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Reliance Home Comfort

2 Lansing Sq, North York, Ontario, Canada, M2J 4P8

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Excellent service, the guy came at 8 am and fixed our water tank in 30 mins

Reliance Home Comfort Response • Dec 24, 2018

We are very happy to hear you received excellent service. Thank you for sharing your recent service experience with us. ~Haley

I had my boiler installed in May 2018 and it's December, and I wish I could get it ripped out. The company didn't respond once to any of my complaints and had never fixed any of the issues ( you call and they say well "all I can do is send a technician out to investigate"). The boiler didn't work at first in May.It then didn't work when we turned in on again in September. When it finally did it constantly leaked and is still leaking and it is December. I have had 15 technician appointments. In which a few have admitted to me they pass off boiler work on each other. Quoting them "because no one has any experience there with boilers". Worst experience with a company in my entire life. ***

Mon Dec 3rd
Penny responds, says she will help ... ha... after a few emails with her saying she would follow up with an "operations manager" ***.I hear nothing back. EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE IN ALL ASPECTS OF THE COMPANY. Penny is just good at responding to the good comments. ***

Tue Dec 4th
I just had a independent technician from town at my house. He told me that there were two visible safety infractions: the exhaust pipe was not to code (heat resistant piping) and they had no tags on the gas lines. This is extremely disheartening and disturbing as a consumer who knows nothing about these things but how dangerous they can be!! He also said to me that the part they say there going to replace wont fix my problem.

Thur Dec 6th
Spent all night trying to see if someone can come see what *** is happening to my boiler! I just want to go with another company but they refuse to say there installation was poor until they have "an in house inspection walkthrough" (this will be the 16th appointment since may not including sales and installation visit).

Sat Dec 8th 5:00am
Woke up to another full bucket this time the bucket broke on me sending water everywhere and a half empty 5 gal pale onto my toe. Thanks reliance for the wake up call!

So this Wednesday is the big inspection. Ill keep you guys posted!

Great service, very professional staff. Overall clean and tidy.

Reliance Home Comfort Response • Dec 05, 2018

Thank you John! This is so wonderful to hear! We appreciate you sharing your review and are always happy to help.


Ron came to check out our hot water heater. He arrived in a timely manner - 5 min after calling in. He put on his booties and got right to work. He was very informative and personable. I appreciated that he remembered me as a previous customer when he installed the hot water heater 5 years ago. He represents your company in a great way.

Reliance Home Comfort Response • Dec 05, 2018

Thank you for the wonderful review, and taking the time to share your experience with us.

We had a water heater problem. The technician was ok...once he got there *** but the call centre (which is not located in Winnipeg) is ***!! They give different responses every time you call. And, they keep you on hold forever! We were told that a technician would be out between midnight and 7am. No show! Called again to have someone tell us they would be for sure by 11am - No show again! Called again. Finally showed up at 12:30pm. Wasted a day off work for their ***.

Reliance Home Comfort Response • Dec 04, 2018

Hi Lauraine,
We are very sorry to hear about this experience. We have responded to your Facebook post and requested further details so we can review this further for you.
Thank you,

We had a problem with our water heater,so I called the office and was met with a friendly staff member, she told me someone would be visiting us between 8 and 12 am'
A very young friendly men came in the allotted time, covered his work boots, fixed the problem very quickly.
He gave us some good pointers and left as quickly as he came.
We were pleasantly surprised.
Gilbert B.

Reliance Home Comfort Response • Dec 03, 2018

Thank you for sharing your recent service experience with us. We are so happy to hear that you were pleasantly surprised. Have a nice day! ~Haley

I bought a new furnace and air conditioning unit in July, 2018. Reliance insists that a person over the age of 18 be home all day during the scheduled installation. My husband took the day off work to be here and Reliance called that morning at 8:30am and cancelled because "someone called in sick". Our installation was moved to another day, which of course, someone also had to be home for. This month, when we turned on our heat for the first time we noticed that sometimes the furnace blew warm air, and sometimes cold. The thermostat was set to 20C, but the house stayed about 17C. In the spirit of troubleshooting, we turned the heat to 30C, and after 5 hours it had only risen to 21.5C. We called Reliance on November 10. The customer service rep argued with me that I "wasn't in their system" and would be charged for the service call. She asked me twice if I was sure I bought the furnace from them. I said I definitely did, to my chagrin, and could show the technician the sales contract. A service technician came out on the 11th. He said there was indeed an error code and the furnace had not been installed correctly. He said he had done "the best that he could" for a temporary fix, but that we needed the installation team to come back. He said Reliance would call us to set that up. They didn't call. On November 14th, I called Reliance. I was assured that the message had been passed on to Linda P., the installation manager for the city/area I'm in, and that someone would definitely call me. No one did. On Friday, November 16, I called again. Same line, same result. On Sunday the 18th, I called a third time asking why no one from Reliance was calling me back about my brand new improperly installed furnace. The customer service rep said she left "another voicemail" for Linda P. and that she "hoped" someone would call me back on Monday. I asked about the $500 "no frustration guarantee" that is listed on my sales contract and warranty but the rep said another department dealt with that and they weren't available now. At no point was even an apology offered. No one seems even remotely concerned, or interested in fixing this problem. It is now Wednesday, November 21st and my house is 17.5C. Called AGAIN. Asked for "customer resolution centre". Was on hold for 14 minute. An extremely *** person who both raised her voice and repeatedly interrupted me says the installation team will be out tomorrow. ***. ***. They were wonderful right up until the sales contract was signed. Hopefully tomorrow the installation team will show up and fix their mistake.

Reliance Home Comfort Response • Nov 22, 2018

Thank you for advising us of your concerns. Our contractor will be calling you to arrange a return visit to have the installation corrected. We will also be reviewing further about your inquiry for our No Frustration Guarantee.
Thank you,

they very professional and did an excellent job on installing the humidifier. They also did a good job cleaning after the work was done. Thank you.

Reliance Home Comfort Response • Nov 22, 2018

Thank you *** we appreciate it! ~Haley

An unbelievable experience with a company ironically named "Reliance".

I contacted Reliance 3 months ago because I noticed a leak and black mould in and around my A/C unit. We scheduled an appointment to discuss install, contracts and quotes.

They said $2000 for the install and gave us pretty average monthly prices.
They rescueduled the install twice without a heads up (because we live in an older building they told us we need "special" installation). Again, we sat around all day waiting only for them to reschedule TWICE.

The day finally came and the install was "done". This was when it was unbearably hot out so we had to take our dog to an air conditioned building for the installation. When we came back our home was in utter shambles and the unit was INCORRECTLY installed in our washer/dryer closet.
We can't open our dryer because of this and it's not propped on top of our washer properly anymore so our washer is now slowly bending to the shape of the extra weight.
We were told that the job wasn't yet complete.
So we waited for them to schedule another time slot - they never came.

For the entire month of Sept we set up fans and kept lights off to keep ourselves and our poor dog cool.

Three months have passed and we're STILL living under construction conditions. They cut a hole in our wall in the living room to outside that was never completed so even now we have to adjust our living conditions because this three month A/C installation isn't complete.

We've sent several emails detailing our concerns, photos, we spoke with an apparent owner, an apparent manager who is always on vacation and apparent install contractors. All of whom are entirely incompetent and careless.

I had a new furnace put in and in less than two months, six service calls, one being a senior tech. Problems still with furnace but no urgency to get out here, now a new problem and I have to wait to next day for 5 hours for someone to show. And if that is not enough they installed wrong furnace, still waiting for manager to call. ***. Since we have a signed contract that lists what should have been installed

Reliance Home Comfort Response • Nov 19, 2018

Hi Shawn,

I'm so sorry to hear that you're not getting the help that is needed. I will be in touch with you and look forward to assisting with your concerns. This is not the level of service that we would normally provide.

Thank you,


Customer Response • Nov 20, 2018

I have called twice with four hours in between calls and sent an email and still no reply at all as of this date and time


Very professional friendly and fast!

Reliance Home Comfort Response • Nov 19, 2018

Thank you so much for the wonderful review Silvana! We appreciate your feedback and are always happy to help.


I have had nothing but issues with these combi systems. From my brick work needing to be fixed due to errors, missing parts, now replaced again(one year later),many days in the cold with no heat, left it leaking, countless wasted days waiting and phone calls and people being dishonest. Told things would happen that didnt too. Not to mention how many times I tried to talk to management higher up and it seems nobody allows that. I have all photos of the issues and everything documented. Beyond disappointed.

Reliance Home Comfort Response • Nov 15, 2018

I am very sorry to hear about this experience. I have emailed you to obtain the further information so we can have this reviewed with our operations team . Thank you, Jessica

We purchased a ductless AC unit and had it installed July 16, 2018.
When the sales lady first came to talk to us about this. She said there was an HVAC Heating & Cooling Incentive of $2500.00 for this unit. We ended up only receiving $1500.00 because our purchase was filed too late. She told us that day that if there was any problem getting our full $2500.00 that Reliance would come good for difference of $1000.00. I have consistently been calling the resolution center only to get the run around that a salesperson will call me back in within 24hrs but nobody ever does. I have texted the sales lady who sold the unit to us and she ignores my texts. Not sure what I will do at this point, but it's false advertising by this company representative.

Reliance Home Comfort Response • Nov 15, 2018

The local Sales Manager has been in direct contact with the customer to resolved the mentioned concerns. ~Haley

When Reliance was called in July because our rented hot water tank was heating up so much it was melting plastic on the top of the tank, the tech came in and redtagged the tank. Then told me I had 10 days to fix or replace it or my gas would be cut off. It was their a sales rep came out and convinced me to rent a new tank and a furnace (both were needed anyways). Tyler was incredible, till he wasn't. Mike came in and installed a new outlet for electric. He was awesome, and stayed that way. The furnace came in with contractors, they damaged my oak trim and then just left it for us to clean up. Mike actually fixed the trim when he was called back. Then the ESA rep who was supposed to inspect Mikes work went to my neighbours house, and failed the work, for obvious reasons. The hot water tank took 2 weeks to finally be delivered and installed. Those techs were awesome (***) who I asked to look at furnace cause it didnt seem right. Thats when I was advised that it wasnt even hooked up. I was told before that it even passed their inspection. Which was strange because it wasnt even hooked up to gas...I think finally my furnace and hwt were finally completed sometime in late august. Then the billing nightmare started. Reliance cannot get this right! I was promised 6 months free. So far I have got nothing. I keep getting my sister in laws bills. She wants ebilling but they keep adding my email and bank account. And the mailing addresses havent been right. Nothing has been right. I cant believe this is happening.

Technitian took his time and got to the root cause of my problem. He saved me from having to buy a new furnace. Thank you Amarjit

Reliance Home Comfort Response • Nov 07, 2018

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us Eduardo! We're very fortunate to have Amarjit as part of our team and are always happy to help.


Great service the tec was fantasic educated me about my furnace installed a new thermostat also tweeked my furnace to make it run much more efficient . In my opinion more companies could learn from reliance customer service great job

Reliance Home Comfort Response • Nov 05, 2018

Thank you so much for your amazing review!

In June 2018 we had a water tank burst in our basement. The tank was originally rented from ***. *** could not get us a replacement tank for a week. As senior citizens we can not go without the essential service of hot water. So we called Reliance and they could replace the tank to following day GREAT!!!!!! So we made an appointment, the technician showed up and installed a new hot water tank, so far we are extremely happy with the service from Reliance. The technician took away our old water heater and told us they'd take care of returning it to ***. This is great because as seniors we have no way to do this. The technician gave us signed paperwork that stated the tank was in the possession of Reliance and would be returned to ***. So far great service!!
Fast forward to October 2018 and we are being *** by *** saying the hot water tank was never returned and we have to pay for it!!!! So we called Reliance and they can not find the water tank and have no idea what happened to it. The solution from Reliance is that we pay *** for the missing hot water tank, and they might reimburse us later! We're seniors, we do not have extra money laying around to shell out in the hopes that we might get it back later. We have signed paperwork from Reliance stating the water tank is in their possession and will be returned.
The service from Reliance started out great...however now has completely gone downhill. Now that they have our rental contract they couldn't care anymore. They will not acknowledge that they messed up somewhere along the line and did not return the water tank to *** even though we have paperwork stating that would be done. Now we are expected to pay out money we do not have!

Reliance Home Comfort Response • Oct 31, 2018

Good Afternoon,

I sincerely apologize for this experience and for the events that lead up to this frustrating situation. I have been in touch with you and look forward to resolving this issue.

Thank you for the opportunity to assist,


Customer Response • Nov 26, 2018

Hello...Sorry for my delayed reply. Penny from Reliance has been extremely helpful with this issue. They've agree to cover outstanding bills and fees since the water tank was installed.

James & Jessica are fantastic and insightful technicians that gave well thought out advice that was in my best interest, saved me money and addressed all my issues.

Reliance Home Comfort Response • Oct 31, 2018

Thank you very much for your kind review! ~Haley

I made an appointment for someone to come and give me an estimate on a furnace and possibly AC. We talked about a few options, and he named some figures (for purchasing, also for renting option).
I scribbled down this information which was all interesting, and when the appointment ended we said goodbye. the representative was very pleasant and informative.

However, he left not a single shred of paper or email stating any of what we discussed, which really surprised me. All the numbers we spoke about (% efficiency, cost of furnace/installation, cost of AC with options to buy or rent) are nowhere except on my scrap of paper.
Is this normal procedure? Generally when I get an estimate I am left with some information to chew over regarding a choice or different choices together with associated costs.

3 stars, not for the furnace but for the level of trust and understanding I gleaned from the appointment.

Reliance Home Comfort Response • Oct 25, 2018

Good Morning, Thank you so much for sharing your feedback. All presentations are digital as we're doing our best to reduce our environmental fingerprint. We will certainly review our procedures and see what steps we can take to make more information available to our customers.


Customer Response • Oct 25, 2018

Hello Penny, that is an admirable goal, but it has been 4 days and I never received any further information. Susan

I was contacted in April 2018 by *** and Collections on behalf of Reliance Home Comfort. They stated that I owed $900.00 for a bill from 2009 at ***. I indicated to them that I have never been contacted about this, provided a contract, or seen any bills. I had zero knowledge of any hot water tank rental. My family lived in this home for a short period of time and the landlord paid for the utilities. I was a resident for a brief time, however I was not on any lease. They advised me they would file a dispute and contact Reliance for the evidence of the debt. Today Oct 22 2018 I was called by a man who would only say that Reliance Responded and said " It was me who agreed because I pay for utilities " I asked for the proof of the contract, and he said all they had was the final bill which was generated in 2017. I asked why it took 10 years to generate a bill and he advised he didn't have a clue but he would email it to me. I have yet to receive that email. The collector said the only way this would go away is if I filed a police report. I called the York Regional Police who said it was completely false and misleading that a police report was the answer.

The collector said the bill was affecting my credit, I said no I have good credit and monitor it. He said that it was missed actually but he is submitting that request now. I dispute this bill and I certainly will not have a bill for a service I have no knowledge of come back 10 years later to impact my credit. I believe this is an extremely unfair collection practice. The collector said to tell the landlord - I have no clue who that is, where to find them etc.

My understanding is that there is 6 years to even attempt to collect a debt. I am telling them its been 10 since they say this happened + I dispute it.

later when this is from 2009, they said no this is from 2017. I said NO I live in that house 2009/2010. My mother moved out of province in 2010 so we certainly didn't live there past then. He said oh well in 2017 the bill was generated so that is when the clock starts. Total ***.

***Document Attached***
These bills are dated Jan 1 2016 - Aug 10 2017. Commencing over 6 years AFTER I moved out of this property.

According to this statement:
New Charges
Jan 1, 2016 to Apr 21, 2016
Water Heater Rental 97.90
Apr 22, 2016 to May 21, 2016
Water Heater Rental 26.46
Harmonized Sales Tax 16.17
Total New Charges Due on May 10, 2016 140.53
Payment Due On May 10, 2016 $140.53

I disputed ever having signed anything or being aware of any responsible for rental. And I definitely Dispute being responsible for charges 6 years after I moved out. According to this statement As of May 10 2016 the amount due was 140.53 and went up from there. Between 2014-2018 I was leased as a tenant to a home in Newmarket and had NO connection to this property.

Desired Outcome

Account closed and ensure credit bureau is not impacted.

Reliance Home Comfort Response • Oct 25, 2018

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention so we could further investigate on our end.

The water heater in question was installed by LivClean in 2010. Reliance acquired this rental water heater in 2012 and the paperwork obtained from LivClean contained your name. The welcome letters to Reliance would have been mailed to the address at the time of the acquisition but with you no longer living at the property you would not have received it along with the invoices in the months following.

We have closed the file on our end and have reported to A1 the case has been closed. This might take a couple of days to completely close through A1.

I have emailed you in regards to this case and should you have any further questions please feel free to email me.

Thank you

Customer Response • Nov 09, 2018

Complaint resolved to my satisfaction. Thanks

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