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Reddi Services, Inc.

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We had a hot water heater that was leaking. Reddi Services was able to send someone out to our house a few hours after I called, around noon. [redacted] was the technician that came, and he ended up having a LONG day! Because our hot water heater runs off of propane, they are not as readily available. He called his supervisor and found they happened to have (only) one on hand, so he immediately put it on "hold" for us and our repair. He let me know that it would take awhile for him to get it and return because he had to drive down to [redacted] to get it--and we live in far north Peoria. Before he left, he wanted to finish draining our hot water heater that had been leaking, and he was very careful about his placement of the hose in our front yard to ensure it was in the best place possible. A few hours later he called to check in with me and apologize for how long it was taking. Apparently, there was a mistake, and there was not an LP hot water heater at that location…but there WAS one in Chandler after some phone calls and being on hold for quite some time. Someone sent the hot water heater out to him in Phoenix, then he made the trek back to our house. By this time it was mid to late afternoon until he was able to get started. [redacted] worked diligently on removing our old hot water heater, putting in a quality metal pan (a different plumbing co installed one under our second hot water heater last year, and it was plastic--which [redacted] disagreed with as being a sub-standard material) and running a drain line out of our utility closet, putting in new flex tubing and installing the new hot water heater. He worked until 6:40pm on a Friday evening, definitely a long day. Once he finished, he took the time and was not rushed at all to show us the work he did and ensure we were happy with his placement of how the drain pipe extended from the utility room he made, as well as run us through how everything worked and routine maintenance we should do. I was very impressed with [redacted]' dedication and patience he had in getting us the one and only LP hot water heater in town he could find. We are happy to have the hot water flowing once again--in our faucets and not in the wrong places!

Hi, I had my annual preventative maintenance service and new contract on May 2, 2016. My technician was Frank and he was so competent and answered all my

questions. Everything is running fine and ready for the long hot summer. I have used Reddi Services for years now and am so glad I have a company that I feel comfortable

with and always have excellent service. Way to go, Frank!!!

Bob M[redacted] with ReddiServices has been great for us on several occasions, from the most basic blocked pipe all the way up to major repairs to sewage lines. Their prices are always fair and there is never a long wait for their arrival. Thanks, Bob.

Reddi Services is the most reliable plumbing and heating company that I know of they are consistent with their customer service [redacted] demonstrates a very professional and caring attitude. He is the greatest at assuring that your problem is important and will be addressed by the company right away. Just want to say keep up the excellent service Reddi Service.

I am extremely satisfied with Reddi Services and their employee Pepe. My online request for a free estimate was answered within twenty minutes. The technician was willing to be at my home within a couple hours. They came in after hours and went right to work. They completely took apart my toilet and tank and rebuilt it within a couple hours. Pepe is professional, friendly and a talented plumber. I am very pleased with the work Pepe and his assistant provided for me and my family.

[redacted] is truly a pleasure to work with. Having to coordinate between my tenants can be extremely difficult, but she always goes above and beyond to make sure that the job is completed in a timely manner.

09/08/2014: I called ReddiServices to place a service call for my toilet which overflowed. ReddiServices sent out Service Specialist [redacted] was professional, courteous, and provided great service. [redacted] took the time to explain the reason for the backup flow with the commode. I inadvertently mentioned to [redacted] that I would place another service call to have a garbage disposal installed and a new faucet for the kitchen sink. I mentioned that I notice leaking from the pipe connection. [redacted] immediately looked at the fitting and tightened it. No more leaks. Greatly appreciative of his knowledge and expertise. Look forward to working with him again. Thank you [redacted] - [redacted]

Bob from Reddi Sevices came out after hours to fix a problem that I did not want to wait until the next day. I was very happy that he resolved my issue that same day that it started. I appreciated his pleasant attitude and his skill, especially after a long day.
I have been using Reddi Services for a long time and Gerald has been helping me and my family for many years. He is going to do a bathroom remodel for me soon. He also has a great, friendly personality and great skills. I would absolutely recommend Bob and Gerald from Reddi Services!

[redacted] came to our rescue when we had a back up problem. Not only did he assure us that our own remedy had solved the problem, but he also said it was not necessary to do any further work. He explained to us how to avoid the problem in the future and he even loosened a drain top for us that he told us to use if we had to drain our pool again.
We felt so relieved and were certainly prepared to pay extra for a Saturday service call. Not only did he not charge us for a weekend, he told us as former customers, there would be no charge at all.
I can't remember the last time any service company did this for us.
Thank-you Reddi Services and especially [redacted]. HE is our hero!

Review: Thank you for looking at my complaint. This is filed on Behalf of [redacted] owner of the Building and its [redacted]s ([redacted]) against Reddi Services. Our Building is located at [redacted] This is a complaint against Reddi Services, [redacted] ###-###-#### for None Completion of Work, but was still charged $200.00 to Not Clean Out Blockage in Sewer Line, A Broken Toilet caused by Reddi Services in the amount of $400.00, to purchase a new Toilet $200.00 and $200.00 to have [redacted] Install the Toilet, Cleanup of Floors Toilet Water $200.00, Cost of Mop and Mop Bucket (Cad Bucket) $35.00, Water Damage to a Shorted out [redacted] $100.00, $935.00 without repair.... the cost of [redacted] to repair was $768.74 Total Cost $1,703.74

Reddi Services.....

On or about February 18, 2014 we were having problems with a plugged bathroom stool, caused we think by the renters of our offices. After having worked on it for several times and unable to unplug the stool myself, I called a sewer company, called Reddi Services out of the phone book, their statement says that they are Reddi Root’r, [redacted].

They sent out a Reddi Services truck and [redacted] –Technician to clean out the pipe.... he was here most of the day.... in the late afternoon, he said that he could not get to the clean out area.... and could not clear, said he reset the toilet and that he needed to be paid $200.00 to take the Toilet out and put it back and including the cost of the Thick Wax Ring, and I paid him, after objecting and he left, without fixing the Blockage.

The next day Casey George from Reddi Service came early in the morning in a Reddi Truck.... he said he was here to fix the Plugged Toilet.... asked about the other worker from Reddi Service and was surprised to learn that he ([redacted]) had charged me $200.00 and not cleared the Plugged Line from the Toilet # 1, and said don’t worry he would collect from [redacted] the other Technician for his work today to clear the Toilet.... and set about to clear the Drain Pipe. After about 4-5 hours, I went over to check on the progress and he had made none.... kept running the line out and hitting another Toilet on the south end of the building.

I went back a few hours later and he was gone.... he left Invoice # [redacted] stating (see Invoice)“Ran Cable though C/O, cable ended up at far toilets, Cabled through flange, cable ended up at C/O. Improper fitting in sewer line system. Can Not Clear Line.

When I went back the next day and I found water running on the floor of Unit # 105A from bathroom Toilet Number #2, which he had not worked on... but broke a hole in the back of the toilet by running the cable from the # 1 Toilet or from the C/O (Clean Out). The Toilet water leaked all over the # 2 Toilet area, the Kitchen next door, the Toilet Water caused the Computer [redacted] in the Computer Room to short out and is not usable or repairable.... $100.00 damage for replacement [redacted], we also had Toilet Water into conference room next to that and into the Offices next door Kitchen area in Unit # 105B. The Cleanup about $200.00 in time and labor.... just because he did not tell us he broke the toilet... (See Photo’s).

It was very [redacted]etting to many of my Office Renters... they were [redacted]et because they had no bathroom facilities to use... for Three Days... I made arrangements for the renters to use other toilets in the next building, but with all the problems in the building many stayed home from the office or shut down their work. The next day, which is the third day since Reddi Service came.... I then called [redacted] Company at ([redacted] (###-####) they sent a man out the next morning he showed up and started the cleanout of the Blockage... he told me they would install/replace the broken Toilet... so I went to [redacted] and purchased a new Toilet for $200.00..... [redacted] used the same kind of tools Reddi Service used.... They pulled several Toilets out, several other [redacted] persons came and between them they were able to clear the blockage... [redacted] told me that Reddi Service should not have charged me $200.00 for the removal of the stool and putting the stool back on the first day, because they did not clear the blockage, if anything they should have only charged for the wax seal they put down to stop leaking, about a $10.00 item.

I called Reddi Services on the phone and left messages, then I called several times and left my phone number.... days later, I finally got ahold of the Manager of Customer Service person in Charge, at least he said he was the person In-Charge.

I explained what happened and of course, he said that they did not do anything wrong... and would not let me get a word in... I wanted to make the points that I wanted to make about the Blockage.... he told repeatedly not to interrupt him and that he was going to tell me how it would work....?? But he did say that his father would have to make the final decision on anything... I again tried to interject what I wanted and again was told not to interrupt.... I finally hung up on him.... they have very poor customer service.


[redacted] – CEO




To whom is may concern,On the morning of February 18th, 2014, Mr. [redacted] called into our offices at Reddi Services requesting service for a drain that had backed up and was flooding his office. Our dispatcher shortly thereafter sent one of our technicians to the job site. The technician was on site for a couple of hours and did not have success in clearing the line. Our technician decided it would be good to get another pair of eyes on the job to help with the blockage. The second technician was on site for over four hours attempting to clear the line, also with no success. At that time the second technician scheduled a third technician to come out the following day to help with the issue. On February 19th the third technician showed up and was on site for a couple of hours. The third technician also had no success in clearing the line and all three technicians believed the line to be damaged somewhere in between the building and the city sewer. The third technician decided to turn the job over to one of our supervisors in an effort to view the line with a camera to find out where the possible problem could be coming from. Our supervisor attempted to call Mr. [redacted] on a couple of occasions and left a voicemail for him to call back and schedule a time but never heard back from him. Our charge for the services above was $200 total.On February 24th Mr. [redacted] called into Reddi Services with questions regarding the service that was provided on the 18th and 19th. The customer service team send the information to our Service Manager and he called Mr. [redacted] back later that afternoon. During the conversation Mr. [redacted] told the Service Manager of the issues that he believed occurred during the service calls. Mr. [redacted] told the Service Manager he felt that Reddi Services had "abandoned" the job. Our Service Manager assured Mr. [redacted] that was not the case and informed him the supervisor who operates the sewer camera had called him and left a message to set up a time but was never called back. At that time Mr. [redacted] informed our Service Manager he already had the issue taken care of by [redacted] but felt that Reddi Services should cover the charges for what was done. Mr. [redacted] also stated that the third Reddi Services technician that was on site on Febuary 19th broke a toilet while trying to clean the line. The Service Manager stated that if this was the case then Reddi Services would need to send a field supervisor out to the site to view the toilet and if we had broken it then we would cover the charge for replacement. Mr. [redacted] became very impatient and said that he did not want anyone from Reddi Services to come out since everything was already taken care of. The Service Manager stated that in order for Reddi Services to possibly pay for the toilet we would need to view it first and make sure the damage came from us. Mr. [redacted] again declined so the Service Manager asked him exactly what he was looking for. Mr. [redacted] said that Reddi Services owed him "thousands of dollars" because he expected us to cover all of the charges from [redacted]. Our Service Manager informed Mr. [redacted] that Reddi Services would refund the $200 charged to him but we were not responsible for any work that [redacted] provided to his business. Mr. [redacted] then became extremely belligerent because we would not comply with his demands. Our Service Manager again reiterated that Reddi Services would refund him the $200 but would need to view the toilet before any refund was made. Again Mr. [redacted] declined and his parting words were strongly profane. Reddi Services did not hear from Mr. [redacted] until July of 2014. We believe that five months after the fact makes it extremely difficult to find the facts of the situation and is very unusual for there to be that lapse of time between communications. Our offer stands of being willing to resolve the situation by refunding our initial charges of $200. Thank you for your consideration in working to find a resolution to this unfortunate circumstance.

[redacted] was out today to do some plumbing repairs. He did an excellent job. I would recommend him honest and trustworthy.

My daughter, her 10 week old baby, and I arrived back at my house in [redacted] on Saturday afternoon, Sapt. 20. It was hot in the house. Air was coming out of our vents but the house was actually heating up as it got later in the day. I called Reddi Services because I had been pleased with their work in the past, both on my plumbing and heat/ air needs. Even though it was quite late on Sat. afternoon, [redacted] and [redacted] arrived promptly and want to work diagnosing and then repairing the problem. They were so nice, understanding, and efficient. With such a young baby, we would have been going to a hotel if not for them. We are very grateful to [redacted] and [redacted].

Review: This company has provided unacceptable service when I bought a house and they have certified a septic and the septic failed in 6 months. They have not returned any of my phone calls and another friend was dissatisfied even after complaining to they have not made any response at all. This company claimed they are certified by ADEQ but they do not know how to check property a septic system. Buyers Beware.Desired Settlement: Refund of all the repairs incurred due to failure of reddi Services to provide satisfactory service by sending a qualified technician



We have been in business for over 50 years and have always made it a priority to take care of our customers. We are properly licensed and accredited in all the departments in which we do business. Certifying septic systems is a job we complete numerous times a week. When this particular system was inspected we noticed that there could be a concern with the leaching system so our technician made sure to properly mark it on the ADEQ report for the home sale. The ADEQ form was clearly marked as "functional with concern" due to the concern with the leaching system. This concern was even notated on the "Inspection Summary" portion of page 6 of the report. I have attached this page to the response so all parties can see how it was marked. This report is made available to the buyer, seller and agents for the home sale. We are not responsible for the buyer continuing with the home purchase when the concern with the septic system was properly marked and explained through the ADEQ report. Thanks,Reddi Services



I was present when the inspection was done, no inspection was done of the system. The "concern " was not explained as to why when I asked the technician. The person was just there to pump the septic system empty and did not perform the certification correctly. What was done was just to answer the other uestions with "unknown " so they are off the hook as to accountability of performance of the procedure accurately.



The inspection and paperwork were both done correctly. All parties involved had access to the ADEQ report to know that there was a concern with the leach system. The customer went through with the home purchase knowing there was an issue. The buyer should have approached the concern with the seller of the home to make sure the leach system was repaired before the sell of the home was final.

We were referred to Reddi Sevices when we were unable to unplug our bathroom sink this morning. They were able to work us in that afternoon....thankfully. Bob and Robert M[redacted] were both professional and efficient, thoroughly cleaning up after the job. We would highly recommend.

I have used ReddiServices for several years. Today, my elderly parents had a plumbing problem, and Bob M[redacted] came to their rescue. He was at the house within the hour and had their problem solved within a very short time. By the way, it is a Sunday! I am SO grateful! Thank you for being such a professional service, and for Bob. He is happy, friendly and very helpful.

I had a problem with my shower and tried to fix it myself a few different times making it only worse. Finally, I submitted to my limited plumbing abilities I called Reddi Services. [redacted] showed up to fix my problem. [redacted] was very patient in explaining what he would do to fix everything. In a very positive and professional manner my three year plumbing fiasco was solved. I will never spend so much time worrying about something made so simple by the professional. Save yourself the headache and call Reddi Services and if you have a plumbing problem ask for [redacted].

Excellent customer service, response time and workmanship! Bob came out and fixed our problem in no time. Price was oustanding! Will definitely reccomend this company to everyone I know!

I called Reddi Services with a major issue that caused me to shut my water off. Benjiman A[redacted] was at my house in less than 30 minutes at approx. 4:00 on a Saturday. He remedied the problem and was on his way before 5:00. I truly appreciate Reddi Services and Ben. I will definetly use them again when I'm in a jam.

I had a huge plumbing problem at my house and after hiring more than three different companies who could not find the Clean out Pipe. I called Reddi, [redacted] and [redacted] did an excellent job [redacted] went out of his way to make sure my nightmare problem was resolved, They were very professional and if I ever encounter any problem of plumbing, cooling and heating they will be my first choice.
I am greatly appreciate and I would recommend their services.

Ben A[redacted] saved Christmas! He had the patience to clear up our stopped up drain. Thanks for your quick response and determination to help us out.

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