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Wtf Planet Fitness
What are all of these insane charges!? I owe $100 due to random fees but I haven’t even used my subscription yet!? Absolutely not. I am appalled and I want the insane charges removed! This is bananas!? Late fees I get but wth is the rest of that nonsense!?
Wtf Planet Fitness

640 and closed? Doors locked?
So brand new location in west islip. Weeks rd. I have been here a few times now. The staff are all nasty and miserable. The tanning rooms are brand new and have been closed now due to malfunctioning multiple times. Today I went at 640 on a Sunday and the doors were locked. Not a good start. Back to la fitness I go. Later of

Hello, We are sorry that there’s confusion regarding your account and want to address your concernsSo you are aware, the monthly membership fees have never increasedYou were initially billed your monthly $+ tax on July, August, September, and October 17th and your once per year annual fee of $+ tax on October 1stAll four month’s monthly fees declined on the initial and many subsequent resubmittalsWhen accounts are left in arrear, a $late fee may be applied in the event a balance is left unpaid for more than daysTwo of these fees were assessed since JulyYou were not charged a cancellation fee on November 1stHowever, you did pay your remaining account balancePlease review the following: CHARGE AMOUNT RESULT BALANCE July Monthly Fee: $ DECLINED -$ LATE FEE -$ Past Due Amount PMT PAID 8/ $ August Monthly Fee: $ DECLINED -$ LATE FEE -$ September Monthly Fee: $ DECLINED -$ October Annual Fee: $ PAID -$ October Monthly Fee: $ DECLINED -$ Past Due Amount PMT $ PAID 11/ -$ Past Due Amount PMT $ PAID 11/ $ Please let us know if these charges match your records before we proceedThank you!

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because This is just not right that they cannot find the documentation to support this and we trusted them to honor our request to cancel the membershipYes I guess it is partly my fault for not monitoring my bank account more closely but I had no need to look for a gym membership because we cancelled itBut I am positive we cancelled the membership in JanuaryI am still looking for the paperwork on the membership closure and I may not find it since it has been a year agoI think remembering it was a yellow paper should tell them something, that yes we did fill out the cancellation paperWe moved out of the area shortly after [redacted] 's surgeryWe had no idea if you could transfer a membership so our option was to cancelYou would also think that the records of [redacted] NOT being there for many months would send up a flag and contact us for a reason why we were not using the services to see if we were happy or notWe have not received a call from MrT [redacted] to date to resolve this issue Regards, [redacted]

I have reviewed the information in Ms [redacted] complaint Planet Fitness does not take any complaint lightly I have communicated with the staff at the Milwaukee-Downtown, WI location in order to better understand the situation As Ms*** requested, her membership has been cancelled Her payment for the month of November will be refunded once it has been confirmed to have been processed She will receive a check in the mail at the address listed on the original complaint It may take up to two weeks following confirmation of the processed payment I hope that this resolves the situation and that Ms*** is satisfied Have a great day! [redacted] Planet Fitness

Good Morning, This case was taken care of on Wednesday February 21st, This is the date [redacted] and [redacted] cancelled their membershipsThanks, God BlessBryan [redacted]

I apologize for any inconvenience that our member has encountered due to this issueAll of are members are valued participants within our teamAs of today the member is still within a commitment with us and as it states in his agreement, "If your membership has a minimum commitment, and you wish to cancel your membership early a $(plus tax) Buy Out fee is required with your cancellation." Also stated in the signed agreement, " Your account below will be billed on or around the 17th of each month beginning on Sept 17th for $per month or until you cancel in accordance with this agreement." Currently the membership is still active and in good standingWe strive to provide our members and potential members with very honest and upfront pricing and policiesIn the agreement also is our cancellation policy, " To cancel your monthly membership and stop the monthly billing on the 17th of the month, the club requires written notification by the 10th of the month delivered to the club in person or preferably via certified mail." To date the requirements have not been met for us to cancel the membership being the reason for his continued chargesAttached is Mr [redacted] ' membership agreementFeel free to contact me for any other info

[redacted] signed up for a membership in April via our websiteThe membership she had signed up for carries a month minimum term, to cancel prior to their term being up the member is required to pay a $buy out feeSince [redacted] signed up in April every month has declined this has put her account at a balance of $While we do not require the letter be sent certified we do recommend itIf we would have recieved a letter we would have immediately contacted this member and made her aware of both her balance and buyout feeWhile she is responsible for both fees on her account we will waive [redacted] full balance and buyout fee as a courtesy

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:First of all my mother was not rude with Nicole on the phone and made no such threatsIt was Nicole who so unprofessionally told us she had to leave because she no longer wished to speak with us on the phoneAs for the continued lies about trying to contact me, I received no letter in the mail until December 5th, and it was dated November 29, we called Nicole on December 6th We received no phone call until AFTER we called and spoke to Nicole, such convenient timingI called [redacted] and found that they just continued to try and take money from my account during the supposed "grace period" you get to make up the payment, rather than contacting me to let me know there was even an issueIt is very sad to see a business run so poorly and with such disregard for the customer base Regards, [redacted] **

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below As best I can tell there was no response to my complaint at all Regards, [redacted]

From: Date: Wed, Jan 4, at 11:AMSubject: RE: ID [redacted] To: [redacted] Hi ***, I called and left [redacted] a messageJust waiting to hear back to see if we can resolve the issues

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below Thank you for the response by equipment managerI accept the apologyHis word is reasonable regarding to the agreement on annual feeHowever, I am still very unhappy with the attitude of the manager at Planet Fitness Ithaca local office (The Shops at Ithaca Mall, Catherwood Road, Ithaca, NY, 14850)I don't know her name, but I know she is the one who deal with Ithaca Planet Fitness membership, and is in a higher levelShe is at her 50sShe was very rude to me at that time when I come to negotiate with her about the annual feeAll I want is just a nice attitude and a "sorry" for not making this clear to her clientsHowever, she behaved badly and show no respect to us (her customers)She didn't want to explain anything and didn't even want to listen to our explanationShe kept yelling to us at that timeShe even asked us to get out of her store To a big fitness center as Planet Fitness Center, I don't think you should hire this kind of manager, who would only expel your customers and let them never go to any Planet Fitness center any more (That's the original sentence after I talk with another local Planet fitness center member after she also be treated like this)I hope you could have some punishment on that manager, or just let her write an apology letter to me by herself Thank you Regards, [redacted] *** I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.The business is not addressing the issue what so everI cancelled my account via the phoneThen months later they tell me it isn't possible to do it that wayI will not accept responsibility of charges on my account because an employee at Planet fitness was not trained properly on how to cancel accountsTo my knowledge my account had been cancelledWhich is why I never checked into the gym since I knew I no longer held a membershipI put a stop payment when I realized they were drafting from my account after I had cancelledWhen I decided to start a new membership, they informed me I had never cancelled and I had this outstanding balanceThey told me nothing was their fault and that they had sent the bill to a collections agencyThey offered no sort of apology for what they had done and ended up hanging up the phone on meThey have lied several times when I had called in the past and told me that because they have no notes on their computer system about my phone call that it didn't actually ever happenObviously when its a complaint the employees just decide not to document the phone call at allThey owe me the money that they illegally drafted from my account, and I expect the "bill" be wiped out of the collections agency immediately with no traces of that on my credit score Regards, [redacted]

The member did not pay an “annual fee” when she signed up she paid the “enrollment fee.” As far as the billing days after signing up, we are billing for the upcoming month, so she actually received free daysWith the enrollment fee changing we do run promotions that can be done at any time The member pays whatever the enrollment fee is for the day that they come inEven if we start a promotion the next day the member was still charged correctly for the day that they came inThe annual fee that the member did pay is clearly outlined and explained in the members agreement, and by the staff member that signs them upThis fee is annual and does happen once a year, but is not another enrollment fee, or a renewal feeThis fee goes toward upkeep of the club, and new equipment, and allows us to make sure we can provide our members with all of the luxuries and new equipment without having to charge the $or $monthly dues of other clubsMost health clubs have this annual fee now for this reasonThis also guarantees that the members monthly dues will not increaseAll of this being said this member was never charged incorrectly, and every fee and charge is clearly outlined in the agreement that the member signed and stated that she fully understoodWe also give every member a copy of this agreement so that they have all of this information for reference at any timeI did get a chance to speak with the member today and went over all of this informationShe seemed to understand what everything is now, but was still upset about having to pay the annual feeI do want to point out that the bank information we have in the system for this member is incorrect, so this member has not actually been charged anything yetAfter speaking with her and having her tell me her opinion of Planet fitness and myself I decided to waive all fee and charges, even though they were correct and she did owe them, and just cancelled her outI did this to avoid another possible situation in the club if she had to go back to cancel out the membership

Attached is a copy of Mr [redacted] agreementThe agreement states that on 1/08/Mr [redacted] signed up for the monthly membershipThis gives him access to the home gym and trainer onlyWhile a member at Hilliard, Ohio the member tried to bring in a guest on 03/04/He was informed then that he did not have the black card membership and could not bring a guest inHe was told to have a guest he would have to convert to the black card membership or have his guest join on his own monthly membership He also tried to get the manager to alter the stafee for the monthly membership which he was also told we could not doThe member left on 03/04/without his membership being converted to a black card membership and without his guest signing upThen the member transferred to the West Broad, Planet Fitness and again tried to bring in guests with the monthly membershipHe also tried to let his friends use his scan card to come in and use the facilityWhen one of the employees working at the Planet Fitness off West Broad stopped him to tell him he could not bring in guests, he started using profanity and calling the employee namesUnfortunately Mr [redacted] violated the terms of the agreement by trying to give his scan card to others to use and by using profanity toward the employees when told he could not have a guestThe membership was cancelled on 07/07/Thank you, Victoria L.Club ManagerRoberts RdHilliard, Ohio 43026Phone: [redacted] Fax: [redacted]

Hello,? ? ? My name is Andrea M [redacted] I am the General Manager here at Planet FitnessI apologize for not responding soonerAfter I read the complaint I went into Ms [redacted] ? account and started to look at why there is a balance being shownThere is in fact a balance of $ I have highlighted and attached statements from our end showing those months that were paid and those that were notThe annual fee with tax came to $on Oct 2016, only $of that balance was paid so a remaining $is on the account for the annual feeOn the 17th of Dec the monthly fee of $did not go through due to insufficient fundsA $late fee was added on Jan for Decembers balanceOn the 17th of April the monthly fee of $did not go through again due to insufficient fundsMs [redacted] total comes to $We will be more than happy to waive the $late fee if the total balance is paid off in fullIf these charges have gone through the members bank,all we would need is the bank statement showing so and we would be more than happy to correct it in our system.If you have any further question please contact meThank YouAndrea M***? [redacted]

[redacted] ***

I have been a member of this gym on and off for yearsI honestly choose to go through the night or early in the morning (before 1st shift arrives) because first shift is extremely rudeThe manager (?? the guy who wears the black shirt durring the day) is so incredibly rude and unprofessional, I am just baffled by their behaviorThey really need to change their motto because every time I walk in there durring the day, that's all I feel is judgementI feel like if they had better management the employees, who are also mostly rude and judgemental, would follow suit This isn't a new occurrence, I've felt this way since I thought they were getting better, and there are some of the employees who are so nice and accepting, but there are still quite a few nasty ones that shouldn't be working with the public at all

Complaint: I am rejecting this response because:The company representative told me that a checking account was required for a membership Since I could not provide them with a checking account, I assumed that my membership had been terminated and I did not return The company then went ahead and withdrew funds from my credit card account, twice The company still owes me for another month Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Hello, Planet Fitness officially cancelled my membership in their systems on February 16, - nearly four months after the Planet Fitness employee I spoke with told me they had cancelled my membershipI then spoke with a supervisor February 4th (the same day I sent a written letter to cancel) who was aware of this and make absolutely no note of our conversation in the system, leading them to continue to charge me for the month of February on February on February 18th Regards, [redacted] I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does not satisfy or resolve my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # [redacted] Please add your rejection comments below Regards, [redacted] ***

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