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We are sorry that you did not keep the proper records for the return.  We simply asked for a return tracking number as is required in our return policy because we did not receive the item and need this info in order to be able to help you find where the item ended up, IF it was indeed sent....

 We just need the required free info that is provided by the USPS to help you resolve this issue and would be happy to do so upon receiving it from you as requested.  Unfortunately the should not be used as a weapon as opposed to sending an item back.

Buyer simpy filed a dispute with his credit card company prior to contacting us for a return which put the payment on hold and the CC company advises us to wait for them to resole the issue so as to not post a double credit once a dispute has been open.  Per our return policy all items are...

backed up 100% IF they are defective.  Buyer is being dishonest as he never forwarded us the return tracking info and is not honest about his reason for return.  He has been advised to work with his CC company to help get the matter resolved but has failed to provide the necessary info and so that is why he is now trying to abuse the as that is why they exist as a weapon for buyers if they don't provide the correct info in the dispute process.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:My complaint was about false advertising of the product image and also the length of time it took to issue an exchange and...

refund. I am glad that a refund has been issued, however for future reference you should tell customer that the image displayed is not the exact image of the product, more so it's the image of the product that your product is compatible with. Also a better return system needs to be set-up, it doesn't take nearly two month for something to occur. 

The reason you have had to file a complaint 3 different times for the same issue (which is against policy) is because yet again you have not provided an order number and your name you are using with does not match any order records.  So to take a shot in the dark, our return policy (see...

attached) does state that we offer free shipping to our customers, but if an item need to be returned then it is the buyers responsibility for return shipping.  I can't confirm what item you received and whether it was wrong or not or resolve the issue any further for you due to the lack of info provided to find your order.  Instead of file incomplete complaint after complaint, please simply provide the info we are asking for such as your order number or order name, address, anything?    Also, you could simply just send us an email replying to your order confirmation email you received when you made the order and we would be happy to assist you.

The model listed was the model received, our return policy outlines return instructions and must be clicked and accepted to even complete checkout, we have not received the item back and buyer hasn't given us anything to help reference a return.  Per our return policy, but is responsible for making sure that an item is returned back and has failed to do that.

Again, this is after you installed and used the modem for several months before having any such issues by Comcast magically starting to bill you so unfortunately the matter is more complicated.  Arris has a confilict of interest with Comcast as the cash in on the lease fees as well so that is not a "third party" as you may claim.  We have told you how to resolve the issue and you have stated that you have contact Comcast 10 different times and they are all afraid to put in writing that they own the item but say that in their system in now shows as "destroyed"?  Please let us know what you get the letter from Comcast so we can furter investigate the matter with some legitimate source.

This transaction is currently in the dispute process with the buyer CC company as to the matter has to be handled through the buyer credit card company and we are advised not to issue a refund while a transaction is being disputed as the CC company has already issued a temporary credit until the dispute is resolved.

We are disgusted to see that the buyer is claiming fraud on our part.  Per our return policy that buyer is responsible for return shipping and making sure the item arrives to us.  The buyer did not require signature and the item was never delivered to us even though it had tracking...

confirming this due to the fact that the buyer had poor handwriting on the package and made an "S" for South look like a "5" and part of the street number and so naturally they couldn't deliver it.  We are hoping the USPS will return the item back to the buyers return address (assuming it was correct) so that he can resend the package to us using the correct address and handwriting and we would be happy to get the return processed ASAP.  We have provided the full email correspondence with the buyer, the USPS tracking screen shot showing it was not delivered back, and our return policy that was presented and and had to be accepted by the buyer in order to complete checkout show the process for return shipping responsibility.

Very sorry to hear that your having problems with Comcast.  Unfortunately there is an HUGE and OBVIOUS conflict of interest in them installing it for you and you could call them 5 times and get 5 different answers.  As long as the purchase date is within 60 days as was presented in our...

return policy at time of checkout, your welcome to return the item for a refund.  However, since you are making such accusations that this is "illegal" or "stolen" property, please simply forward a letter from Comcast stating that this item is a stolen item and have them sign it and your welcome to return the item no matter when it was purchased and we will even send you a label.

This item comes new out of the manufacturer box and shipped straight to the customers as we receive them new in boxes of 5.  Buyers source for all of his information is Comcast claiming it as used, stolen, or whatever of which Comcast (worst ranked company of 2014) obviously has a huge conflict...

of interest.  We simply asked the buyer to have Comcast send them a letter stating that they have rights of ownership or to deny activation and we would issue a refund, but unfortunately Comcast will fee the customer all the garbage they will eat verbally, but when it comes down to putting any such claims in writing Comcast refuses to do as such.  Buyer may submit documentation and we will honor it, otherwise they are just another victim of Comcast and won't be the last.

This item was not listed as a TG862g/ct as that is a Comcast lease model that Comcast owns and rents to it's customers so this first claim is untrue, uneducated, and false.  Regardless the buyer was asked to return the item for a refund but has failed to do so nor have they provided any...

information showing otherwise.  So yes, we are a little suspcious of the buyer and his intentions, but would be happy to issue a refund upon receiving the item back.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:The picture on their website is indeed the model I claimed, or at least it was at the time I purchased it. The link they provided on their website was to the /ct model. How was I to know this was only a Comcast lease model? They did not state that on their site anywhere. Clearly, the intent was to mislead. To claim otherwise is disingenuous. Nonetheless, I tried and failed to make the product work. I returned it per their directions, which say nothing other than get return authorization (which I did) and send it to the listed return address. My purchase of priority mail was voluntary so I would have a tracking number to ensure the product arrived. When it was listed as delivered, I discarded the tracking number.Since I cannot provide it now, they claim I did not return it. They apparently have never attempted to locate the product in their system, and by now have likely resold it, so it would be no surprise if they claim they cannot locate it. They have changed their "directions" after the fact. I guess I should expect this from someone who attempts to impugn my integrity, when it is really their own business practices that are questionable. I have no records for reference, unless you want to count the over 100 eBay transactions I've completed flawlessly. I would be happy to provide you a link to my username on eBay. I completely disagree with and reject their response.
*. [redacted]

Item has not been received back. It's simple, return item back or at least provide shipping info so we can see where it is and help locate it and we are happy to issue refund or replacement. Items must be returned in order to qualify for a refund per our return policy that was clicked and accepted...

in order to complete the checkout process for this order.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: Comcast has not yet provided the information requested by the vendor.

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