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To assume that I did not send the item back is wrongI do have a receipt for the item that was mailed, as well as proof that I purchased a brand new modem since the one I received from you did not workSince I did not expect there to be an issue, I did not keep the tracking information - that's my mistake, which I'm paying for now in the amount of $I'm not trying to be difficultI just know that I mailed it to you, but instead of checking your return inventory, you just ask for a tracking number and offer no resolve when I do not have itAs someone who shops online often, I have never experienced anything like this beforeI'm so appalled at the lack of professionalism and customer care Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me If the refund actually comes thru, which it has not Sincerely, [redacted]

We are disgusted to see that the buyer is claiming fraud on our part Per our return policy that buyer is responsible for return shipping and making sure the item arrives to us The buyer did not require signature and the item was never delivered to us even though it had tracking confirming this due to the fact that the buyer had poor handwriting on the package and made an "S" for South look like a "5" and part of the street number and so naturally they couldn't deliver it We are hoping the USPS will return the item back to the buyers return address (assuming it was correct) so that he can resend the package to us using the correct address and handwriting and we would be happy to get the return processed ASAP We have provided the full email correspondence with the buyer, the USPS tracking screen shot showing it was not delivered back, and our return policy that was presented and and had to be accepted by the buyer in order to complete checkout show the process for return shipping responsibility

This model is on the Comcast approved list and we have installed THOUSANDS OF THEM on the Comcast network and so we are sorry they may have given you trouble, but we won't take responsibiliy for a conflict of interest from your provider or tech who helped you Secondly, please forward any return tracking info for the modem you claim to have sent back and I would be happy to get that resolved for you if it has not already been

Buyer simpy filed a dispute with his credit card company prior to contacting us for a return which put the payment on hold and the CC company advises us to wait for them to resole the issue so as to not post a double credit once a dispute has been open Per our return policy all items are backed up 100% IF they are defective Buyer is being dishonest as he never forwarded us the return tracking info and is not honest about his reason for return He has been advised to work with his CC company to help get the matter resolved but has failed to provide the necessary info and so that is why he is now trying to abuse the as that is why they exist as a weapon for buyers if they don't provide the correct info in the dispute process

This item was not listed as a TG862g/ct as that is a Comcast lease model that Comcast owns and rents to it's customers so this first claim is untrue, uneducated, and false Regardless the buyer was asked to return the item for a refund but has failed to do so nor have they provided any information showing otherwise So yes, we are a little suspcious of the buyer and his intentions, but would be happy to issue a refund upon receiving the item back

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I have forwarded the shipping information to the company in question and will add the information here: Shipped via USPS on 8/11/2015, tracking number [redacted] ** The package was received by the company on 8/13/at 1:pm I will again email the company with this information and expect a rapid response since this refund is long overdue (three months.) Sincerely, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I have proof attached that the modem was returned, see attached PDF It was also defective I am expecting a full refund and have made every effort necessary to return the modem Sincerely, Benjamin S***

This item comes new out of the manufacturer box and shipped straight to the customers as we receive them new in boxes of Buyers source for all of his information is Comcast claiming it as used, stolen, or whatever of which Comcast (worst ranked company of 2014) obviously has a huge conflict of interest We simply asked the buyer to have Comcast send them a letter stating that they have rights of ownership or to deny activation and we would issue a refund, but unfortunately Comcast will fee the customer all the garbage they will eat verbally, but when it comes down to putting any such claims in writing Comcast refuses to do as such Buyer may submit documentation and we will honor it, otherwise they are just another victim of Comcast and won't be the last

The model listed was the model received, our return policy outlines return instructions and must be clicked and accepted to even complete checkout, we have not received the item back and buyer hasn't given us anything to help reference a return Per our return policy, but is responsible for making sure that an item is returned back and has failed to do that

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: I am unsure if Comcast would be capable or willing to send out the letter you have suggested obtainingI would like to believe it is possible, but further information is needed before I can agree to this offer I am trying everything I can to get them to prove to me (police report, letter, anything) the modem was their's or to just hook it up if they can'tI am doing this by calling and going into physical locationsSo far I have talked to approximately different call center workers and supervisorsI have gotten many different responses each time I call, but the bottom line is: every attempt to call ends in the Comcast worker telling me the modem was owned by Comcast and is listed as destroyedMy local Comcast store told me the same informationThe Arris Manufacturer said Comcast was the original owner of the modemThey do not sell their modems, they only lease them. I understand there is a conflict of interestIt is with BOTH parties thoughYour company as well as ComcastIt's easy to say it's Comcast's shady business practices, just like it's easy for Comcast to say it's your shady business practicesI called the manufacturer of the modem [Arris] and gave them the serial number and the MAC addressThey confirmed the original purchaser of the modem was ComcastI have researched many problems with getting Comcast to install modems, but this is slightly differentI have a 3rd (neutral) party, Arris, who has also told me Comcast was the original owner of the modemThis device was likely a rented modem that someone didn't return and claimed was destroyed in a fire or stolen to avoid penalty, and resold it on the side for extra moneyFor these reasons, I can not accept this offer: It is not known if a letter of this nature can be obtained, the product does not work with my phone/internet service providerThe manufacturer has verified the modem was first owned by Comcast, and because Comcast does not sell their equipment, the modem was illegally sold by a renter or abandoned/refurbished and eventually sold to me as stolen goods by this business
*** ***

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
*** *** I was going to ship this modem back to this company,till I went back down to the Com Cast office here in Pekin and they told me to call their legal department to see what to do to get this letter about this modem.I called Com Cast and was given two numbers to call instead one being the FTC and the other being the FBII would very much like to return this modem for a full refund and be done with all of this,I am also afraid of sending it back because I feel we were SCAMMED once we will not see our money to spite what we are told and yes I have everybody and their uncle looking into this,and yes it is our fault for not doing better research BEFORE buying we would of seen the other complaints and warnings about people being SCAMMEDI AM NOT basing our refusal to hooking up this modem based on the "CABLE GUY".We were told by the cable guy just looking at this modem that it COULD NOT!! be hooked up because it was THEIR PROPERTY he CALLED a second tech and gave him the numbers on the back they ran those numbers and found them TO BE REGISTERED TO SOMEONE ELSES ACCOUNT.I personally took the modem to our Pekin Com Cast and the lady their scanned the modem right in front of me and was told the same thing THIS MODEM IS REGISTERED TO SOMEONE ELSES ACCOUNT.I am sorry Com Cast told me to call the FTC AND THE FBI, I cannot control what they say or do,I am sure he has the model numbers of the equipment he SELLS,if he is on the up and up and is this indignant about being accused of selling stolen out dated registered to someone else and has no problems with the way his business is run why doesn't he call Com Cast and tell them he does not like being called a scam person.I am not the person who said this I am responding to what COM CAST told me,I am sorry they did not give me a letter stating this but instead sent me to the FTC and FBII will be more than willing to send this equipment back for a full refund but not directly back to him, I would like to send it back to the,this way you will see it got their intact, it got back to them and we will and the will know so we can get our FULL REFUND,and we can take it from there.If the authorities continue to look into this it is their choice not mine if you are on the up and up you shouldn't have any worries,and take it up with Com Cast they are the ones who accused you first,not me and I feel I can TRUST THEIR WORD FIRST, before theirs.If the is willing to except us returning this to their office I will send it off as soon as I hear from them

Item was purchased on 3/30/and so the buyers claims that he talked to us on 3/26/for return is false Item was listed to be in bulk condition and was not listed to be nor priced to be in manufacturer packaging Buyer did not return the item until months after purchase and
only a week or so after contacting us Per our return policy returns can take up to weeks to be processed which buyer failed to wait before filing this claim Refund has been issued

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:The unit shown in the photo on your site, the listed specs for that unit, and the link to the Comcast website you provided for the setup / user guide all imply the /ct modelThe comment in the listing about providing the "retail equivalent" should mean exactly thatBest Buy and other retail outlets sell (or used to sell) the retail equivalentThat is not what you shipped to meI placed the original order from you while I was holding the unit from Best Buy in my hand, so I was not an "uneducated" buyer.I am also puzzled by your immediate distrust of a new customerI ensured the modem made it back to your delivery addressThe rest is in your handsDo you really think I am desperate enough to perpetuate this dispute for a mere $100? A tale of two businesses: I recently had an electrical item malfunction after I had owned it for approximately two yearsWhile the warranty period was that time period, I could produce no evidence that the item was still under warrantyI returned the item (via USPS Priority Mail, coincidentally), and the business confirmed receipt before I was even aware it was deliveredThey quoted me a repair cost and time, but chose to replace the unit FREE OF CHARGEThey have guaranteed a customer for life, and their net profit in dollars and reputation will far outweigh their incurred cost.On the other hand, your business stands behind distrust and fine printSurely, you have satisfied customers, but Internet forums and listings tell me I'm not the only one you have taken advantage ofYou have forgotten a cardinal rule, in that the customer is always rightIt was true in my father's business, it's true in mine, but apparently it is not true in yoursThe phrase "penny wise and pound foolish" comes to mind.I filed the claim not necessarily just to get reimbursed, but to add to the record of your less than equitable dealings, in the hope that one or multiple potential customers read this and are dissuaded from a purchaseI hope you find the $you took from me worth it in the long run.Sincerely,*** ***
*** ***

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
The company didn't send a "NEW" modem has advertised and promised on their websiteThey sent a used and missing equipment, which owned solely by ComcastI have a local police report with filing the complaint of a stolen itemPer the local police I was instructed to return it to Comcast the owner of the modemI have a UPS tracking number of the modem's return to Comcast on their corporate UPS account number I sent it back by Comcast's UPS account which identify the Comcast home location for the missing modem. The used Comcast owned modem is from Comcast Charlotte, North Carolina. has several complaints from another consumers with similar stories to mine with used and not owned by modems sent to customersThe public needs protection from a company like and their internet scams.
*** ***

This item was purchased months ago and you have been using it for a long time and now your trying to claim that it won't work? Please forward a document from Comcast validating such a claim that this unit is "stolen" and forward it to us and we would be happy to honor it and deal with the
matter legally with Comcast Otherwise, you have been taken by your cable provider who was ranked "The worst compay of 2014" and your just anothe victim of which we cannot be responsible for their lack of integrity

Very sorry to hear that your having problems with your cable provider. Per our purchase terms (attached) it is the buyer responsibility to check with their provider to confirm a model is accepted before purchasing the item which unfortunately it seems like you may have filed to do.
Secondly, we accept all return in accordance with our return policy, but this order is now over months old of which not even Walmart will take something back that long after. Also, notice we even still did provide a way for you to return the item regardless by just having your provider put in writing what they are claiming because we love to collect those for a future lawsuit, but you refused to do that of which we cannot force you to do. We also ask for this because the FCC policy simply states that a consumer has the right to purchase whatever equipment they want to use for their provider and are allowed to use it so long as it does not harm the providers network which of course does not apply here. Also, this is why in Feb Comcast was fined MILLION DOLLARS which is the largest fine ever levied against a provider before and so you can't take what one rep at Comcast says as gospel and the law of the land. So this matter has been handled in accordance with the policy we presented and you had to accept in order to even complete checkout, but we are still willing to assist you even though it has been over half a year since the item was purchased with the write documented support requested

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:Comcast agreed to provide the information you requested by 11-13-
*** ***

Per our return policy that was accepted by the buyr in order to checkout, there is a restocking fee charged for any item that is returned that is not defective due to buyer error Buyer admits that the item was returned in working condition and was simply assessed a restocking fee in accordance with the terms of purchase that were agreed to in order to complete the checkout process originally We are sorry the customer does not like that we buy modems and try and mark them up and make money as a business?

You called the wrong number as we are not located in ChicagoPlease forward return authorization advising you to return the item to Chicago and forward the return tracking info and we can certainly get this resolved for youPlease go to our website and use the contact info provided as that is why
there has been a miscommunication as you have failed to do so

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