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Red Roof Inn

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• Nov 25, 2021

Poor customer service
Our stay was from November 24-26.
We came to spend Thanksgiving with our daughter and son-in-law. This was the worst Thanksgiving we have ever had, due to very poor customer service. The person at the check in was very rude. In addition, there was mold behind the toilet. And furthermore, when a person has a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask, the person shouldn’t have to wear one-especially if there is no one else at the check in window, and the employee is behind a lock in plexiglass. This employee should not be in this position, they clearly are not happy to be working. We will never stay at a red roof inn again.

• Sep 08, 2021

Afraid for our safely
We checked in on the Home Towne Studios by Red Roof in Phoenix-Black Canyon Highway 11211 N. Black Canyon Highway Phoenix, AZ. 85029. We saw males hanging out on the balconies, we saw sheets and other clothings being hung on the balconies, we saw males acting erratically walking around the parkiing lot, and in my opinion they looked like they were on drugs. We saw men walking by us that smelled like pot. We saw gay men walking from place to place. We saw traffic in and out. The room was very dirty. The bathtub had a black bottom. The refrigerator door handle was off and the dresser was broken. The walls were patched and the walls generally had dirt ground into the paint. I think it was a drug haven being allowed to exist. There was a security guard walking the premises with a bullet proof vests and a gun on each side. We left for our safety and we wanted a refund for the night, but it was refused. I tried to call Gina Fletes the general manager in the morning, but she did not call me back. I feel we should get at least a refund and I feel that the Red Roof Inn administration needs to look into this matter

• Jul 25, 2021

Dr. JP Brown WV
The room was listed for $69 and change. I was tired and didn't hear the guy at the front desk tell me it was $169 plus tax. I just heard $69. I have stayed at many Red Roof Inns But the one in Wilkes barre PA over charged me and no one will do anything about it! No I'm sorry , no refund of $100. Sent an e-mail complaint to Red Roof Inn Corp. headquarters they thank me for the comment and said it would be posted. Called Corp. headquarters they said there was nothing they could do. Watch Your P's and Q's dealing with Red Roof Inn or you will not get the price that was advertised. Dr. James P. Brown

• May 28, 2021

Money and credit card stolen from room
I stayed two nights (May 26-27) Biloxi MS Cook Rd location. I booked an additional night thru Priceline for the 28th. While I was out the management went into my room, packed up all my belongings and took them to the office. While doing so they stole my wallet with about $300 and my credit card. When confronted they just stood and looked at me. Swore they didn't see it yet they were the only ones with access to the room. I had to make a police report with no satisfaction. totally ruined my vacation and I'm out $300 bucks.

• Jul 25, 2021

They will rob you blind if you don't watch your P's and Q's. Sorry to hear that. Should be more honest people in the world esp. if they service customers

Date: 09/05/2017Dear Revdex.comOn April 24, [redacted] 's power chair ( [redacted] M51) came into Priority Medical Supply for repairThe power chair was not functioning correctly because of a faulty joystick and the batteries were badOur staff called Ms [redacted] and informed her we could sell her a new joystick but it would be very expensive and if she was needing to save money, it would be better to go with a used joystick to keep the repair cost downAn estimate was given for the repair and Ms [redacted] told our staff to proceed with the repairThe repairs were performed and the following day the chair was returned to Ms [redacted] The repairs performed were installing a used joystick along with two new volt amp (24lb) batteriesI have provided the information for the type of batteries that we use for battery replacement (Attachment 1) and I also included Invacare's Battery Installation Guide (Attachment 2) for the Pronto M51, the chair that was repaired for Ms [redacted] Invacare's Battery Installation DOES NOT STATE THAT MK GEL BATTERIES ARE TO BE USEDPriority Medical Supply is an Invacare dealer and has been trained by Invacare for service and repairs (Attachment 3)Priority Medical Supply had offered Ms [redacted] a full refund after our month warranty period had expired and Ms [redacted] rejected our offerPriority Medical will not wait for the convenience of Ms [redacted] to save up money to purchase new batteriesPriority Medical Supply will not be refunding any amount for the return of now used batteries that are well past the warranty periodPriority Medical Suppl's standard warranty on repairs is three monthsWe cannot be help responsible beyond the months for the negligence of the customer use or if the customer's battery charging practiced shorten the life of the batteriesThank you [redacted] ***, President

I am rejecting this response because: First of all my power chair went to priority supply for repair on 4/25/not 4/24/I called [redacted] on 4/24/for the first time to find out what would take to get my chair repairedand then she sent a driver (max to my home on 4/25/to pick up the chair and $cash to check problem.Now, I had a technician come to my home on 9/6/to do a diagnostic on the chair to find out what was the problemHe told me that back battery completely shot and front weakAlso that the on board charger is good, on contrary to what [redacted] told me by phone on 8/21/- arguing that maybe is not even the batteries that had a problem but possibly the chargerWhich leads me to think why such a comment when I didn't even know that there was a problem until the technician [redacted] come to check on 9/6/I kept all my notes from first speaking with [redacted] and all that was mentioned about warranty was the joy stick because it was used would be daysNever [redacted] mentioned months warranty for batteries nor was discussed which type of batteries were to be installedOnly on 8/2/when I spoke with Linda at Invacare corporation explaining the situation, she mentioned possibly wrong batteries installedAt that time I called [redacted] and I didn't receive an expected customer service explanation but yes a lot of excuses.I believe [redacted] is not well informed - my chair was picked up on 4/25/and returned 2-hours laterIt wasn't next day as he mentionsAs for the batteries I am not an expert - so please see my attachments - copied from the manual that came with my chair approximately years agoPages #and #offered a full refund, I couldn't accept because I was waiting for a technician to come to my home to do a diagnostic @ that point we didn't know what was wrongHowever priority medical Incwasn't courteous to offer to find out what could have been the problem and go from there - they were rude with me on the phone and in denial about take responsibility of selling me old product (batteries) or defectedAlso they kept my batteries on 9/11/i called Invacare in Ohio and spoke with [redacted] - she said [redacted] website has a three month warranty for full electrical vehicleBut what I have is a medical device, it should be months warranty.Also [redacted] the technician that came to my home on 9/6/contracted to wheel chair and scooter repairs - said that if I had the proper receipt for the batteries purchase - [redacted] are great @ replacing the batteries up to one yearIn addition that the problem with batteries wasn't my fault.In summary, I do not trust priority medical supply IncI believe they were deceitful and have very poor customer service.P.S I am awaiting on diagnostics report and invoice from [redacted] at W [redacted] in Virginia.Regards, [redacted]

One night 02/19/paid $including tax

The company responded via phone as follows: The company said he had it running though her TV and all hooked upLater on she wanted it through her phone and her computer which was not on the contract The company is willing to offer the consumer $for good customer relations

On August 19, I had a home inspection done during the purchase process of a home I am buyingWilliam [redacted] of GSI Las Vegas was extremely thoroughHe took about hours to go through the sq ft home, garage and exteriorThis shows that he did not rush the jobHe used his infra red to check for leeks in the walls and missing or inadequate insulationHe did find where the builders had missed a section of insulationI feel so much more comfortable on the home purchase based on his report knowing what needs to be fixed, whether small or bigA home purchase is such a large investmentIt is good to know what you may be up against whether now or in the future for repairsIt also means that I now can tell the seller what is wrong prior to closing

Dear Guest, We value our guest feedback immensely as it gives us an opportunity to tweak and improve our services as per our guest requests.The areas highlighted by you have been worked upon and corrective steps have been taken so that you do not face these issues againWe have our dressing standard for all employees who works for us and necessary steps have been in place .We have already informed our pest control company about the roach issue in the room and it is been treatedThey did not find any roach in roomIf you have any pictures, please email us on [redacted] so I can show my pest control company .I do hope that you will give us a chance to serve you again and look forward to seeing you at Red Roof Inn Austin North! Front Office Manager " [redacted] " already contacted you and offered best suitable offer for % off of your next stay .Best regards, [redacted]

xxxxx outsourced my request to another local contractor named xxxxx xxxxx left my house a mess and lied about completing the project I paid him for work that he said he had done and I later found out he didn't VERY dishonest and feel taken advantage of xxxxx would not get involved and told me to take it up with xxxxx xxxxx was non-responsive Don't use these jerks

Company manager, Kurtis S [redacted] (216-447-x6), called noting he has sent a VIP voucher to consumer for one free night at any location In addition, they have processed a full $refund to corporate but it may take several weeks

I had a reservation with Red Roof Inn May 13-15thI called the hotel in advance to confirm my reservation and to let them know I would be running a little late as I was traveling from Chicago to MichiganThe hotel clerk Mat said it was ok and that he would be there when I arrivedWhen I arrived at the hotel I was told my room was given to someone elseTwo other people in front of me were told the same thingAccording to Mat, the hotel policy states they have to fill the rooms as soon as possibleAccording to the hotel written policies, if you do not cancel by 5:59pm the same day of your reservation your credit card will be charged for that nightI was stranded in Michigan with my family and all other hotels were booked due to a motorsport convention that I was suppose to be attendingIn short, I stayed without a room, no other rooms were available and the weather was windy and rainingI ended up driving back home to Chicago three and a half hour awayThe hotel had no logical resolution for meTerrible service

Early last week we have issued full refund to [redacted] credit card, She has responded back on email and notified me about she being contacted the authorities wherever she has filed the complaints Thank You.Bhavesh R P [redacted] | General Manager Inn #

Please accept my s¡ncere apolog¡es for the response by our desk agentWe have blocked both rooms after problem was reported and our exterminator has inspected both rooms and we are not renting them until he treats and/or approves We have refunded room charges to our guests staying in those two rooms for their entire stay of two nights at checkout time We have been in hotel business for long time and we know not to rent room with known unhealthy conditionWe want our customers to come back Once again I am very sorry that our desk agent could not handle the situation professionally Sincerely, [redacted] General Manager

All surveillance camera's were all hooked up and working and recording activity as agreed in contract,I even went the extra mile to try and help Mrs [redacted] by hooking up to computer and phone but she didnt have correct usb cables,she has the handbook on how to hook up,im just an installer,not a technician,I dont know much about smart phones and truly sorry if she feels like she was misled in any way,please refer to contract I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted] I finally was able to get a hold of someone at Sabon and they say my product will reach tonite Sincerely, [redacted]

Air units not working properly, furniture falling apart, bathroom shower soap dish felll off the wall right after I exited Light fixtures not working , or no light bulbs ? Causing the room to be too dark. When we spoke with management , he argued with us that he had no more rooms "all book ". Only to move us into another room, with same light fixture issue , no cool air in Middle of June The property had no way to carry your luggage There' were no elevators and no break to exits except for front of bldg and back

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:I do not feel this has been taken seriouslyI feel I provided a red roof coupon and brushed offThe room has been treatedGreat! The room is not the brotherSomeone needs to get in the bed that is closest to the bathroomThe moment I laid down I was immediately attackedRestless sleep, swapped beds with my sister who is expecting who experience the same exact experienceAt first she stated "Lay down nothing is biting you"Its the bed not the roomAs I stated prior you do not see anythingThe pain and constant itching you witness is scaryPlease replace the mattressThere is truly something wrong Regards, [redacted]

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