts in trying to get this issue resolved. We would also like an apology and to be compensated by extending the warranty on this home in case any other issues arise that may be related to its structure or the safety of this home. If this is not resolved in a timely manner I am prepared to file legal suit against NVR, INC. AND ITS ASSOCIATES INVOLVED.



On September

4th, the Ryan Homes Service Manager and technician met with [redacted]

in response to the [redacted]s’ concerns that are noted in the complaint

assigned [redacted]. Also present was a

representative from Rite Rug flooring and a structural engineer from [redacted], Inc.

Review: We purchased our [redacted]/NVR home in May 2013, from the day we moved in we noticed issues with our laminate flooring. The issues are that there are chips in the finish, gaps in between boards, raised boards that don't butt up properly, transition strip with gaps, transition strip that isn't anchored down, various creeks and movement of boards. We initially contacted our project manager at [redacted] who referred to us contact [redacted] (flooring contractor). [redacted] sent a rep out in the summer of 2013 then we didn't hear anything for quite some time until we contacted [redacted] again. Rep came back out and the same thing happened, no follow up so we contacted [redacted] again. Then an [redacted] rep (laminate manufacturer) visited. Also [redacted]/NVR project manager has been out and after nearly a year of back and forth we are now told we caused the issues because of using the wrong cleaning products and moisture. Again the issues were there at the beginning and have gotten worse over the course of the year. We were told that [redacted] would replace 10 boards, but there are more than 10 boards that have issues. The lack of follow up and back and forth from all parties has been extremely frustrated. We have had to consistently stay on top of this issue and everyone involved seems apathetic and now all have put the blame back on us.Desired Settlement: We feel the laminate flooring was installed wrong & is an inexpensive product. We would either like to have them replace the floor with a better quality laminate or upgrade us to hardwood flooring. We opted for the best laminate that we were offered (level 2) thinking that it would be best but it has proven to be a very low quality flooring that we do not feel will hold up over the years to come.



The [redacted] Homes Service Manager has been working with the [redacted] to resolve this issue. [redacted] Homes has agreed to replace the flooring and [redacted] has agreed to cover the cost of the upgrade.

Review: My husband and I purchased a home in 2011 from Ryan Homes, at the time, we were happy to be buying a Ryan Home. However, that has definitely changed over the year and half that we've lived at [redacted]. The majority of the homeowners have had issues, whether it is from repeated sprinkler leaks or a cracked foundation that caused flooding throughout the house. Ryan homes agreed to fix and replace all these issues, which is why we are dismayed by the fact that after several complaints to Ryan Homes about our homes insulation, our service manager, [redacted], has repeatedly told us nothing can be done. Any person that is a hard working individual would understand our aggravation of paying over $300,000 for a townhome in which they can hear their neighbor on a daily basis. It's not that my neighbor is yelling or living loudly. They are living day-to-day life, however all the while we can hear them as if we lived in the same house. This is unacceptable! We’ve been told that there is nothing Ryan Homes can do about this because all the homes are built exactly the same and are all built up to the minimum standard and fire code that is required by [redacted]. What we have a difficult time excepting is that other neighbors that are in the same location as our house, but in another section of town homes within our community can not hear each other. Seeing that they live side-by-side and they both have children as well, this brings questions about the construction of our home, but as [redacted] said, "our neighbors must be loud." That's not true at all. We can hear their conversations, closing drawers, kids playing, etc. We complained about this issue during our 1 year home inspection and we were told nothing could be done. We complained again recently, because we are at our wits end with the noise and again were told nothing can be done. Instead our service manager asked if our headboard was against their side of the house. We couldn't believe he asked that question. The homes are built in a way we would only be able to set up our furniture in one direction. Not only that, but we are able to hear our neighbors throughout the entire house, not just at night as we are being awoken at 2am or 4am by them getting ready in the morning. We don't grasp how [redacted] could say, “let's agree to disagree”. He didn’t take the time to inquire with higher management about further insulating our walls. We've researched online and found where individuals have the same issue of hearing their neighbors too (i.e. [redacted]). From what we’ve read, Ryan Homes promised to do something, but we are not sure if they followed through. However, our service manager says there is nothing that can be done and he is sorry. At this point we are in disbelief, we regret we ever purchased a Ryan Home and we surely will not be purchasing a Ryan Home again if nothing is done. We are truly disappointed that Ryan Homes cannot do anything, whether it is to add additional spray foam insulation into the drywall or something of that nature. At this point we will have to continue to be awoken in the midnight hours due to lack of insulation and noise transfer. We are posting this to because after contacting the company, they have only transferred us to our service manager and we are not being helped any further. It’s unacceptable when we pay this much for a house and the company refuses to assist us with a manufacture defect of our home.Desired Settlement: I would expect that Ryan Homes (NVR) would make the necessary repairs within the home so that the noise transfer would not be so extreme. The company should be able to either remove the drywall to check the insulation in the home or spray insulation foam within the walls.




Review: While driving to my home through new construction in my development, my [redacted] sustained a tire puncture from a nail. Members from my HOA also sustained tire punctures and contacted the PM, Walter S[redacted] for guidance. We were given instruction to turn in pictures and receipts, which I did. Currently, I haven't heard from the PM or Ryan Homes about reimbursing the $126.20 I had to spend due to their construction workers negligence.Desired Settlement: I'm requesting reimbursement of the $126.20 I had to spend due to their construction workers negligence.



From: [redacted]<[redacted]>Date: Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 8:53 PMSubject: Complaint #[redacted]To: [email protected] or ma'am,It seems that Ryan Homes (NVR) has finally responded and has paid my claim.At this time, my complaint, #[redacted], can be closed. If they didindeed send the requested amount, this can be closed as consumer satisfied.Thank you,[redacted]

Review: My initial contact upon entering the community to receive assistance with viewing a prospective house was met with curt and ill responsive language from the sales representative. Despite the sales representative's initial treatment, I decided to continue the process. As I was making a home selection I was strongly persuaded to go with a model that did not suit my family's needs. However, the sales representative assured my husband and I that the specifications of the home to be selected was comparable to the home we wanted to purchase. In other words, the sales representative stated that the [redacted] was comparable to the [redacted] model home. As soon as the foundation was laid on the property, I communicated with project manager and informed them of my dissatisfaction in that "my concern from the beginning was that the scale of the [redacted] was going to be visibly and significantly different from the rest of the houses, and it is. I was assured that this was not going to be the case." From this point the process took a turn for the worse. The project manager and sales representative became more and more unresponsive and hard to reach. When they were able to be contacted and I attempted to assert my dissatisfaction, I was constantly stalled and asked to just wait to see the framing of the house, or the wait to see the dry wall, or wait to see what can be worked out with the status of the loan. Simultaneously, while I was met with obstacle after obstacle with the building, I was running into additional barriers with the loan, in which ultimately it was determined that I would not be able to meet the conditions of the loan because of a change in our financial situation due to the government shutdown and sequestration. Upon this discovery, I immediately sent an email to the builder's sales representative to stop the process and set up a time to sign the release from contract documents. That was five weeks ago. I have asked for my release from contract documents now five times and have not received them; three times via email and two time verbally. I was finally forwarded to the General Manager two weeks ago. He was also unresponsive for about a week until I sent a pointed email of my next steps (FHA,, and any other media outlet that will listen). After conversing on Tuesday, November 6, 2013, he requested past email communications that exemplified the points listed above: that I contacted the project manager of my dissatisfaction; that I also contacted the sales representative to stop the process and request a release in of contract; and documentation from the mortgage company that I would not be able to meet the conditions outlined in the loan pre approval. In return I forwarded the General Manager all of the information requested that very evening so that he may continue his investigation. The General Manager assured me three times in the previous conversation that he would give me a final answer or update in status of my investigation, no later than Friday, November 8, 2013. It is Sunday, November 10, 2013, and I still have not heard anything further from the General Manager. At this point it is easy to state that I am being pushed aside and not taken seriously. The process with the sales representative and General Manager has been unprofessional at best. This is not a way to establish a working relationship for a new community.Desired Settlement: I am requesting that NVR,inc acknowledge my attempts to contact. I am requesting that NVR,inc. forwards me my mutual contract release documents immediately; and they terminate our contractual agreement promptly the same day after I sign the release document. I am requesting that NVR,inc refunds me my earnest money deposit of $5,600.00 for misrepresentation of the home by comparing it to an existing model when in fact the two models were drastically different; and for my inability to meet the conditions of the loan as laid out to me. I would like all transactions to be concluded between NVR,inc and myself no later than, Friday, November 15, 2013.




Review: Sunday night (6/22): The A/C was not working well and leaking water into the studs, insulation, crawl space and garage.

Monday (6/23): The project manager called in the morning for service and scheduled a service call between 3pm and 5pm. A technician never showed up and no one called. We called [redacted] at approximately 5pm and they stated we were next, but no one showed up. Called again at 630pm and again said we were next. Called at 8pm and we were told that the technician still had at least 30 minutes on site. He was about an hour and a half away and would arrive around 10pm, so we rescheduled for the next day between 3pm and 7pm.

Tuesday (6/24): Technician showed up within window. He found that the entire unit in the basement was frozen and told us he could not do any diagnostic work due to the frozen unit. He said the unit needed to be turned off for 24 hours to allow it to defrost enough for a technician to perform diagnostic work. [redacted] also told us that our pan needed to be replaced and added it to the notes. The unit was turned off and he rescheduled us for the next day between 3pm and 7pm.

Wednesday (6/25): Technician showed up within window and ran a diagnostic test. He informed us that we had a bad coil and he was going to order it, it would take 1-2 days to come in. He also told us our automatic shut off in the pan was bad along with the pan itself and both parts needed to be replaced. He stated he was not going to put an order in for the shutoff and the pan because they would both delay the installation of the bad coil and that the work order for those should be put in after the coil was replaced. He said the unit needed to remain off until the coil was replaced. It was too hot in the house to stay (over 81 degrees in our 3 month old son’s room), so we needed to leave the house for the night.

Thursday (6/26): Called a few times, but no word whether or not the part was coming in. After the parts department closed at 5 or 6pm, we assumed it was not going to be fixed that day. My wife and son were in the house all day with the heat and chemicals due to other repairs being completed for the third time. We were unable to stay in the home again as our 3 month old son had a room temperature of over 85 degrees.

Friday (6/27): Called multiple times (8, 9, 10 and 11am) and left a message for the manager, no response was ever received. Called at 12pm and was informed that the part was going to be in on Monday and was transferred to the Warranty Manager; however, the number did not work and we were disconnected.

After speaking with the project manager, he got approval from Ryan Homes to provide us portable A/C units until our home unit was fixed. They were installed around 5pm Friday; however, we were forced to cancel dinner plans for Friday considering the portable a/c units were only enough to cool our bedrooms.

The project manager spoke with his supervisor and Airtron. We received a phone call later that night (around 5pm) stating they have the part and scheduled service from 12pm to 5pm on Sunday.

Saturday (6/28): We were displaced from our home for the day because only two bedrooms were at an appropriate temperature. The main floor, to include the kitchen, and recreational room were un-useable.

Sunday (6/29): We canceled plans for our family to visit from Pennsylvania to see our new home because the temperature in the home was not suitable for visitors.

Our appointment was scheduled from 12pm to 5pm

Called at 430pm to obtain a status update and were informed our home was next on the list but that our technician was just leaving to go to an appointment in [redacted], VA which is over 1.5 hours away from our home.

Called at 630pm to obtain a status update and were informed our technician was still at his appointment in [redacted], VA

Called at 830pm and needed to go through the emergency line since the office was now closed. Left a detailed message with the emergency center and were called back by on-call technician at 856pm. The on-call technician had our scheduled technician call at 9:09pm. Service technician said he just finished and would be here in 2 hours, 10 minutes (approx 11:19pm) from [redacted], VA.

Technician still had not arrived at 2.5 hours (11:39pm), so called for an update. He stated he was 15 minutes away.

Technician showed up at door at 12:06am

During repair of the A/C unit, technician:

-set off the smoke alarm 4 times and did not have a fan with him to dissipate the smoke

-set multiple fires

-let a ridiculous number of bugs into the house

-took it upon himself to use our personal equipment from the garage without asking permission despite the fact I was sitting feet from him in the recreational room in the basement during the entire repair

The burning could be smelled in the master bedroom on the third floor of the home and the fire alarms kept both my wife and son up throughout the night.

Completed service call at 3:13am

On Monday (6/30), after returning home from work, discovered black, burnt debris on the main floor of the home.

- All clothes needed to be re-washed to remove black debris as well as sheets cleaned and dry cleaning redone.

On Tuesday (7/1), called the project manager about the issue. The project manager scheduled a maintenance window with [redacted] for 3pm to 5pm.

Technician showed up at 3:20pm. Fixed pipe, insulation, replaced auto shutoff switch and completed a diagnostic test. Technician said the black debris could be from a bad mixture from the acetylene torch; however, he has no idea how it could have made it onto the 2nd or even 3rd floor. The technician completed the call around 430pm.

On Tuesday (7/15) submitted a request for the HVAC drain pan leaking.

On Monday (7/21) submitted another request for the HVAC drain pan leaking since there was no response from the first attempt. Call center made an appointment for Thursday, 7/24 between 8am and 12pm.

On Thursday (7/24) technician arrived within window and fixed the drain pan from leaking at 1030am.

On Monday (9/1) – Air conditioner broke again. The outside unit was frozen and [redacted] was called. Call center scheduled appointment for Tuesday, 9/2 between 3pm and 7pm. Currently waiting for service call to be completed.Desired Settlement: We would like the entire unit to be replaced, air ducts cleaned and additional compensation for the amount of personal time spent waiting for repairs, time taken off work, money spent to restore the condition of clothing and house cleanliness and time spent outside of our home due to unsafe conditions for our infant child.



Ryan Home agrees to replace the air conditioning unit as

well as schedule the cleaning of the air ducts with the homeowner.

We appreciate the efforts of the to

bring closure to this issue. If you need any further information, please do not

hesitate to contact us.



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

This response does not address all of the issues and requested resolutions stated in my complaint. We requested a new air condition unit, duct cleaning and additional compensation for personal time. NVR has agreed to replace the A/C unit; however, this only brings our home to where it should have been when purchased. We still have ash that has not been cleaned out of our ducts and have not been compensated for the extensive amount of personal time (time taken off of work) and expenses incurred throughout this process.


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