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Ms**, I'm confused on why Ms [redacted] is even writing with a complaint She is correct in the fact she contacted LGS for some stucco repairs on her home back in August, August 20, to be exact We sent her a letter on August 22, stating how much the stucco repairs would cost She accepted, signed the letter and sent in a check in the amount of $which we received September 5, It is our policy to get small stucco repair job money up front in order to schedule any work, however it was clearly stated that the checks are never cashed until after the job it completed We called her with a date of September 16, and she said that would be fine, that gave her some time removed some sprinklers hitting the wall Nothing was ever mentioned about bushes being removed My notes from August 20, clearly state the stucco damage was done by her sprinklers constantly hitting the wall She needed to have sprinklers removed not bushes Our workers showed up on the scheduled date and time and she said she was sorry but she hadn't had time to get someone out to removed the sprinklers She called the office to say she sent my stucco crew away for she needed to have some sprinklers removed before we did the stucco repairs, for she didn't want the sprinklers hitting the stucco patches She cost me money sending my workers away on a scheduled date that she set up Mr [redacted] called her later that day to set up another date, but she did not want to commit until after her sprinklers were removed We waited for two weeks for her to call, but when we didn't hear from her, I called her to set up dates, but she wasn't ready She told me she would call once she was ready to schedule the stucco repairs I then put her $check in her files and there it sits today, uncashed She never called back for the repair work to get done Attached is a copy of her check, uncashed I will gladly send her check back It was her choice not to call to schedule the appointment and she never was out any money She needs to get in touch with her bank to verify that her check #***, dated 8-31-was never cashed and the funds have always been in her account We are sorry for any confusion on this matter [redacted] , Treasurer

We would like to acknowledge the complaint # [redacted] .Complainant says vehicle has had mechanical issues since he left and that documents were falsifiedOur position on this matter:The 50/nationwide coverage is provided to protect renters when encountering mechanical troubleTo qualify repairs must be pre approvedDOT repairs were approved for complainant and with the Trucker Super Saver program, additional savings were applied to complainant's account for shop time while truck was being repairedAfter repair, truck continued to encounter mechanical issuesTo rectify the situation, we offered complainant a replacement truckAs for the contract mileage discrepancy, it is customer’s responsibility to inspect the truck and sign off on accuracy of information before leaving in the unitThis was signed off in the contract by complainant, however the mileage in our system may not have been updated before creating the contract, accounting for inaccurate information.Our plan of action:We have contacted this customer to work towards a solutionHe is currently at our [redacted] location picking out a truck.Resolved:YesTell us why here

This is an update to a negative review I posted some months agoI am pleased to report that Lemon Grove Stucco contacted me, apologized for the delay, and promptly fixed the stucco areas that needed attentionThe owner personally came up to our Julian home twice, first to survey what needed to done and again to make the needed fixesWe are pleased with the quality of work and now understand why there was a delayI can now give a 100% positive review to Lemon Grove StuccoBe assured that Cliff, the owner, will personally stand behind his company and do what is right for his customers

Complaint ID#: [redacted] American Truck Group goes to great lengths to ensure the highest standards of Customer Service and Professionalism.All calls are recorded and we are currently researching the incident in which the Customer says one of CustomerService Representative’s discontinued the phone call with the Customer by hanging up on him.I have also spoken with the Sales Department about the claims made by the Customer regarding the removal offixtures intended for Safety and Compliance purposesOur Sales group assures me this is not an accurate claimATGwants all drivers that come through our program to leave in a safe, reliable, DOT complaint truckIt is procedure forall trucks to receive a DOT inspection from our shop before leaving the lot on a rental contract.When the Customer took possession of Stock# ***, the Customer was told by his Salesperson that the Customercould make improvements to the truck and to check the truck thoroughly before leavingThe Salesperson alsoinformed the Customer, as with all customer’s, that the Customer should stick around the area for a couple of daysafter taking possession of the truckJust in case there were issues with the truck, the Customer would be close to ourfacility so repairs could be done quicker and more easily.The Customer was also offered and waived all maintenance plans and breakdown coverage’s offered to the Customerat the time of Closing on the truck with the exception of the Silver Plan our company offers which covers repairs inATG’s internal shop only and it was explained to the Customer the he would have no coverage outside of ATG’s shop.On December 14, The Customer complained that the check engine light had come on in the truck and the truckstarted shakingWe referred the Customer to a shop near the CustomerWhen ATG called the Customer for anupdate, the Customer informed us that he hadn’t made it to the shop ATG referred the Customer to, the Customersaid maybe tomorrowOnce the Customer did make it to the shop, the Customer was informed the repairs would bearound $6,At such time, the Customer informed us he did not have the funds to pay for the repairs.The Customer chose to leave the shop without having the repairs done and continued to use to truck to haul loadsfrom December 15, to December 26, This abuse has caused several thousand dollars additional damage tothe truck.On December 21, 2016, American Truck Group called the Customer and offered to help the Customer stating that ifthe Customer would come back to our facility, ATG would take a look at the truck and see what ATG could do to helpthe CustomerThe Customer stated he was unhappy and returning the truckHowever, the Customer continued tohaul loads using the truck.Before returning Stock# [redacted] to ATG’s facility on December 26, 2016, the Customer had a payment due on hiscontract of $This balance is still unpaid.American Truck Group has done all they can do to try to help the Customer.ATG will not be issuing a refund to the CustomerWe will fully cooperate with the mandatory and binding arbitrationprocess at the Customers expense should we winArbitration is required under the rental contract

I was really just looking up the phone number when I started to read some reviews and thought I would put in my cents Looking for a truck seemed exciting at first until I realized all the things I was going to have to do before I could even hit the road, and then on top of that I was having a hard time dealing with my bank about the trucks I was looking at I was looking to buy this Volvo from Arrow trucks - got overwhelmed with all the nit pick and paperwork and needed and I started looking around again which is how I found this companyThey were consistent with keeping me updated on my approval status, truck arrival and did all the paperwork to get me compliant and not have to deal with it all myself Getting the money down was really the hardest part, payments are actually easy now that my profit margin is higher, I actually prefer to use the services and shop help they offer than to have to work it all out on my ownI don't know how anyone would want to go anywhere else

06/18/15We would like to acknowledge the complaint [redacted] Complainant wants to be refunded.Our position on this matter:In the best interest of this customer, the charges have been refunded and the customer has received all of their money back.Our plan of action:In the best interest of customer relations, we have spoken with this customer to confirm that they have received their refund.Resolved:Yes

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: The response ATG gave are all lies, my hauling company can confirm I did not haul a load to any customerATG never advised me to take the truck to any shop close by, I was told to bring the truck to them for repairsI have the textAlso I have receipts proving my payments were up to date I did not and do not owe them anythingThis is bold face lies and I am so glad we have this on recordSee you in court ATG! Regards, [redacted] ***

The Bank has reviewed the customer's complaint and has again reached out to the customer to resolve his issues and concerns

Super great service from Breakdown and all the Team at Gulfport locationI have added a second truck to my incomeThey make it very easy to build a businessI had a small scale problem right after I left with the truckIt looked bad, but when I called the Breakdown teamThey reassured me that it had to be something smallIt was the oil dipstick had cracked during my driveI turned around went back and they fixed it immediatelyAlso, they cleaned my motor from the leaking oilBack on the road living the American dreamThanks American Truck Group and the breakdown Team for making that possibleReturning Customer for another truck soon that will be number in my fleet I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Regards, [redacted]

In response to the Customer's rejection:We stand behind our original response the Customers complaint: The Katherine Drive, Suite 400Flowood, MS Response to Complaint ID# [redacted] Re: Customer Experience Information I have been reading over the Customers contract along with the notes to contract and the emails sent between the Customer and employees of American Truck Group, LLC and its affiliates With every company, there is a certain amount of turnover This is unavoidable There appears to have been some confusion after the Customers original salesperson left, however, a new salesperson was adequately able to assist the CustomerAs for the payment amounts: I have been supplied with an email from our Sales Department to the Customer asking if the Customer is ok with the payment amount The Customer responded that yes, that is fineAs for the “Check Engine” light coming on in the truck after taking possession of it: Stated on the front page of the contract, the Customer is to contact our Breakdown Team with any issues the Customer is having with the truck This did not happen nor has it happened from the issuance of the contract between the Customer and American Truck Group or its affiliatesOutside of the Check Engine Light and the passenger door not locking, I cannot find any other issues (mechanical or otherwise) with the truck that was been relayed or reported to American Truck Group or any of its affiliates In Response to the Customers FACT sheet: The truck was not purchased on 6/6/The Customer rented the truck on 7/6/and it is in a weekly contract Also, the Customer was informed there was a delay and the truck wasn’t ready The Customer chose to keep previously made travel arrangements and arrive at Am***an Truck Group knowing the truck wasn’t ready for deliveryThe Customer was given a copy of the contract The first page of the contract has a phone number to reach our Breakdown TeamThe Breakdown Team is equipped to handle any roadside/mechanical issues our customers have Everyone at any business has a certain job/task to do This is why we provide our Customers with different phone numbers for them to call depending on the situationWe strive to help our customers any way we possibly can however, our Customers are investing in a business and need to take some responsibility as well We encourage all of our Customers to communicate with us frequentlyIf the Finance Manager did in fact state that you’re over your days, the Manager was mistakenAfter learning the customer was having problems, our Breakdown Team has attempted to call the CustomerThe Customer did not answer so a team member sent the Customer a text The Breakdown Team has not received any communications from the Customer regarding any problems with the truck nor an answer with the missed calls or text message at this timeThe Customer has been supplied a copy of their Closing Form which entails the majority of Am***an Truck Group fees and a copy of their contract that was explained in its entirety, which the Customer signed and initialed, before taking possession of the truck As with any company, in the course of business, there are processing fees that all companies chargeThe Customer has chosen to park the truck at their home and not move it or call our Breakdown Team According to the notes, the Customer paid a private party to come to the Customers home to DOT the truck after the “Check Engine” light came on and the passenger door not locking properlyThat’s the only problems I have been able to find with the truck Again, the Customer needs to get in contact with our Breakdown TeamThe Customer has not done their part in reporting any problems they are having with the truck with our Breakdown team Taking all of the circumstances in account, ATG will not be issuing a refund to the Customer as requested in the first part of the Customers complaint We will fully cooperate with the mandatory and binding arbitration process at the Customers expense should we win Arbitration is required under the rental contract [redacted] Am***an Truck Group

05/29/15We would like to acknowledge the customer complaint [redacted] .Customer wants to be refunded his commercial truck rental deposit.Our position on this matter:This account has been reviewedComplainant alleges he was never told that the truck was a rentalEvery truck we have for sale may be sold for cash or financed independentlyIf the customer has no credit, they also have the option to rent the truck, contingent upon agreement to our Commercial Truck Rental Contract, which has a year minimum purchase optionThis complainant chose the no credit check rental program as opposed to the other alternativesOur rental program is explained in detail on advertisements and company websites, and customers are free to request information about it at any point.While it is true we provide payment deferment for rental units when a customer’s truck is being repaired, by contract, we have no grace period for rental payments otherwiseThe complainant was granted deferments for his first payments as a courtesyComplainant continued to miss consecutive payments following this granted leewayCustomer evaded contract guidelines on reporting location of rental unit and did not return texts or phone calls for collecting payment or obtaining his locationEssentially, other than the deposit, no other money has been credited to his account although the rental equipment was being worked by complainant, generating money for complainantAt this point, we have no choice but to recover the equipment which initiates the termination of Commercial Truck Rental AgreementOnce an agreement is terminated, there is no guarantee of a reinstated contractIn effort to keep the unit, complainant pays his past due account balance and requests contract reinstatement after the vehicle was taken in recoveryHis request to reinstate contract is deniedAlthough the complainant did bring account up to date after being located, the request was denied based on the customer’s account history, no payments ever made and no location status reported during entire time he was in rental.By Commercial Truck Rental Agreement, complainant’s deposit of $less balance owed on account, less recovery fees, less mileage fees, less contract fees, remaining balance may be refunded In the spirit of compromise, we are willing to waive the associated recovery/mileage fees and refund the remaining deposit on receipt of signed hold harmless agreementContract fees: $restocking fee - $contract cancellation processing fee - $(-$1,from recovery/mileage, waived) Total: $1,deductible contact fees $- $= $3600.Our plan of action: In the best interest of customer relations, we have spoken with this customer to confirm that he understands the terms of his refund and is happy.Resolved:Yes

Response to claim ID # [redacted] Re: Sale of a Freightliner Columbia, stock #*** A Freightliner Columbia was sold on July 12, The truck is a six year old used heavy duty truck with a sleeper used for commercial purposes.The truck was sold “As Is”.The Customer refused to purchase a 50-limited maintenance protection plan we offer or any other independent extended maintenance programs.After leaving the lot, the customer called the owner and the owner once again offered for the Customer to purchase the 50-limited maintenance program to assist with some repairs which the Customer declined.The bill of sale has a binding Arbitration clause which the Customer may pursue should he choose to and we will comply As with all sales, the customer was given ample opportunity and time to inspect the truck prior to purchase Also, the customer was advised to inspect the truck prior to purchase for any problems or concerns he may have and we would make necessary repairs prior to the sale He was also given the option to purchase our 50/limited maintenance protection plan which we offer with every purchase and the customer declined the coverageAfter leaving our lot with his truck, he called the owner of our company to make a complaint about issues he was having The owner informed the Customer that he bought the truck “As-Is”, but if he brought the truck back to our lot for repairs we would still sell the Customer the 50/limited maintenance protection plan if he wanted to buy it The Customer still refused to purchase the warranty.The truck is not a lemon, it is used heavy duty truck used for commercial purposes We also sold the truck to the Customer for less than comparable advertised trucks in a popular advertising publication (Truck Paper)We have made reasonable efforts to assist the Customer but he has been unwilling to purchase the maintenance plan from us or from third parties to assist him with truck operation ownership The customer may is welcome to pursue binding arbitration which we will cooperateTell us why here

I am rejecting this response because:I have not been contacted in any way, shape, or form by any employee of Rabobank

My truck just got repossessed after weeksI had to wire this company dollars to hold a truck for me after paying a dollar "acceptance" feeI quit my job to go pick the truck up and it was not the truck I was toldThis one had many more miles on it than what the salesman told meIt was not the one advertisedWhen I went to get the truck on a Monday, I had to be back in Florida on Tuesday for orientation to start workI did not get the truck until Thursday because of multiple problems with itThe entire time I was there to get it, no one would tell me how much it was going to cost me per week until the end of the weekAt this point I had no job and no more moneyThey knew thisThey then told me it was dollars a weekI had no choice but to signI needed to go to workTheir 50/plan is not what it saysThey will only pay per hour at one of their approved shopsThere may be only shops that charge per hour in the countryMost all are over per hourSo it is not a 50/planNot to mention the deductiblesBecause of their lack of organization, I was already a week behind when I got startedI asked for help several times and all I got are messages asking for all of the money or location of the truckI was supposedly being helped by Robert a manager to reduce the payments so I could afford the truck but received different contracts to sign by different peopleBut was told to send the contract in and to pay the rear payments before they would honor the new contractI owe them paymentsAnd they sent a repo company to get the truckI have proof of all of thisThis is a scam plain and simple

08/11/15We would like to acknowledge the complaint [redacted] ( [redacted] ***)Complainant wants their tools replaced and their security deposit refunded.Our position on this matter:In regards to replacing tools:We contacted our recovery crew to see if possessions were left in the rental equipment. The... recovery crew said the possessions were removed at the mechanic garage. We contacted the garage and were told the complainant was by on Saturday and collected all belongings that were retrieved from the vehicle. The complainant encountered a rare situation with his commercial rental unit. Bad fuel was put in the truck by the renter and it caused continuous engine damage. The complainant approved the bad fuel related repairs at an unapproved shop in Jonesboro, AR. The shop took the engine apart, replaced an injector, put it back together. Then when the bad fuel circulated through again, another injector blew and they had to tear it apart again. At this point they realized the fuel was causing the injectors to clog. Repairs started to get out of hand, and that is when the renter contacted us about the situation. Our breakdown team addressed the situation. Rental customers are covered by the Commercial Service Plan "50/50 Parts & Labor Limited Warranty" designed to alleviate financial burden if the rental units encounter mechanical failure, theft, or vandalism. Our team did drop-ship the turbo he needed due to the huge difference in cost, under the 50/50 it saves us money and saves the customer money. The part was ordered and retrieved by the shop repairing the rental very early in the situation. We provided a parts warranty on an tensioner to have it replaced at no cost to renter. We were trying to be lenient with the customer by paying half of the turbo, the fuel pump and the injectors, labor and parts. The renter refused to pay any portion of the invoice for needed repairs.By commercial truck rental agreement, the renter is responsible for the repairs that he authorized without our knowledge due to the bad fuel. For repairs to be covered under the Commercial Service Plan "50/50 Parts & Labor Limited Warranty", repairs must be first authorized by NTF. Complainant refused to cover the repairs he authorized without our approval. Complainant also refused to pay 50%.As far as the security deposit goes, by Commercial Truck Rental Agreement, the security deposit is refundable if truck is given back by friendly surrender, minus mandatory contract fees, minus any balance owed on the account, minus any other fees associated with the recovery of the unit.Customer elected to abandon truck at shop and not make any contribution to the bill. We had no other choice but to recover the vehicle after missed payments. His portion of the shop bill alone exceeds his security deposit amount. Due to the damage done to the vehicle from having bad fuel, we are not obligated to return any portion of his security deposit and we reserve the right to collect on monies owed.We have attached documentation for your convenience.Our plan of action:In the best interest of this customer, we covered the entire repair bill and terminated Commercial Truck Rental Agreement.Resolved:Yes.

We would like to acknowledge the complaint [redacted] Customer wants to be refunded his application fee of $Our position on this matter: We value our customersIn the best interest of this customer, the charges have been reversed and the customer has received all of his money backThe company was under no obligation to do this, as processing an application for a semi-tractor is an expensive undertakingOur plan of action: We have received confirmation from his financial institution that he has received his money backResolved: Yes%

We would like to acknowledge the complaint [redacted] Complainant wants to be reimbursed for travel expensesOur position on this matter: We have reviewed each grievance mentioned in this complaintInconsistency with mileage: The salesman quoted the last updated mileage in our systemThis was not an intentional errorRods & Mains: This is a service performed for truck sales for an additional $If the truck remains in the rental inventory the inspection is performed, however rods & mains are replaced on an as needed basisOur service records indicate the rods & mains were in good condition and did not require replacingTruck ready date: By nature of the industry, we can only provide an estimated time of deliveryIn fact, we clearly tell customers to plan on spending a few daysPictures of the Unit It has been confirmed that the pictures sent to the complainant were the actual pictures taken of the truck and in no way do they misrepresent the truck or the condition of the truck list price We sell trucks or we put them into our rental program There is a sale price and a program priceThe sale price did not change, and is the price displayed on cash truck sales sites as the complainant mentionsThis complainant pursued the rental program with option to buyAdvertising issues At no point has our advertising been misrepresented on this unitOur plan of action: The complainant has received all funds received from us back in entiretyWe do not find ourselves responsible for his gas or other expensesResolved: Yes

LGS is not responsible for the issues Mr [redacted] is complaining about His issue is with the new construction work lath, scratch coat and brown coat work that was previously done by another contractor prior to our work The problem that Mr [redacted] has is with the lath and brown coat work that was originally done by [redacted] in which Mr [redacted] reached and received a financial settlement Mr [redacted] originally had his house re-stuccoed by [redacted] before LGS even gave him a bid to his stucco During this time, the house was re-stuccoed by [redacted] , the eaves and front entry lid were also lathed and brown coated by [redacted] Even though Mr [redacted] was happy with the new construction lath and brown coat in the eaves and front entry lid work that was performed by [redacted] , he was dissatisfied with the re-stucco on the vertical walls that were done by [redacted] because the stucco walls were flaking off as the house was not sandblasted prior to re-stuccoing Apparently, a short time later, as the restucco portion was failing, Mr [redacted] called LGS for a bid I gave him a bid on May 18, He accepted the bid in October to restucco the failing restucco work done by [redacted] that was failing on the wall of his home The work was completed November 5, He was completely happy with the work Now seven years later he called LGS (04-16-16, Saturday a day we are closed) to say that a small area of stucco (3’x4’) on his front entry lid fell I returned call to him on Monday, 04-18- So I scheduled him a date to meet with him to look at it It was evident that it was not my stucco that failed, it went deep into the scratch and brown coat (cement work) that was done by [redacted] It appears he either had too much sand in his brown coat mix or he over-mixed it Either way, it was the new construction cement portion that fell off It was not the thin layer of stucco that fell off I explained that to Mr [redacted] It was at that time I made a statement to Mr [redacted] that [redacted] was haunting him again I did not say Lemon Grove Stucco was responsible for the brown coat failures of [redacted] Mr [redacted] is trying to say in his emails that I was at fault Not once did I ever say “It was an oversight by my guys” I cannot and will not guarantee other contractors work In speaking with him he kept misquoting me and saying things that were never saidMr [redacted] has a problem with changing other people’s words This is the reason that I only responded by email and with the same email stating that Lemon Grove Stucco would do the unwarranted repairs at cost only, even though other contractors work is not covered by Lemon Grove Stucco’s guarantee Lemon Grove Stucco offered numerous times to do the repairs for Mr [redacted] at labor and material cost only and that was refused by Mr [redacted] Perhaps Mr [redacted] needs to contact [redacted] to see if he can get some help from him I gave him a bid to repair the other contractors work for labor and material cost only of $715.00, but I will not repair another contractor work for free Mr [redacted] ’s desired settlement is ludicrous He has a small area of complaint (done by others) and now he wants his entire house redone for $10K [redacted] , President

We would like to acknowledge the customer concern # [redacted] .Customer wants to be refunded travel expenses and his approval fee.Our position on this matter:In the spirit of compromise we have reached out to this complainant to offer reimbursement on his approval fee.However we are under no obligation to do this, as processing an application for a semi-tractor is an expensive undertakingWe disclose the application fee is nonrefundable at the time the fee is collectedWe do not accept responsibility for his travel expenses, as the cost for the search of a truck is the customer's choice.Our plan of action:In the best interest of this customer, we are willing to refund the application charges with the return of a signed release of liability from the complainant.Resolved:YesWe have begun the process of contacting this customer and offering a refund

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