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Review: Member of planet fitness for a year after a few months a I stopped going to to a busy work schedule but planned on going back to work out, I never did though. When I joined I was told I was signing a year contract that would cost $60 to cancel or if a year went by it would end and to stay a member I would need to read sign. Well a year has passed and I'm still being charged, they will not reimburse the money they took out of my checking and they make you use a checking account to join because it take a stop check by the bank to end this membership so far they have taken 2 months in dues out which is $40 that I'll never get back. This is a very dishonest and fraudulent business practice and there is nothing I can do about it without me having to stop the check and be out more moneyDesired Settlement: End my membership for ever, stop other people from being taken advantage of and get my $40 back

Review: I cancelled my membership that was no commitment 2 days before the next billing cycle only to be told that I am still going to get charged for the next month. I was told by the employee that there was nothing I could do about it, it's just the way it is.Desired Settlement: I don't want to be charged after I had cancelled.



[redacted] cancelled her membership on 6/14/2016. Per her membership agreement it states that the club requires written notification by the 10th of the month delivered to the club in person or postmarked via certified mail to the club address. She will not have any further charges.Thanks,Amanda S[redacted] General Manager

Review: Planet fitness refuses to cancel my membership and continues to debit my checking account despite multiple requests to cancel membership. I complained multiple times to local planet fitness ([redacted] and they refuse to respond to my requests to cancel membership. I went into my local planet fitness at above address after I was in car accident in May last year (2014) and had fractured hand. I filled out membership cancellation paperwork with their employee because of my fracture from the car accident. He said all charges to my checking account would cease and there would be no cancellation charges. Since then I have continued to have $10 monthly charges taken from my checking account every month. I've called them and they have not been helpful over the phone. Already filed one complaint with no response several months ago - maybe it got lost in your system?. I am now filing another complaint with I want membership cancelled and refund of all membership fees since May 2014 (12 months x 10 months = $120 ).Desired Settlement: Cancellation of membership. Refund of $120 in membership dues.

Review: My husband and I joined Planet Fitness in January 2014 We were never able to use the gym because it was too far away. When we tried to cancel by phone, the girl told us to send a letter of cancellation. We did so immediately. Our bank card was still being charged. I tried their website but was not able to cancel there either so I called their corporate number and was told I didn't send a registered letter. She said read the contract on the internet. I feel these tactics are meant to collect fees from people deceptively.Desired Settlement: I would like my account and that of my husband's [redacted] to be cleared of the 59.00 we are both still being charged.



Thank you for forwarding the complaint. I have enclosed copies of the membership agreements and documents showing the balances past due. To cancel your monthly membership and stop the monthly billing on the 17th of the month, the club requires writtennotification by the 10th of the month delivered to the club in person or preferably via certified mail. Any monthlymembership can be cancelled upon 30 days written notice. Changes to your billing account must be made by the 10th ofthe month to become effective for the billing on the 17th of that month.The charges that were returned were due to disputed bank charges. This started with the annual membership fee which comes out every October 1st per their membership agreements (attached). If [redacted] and [redacted] have sent in a certified letter to the facility and can provide received receipts we will gladly work with them to resolve this issue if these charges were in mistake of Planet Fitness. We do not accept cancellations over the phone per our agreements.

Review: planet fitness is having a pre membership sale. I signed up and realized it wasnt a gym I was looking forward to joining because their website is so vague when it comes to describing what kind of gym it really is.So I go to the facility to let them know I want cancel before im charged since the gym aint supposed to open till the end of this week and they tell me I will still be charged on the 17th of december for a gym membership that is not even open yet after I paid the $1 startup fee . I feel like im being bullied into paying for something I have no interest in joining,let alone even step foot into because the place isnt even open yet!!! thank youDesired Settlement: basically I dont want my credit card charged for the 10 dollar monthly membership fee to attend a gym that is not even currently open in which the company doesnt explain the type a gym it is thank you



I have attached the membership agreement for member #[redacted].

As it states in the membership agreement, under the 5th bullet point,

“To cancel your monthly membership and stop the monthly billing on the 17th

of the month, the club requires written notification by the 10th of

the month delivered to the club in person or preferably via certified mail.”

In this situation member number [redacted] had signed up on

December 3rd 2013, which then gave him 7 days to come into our

presale location to cancel the membership to not be billed on the 17th

of the month. The member canceled the membership on 12/15/13 and has access to

the facility until January 16th due to being billed for the month.

If the membership had been canceled on or before the 10th of the

month the account would not have been charged.

If you have any further questions please feel free to let us






Fitness Regional Manager

Review: I cancelled my membership from this Planet Fitness on August 10th. I was ensured that I would not be charged the monthly rate of $20 a month no longer. I was charged on August 17th. I then called the club and they explained that it was not processed and that it will take two weeks for me to get my refund. Three weeks went by and I still did not receive the refund. I reached out to Planet Fitness' corporate office and Butch (territory manager) reached out to me and we agreed that he would send me a check for $20 and a $58 refund for the buyout fee I had to pay for a total of $78. It is now a week past when the check was supposed to arrive. I feel as though I will never get a refund.Desired Settlement: I would like my $20 back for the membership I cancelled and the buyout fee of $58 to be refunded just as Butch promised me.

Review: I called Planet Fitness the end of May to cancel my membership before the beginning of June so I would not have to pay my annual maintenance fee. Amanda informed me that the automatic withdrawal process was already in process and she could not stop it from withdrawing my maintenance fee from my checking account. I asked if she would be able to refund my annual maintenance fee because I was canceling my membership and she told me no. I stopped automatic payments from my checking account because I wanted to cancel and have not used their services since May. She informed me that I needed to go into their facility to cancel the membership. I continued to respond to their text messages stating I wanted to cancel and they have not cancelled my membership. Yesterday I finally called and talked to Amanda. I explainedl that I have been trying to cancel and she told me she would wave the late fees if I came in before the 10th and that all I would have to pay is $10,00, I went in today to cancel my membership and was informed by Amanda that she could not wave the maintenance fee only the late fees and that I still owe $49.00. I told her I would pay the $10.00 but not the maintenance fee because I have not used their facility since May and the maintenance fee is an annual fee for June 2016 to 2017.Desired Settlement: Cancel my membership and adjust billing so I don't have to pay for a maintenance fee for the facility when I'm not using it.

Review: I no longer live in the area of this gym, Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness refused to cancel my membership over the phone. Employee stated that I could only cancel in person or in writing. I sent a letter to the "home gym" cancelling my membership in February 2016. Planet Fitness failed to respond and continued to take the membership dues out of my account. I contacted the corporate office, and they reiterated that I needed to cancel in writing. I told them that I had done that, and they said that it might take 30 days to cancel. Now I have been charged again, 60 days later. Please stop stealing money from me, and cancel my membership.Desired Settlement: I want this last charge reversed and my membership cancelled.



To Whom It May Concern:We received a letter from the for [redacted]. Mr. [redacted] has stated he has tried to cancel out his membership at the Hermitage Planet Fitness by sending a letter. We have not received a cancellation letter from this member. The membership agreement states, that in order to cancel a membership you must cancel at the location in person and/or by sending a certified letter. We have no record of Mr. [redacted] doing either. We would be happy to provide Mr. Fry with a copy of his membership agreement. At this time we have cancelled [redacted] at the Hermitage location. If you have any further questions feel free to contact me via email at [redacted] or by phone at the number listed below. Have a great day. Thank you, Danielle B[redacted]

The business lied to me about moving locations and told me I could get out of my contract at any time with notice before the next month. I received a flier in the mail advertising a cary location of planet fitness with a special. When I called the location they told me it had not opened yet and I could use my special at the western Blvd location. I signed up for a 20$ a month special I was told that If I told them before the next month I could get out of my contract. They told me they would move to the cary location with all new machines and tanning beds. Months later when they had still not moved I came in to cancel my contract. I was told it would be 58$ to get out of this contract that It was a year long contract. Once again I was told when I signed up I could get out of the contract with no fee if I told them before the first of the month. I told the lady at the desk that this is what I was told and that I signed up on a special that was on a flier and she said "there was no special in may there was a special for the cary location that you can use when the cary location you signed up for a 12 month contract at this location." I am a very honest person and also very careful when I sign up for things I would have NEVER signed up for anything if I remotely thought that was the case. I was told the complete opposite. I paid the 58$ free but I am still very upset that I was lied to. I feel like I was tricked and I was definitely misinformed. I do not think I should have had to pay this fee being as I was told there was no fee just a notice before the next month to get out. I really hope they are not doing this to other customers. Desired SettlementI would like my 58$ back because I was lied to and I would also like an apology. Unfortunately due to unforeseen structural issues in the floor of our new location there has been delays in the opening process. I will gladly accept someone saying I am lying about moving (and spending over a million dollars to make the move) then to have something happen and injure anyone. I believe this person was refunded and if not please have them contact us.

Dishonest money chargesWhen I contracted the services a year ago I was clear that the automatic renewal was not accepted. Everything was clear from boths sides that was a ONE year contract. Planet Fitness always uses the rush and the long contract lines to catch you. I got a charge for $29 for a year that I didn't used. I cancelled my contract due to medical situation and they forced me to gift them $29 dollars. Also I cancelled before the 17th and got cancelled immediately while I paid until the 17th. They did not notified me about the intention to extend the contract and they are just referring to the yellow paper. They robery me $29 as a gift while I'm not going use this place anymore.Desired SettlementProrated amount for what I used and return of the differenceBusiness Response This member has a signed and initialed membership agreement which stated his membership rules. Everything was explained to this member and this members signature and initials are properly documented on the agreement. The member did not cancel properly and was charged his annual fee of $29 prior to his cancellation date. If this member can provide us with proper cancellation documents we will gladly refund him a prorated amount of his fees.Consumer Response This business has untrained personnel that false advertised or follow the false advertise promotions. I was offered for a year and verbally told was going to be notified to renew. Now I was charged for a fee that I will ot use, so this is robbery of my money. But what you expect from entities like this one. I review many forums and several complains like this one. Again this is FALSE ADVERTISEMENT and I like this stay in my complain that will be public. they offered a $10. per month but charge $29 to honor it???? If they still maintain the position to robbery my money, then I will be one more posting in forums for same others do. That is why they are not certified and business don't use them as partner.

In September 2014 I canceled my membership. Planet Fitness continues to bill me monthly. Customer service was no help.In September 2014 I visited my local Planet Fitness to cancel my membership. This morning I noticed that I had been charged $39.00. Upon further review I discovered that Planet Fitness has continued to bill me for the past 8 months. When I contacted the home office I received the worst possible customer service. The local Planet Fitness gave several excuses including papers not being scanned at the end of the day and a new computer system. However, they have refused to refund the erroneous charges. The General Manager tried to contact the Regional Manager with no success. I contacted the Regional Manager via email, but received no response. It seems that Planet Fitness has no intention of resolving this matter. I ask that the assist in contacting Planet Fitness and in resolving this issue.Desired SettlementI expect Planet Fitness to refund $191.00 in erroneous charges.Business Response I spoke with Mr. [redacted] today and have resolved his charges. Mr. [redacted] will not be billed again and his membership is canceled.

when can I stop payingI have a membership that I pay $20 and I cant hardly use because I have started working 6 days a week 10 hours a day. I am unhappy about paying a fee to stop them pulling money out my account.I am [redacted] name; [redacted] birth [redacted]Desired Settlementwant my membership endedBusiness Response Mr. [redacted] account has been canceled and he will not be billed any other amounts from Planet Fitness. The billing issue has been resolved.

Review: My husband and I both sent letters, that have been reveived, telling this planet fitness to cease taking payments out of my checking account. They once again took -20.05 per person out. Since there was no money in there, an additional -35.00 per person was charged.Desired Settlement: Stop taking any money out of my account. Don't try once a month, let alone 3 times a month that you try. Refund my account for the fraudulent amount that you tried taking, and cover the fees.



On the 10th of March we received a cancellation letter for both [redacted] and [redacted]. Upon receiving the cancellation letters we noticed they each had a balance of $159, per Planet Fitness's policy, if a member wishes to cancel and has a balance, the balance must be reconciled first before we can terminate the membership. March 10th we did reach out to the members to let them know we could not cancel their membership due to the balances, in which we received no response. In her membership profile it does show she called January 13th, 2016 inquiring about her balance, so she was aware prior to cancelling. After the next monthly draft occurred we received a call from Mrs. [redacted] demanding we cancel the membership. As the General Manager, I explained the issue and how it can be resolved. She said she would not pay. I explained to her that unfortunately she signed a legal binding document, which not only authorizes Planet Fitness to draft from her checking account on file, but also holds her accountable for paying her monthly and annual dues as well. She did inform me, she recently had to invest a good deal of money into her vehicle and she did not have the money to pay us anyway. I offered for her to make a partial payment on each account and from there I could freeze the membership for one month so she could get caught up and get their accounts in good standing. Mrs. [redacted] informed me that if we don't cancel the membership and try to draft any more money from her account that she would have her attorney take further action. I acknowledged her, and informed her that unfortunately with a balance on the account I can't just cancel the memberships. I went to reiterate the option of freezing the memberships with partial payment and she hung up on me. Brooke C[redacted]General ManagerPlanet Fitness Richmond (Southside)

I told Planet Fitness to cancel my membership but they still have been taking money out of my bank account as of last month to the sum of 20.00, and I went to my bank account today and they took out another 39.00. They told me that they can't cancel and there was nothing they could do about it. How can you have a business and not be able to cancel if you so desire? That's ridiculous. I am very upset and I am calling my bank to see how I can block them from my account. I do not trust them and wonder when they will try to take money again. Very angry about this. Can you please look into this and let me know how this is going to be resolved. Thank you.[redacted]Product_Or_Service: Gym MembershipOrder_Number: N/AAccount_Number: N/ADesired SettlementI want this resolved by them to stop taking money out of my account and I want my money refunded that they have been taking without my consent. I am expecting a total of 59.00 refund. 20.00 from last month, and now as of today, they took out another 39.00. That's a total of 59.00 refund.[redacted]Business Response I reached out to the customer and listened to her view point of the situation. The information the customer provided to you was incorrect. In this case, the customer did not qualify for a refund. I explained all of this to the customer and she was not willing to cooperate with us in this matter.

I called this company up to 1 month ago to cancel my membership in a timely manner that would prevent me from having to pay anymore monthly or annual fees. The girl I spoke with on the phone informed me that "as long as you come in and cancel before the 10th you will not be charged any fees". At this time I could not get there by the 10th so I made sure to get back by there before the 10th of this month (June 10th) as you have to cancel in person and not over the phone. I went into the business on June 3, 2014 to cancel and they informed me that I would not be charged any further fees and on my cancellation paperwork they wrote that the last billing date would be 5-17-14. However, when looking at my bank account today (5-4-14) I was charged an annual fee of $39.06. I understand this is not a lot of money, but to a part time employee going to nursing school full time, this is. I called and explained my situation to the branch and also to the coorporate office, both of which said that there was "no possible way to refund my money". I am upset because I feel I took all of the necessary steps to prevent any further charges, but was not informed of the date of May 24, 2014 as the last possible day to cancel before being charged for the annual fee. I feel that when I called and asked for dates on when charges would be applied to my account I should have been informed of the May date, instead of just the June 10th date to cancel to avoid being charged an annual feel when I am not even a member there for this annual calender year. None of the employees were willing to help me or refund my money when I can pull records on my cell phone of when I called them and that it was well in enough time to avoid being charged any further fees. I would love any help with this matter in trying to get my money back. Thank you.Product_Or_Service: gym membershipDesired SettlementA refund of $39.06 back into my account would be great, because this is a big company and where $39.06 is not a large sum of money for them, it is for someone like me. Business Response This member should never had been billed her annual fee. She was refunded her money and this matter should be closed.

They have purposely made it very difficultly to cancel the auto draft. I feel like they are stealing money from my account. The only way to cancel the auto draft is to send a certified letter or go in person. I have moved and this is ridiculous. You can set payments up online but cannot cancel online. It is a joke. Desired SettlementI want the money back I gave them after I moved. I feel like they are stealing money from my account.Business Response This member has a "no commitment membership". Our policy has always been the same to cancel any Planet Fitness membership: either send a certified letter to the club (which provides verification of receipt to the member) or cancel in person by the 10th of any month to not be charged for that month. I am sorry this member feels as if we are stealing from them. The membership agreement this member completed was initialed and authorized with this cancellation policy. I do not understand why this should be a complaint. If the member can show proof of cancellation prior to them moving we will gladly refund the funds.Consumer Response That is the point. The policy is put in place to purposely make it as difficult as possible to cancel. It is a shady way of doing business and you know it. Final Business Response We are sorry this member feels this way. Our cancellation policy was very clear in the membership agreement. This member verified reviewing the cancellation policy at the time of enrollment. We will gladly refund this member if they have proof of the cancellation prior to them moving.

Review: I joined Planet Fitness in Nov 13th 2012. I have not once used their facilities. Over time I did not pay attention that after the 12 month contract that they were still deducting money from acct. Not until I stopped using that account and received an overdraft notice. A couple years ago. I took care of it and decided To close the account. I was informed I had to come in or mail a letter stating such a thing. Well I did not as, I overlooked it with all the other commitments I have with Traveling for work and such.

So today I get notice number two from my bank with overdraft fees which I paid reluctantly. I also attempted to close my account where I was told that I had to come in or mail a letter To which I replied yes but then was informed I can't close my account until I bring it up to date. Well I wasn't notified that I owed a balance first. Second it seems as though that this contract which is misleading at best states term agreements not to exceed 12 months has now exceeded 3 years almost. I tried to appeal to the "manager" who politely told me that she could not close it due to the unpaid balance. Now I get that but I don't get the misleading contract and the inhuman thinking of sucking the public for all their worth. This process is set up to distract and frustrate people to give up and continue to accept these bad buisness practices. A place that supposed to promote health doesn't operate in a healthy manner. I just want to stop paying for something I have never used and know never will along with anyone I know.Desired Settlement: Cancelled membership. $0.00. Balance they have made enough.



To whom this may concern: Unfortunately to be able to cancel, Mr. [redacted] would have to pay the balance owed on his account, and again would have to be in person or via certified mail. He himself stated, in the statement provided by you, that he was told twice the two ways to cancel, which is in person or via certified mail and that he neglected to do so. In our system at the club it shows we spoke with him on January 6th, 2015 in regards to cancelling and that he was aware of how to go about discontinuing his membership. His monthly dues did not start to accrue until November 2015, had he cancelled prior to, he would not have had a balance. I understand he feels the contract is misleading, but, by no means do we hide anything from the members. In the contract signed by Mr. [redacted], if read thoroughly, the second bullet on the membership agreement states "If you have a minimum monthly term, your account below will be billed for a minimum of 12 months and will continue at the monthly rate above until you cancel in accordance with this agreement." I apologize for any confusion, but he did sign the contract stating that he fully understood the agreement and its terms. If further questions or concerns he is more than welcome to contact the club at any time. Sincerely,

My wife tried to cancel three gym memberships. The employee did not complete the correct paperwork and we were charged additional months in error.In early November my wife entered the gym to cancel three memberships. The employee did something on the computer and said "everything was done". My wife asked if there was any paperwork needed and the answer was no. We saw the $30 charge in December, so my wife went back on 1/2/14 to discuss the issue. The employee stated that there was paperwork that should have been completed and that my wife should have signed the paperwork. She stated that since there was no written documentation of when my wife first tried to cancel then they could not refund any previous charges. Since we have no proof then we are not asking for the December charges to be refunded. My wife signed paperwork on 1/2/14 to cancel the memberships (or so we thought) and left. We saw charges totaling $20 on our credit card bill on 1/19/14. On 2/3/14 my wife called then ultimately drove to the gym to resolve the issue. The employee she spoke to on 2/3 stated that there should have been 3 packets of cancellation paperwork completed and not just one. My wife signed the 2 additional packets and asked for a refund of the $20. The employee stated that he would have to speak to his district manager about the refund. She instructed him to call me. I waited for 2 days with no phone call, so on 2/5/14 I called and asked to speak to [redacted] (the reported district manager). I asked about the status of the refund and he said he had to talk to his general manager. I repeatedly asked him why he could/would not refund the $20 but he never gave me an answer. He kept saying he would have to talk to his general manager. In our conversation he acknowledged that the employee made a mistake on 1/2/14 and should have completed 3 sets of paperwork. He even offered two months of free gym use (the equivalent of the $20). I told him that we did not want nor could we use the free gym use and we wanted the $20 refunded. I told him to talk to his general manager and that I expected a return phone call of when I will see the refund. To date no one else from Planet Fitness has called me.I called the gym again on 2/21/14 and asked for the corporate office phone number. The employee refused to provide that information and said that I would need to look it up myself on the internet. (The employee was completely professional in the conversation and I have no issue with her tone or explanation, I think it is just another extremely poor business practice by the company not to provide some kind of contact information if requested by a customer)I have looked at several internet sites and seen many complaints about Planet Fitness surrounding charges/billing issues and a refusal by the company to refund their customers for company mistakes. By all appearances, they do not appear to be willing to refund a customer if/when there is an employee mistake, which I find to an unacceptable business practice. Desired SettlementAt a minimum we should receive our $20 for January charges. My wife ultimately had to visit the gym 3 times over the course of several months for them to finally process our request correctly. Business Response This issue has been resolved. Please let me know if there is anything else we can do.

Review: I signed up with this company at the beginning of the year, around FEBRUARY. My monthly dues were $10. I reached out to the company via email in April to cancel my membership. I sent them email correspondence. I noticed in May, I was billed again. I reached out again to cancel. Finally, I noticed I was charged again this month. I was charged 39.95. I called and was told that it was the yearly membership. Well, if you had canceled my membership in April, I would not have been charged. Mind you, I've called and have spoken with several people on the evening shift about canceling and they stated it would be handled by a manager. I have not used this establishment in months. Today, I immediately sent my daughter into the facility with a letter, due to my being out of the area. I received a cancellation form. As it turns out, when my daughter gave the letter to Planet Fitness, my membership had not been canceled and we were told that the people on evening shift were new. I'm sorry but it is not my problem staff are improperly trained and gave out erroneous information. I feel treated unfairly.Desired Settlement: Refund from April until now, including the yearly fee of $39.99, because had it been canceled early on, I would not have been charged . I was told this is a yearly fee and if I signed up in February, I should not have been charged until next month.



Ms. [redacted] joined her local Planet Fitness at the beginning of January 2016. According to our records she never visited the club again. Our cancellation policy is clearly written in her agreement that was emailed to her directly. Our cancellation policy states “to cancel your monthly membership and stop the billing of the monthly membership fee on the 17th of the month, the club requires written notification by the 10th of the month delivered to the club in person or postmarked via certified mail to the club address listed below. In order to cancel the membership prior to the billing of the Annual Membership Fee, the club requires written notification as described above on or before the 25th of the previous month. The Annual Membership fee is fully earned when received and is non-refundable.” According to our notes Ms. [redacted] called the club on May 17th at 5:13pm to inquire how to cancel. The assistant manager took the call and told her the cancellation policy as stated in her agreement. He also reminded the member that she needed to cancel by May 25th in order not to be charged the Annual Fee on June 1st. On June 8th the membership was cancelled in the club and the member received proof of the cancellation. We didn’t received cancellation via email, and there are no other notes on the account about the member inquiring about cancellation. We cancelled the member as soon as she came into the club. Unfortunately we will not be refunding any of the dues, due to the fact that we were not notified of a cancellation until June 8th. Attached is a screenshot of the note we have on file from her call on on 5/17/16.

Review: In April, 2015 I joined Planet Fitness. In March, 2016 I called and explained, due to health reasons I could no longer use their facility. Th lady I spoke with was so helpful and explained she could handle the cancellation for me over the phone. She told me to cancel before my year end date it would cost me extra so I asked her to just cancel eflfective April. She told me she would handle it. I checked my bank statement, I opted for automatic charges on my credit card, and found I had been charged for April, May and, in addition, the annual fee for June. I spoke with the manager and she said she would have the regional rep contact me. That was on June 6. Yesterday I had a message that the lady had called so I returned the call this am. She explained the contract states you have to cancel, in writing, at least 7 days prior to the contract end date and because I had not done that they would not refund any of the money (20.05 @ for April, May and June and 39.00 for the 2016 annual fee). I was very disappointed they would not work with me and refund any money at all. I think that is very bad customer service and tried to contact headquarters but they say each gym is privately owned.Desired Settlement: Billing Adjustment / refund.



Mrs. [redacted] may have very well contact the gym in March in cancel her membership. She spoke with our front desk employee [redacted]. [redacted] is a very smart young lady. Mrs. [redacted] must've misunderstood [redacted] when [redacted] explained the cancellation policy and procedures. [redacted] is trained well and would not have offered to cancel Mrs. [redacted]'s membership over the phone. The only two ways we cancel memberships are either in person or by certified mail. Both of these methods provide the member with PROOF/VERIFICATION of the cancellation. This is explained in the contract that is signed by Mrs. [redacted]. I spoke with Mrs. [redacted] this morning. I told her that I would absolutely refund her $20.05 monthly due for June 17th if they are drafted from her account because we now have PROOF of cancellation. However, I am sure that she will not be drafted at all. We are always willing to refund when we have verification that a mistake has been made on our behalf. In this case, we cannot verify any error made. I hope this helps to clarify the situation.



I have reviewed the response offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.Regards,[redacted]

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