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Review: Planet Fitness male staff was gender/color biased and treated me unfairly over a 2 week period. Company falsely advertises they are a "Judgement Free Zone".Week #1 I asked staff to change my banking account information for monthly $10 payments. Staff stated I needed to bring in a cancelled check or voided deposit slip in order to make change. Week #2 I brought in a voided deposit slip and staff said he would give me receipt on my way out. However, after 30 minutes when I asked for receipt, he stated he could not make change unless I brought in a cancelled bank check. I then decided to cancel membership. However, staff member told me I was only allowed to sign my name on form and not reason for cancelling. He stated it is company policy that customers cannot record reason for cancelling, only staff is permitted to do so. This was also unfair to me as a customer. Staff member was rude, arrogant and biased towards me as a female customer. I felt like I was being profiled to be a criminal.Desired Settlement: I would like a full refund of all payments made:Start up fee = 30.84Monthly Fees = 100.00Annual Membership fee = 29.00Total Paid: $159.84



As the manager of the Manchester Planet Fitness, I have trained my staff to accept only voided checks/starter checks with driver’s licenses, or something from the bank with the member’s name along with routing and account numbers to verify that the billing is theirs. We do not accept direct deposit slips, due to the fact that we are withdrawing from accounts and certain banks have a different routing number for that purpose.

Ryan accepted the billing that [redacted] gave him to update her account, but realized after she had left the desk that it was a deposit slip, not a check. Per our policy, he informed [redacted] of his mistake and explained acceptable forms of billing. We cancelled her in the system immediately on March 2, 2014 when she wanted to depart from us, and she would have been able to write on the cancellation herself; this has been discussed with Ryan.

[redacted] had also sent me a letter to the club regarding this issue, and I had reached out to [redacted] multiple times, one being in the form of an email, which is attached. After leaving voicemails and sending an email, she failed to contact me back to discuss the situation. We strive to treat all members with courtesy and respect and do our best to accommodate everyone accordingly.

Thank you!


Admin Assistant

Planet Fitness Connecticut

35 Old Tavern Rd. Ste. 200

Orange, CT 06477


Review: It looks like there was some kind of glitch in their system saying I owed them $120, which I evidently did not owe them. I thought my membership with them was canceled three years ago, but they have been charging my account ten dollars a month for the past three years. I have called, emailed, and even arrived in person to try to resolve this, and every time there was some reason as to why I could not resolve the matter. I was told that if I wanted to resolve it, I would have to come during business hours (9-5) on a weekday. I work during business hours, so it has been difficult to arrange a meeting.

The thing that gets me is that the balance they said I owed was a complete glitch on their part, they would not allow me to work out there, yet they still feel that it is ok to charge me ten dollars a month. If I'm not allowed to utilize your services, then why are you charging me for them?!?! I was told repeatedly that I could not work out there because of my balance, nor could I cancel my membership without the billing manager who is only available in person during business hours. Yet they "can't" give me my money back for that time. Total insanity.Desired Settlement: I want all of the money that was taken from my bank account, from the moment the faulty balance of 119.99 was placed on my account to now.

Review: I canceled my membership via USPS mail on February 4, 2014 but I as still billed $19.99 membership fees in February, April & May 2014.I canceled my membership due to an injury to my knee. I contacted Planet Fitness a few times but I still haven't received a refund yet.Desired Settlement: Requesting reimbursement of $59.97 ASAP to my [redacted] debit card ending in [redacted], Expiration 07/2014.



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From: of Metro Washington DC <[email protected]>

Date: Mon, Jun 9, 2014 at 11:21 AM

Subject: Fwd: Complaint [redacted]

To: [redacted] <[redacted]>

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Date: Fri, Jun 6, 2014 at 5:22 PM

Subject: Complaint [redacted]

To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>


Review: I was told by a desk worker in Dec. 2013 that my membership at the [redacted] Planet Fitness was cancelled, even though I never cancelled it. I told them it was no problem since I wanted to get a new Planet Fitness black card membership at the PF near my work in [redacted]. Then in mid January I got a written notice in the mail from the [redacted] PF saying that my account was overdue by $20. On 1/27/14 I went to the [redacted] PF and was told by the desk clerk that in fact my membership there was never cancelled and it was my credit card associated with the membership that had expired and I now owed them $40. The desk clerk said that the other staff had made a mistake by telling me that my membership was cancelled, but that I still had to pay the $40. I paid the $40, even though I never made any of the mistakes and I don't want anyone else to have to pay for the mistakes of the [redacted] PF desk workers. They should be trained to understand their system so customers don't have to pay for services never rendered with also the possibility of these mistakes having credit ramifications.Desired Settlement: $40 reimbursement for the club's mistake.



To Whom It May Concern:

Review: I cancelled my membership with this establishment a few months ago and I recently found out that they are still attempted to debit a bank account that I no longer use. I went to the location to request that they cancel the membership again and I was told that I had to back a back balance of $119 for services that I have not use and should not have accumulated since the membership should have been cancelled months ago. I never knew that I was required to keep a copy of the cancellation slip since Ive never had this issue before but was told by the general manager Bruce that unless I paid the back balance they will keep debiting the bank account and wont cancel my membership. I think this is crazy when I followed their rules for cancelling the membership and went into the location and filled out the paperwork to cancel the membership yet they still kept attempting to debit the account. They have record that I havent entered their establishment in months since my membership was cancelled.Desired Settlement: I would like my membership cancelled and them to stop attempting to debit an account that I dont use and I now have to pay overdrafts fees since they are refusing to cancel this membership. I also would like the balance to be recitifed through the last month I used their establishment and nothing more since its not my fault that the cancellation wasnt input as I requested

Review: I was involved in a accident in February of 2012, and was under therapy,told the gym,and they said they would pass it on to manager, now my son wants to join, and he needs me to join cause he is only 15 so I called to join. they told me that I owed 179 dollars. told them again of my accident. They told me with a doctor note something would be done, which I got. and they said I was still getting billed, I said how. I never received a bill,they sent it to my previous address which, I changed with them two years ago when I moved. they wanted 9 months of payment, which I feel is unfair. I offered three months but they said I will keep getting billed unless I sent a register letter,or went in. which I did at 755 am.on june 4, The girl told me at this time she couldnt stop the billing.I just stormed out of there, they are trying to rip me off,and will hurt my credit, I called and talked with asst manager [redacted] on june 3rd and told him of my problem. he told me I had to pay the 179.00 and unless I came in they would continue to bill the agreement he said. I ask [redacted] if I didnt pay two months could a person still work out. he said no, then how can you keeping billing someone,when techical there membership is no good after two month of non payment. he said thats the way we do it. read the agreement. this company is trying to rip me off and need your help.and as of today june 4th I still cant get them to stop billing me.Desired Settlement: I would like to pay them three months which is 60 dollars and continue my membership


Response: of Metro DC and Eastern PA

Review: A male friend signed up for membership and put me down as a guest/member, I did not sign any papers nor was I there when he joined the club.I never went to the facility and I never wanted to become a member.They were being paid by this gentlemen and now are not getting payments from him but are trying to bil me.I have spoken to a manager named [redacted] trying to rectify this and he said since my name was associated with the membership I have to pay,I explained I didn't sign any contract,I was never billed prior to today because if I were I could have tried to straghten out things before now,but he refused to rectify this problem. I appreciate some assistance since I knew that I never would commit to any memberships at this time because I am putting two children through college. Thank youDesired Settlement: I would like for them to go after the person who contractually is responsible.[redacted] and leave my credit history intact.



Hello [redacted],

I spoke with [redacted] after receiving this complaint. He said he spoke with you earlier and after pulling your contract out he saw that you in fact did not sign up for the membership. You have been cancelled out and all debts have been removed. We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience. [redacted] signed himself and you up for memberships and paid for both of them up until January. At that point his credit card had changed, but since his name and address are not on your membership, he did not receive the letter stating as much for yours. Your credit was never in any way involved or affected by this mishap, the letters are just sent to the member directly so that there is no confusion. [redacted] took care of it all moments after you hung up the phone without allowing him to explain what he was going to do. When I pulled up the file it was already cancelled out with no debt, and a note was on your account saying that you did not sign up for the membership, but someone else did for you. A matter like this takes a little time to sort out, and he had no proof until he pulled out the physical contract that was not signed by you, that you in fact did not sign up for the membership. Many people claim that this is the case when they rack up a debt, so I hope that you could understand why at first he was hesitant to just waive fees. You are one of the rare cases where the claim was actually true. But he did take care of it for you, and you will no longer receive any notifications from Planet Fitness.

I hope that this clears things up for you. And I hope that in the future if you ever do consider joining a facility on your own that you would consider Planet Fitness. We strive to provide excellent customer service, and an easy going judgement free zone. If you have any other concerns please do not hesitate to contact me personally in the regional headquarters.

Thank you,



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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: In February or March 2013, I paid my daughter's ([redacted]'s) monthly gym fee of $19.99 using my debit card, authorizing a one time debit . On June 27, 2013, an unauthorized charge of $98.98 was deducted from my account without any notice. I immediately contacted Planet Fitness on June 27, 2013 several times only to get "a run-around" of you have to speak with the manager, he's not in the office, he's gone for the day call back tomorrow ... etc. My daughter spoke with the General Manager, [redacted] on June 28, 2013 who advised he could not reverse the charge and an email would have to be sent to the corporate office and a response could take up to four weeks. When a name and phone number for corporate was requested, **. [redacted] refused to provide that information.Desired Settlement: I want the charges reversed and the $98.98 put back into my account IMMEDIATELY. I do not nor will I ever have a membership with Planet Fitness. I did not sign a contract with them for their services and I certainly did not authorize a deduction from my bank account of $98.98.



The card is expired and cannot be refunded as the expiration date must be updated. **. [redacted] must come into the gym to update the expiration date and **. [redacted] will refund the $98.98.

Review: I put my daughter on a planet fitness black membership/[redacted], on my debit card as a gift to her for getting her nursing degree, holding off her honeymoon til she graduated and raising 2 young children. due to her schedule it needs to be cancelled. she doesn't have time to go to planet fitness I have tried to do it over phone..they said she signed contract.....I didn' [redacted] my money...I was never advised that I had to be there to cancel they want a certified letter which is more money spent and time..they take my money over phone it should be cancelled that way. I was told by an employees....they make money on people that sign up and don't come...they were rude and ignorantDesired Settlement: 19.99 for month of August



Good Morning,

I am responding in regards to complaint number [redacted]. My name is [redacted] and I work in the Planet Fitness Corporate office. The complaint by [redacted] states she is a financial cosigner for her daughters black card membership at our [redacted] location. Either her or her daughter would have had to fill out the membership agreement which clearly states the cancellation policy "To cancel your monthly membership and stop the monthly billing on the 17th of the month, the club requires written notification by the 10th of the month delivered to the club in person or via certified mail." We will cancel the membership for **. [redacted] but will not refund the disputed amount of $19.99 given that these policies are clearly stated in the membership and agreed to by both the member and financial cosigner. **. [redacted] did not provide the member number for her daughters membership or her daughters name so I was unable to find it. In order for me to cancel the membership, I will need this information. Thank you.



Review: I signed up for the a monthly service for Planet Fitness and was told I could cancel at anytime. I was told repeatedly that all I needed to do was to let them know. I wanted to pay using a credit card and they insisted that they don't take credit cards and that I needed my bank account information. I offered to pay monthly in cash and they said I needed to pay through automatic withdrawalBefore leaving for college I told them in person that I wanted to cancel. They are now telling me that my cancellation needs to be in writing via certified mail! Yet they never told me that when I told them that I want to cancel. So after 2 months more of payments, I am still paying.Desired Settlement: $40 dollar refund for charges AFTER I cancelled



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From: of Metro Washington DC<[email protected]>

Date: Thu, Nov 13, 2014 at 9:16 AM

Subject: Fwd: Complaint ID [redacted]

To: [redacted] <[redacted]>

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Date: Wed, Nov 12, 2014 at 4:55 PM

Subject: Complaint ID [redacted]

To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>

Review: Planet Fitness currently implements a policy wherein an existing member attempting to cancel membership, must cancel a full week prior (SEPT 25) to avoid an annual membership fee ($30), It was told to me it is on oct 1 every year when I attempted canceling on Sept 26th.According to the policy, as a customer I am being told that I must pay for another annual membership fee when I will no longer be a member during that calendar year. I believe this is unethical and the absolute wrong way to treat a consumer.When I attempted to talk to management staff, they assured me that they could do nothing about it, and gave me an email address ([email protected]) that apparently does not exist, or provide responses, according to other peoples experiences only.The reason I am filing a complaint is because I am not the only person upset about this policy, and believe the company should be held accountable to only charge consumers for a service.Desired Settlement: Refund/rescind annual fee (I am no longer a member and should not be charged for next years annual fee)



Good Morning,

The membership agreement which all members sign clearly states that all $10 month members will be billed a once annual rate guarantee fee of $29 on the 1st of October, and must cancel by September 25th either by certified letter or in person. " If you have not cancelled your membership by September 25th, a rate guarantee fee of $29 will be billed to your account on or around the first of the following month and every twelve months thereafter that same rate guarantee fee will be billed to your account if you have not cancelled your membership. Your monthly rate above is guaranteed so long as you remain a member in good standing including all monthly dues and your Rate Guarantee Fee." Although **. [redacted] did indeed sign this agreement, we still will refund his rate guarantee fee to his card on file as appreciation of his membership. The fee is expected to be billed on 10/1/13, which we still attempt to stop beforehand, but it **. [redacted] does see it billed he should expect a refund within three business days.

Thank You.

Planet Fitness Office

Review: planet fitness has been charging my bank account for over a year. it was for 19.99 a month I somehow did not catch this till now. it was not for me it was for [redacted] that had went there she said she didnt know they would continue to take the mony out. so I called them and tould them to please not take the money from my account anymore they said there is nothing they can do over the phone I would have to go in to stop the account so I told them I would call my bank and have them stop payment on this so they said go ahead and it will get sent to collections so this is not right this is my account and if I say stop they should stop.Desired Settlement: for them to cancel this account and stop taking money from me.

Review: Planet Fitness requires that you provide only a "checking account" in order to join their facility. You are then obligated to a one year membership with direct bill to that checking account that you provided at the initial sign up. Planet Fitness does not notify you that your one year obligation is met and continues to bill your account. Planet Fitness is aware of how many times an individual uses their facilities. Planet Planet Fitness billed me for a year and I never once used their facilities. They never sent me a letter or email asking me if I was not satisfied with the club because they noticed that I had not been in. They just kept taking my money. When I noticed that they were continuing to bill me after the one year was up, I removed my banking info and called the club and told them I wanted to cancel immediately. They then added the "yearly fee" to my account and I had to pay it on top of another late fee for the month and another month, despite having never using their facility. I was then told that I had to come in to the club to cancel which is absurd, provided they allow you to freely sign up online. This is bad business and I am not only filing this report, I am going to tell everyone that I know that this business steals money from consumers.Desired Settlement: Planet Fitness needs to inform their customers of their one year obligation date in order to give them a choice in whether they choose to keep giving them money when they are not using the facility. They also need to incorporate online cancellation of membership and stop forcing people to come in like it is going to make a difference that the person is going to change their mind about the cancelation. The need to stop the fraudulent billing practices..Adding additional fees to your account when you have told them of your intent and wish to cancel their services.



Dear **. [redacted],Thank you for reaching out to us to share your concerns in regards to the Planet Fitness cancellation policies. At this point in time it is true that all cancellations must be done either in person or by certified mail. In regards to your suggestion that Planet Fitness should allow online cancellations, we can certainly pass that suggestion along for you. From looking at your membership I can see that you did sign up for our Black Card membership which does have a 1 year minimum agreement. That agreement can be broken at any time with the buyout fee. After that one year the membership continues on a month to month basis. We also do offer a no commitment membership for $10 a month which is free to cancel at any time. Once again, thank you for reaching out to us. I will be sure to pass along your suggestion.Have a great day,[redacted]General ManagerPlanet Fitness11130 New Hampshire Ave.Silver Spring, MD 20904

Review: I was overcharged for my membership dues. PF stated that they attemtped to withdraw payment from my account on 10/17/2014. However,after speacking with my bank thay stated that an attempt to collect money from my account was never made on 10/17/2014 and that there was adequate funds availble for payment on 10/17/2014. There first attempt to collect money from my account was on 10/27/2014. I contacted planet fitness to discuss the issue however, was told in order to correct the issue I should just give another payment option. However this does not resolve the issue that I was charged fradulately and was refused to have my money refunded.Desired Settlement: Refund the amount that was charged to my card as an overpayment, Because the company did not attempt to collect money from my card as stated and verified by my bank.

Review: I became a member at planet fitness 6/2010. In or about April 2011 I had a house fire. I clef planet fitness to ask them can I cancel my membership via telephone. The rep on the phone told me she was canceling it now. In or about 1/2012 I recieved a bill for 188.95. I went into the planet fitness location and spoke to the manager on duty he stated my black card membership wasn't cancelled. I told him about my house fire and speaking to another rep whom said she cancelled it. He said I was responsible for them not having access to my account after I cancelled. They said from April 2011-August 2011 I had to pay 188.95 for monthly payments services charges and returned eft. My membership was only 20 a month no contract. I called their corporate number and they said they only sell franchises and can't help. I would like to come to some type of agreement and use them again. I don't see it fair to have to pay them when their rep said it was cancelled.Desired Settlement: I would like them to clear the monies allegedly owed on this account or accept a small amount to clear this alleged debt



The balance was cleared off of the account and the membership was archived. The member can rejoin at any Planet Fitness if she wants to without having to pay any portion of the previous balance.

Review: I have a complaint with the new billing procedure at Planet Fitness.

I was told by my home club ([redacted]) that I can only update my payment information using a checking account and routing number. I sent an email on 3.2.14 which I didn't receive a response to, inquiring about the change and to see if debit/credit cards were still being accepted. I went to my club on 3.9.14 and spoke to an assistant manager named [redacted] about updating my information. I was prepared to give my checking account information although I was not comfortable providing it. He told me that if I had my debit card on me he would be willing to update my card information. I did not have my debit card on me so I reluctantly gave him my checking account info. I went back the next day on the 10th and spoke to [redacted], who I believe is the GM of that location. I told him that I didn't feel comfortable using my checking account information and could I update my debit card. He was willing to make the change on my account without an issue. A week later I noticed my monthly payment was taken out via my checking account and routing number. I sent an email through the website on 3.17.14 explaining the situation and I wanted to know if my debit card could be updated as my form of payment. I received a response from [redacted] which I took as members aren't paying on time for various reasons and getting fees, and this new way of billing ensures there are no issues with Plant Fitness getting their payment. I replied back stating that I didn't feel the billing procedure was fair and that I would cancel my membership. I went to the other club ([redacted], PA) that I visit on 3.18.14 and asked them about the new billing procedure. One representative named Erica explained the reason for the new billing procedure, and that this process was changing for everyone. Another representative named [redacted] (not 100% sure on the name) who seemed like she was a manager, but from another club stated that members who originally signed up using a debit/credit card could be "grandfathered" in using that same payment method. She also explained that payments are submitted on the 10th of every month, and that was the reason why my checking account was used for payment. I updated my account on 3.9.14 and had my debit card updated sometime after 5 pm on 3.10.14. She called my home club and tried to rectify the situation over the phone with [redacted], the assistant manager. She was under the impression that they should be able to update this information without a problem. [redacted] told her that I need to come down to the gym because the information was too complicated to give over the phone. When I arrived [redacted] showed me my account information which had "check" listed for the payment method, nothing listed for the primary payment field, and my updated debit card information listed in the secondary payment field. He stated that he was willing to help me out since I've been a member for a few years and allow me to use my debit card as [redacted] did, but neither he nor [redacted] had the ability to change that payment method field from "check" status. He stated that since the primary payment field is blank and "check" is selected, the system will try to withdraw a payment from the checking account which is not listed, than with withdraw from the secondary payment section. He stated that I will get late fees when this happens. I asked him if anyone had the ability to update that information and he said no. I advised him that I would try to contact their corporate office to see if anything could be done. I sent a reply back to [redacted] on 3.19.14 asking if there was any way my information could be updated on the back end since my home club was willing to work with me and my billing request, and I never received a response. I resent the email via the website on 3.25.14 and never received a response. I don't have any issues with any of the staff at either club; they have been great in explaining thinDesired Settlement: I just would like to have my method of monthly payment remain under my debit card information verses my checking account and routing number. Both clubs that I go to were willing to assist me with this request. I would hope that they would be just as helpful at the corporate level?



After looking further into [redacted]’s account, he does

now have his debit card information on file at the [redacted] location. He was canceled out of the [redacted]

location on 4/30/14 as a transfer to [redacted].

I attempted to contact [redacted] numerous times via phone with no

response. I did leave him a message with

a means to contact me if he still had concerns regarding his account; I never

heard back from [redacted].

Review: .Today I was informed that my credit card at this location which they have on file was declined, not because of insufficient funds but because the bank shut the card off; about a month ago while on vacation my hotel room was broken into and my wallet was taken.

Upon my return from vacation I notify all I could remember who held my card that a new card was issue and I needed to give them a new card number. They were some I forget like [redacted], [redacted], [redacted] and now Planet fitness. Those I forgotten with the exception of Planet fitness emailed me to notify me that my card was decline and I called them with the new number, those company did not charged me a $10.00 fee for a declined card.

As I tried to explain to the General Manager Matt D[redacted] what happen, and to waive the $10.00 fee he refused because it was decline as insufficient funds when in reality it was shut off by the bank. At this point I requested to cancel my membership and was informed that the only way to cancel my membership I needed to pay the balance again not a problem I'll pay my balance but not the $10.00 fees. I am being held hostage with this gym because if I refuse to pay the $10.00 fee by not paying this fee Planet Fitness will continue to charge me monthly for gym service that I am currently trying to cancel, The General Manager Matt D[redacted] knows this and it disturbed me that he found pleasure that no matter what happens, he will get his money.

Note that I have a letter from the bank stating that some fraudulent has appeared in my account and that card will be shut off.Desired Settlement: To pay what I owe without the $10.00 fee or any other fee beside my regular membership fee and the opportunity to cancel my membership, so that I can go to another gym




October 23, 2014Dear [redacted]:I am writing

in response to complaints number [redacted] and [redacted], which are identical

complaints against our business, Planet Fitness. The members filing these simultaneous

complaints share billing information and therefore experienced the same issue.Following the

first notification of these complaints, both members came into the facility,

without being contacted, to resolve the dispute. Unprompted, the offer was made to pay any

debt owed and resume use of their memberships with our Planet Fitness. I personally offered, as was indicated in the

original complaint, to eliminate any service fees for uncollectable billing and

accept payment for only the monthly dues outstanding. Upon provision of new billing information for

each of the accounts, the unpaid monthly dues were paid and the members have

resumed regular use of their memberships here. As a result,

we consider the matter resolved and see no need for further action or

intervention on the part of the

Should our members feel otherwise, we will be happy to provide

documentation of their respective membership agreements and records of the

subsequent steps taken and conversations had.

I appreciate your notifications of complaints, and look forward to your

confirmation that these matters are officially considered resolved. Sincerely,Matt DGeneral Manager

Review: The representative at the store not providing the correct answer. I went to the store to cancell the members before my next month billing cycle. They are saying, I have to make the payment for the next months payment since the date after 10th of month passed and it won't matter if my billing cycle starts after. I had called and previously tried to cancel the members, I wasn't given the option to and told to come to the store location. I live in VA and the gym in [redacted]. Manager nor the other employee cared.Desired Settlement: Not get charged for the next months billing cycle that starts on 17th.

Review: I had obtained a gym membership with planet fitness back in the end of March approx (21st). At the time I signed the contract I had provided my debit card, but it was required that I provide my bank acct information in order to retain the gym membership and if it was not provided by April 14th, I was told that my membership would be canceled by them. I did not provide that information at the time of signing the contract and I did not provide it the 1 time that I was ever in there to utilize the facilities. By their position in the matter of having the bank acct info provided or lack there of I was under the understanding that my membership was canceled on April 15 of this year (by them.) on 6/01/14 however they proceeded to withdraw 39$ from my check card and then on 6/8/14 they withdrew an additional 59.98. As soon as I saw my bank statement and that they were withdrawing monies from my acct. I called them up to find out what was going on and they said that my account was active even though they had adamantly stated that my members you would be canceled if the required information was not provided. The manager refused to refund the monies.Desired Settlement: I would like All monies returned that were withdrawn from the card and change the deceptive practice of telling customers that you will cancel a membership even though you have no intention of doing so



This letter is in response to the complaint you received about our business on 6/9/2014, with an ID of [redacted]. On March 28, 2014, [redacted] started a membership with Planet Fitness. He signed and initialed the agreement which clearly states his monthly dues will be automatically billed on the every month in the armount of 19.99. It is also stated that the membership is subject to an annual Rate Guarantee Fee of 39.00 on June 1 unless the membership was cancelled by the member on or before May 25th. The agreement discloses the member may cancel, in writing, at any time, to stop the automatic withdraws. **. [redacted] has never signed a cancellation form, his membership is still active. The cancellation policy was explained to **. [redacted] over the phone on 6/9/14 by one of the club managers. Our membership agreement does not state we cancel memberships due to members not updating their billing information. It is our practice to accept major credit cards or checking accounts for automatic payments. We accept debit cards as a convenience only and that is the method of automatic payment that **. [redacted] gave us permission to bill him by his initials and signature on his agreement. Please note all members are given a copy of their agreement when they sign.If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

Altough that is the contract that I signed, the employee that I signed the contract with SPECIFICALLY told me "I will take the credit card today but we need your bank account information. If you don't bring in your bank account information by the 14th or 15th of April we will cancel your membership. Now I do not know anything about your establishment. I took a short tour of your place. As far as all of your policies and procedures go, I only know what is told to me by you/your staff. So When YOU(planet fitness/staff) tell ME that YOU require information from ME Otherwise YOU will cancel MY membership. I ASSUME THAT YOU HAVE SOME POLICY OR PROCEDURE IN PLACE AND I have to abide by that, or my contract is void. When YOU tell ME something (as someone that is not familiar with the way you do biusiness) as a new customer, I trust and accept that as true regardless of the contract that I signed with you. I would have had no issues going in and canceling the contract through the procedures that you had put in place had your employee NOT told me that my contract would be canceled IF I did not provide the bank acct information.

Review: Today I was informed that my credit card at this location which they have on file was declined, not because of insufficient funds but because the bank shut the card off; about a month ago while on vacation my hotel room was broken into and my wallet was taken.

Upon my return from vacation I notify all I could remember who held my card that a new card was issue and I needed to give them a new card number. They were some I forget like [redacted], [redacted], [redacted] and now Planet fitness. Those I forgotten with the exception of Planet fitness emailed me to notify me that my card was decline and I called them with the new number, those company did not charged me a $10.00 fee for a declined card.

As I tried to explain to the General Manager Matt D[redacted] what happen, and to waive the $10.00 fee he refused because it was decline as insufficient funds when in reality it was shut off by the bank. At this point I requested to cancel my membership and was informed that the only way to cancel my membership I needed to pay the balance again not a problem I'll pay my balance but not the $10.00 fees. I am being held hostage with this gym because if I refuse to pay the $10.00 fee by not paying this fee Planet Fitness will continue to charge me monthly for gym service that I am currently trying to cancel, The General Manager Matt D[redacted] knows this and it disturbed me that he found pleasure that no matter what happens, he will get his money.

Note that I have a letter from the bank stating that some fraudulent has appeared in my account and that card will be shut off.Desired Settlement: To pay what I owe without the $10.00 fee or any other fee beside my regular membership fee and the opportunity to cancel my membership, so that I can go to another gym .



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From: of Metro Washington DC<[email protected]>

Date: Thu, Oct 23, 2014 at 1:06 PM

Subject: Fwd: Complaint Response: Complaint ID Number [redacted] and [redacted]

To: [redacted]>

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From: <[redacted]>

Date: Thu, Oct 23, 2014 at 10:17 AM

Subject: Complaint Response: Complaint ID Number [redacted] and [redacted]

To: [email protected]

Please find attached the official response of Planet Fitness of [redacted], PA to complaints number [redacted] and number [redacted]. These complaints, filed by members of our facility on 9/25/14, have each been resolved.

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