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Reddi Services, Inc.

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I have requested their service 3 times so far and now I feel obliged to write this review. On every occasion their service was of highest standard. Starting with a extremely prompt response to your phone to how neatly they do the job. I'd highly recommend Reddi Services Inc.

[redacted] came did the job was clean and fast did the job in less time and for lower cost than estimated.

Thank you to [redacted] and Reddi Services for fixing our plumbing on a Friday night! [redacted] quick and thorough response gave us our plumbing back and saved our weekend. [redacted] was incredibly nice, upbeat and knowledgable. He also made a great recommendation to prevent this from happening again. Thanks [redacted] and Reddi Services!

Reddiservices is the best service company out there. I took [redacted] recommendation at the [redacted] office and had [redacted] come out and replace my leaky water heater. I got the best: service, price and warranty out there.
Reddi also does septic cleaning, plumbing and AC. I would recommend my friends to call ReddiServices

Reddi Serves was referee to me by a friend and neighbor. She told me they saved her money by allowing her to buy the toilets they needed installed. I needed a new kitchen faucet and very much wanted to purchase the one I wanted rather than what the plumber happened to have. Most plumbing companies won't let you buy your own parts. I have them a call to make sure that was how it would work. Ken answered the phone and told me they had no problem with me supplying the parts. I also needed a new garbage disposal, a main shut off valve a hose spigot and had a bath tub that wouldn't turn on. Ken advised me on the better brands of disposals, the side choices, which valve type to get and told me not to buy a replacement for the tub faucet because it might only be the cartridge. When I had purchased all my supplies and gave them a call back and they came out the next morning. Frank Mata arrived right when they said he would. I walked Frank through all the items, he gave me a quote which only changed when I added a couple of fittings I wanted to replace. Frank completed everything quickly and cleanly and the final bill had no surprises. I paid just a little more for all that work than my mother paid [redacted] for a garbage dispoal only. Frank was very friendly and didn't complain or have a problem working around my dogs, cats and the pot bellied pig who watched him put on the hose spigot. I will definitely use Reddi Services again. I wish they did electrical work to.

Gerald S did an professional job on installing a new toilet. He also helped me with a couple of small questions on our recently purchased home.

I recently had a toilet that wouldn't flush/backing up and a shower drain that was not draining properly. I called them out to help me... They told me to go inside and flush all toilets (including the backing up one), turn on all sinks and showers. I did that. I went back into my master and the toilet was gushing out water. My whole bathroom was filled with water and flooded into my master bedroom carpet...soaking my carpet/pad completely in a huge space(5'x3'). I called the company to have them notate in my file that this had happened in case my carpet was damaged. They REFUSED any responsibility for this and told me it wasn't their fault it happened...even though I just followed my "professional plumbers" instruction. They told me that they didn't cause the clog so how could they hold any responsibility. I am 6 months pregnant and with a two year old, stuck cleaning up this mess and hoping my carpet isn't completely ruined. I had to pull up my carpet and pad, borrow fans from family/friends (go pick them up, etc.) and try to fix this on my own. Let's hope I was able to do enough to prevent a BIG PROBLEM! I would highly recommend using a different plumber. I think it's fantastic when everything goes to plan but an ethical company's true character shows through when things don't go to do they handle themselves. Reddi Services and the manager, [redacted], handled themselves poorly.

Reddi Services has always been professional and prompt when I needed them. We work with them on all of our commercial projects! Special thanks to [redacted] and [redacted] for all of your help!

I contacted Reddi services regarding sluggish drainage problems and Chris [redacted] came to our home the same day and cleared them. He was very professional and prompt. We will hire this company again.

I have used this business many times over the years and they are very professional and competent. Bryant came out today and was extremely knowledgeable about all of my plumbing issues.

Review of Reddi Services and Project Supervisor Bob M[redacted]
When Bob M[redacted] comes you to assess your needs for Reddi Services, you think you are talking to the Owner of Reddi Services! He speaks with such pride of Reddi Services and his fellow employees!
Bob professionally reviews your situation and describes what Reddi Services will do to correct the problem. He also provides a clear to the point single price for the work. If less work is required to complete the job, the final bill is correspondingly lower.
Bob lets you know what will be done and the schedule. He checks in every day and keeps you up to date.
A friend of mine recommended Reddit Services as he said he used them for a similar problem in his home. Actually he mentioned he has been using reddit Services for almost 30 years!
I am very happy that Bob M[redacted] was able to fix the under slab hot water leak we had in our home! The Reddi Services staff that usually fixes these under slab leaks was on vacation. Bob M[redacted] is a Project Supervisor. Bob rolled up his sleeves and fixed the leak himself! WOW! Way to go Bob!
I highly recommend Reddit Services for all of your plumbing needs! If you are lucky enough to get Bob M[redacted] assign to your job, you will be extremely satisfied!
Marc W[redacted]
Phoenix, Arizona 85028

[redacted] with Reddi Services has addressed plumbing problems in my residence multiple times and we have always found him to be competent, prompt and accomplishing the repairs with an excellent result.

Reddi Services is a great company that provides honest, reliable work. They treat their customers with respect and offer great quality service at a fair price. I always ask for [redacted] when I need plumbing repairs. He has worked for me at two different locations and always does a great job. He is highly skilled at what he does and knows exactly how to fix my problem. He is honest in explaining the work and what impact it will have on my house, and there are never any surprises or extra costs then he is through. I highly recommend Reddi Services and especially [redacted]!

I was at first frustrated with some scheduling mistakes by the office. When I complained I got a plumber within an hour that had the proper training and equipment. I removed the toilet and he snaked it with a 1/2 inch line and pulled back roots, there was still some flow restriction so he wanted to snake the line again from the roof with a larger line. He did this, pulled out more roots, then used a camera to verify that it flowed well and the condition of the pipe. He could have told me it needed new pipes, but presented me with various options for treatment and assured me that my sewer was in pretty good shape. [redacted] was very professional, very competent, and above all seemed trustworthy. Thanks for the great work-[redacted]

Review: I hired a company about three months ago to repair my irrigation system. The problem was that the PVC pipe was directly attached to the water intake. As such I did not have any water going to the house. On Monday the 27th of May I woke up to find that the PVC pipe that was attached to the copper pipe had cracked at the connection to the copper. I called the company that installed and they were closed for the holiday.

This is where Reddi comes in. My wife called them at around 8:30 am and they arrived in the late afternoon. They actually called and said they were an hour out. So my wife decided to drop the kids off at my parents. Which is approximately 4 miles away. Just as she left, Reddi showed up. The problem was that I had been drinking. We didn't expect that they would arrive so quickly based on their estimate and I was not legal to drive. Anyway, when they showed up, I even had a beer in my hand.

The Tech told me that he could get the water back on and that it would cost about $150 plus taxes. I only agreed because I had been drinking and my wife had told me that all she wanted was to get the water back on. Here is what part of the write up says:

"Removed a 1/2 inch MIP 90 PVC adaptor out of MIP 1/2 inch copper"

It also said that I was charged for Hose Bib Parts and Labor.

Basically they removed a PVC pipe and screwed on a new Bib. By doing this they disengaged my irrigation system. Which to this day is non functional.

My main concern is that I did not know that is all he was doing. However, in retrospect, that seems a bit excessive. Partially because I paid, according to the invoice, for a new Bib. The fact is that the old Bib of 3 months was perfectly functional. That lead me to believe I was taken advantage of based on bad timing, no water all day, and my imbibing. In fact, I did not sign the contract my wife did and she was not explained what the charges were for as the work had already been done prior to her arrival.

Based on all of this, I had written Reddi off. However, I reconsidered when I saw that they had an A plus rating with you all.

So Today, May 29, I spoke with [redacted] with Reddi. He is apparently the manager and the owners son. I explained my concerns. However, he basically belittled them. He kept telling me that they have been in business for 50 years and have an A plus rating. I told him that you are only as good as your last customer. After hearing it over and over again. I asked him to please empathize. He just wanted to talk down to me. To be clear, I called to inquire about the charges and schedule them out to fix the system correctly. We never got that far because [redacted] kept on arguing with me.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund or if there was some way that they would actually fix my system properly I would accept a credit to be applied for the amount I was charged on the 27th.



On Monday, May 26th Mr. [redacted] called into Reddi Services for our company to come out and repair his hose bib because the home was not receiving water. That afternoon our technician [redacted] arrived on the job site to complete the necessary repair. Upon inspecting the repair the Reddi Services technician [redacted] found that the prior plumbing company that had visited the [redacted] residence had not completed the hose bib repair properly and in doing so was the cause of water not reaching the home. Before Mr. [redacted] started any plumbing repairs he quoted the price to Mr. [redacted]. At that time Mr. [redacted] called his wife to inform her of the amount and they both agreed to the price that the technician Mr. [redacted] had quoted. Once Mr. [redacted] had completed the hose bib repair he tested the home to make sure it was once again receiving water which it was. While writing up the invoice Mr. [redacted] gave Mr. [redacted] a discount since he and his wife had first heard about Reddi Services on the radio. Once Mr. [redacted] was given the invoice he signed and paid for the work that was done. On Wednesday, May 28th Mr. [redacted] called into Reddi Services with a couple questions regarding the charges. During the conversation with the Service Manager [redacted] Gravatt, Mr. [redacted] stated he was concerned he was charged $140.00 for the work that was performed on Monday, May 26th that took the technician [redacted] less then an hour to complete. Mr. [redacted] assured Mr. [redacted] that the charges were correct and that Mr. [redacted] had charged him a flat fee for the repair which included labor and parts. Mr. [redacted] explained to Mr. [redacted] that Reddi Services charges a flat fee on any plumbing repair so prices stay consistent no matter the length of time the repairs take and no matter what technician completes the job. Mr. [redacted] mentioned his irrigation system was not connected properly and at that time Mr. [redacted] informed him that the repairs done Monday, May 26th were under warranty and if anything else needs to be done Reddi Services would be happy to send Mr. [redacted] back out to the residence to take a look at the issue. At that time Mr. [redacted] declined for anyone to come back out to the home. Reddi Services would be happy to take a look at the irrigation system if Mr. [redacted] chooses to do so. Reddi Services stands behind their correct price of $140.00 for the repairs made on May 26th that included parts, labor and tax. Reddi Services apologizes for any confusion or inconvenience Mr. [redacted] may have experienced as all of our customers are extremely important to us.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

Initial call to manager was to establish that there was work left undone, and to establish possible solutions. The call never got that far. The manager stated that the price was the same whether 5 minutes of work was completed or 3 hours of work was completed, and insisted they have great customer service and ratings with the My problem with this is (A) insisting you have great customer service and cutting me off in stating so is far from providing that great customer service. (B) if the cost is the same for 5 minutes or 3 hours, why wasn't there a greater effort made to fix the problem? The tech did what was necessary to get the water turned back on, and nothing more. Leaving me without a functioning front irrigation/sprinkler system. (C) NO offer to send the tech back out was made, during that conversation.

Finally, we have had all plumbing/irrigation problems remedied by a third plumbing company.




We apologize that Mr. [redacted] is not satisfied with the previous response from Reddi Services. During the initial conversation with Mr. [redacted] the warranty on the work completed was mentioned and Mr. [redacted] declined. The warranty was again brought up in the first written response from Reddi Services and the warranty is also written on the front of the invoice that Mr. [redacted] signed off on upon the completion of the repair. Reddi Services would be happy to come out and assess the work that was completed to find a solution to the irrigation system since all of the work preformed is under a six month parts and labor warranty. All of our customers are very important to us including Mr. [redacted]. Reddi Services will be ready to help him with any future repairs he may need completed.


Reddi Services

Chris took great care of us. We had a toilet that was requiring two flushes and he had to do quite a bit of searching to determine the issues. Turns out that the 30 year old toilet needed to be replaced. He was able to get us a new Toto the same day and came back to install it within 2 hours. The finished installation looks perfect

I will definitely be using Reddi Services again! Our technician was Pepe. He was very knowledgeable and got right to the point. I thought we needed a camera to check our pipes but he knew exactly what the problem was and where it was when I described to him what was going on. We didn't need a camera just to have the lines snaked. He told me exactly what the problem was, where it was and what he was going to do to fix it.

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