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PureFit KETO

Dallas, Texas, United States, 75201

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Billed Twice for the same order.
Ordered pure-fit Keto on a promo, buy 3 at $33.00 each get one free. Bill $66.00.
Was charged $129.00 called and was able to straighten it out on 05/25. On 05/28 company shipped product and billed my account another $129.00

Desired Outcome

Return of the over billed $129.00

Complete scam. Much like the others, I ordered what I thought was 2 bottles plus 3 for free and was charged $273, instead of the approximately $50 I had expected. Called immediately after receiving confirmation asking to amend my order thinking I had accidentally ordered too many bottles. Was told I could not cancel as the order had already been sent to the fulfillment center. I was told that I would have to receive the product and then return it using their 100% guarantee for a refund. Needless to say I have not received a refund and now don't even have the product. I followed their instructions and returned the items unopened via a trackable shipping method (which I paid $20 for). They supplied me with a return code and said the refund would be processed within 14 calendar days at the most. I called after 3 weeks with proof that they had received the product and was told the refund was processing. After another week, still no refund so I called again. This time, the representative said they did not receive the product. I called Canada Post and they confirmed they had a signature upon delivery. Called customer service back and was told, that, they had received the product but there was a mix up but they have now matched up the return and the refund was being processed. Needless to say I can not get anywhere with my refund and will not be seeing one. Do not make the same mistake as I have.

Their customer service is terrible. I looked at buying it and even entered my information then got out of the website because I decided to do more research. Four days later I got a package of items I didn't order. I called customer service and was treated terrible. Finally gave me an rma no. And I asked for them to pay the shipping because I never placed the order. He refused and I asked for a supervisor. He continually talked over me not letting me talk and only interested in trying to get me to keep the product at a reduced cost. As a Supervisor in a call center I was horrified by the poor service from a Supervisor. He never addressed my request and I ended up hanging up on him. Customer service is the face of your product. Not only was I treated terrible by the representative but his supervisor as well. How can their website allow a purchase without the customer confirmation. Never would I buy something from a company that has no respect for a customer.

Good evening, I would like some answers but above all I would like my refund

Good evening, I contacted you the day after I ordered the products to cancel the order, I was told that it was not possible because it had already been sent, they sent me an email with all the information I needed to follow in order to have the refund and send the products back, and a week passed *** the products did not arrive, I tried several times to contact the number +XXXXXXXXXXXX nobody answers, I want answers, the order number and:
I'm waiting for your news by email,
best regards

Desired Outcome

I would like to have a refund, and the money put into the account with which I paid, sorry for my English,thank you

This is a pure scam. They charge your credit card almost double. Then when you call you have to accept your order so they can charge you a re sticking fee. Total and complete scam.

HORRIBLE!! Complete scam! They should be shut down. I called and talked to customer service and kept getting the run around. Asked to speak to a supervisor and they told me he was in a meeting after waiting on the phone for over an hour!! I asked could he/she call me back but apparently they do not do that. I will be calling again today and reporting this company!!

a purchase of 169.74 was charged to my credit card, I returned the items and never received a credit. never authorized this charge to begin with
I bought 2 trial bottles of Fitclub Keto Platinum for $4.97 and a bottle of Fitclub Forskolin for $4.75 back in November 2018.Then in November of 2018 they charged my credit card $89.97 and $79.77 for two of the same bottles that I did not authorize the charge. I returned both bottles in the un-open package that I received and I still have not been credited for these two charges on my account. I called my credit card company and said that it was out of there hands, so I called the Keto company and they told me that there was nothing they could do. They received the product that I shipped back but issued no credit? I didn't want the product anyway, it was to expensive. So I have been charged for something that I do not have

Desired Outcome

would like a refund to my credit card. talked to them 5/7/19 and they said it was up to the credit card company, which they have nothing to do with issuing me a credit. the company should and I returned the un-opened product back to them

would go lower than a one star rating if I could.
Purefit keto is a complete scam. First they stole addresses from my e-mail account. I purchased the buy 3 get 2 free bottles which should have come to a total price of $89.97 but was charged $274.29 on the credit card. Wrote to customer service, never got a reply. Tried calling the phone number they gave, not in service, to date have not received my ordered products.
I did start to worry about the legitimacy of this company after I hit the send button for my purchase when there was no total amount showing up on the card nor was there any e-mail confirming purchase or price.
I feel not only keto but dragons den & stark tank are in on this scam as they appear not to be doing anything to stop it, so falling to do nothing makes them just as couplable & despicable as the scammers.

I paid more the products than the advertised price. Phone number given is no longer in use. This is fraud and request a refund
The product I ordered was 3 bottles at $29.95 plus 2 free bottles, with free delivery. The amount I was charged was $Us198 which converts to $AU 290.51. This is false advertising at its best and obviously a scam.
Goods have been sent and I have emailed the company expressing my concer. After googling them I can see there have been lots of complaints about the company.

Desired Outcome

When the goods arrive I will be returning them which the company should pay and a full refund

Customer Response • Jun 04, 2019

Thankyou for your email.
The company responded to my emails, and when I pointed out to them that it was a scam, and if not illegal, certainly unethical, and after much to ing and fro ing I was able to obtain a refund. Thankyou for your efforts, and the company is still dodgy and ripping off unsuspecting people.

I was overcharged for this product. Now they are sending a different product that I DID NOT order.
I stupidly fell for this email I received. The ad read: buy 3 bottles-get 2 free @ $29.99 each. That would total $89.99. I was charged $198.00. I just got another email from this company, stating that I had also ordered something called SMART CLEANSE DETOX, and it was being shipped for an additional $69.85. I was out of town for 3 weeks vacation and so I wasn't able to respond to email within the 24 hour deadline for cancellation.

Desired Outcome

I will not accept the new product I supposedly ordered, but didn't. When it arrives, I will mark it 'return to sender'. I want to be reimbursed the difference between the $89.97 as advertised and the $198 that I was charged. I was gullible enough to fall for the initial ad, and so I know I owe the $89.97.

Totally ripped of by this compay paid for goods never received! £30.20 should have left my account when in actual fact £151 has been taken out!
contacted customer services 11/04/19 to advise about £151 out of my account without my knowledge, gave me loads of rubbish how sorry they were how great their product is etc, etc.

advised them I hadnt received the goods and wanted my £151 back and they said they would emeil me a returns note (not sure why has I have nothing to return!). I told them that should I receive the goods I would return them but wanted my money back....still waiting for the goods and the email!

I want my £151 back and this copany to be closed down they are a total rip off.

Desired Outcome

my £151 back and the company shutting down so that this can not happen to other people!

False advertising, over-billing, unauthorized charge, generic customer service responses,
I received what appeared to be an email from my sister telling me that she thought I would find PureFit Keto to be something I might be interested in and so I clicked on the link in the email which brought me to a website that appeared to be legitimate. Ultimately, I decided to try the supplement. I attempted to make a purchase, but my card was declined. Thinking I may have entered the number wrong, I reentered my credit card information, but was declined again. Within seconds of being declined, I received text messages from my credit card company's fraud department so I called them. I verified that it was me making the purchase, but that I was no longer interested in making a purchase due to the information they provided and so they did release the hold on my card. I then did additional research on the company and found that it was in fact a scam. Based on my findings, I decided I wanted nothing to do with the company and walked away from my computer. A few hours later, I received a text message from my credit card company stating that PureFit Keto ( had charged my credit card $129. I immediately called my credit card company and after reviewing notes from our earlier conversation they closed the account and have initiated an investigation. I also emailed PureFit Keto directing them to stop processing the order. In fact, I sent two emails; one was a reply to their order confirmation, the other was a form I found on their website. I received emails back stating that PureFit Keto closed my account (an account I did not open), but that they had already shipped my order and so it could not be canceled. However, under the terms listed on their website, it states that orders are not sent out on Saturdays, Sundays, or Holidays so I don't know why I am being told the product was sent out when they charged my credit card on a Saturday and I immediately responded telling them to cancel the order. This company or companies is highly unethical in their practices, in fact, they are thieves. SUMMARY: I first received an email stating it was from my sister, which I have since confirmed she did not send. The company made an unauthorized charge to my credit card, they charged me more than what they advertised, they then tell me they can't refund my card because the order was sent out despite the fact that their website says they do not ship on weekends or holidays (all of this transpired on Saturday 4/6/and Sunday 4/7/2019). Apparently, they also set up an account for future shipments when in fact I did not set up any such account. The fact that they charged my credit card hours after it was declined and without my authorization, really upsets me and I'm sure I am not the only one they have done this to. They also use false advertising throughout there website and there is no "small print" alerting the customer that they are signing up for a subscription. They need to be stopped.
The order number is: XXXXXaca65-5caXXX-XXeXXXXX-XXXXXXXX
The company name they used is:
The charge appears on my credit card as:
Shop Online Health
Initial attempts to purchase products were done on: April 6, 2019 at approximately 11:00 AM (both attempts were declined)
PureFit Keto charged my credit card the same day at approximately 1:48 PM
I responded to PureFit Keto demanding they stop processing the order on the same day at 2:08 PM
Emails are signed by:
The Purefit Keto Support Team, Gretchen, and Rain L.

Desired Outcome

I want the company to refund the $129 they charged to my credit card for an initial purchase after my card had been declined twice due to the company being flagged for fraud. It was an unauthorized charge that was done while I was in my kitchen cooking--I was not online. I also want them to stop using stolen contacts from people (my relative).

This company runs a complete set-up scam. They tell you the product is free in the meantime they ask for your credit card information and in very tiny print where you can hardly read it they ask you to check box if you have read and agree to terms. Well, I don't know anyone that will sit and read at least 4 pages of terms written in the smallest print. Anyway, in my own stupidity, I checked the box. Time lapsed and then when I checked my balance in my account I saw two withdrawals for 89.94 taken for the merchandise sent which I assumed was free. I called immediately to complain to the company and asked to return unopened merchandise for a refund minus shipping charges. They told me that had I returned items within the trial period they could have refunded my money. There was nothing I could do because I was beyond the trial period, so I lost 178.00 dollars. I have heard many people say they had the same predicament with the same results. They have celebrity testaments that are false and shark tank did not question whether the product was FDA regulated which it is not. I believe this product to be a dangerous one. It does not address diabetic concerns and as everyone knows an insulin intake diabetic must not go very low on carbohydrates. I tried the product and lowered my intake of carbs and almost ended up in the hospital. I believe this product should be regulated and taken off the market until it is.

They did not specify automatic recurring monthly charges. No way too cancel the order.
On 3/30/19 found another charge to my credit card. "Cressolenamus" is the name they use on my card details.

Desired Outcome

Full refund

order30 day supply of purefit keto. Put me on automatic reorder each month. nowhere on their webpage does it mention automatic renewal.
I ordered a 30 day supply of purefit keto. which was fine. Today I received a second bottle for another 30 days. Nowhere on their website did it talk about putting me on automatic billing and sending me a new bottle each month, costing nearly $70.00. I found a phone number X(XXX)XXX-XXXX and talked to Jason, who cancelled any future orders. He gave me a transaction number *** I do not trust that he will do as he said. I also called my credit card company and if they send me another bottle they will dispute it. The billing was by "healthy-world-shop XXXXXXXXXXX *** ". After reading some articles this outfit is a total scam from top down and I should have researched them more before I ever purchased their product.

Thank You

Desired Outcome

do not want anymore of their product sent to me and no further charges. I am going to take it on the chin this time, but it cannot happen again.

I have returned 5 bottles of tablets to Purefit Keto PO Box 1079 Pleasant Grove UT -was overcharged -
tracked product & PK received them 1 week ago.
Purefit Keto advertised online for their ketosis burning tablet 3 bottles for price of 2 (approx. $20 per bottle)When clicking the purchase button, not amount came up on the screen. I notified the company online immediately & asked what was I charged for the tablets & they said $198USD. I said that is crazy, you advertised them for approx. $40 for 3 bottles. I said, please cancel this transaction as I don't want to pay this huge amount of money. They said it is too late, they have been sent already. I said, well when I receive them I am sending them straight back. I did this when the tablets came, & I sent back the 5 bottles they sent (unopened). I"tracked" the journey & the company received the tablets back, one week ago & no monies have been put back into the credit card that was used for the purchase. I put a detailed list of what had happened, as a covering letter with the tablets, when I sent them back. I have since read online so many other people who purchased Purefit Keto were also charged $198USD & have returned the product because of the exorbitant charge & have not heard back from the company. Would really appreciate it if you could help recover this money as not only was there a $198USD charge, but it also cost us approx. $25USD to return them. Kind regards, Mrs

Desired Outcome

full refund please

Misrepresentation on contact details.
The business has listed our phone number on their literature and we have no connection with them. Their clients are calling us and we want them to stop misrepresenting themselves as being connected to us.

Desired Outcome

They are offering our business telephone number on their written material to their clients. I need them to take our number off.

I was informed by email that I would receive a refund for the product I returned. This was supposed to have been refunded on the 25th January 2019.
On the 24th of December 2018 I purchased an offer from purefit keto which was buying 3 bottles for £22.40 and getting 2 bottles free. I was charged £151.00 on my visa debit card. When I contacted my bank about the payment, as I was unsure what it was, at first, they told me it was a recurring billing payment! I was shocked. I contacted purefit by telephone and asked for a callback as I was on hold for a long time.
When they eventually rang me back I requested that the billing be stopped and I didn't want anymore product. I also requested to return the product I had received! The lady on the phone began to try and get me to keep the product for a reduced price and part refund. I said no thank you. She then said I could keep the product and have a 90% less packaging costs refund. Again I said no and she eventually agreed to send me the refund details. I followed the instructions and sent the parcel back and emailed the tracker number on the 14th of January 2019.
As I hadn't heard anything from them I emailed and requested confirmation of return on 21st January. On the 3rd of February they emailed me saying that they have refunded me on the 25th January and that it should reflect into my account in 3-5 business days. It didn't! I emailed them on the 4th February saying I hadn't received my refund. They then emailed back to now allow 30 days for it to reflect in my account. So, I waited. I emailed them again at exactly 30 days. To which they said they would forward my email to their corporate billing department to investigate.
Yesterday (8th March) I emailed for an update. This morning I have an email, basically matching the original email about a refund on the 25th January as their records show!!! This is extremely frustrating. I have not received any refund from them and I have my bank statements for the year so far to prove this!! Please can you help?

Kind regards

Desired Outcome

I would just like my money back!! I have sent their product back and they have said to me they have received it, therefore, I want what is mine! My refund.

Stop resorting to spamming using other peoples email addresses

I would not buy anything from these guys. we canceled our Credit card and said we did not want any more products. we then were charged and sent a product we did not even want. they said we could send it back for refund and know they tells us we are stuck with a product we dont even want or asked for. they suck and dont buy anything from them.

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This website was reported to be associated with PureFit KETO.

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This website was reported to be associated with PureFit KETO.

This website was reported to be associated with PureFit KETO.

This website was reported to be associated with PureFit KETO.

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