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Review: I had a membership at Retro Fitness in Manahawkin, NJ that was being billed to a credit card. I took the credit card off of the account and informed the staff at Retro that I was going to be moving and that I wanted to pay the rest of my year membership in full. They accepted my membership and told me that my membership was up after the end of the year. They never informed me that they would continue billing me after that year was up. I moved and when I went to check my credit I discovered that they referred me to collections. I didn't even know it! This is completely fraudulent on their part since I was informed in person that my membership was up after the year expired that I PAID IN FULL!Desired Settlement: I want the collection deleted and for Retro to discontinue billing me and cancel my membership for good.

Review: September 2012 I joined Retro fitness, I agreed to a 1 year contract. They offered childcare , and offered great hours for the childcare, which is the only reason I chose this gym. They explained the prices to me as the more money you leave as a credit/deposit for the childcare, the cheaper the rate would be per session. I agreed to the $100.00 package, which gave me 50 sessions. Thats $2.00 per session. I took my daughter to the first session and she went willingly, The second session she would not stay in the room or let me leave she caused such a scene that I started crying I was so embarrassed. I immediately walked out with her, upset that I could not work out. I went back a few days later thinking let me try this one more time. I explained to the front desk girl what was going on. I said this just isn't going to work for me. She replied why dont you just try it one more time, I'm really good with kids, and if it dosen't work they will give you your money back for the childcare. She got my daughter to go with her but it only took a few moments before she realized I was gone and flipped out, so we left. I never went back, I couldn't. I sent Retro a letter explaining that I wanted to cancel my contract , and I was aware that I would still be responsible to pay for the last two months on my contract but....could they take the $92.00 that was left over from childcare credit and apply that to the 2 months left on the contract, @ 21.95 per month thats $43.90. That means that $48.10 would have been left over in childcare credit that I wasn't even asking them to refund. When I called to find out why they never cancelled my contract and why I was still being billed, they explained it was because I have a contract until sept 2013, I told them I wrote in the letter that I was aware of this and that I requested that they put the childcare credit towards it. He asked me to hold on, he came back to the phone and said I'm sorry mame its non refundable. ????????Desired Settlement: There was no contract signed for childcare nore anything stating it was non refundable., plus the employee told me they would refund it if it didn't work out, now all of a sudden its non-refundable.. I just want my contract cancelled and not to be charged anymore from my checking account and If they wont do that then I want the $92.00 credit from childcare . I asked to speak with a manager and they told me there wasn't a manager there. I am furious. Please help.

Review: I have had a membership at Retro Fitness in Manahawkin New Jersey 08050 for multiple years. Last year I sent a certified letter to have my membership cancelled as I have no need for their services. After sending this letter I have not had my membership cancelled. I haven't even used the membership in years. I sent an email to customer service today. I am cancelling my bank account that is attached to that membership and I will not continue paying for a membership that has not been used in years. It ridiculous that I have to send a certified letter to cancel my membership and never get a response back from the company. They already took enough of my money, I'm not giving another cent.Desired Settlement: Cancel my membership and stop charging my account.

Review: Advertises a low price per month. Never discusses additional fees. After joining gym I am billed an amount to sustain the price I am paying. What???? When I lost my credit card. I paid what I owed with my new credit card over the phone and told Manager I no longer wanted my credit card on file with them. Manager [redacted] without my permission updated my records and charged my credit card without my permission. When I wanted to cancel the contract they would not cancel by phone. When I came in to cancel I was charged an additional month. This company provides no customer service just loop holes never discussed with members so that they may continue to charge your credit card. I have belonged to many gyms and this gym is the only gym which practices deception by not fully disclosing all terms with members. An initial should be required next to small print details acknowledging their SPECIAL POLICIES.Desired Settlement: When I went in to the gym to cancel I was under the impression I was paying the full amount owed. Again, small details never disclosed. I asked why they have charged me an extra month and she told me it was on the cancellation form. A scribble that was not discussed. I am looking to be reimbursed for $21.39 This is a charge for an additional month. [redacted] will fight tooth and nail over this small charge rather than provide any type of customer service.

Review: I have just checked my credit report to find that I am in collections for owing this gym money from April 2011. I canceled this membership before that time and did not even live in the state of New Jersey during that time.Desired Settlement: I would like to be removed from collections.

Review: In Oct 2010 I enrolled in a 1 year membership at Retro Fitness in [redacted], NJ. In Oct 2011 I attempted to cancel my membership at the [redacted] facility, and I was told that my request for cancellation has to be in writing. I sent a written letter to the [redacted] facility, provided the desk employee with a hand delivered hard copy, and sent the manager an email with my intent to cancel. Retro fitness continued deducting membership dues for four months ( Dec 2010 through March 2011) until my debit card expired, and they were unable to process anymore payments.

During this time period, I sent additional letters to Retro Fitness, and stopped in the facility in hopes of a resolution.

In 2013 I received calls from a collection agency stating that I owe Retro Fitness money. I explained that I complied with their cancellation policy, and I do not own them any money. The only reply that I received from the debt collector was that I did owe Retro Money and they were hired to collect. I received three more telephone calls form the debt collector and informed them that if I receive any more calls regarding this matter, I will seek legal action. The calls did stop until today January 5, 2016.

I never received any written documentation from Retro Fitness or a debt collector regarding this issue. Please help!Desired Settlement: I would like Retro Fitness to honor my original request and terminate my membership at the end of my original contract, October 2011.



Retro Fitness in [redacted] has recently received a complaint notice regarding the cancellation process we follow, as policy, for a member named [redacted]. The member failed to give us any documentation stating that he wishes to cancel his membership with us. He was called by the billing company, [redacted] several times regarding his past due and he failed to resolve the issue before his account had been sent to collections. Therefore, the collections company continued to call for the money he does owe. His account shows no proof of him trying to resolve the issue nor is there any documents stating he wanted to cancel

Review: I was charged an annual fee without my consent

I am also being charged for a monthly fee but not allowed to go to another gym

Review: The owner was super rude about canceling an account and refused to do so and said contact corporate if I wanted to cancel my account. I went to the corporate website and sent a request to cancel my account. I received a blank reply from them just stating my name. I called their 800 number and was told to go back to the gym. I wasn't doing that just to be talked to rudely again. A few weeks later a "collections" company called and I said I canceled my account and she told my my request was denied. My request shouldn't be denied because I shouldn't be forced to pay for a service I haven't used in at that point 3 months and I wasn't paying anything. She was polite and gave me a PO box address to send in a written request to cancel my account. I did so and 2 months went by and this number from NY and NJ keeps harassing me day in and day out about an uncollected debt. I owe them nothing. They verbally abuse you, yell at you, call you names, and threaten to come to your house if you don't pay the hardly English speaking Indian. I just want the calls to stop. They refuse to tell you what business they belong to or to send documentation. They try to haggle deals with you and I highly don't appreciate it.Desired Settlement: For these "collection" agencies from India to stop calling and threatening me.



Please be advised after receiving the above mentioned complaint, we do not have this member in our system. I'm not certain he has the correct information, as he didn't specify any of the employees that helped him and our Corporate Office does not have much to do with the individual gym cancellations. Our cancellation policy is that the member comes into the club with a written letter to cancel the membership, as he would have to sign a change in membership form. This form he would have a copy of. This then gets scanned into our system and processed through our financial company from there. Please feel free to contact us back if there are any further questions. Thank you.

Review: I sent a certified letter to Retro Fitness to cancel my contract and cease any billing. My account has been in good standing and all payments due were paid up until the date of my letter. However, they sent me a letter informing me that they will not terminate my account until a "contract payment" in the amount of $42.78 is paid. No additional charges should be due because I made all agreed payments up until the date of my letter to terminate my account. I suspect this is an attempt to avoid or delay the termination of my account.Desired Settlement: Written confirmation of the termination of my contract and no future requests for payment.




This is in response to [redacted]l [redacted]a, complaint and disputed amount for $42.78. Mr [redacted]a agreement Is for 1 year, with a 60 day notice of cancel as stated in agreement terms. His letter was received and processed on May 16, 2014, which would require the 2 room payments of $21.39 (including tax) totaling $42.78. On May 16, and again this morning I attempted to reach Mr. [redacted]a , to no avail since his mailbox is full.

As a matter of good faith I am waiving the payments of $42.78. and cancelling his agreement as complete. I hope this satisfies his complaint. If you have any further questions or concerns feel free to reach me at [redacted] Mon - Friday.

Review: On July 13, I went to Retro Fitness in Fairfield, NJ to cancel two memberships that I had been paying over a year for. I was told that since my daughter was over 18 and not with me at the time, she would have to send a certified letter to the [redacted] collection agency requesting cancellation. My daughter did this on July 13th. The financial agency received that request on July 16th and says that they in turn sent the request to cancel to West Orange Retrofitness. In October, my bank statement continued to show a membership fee deduction for her membership. I went to the Fairfield Retro to find out why the membership fee was still being removed and that was when I was informed that a year prior my daughter's membership had automatically been transferred to the West Orange, NJ Retro Fitness because she was using that gym more frequently. I was NOT told on July 13th so the information I was given to cancel her membership was not correct. West Orange Retro has a different policy for cancellation which required my daughter to go to the gym in person to cancel according to Mario [redacted], General Manager. Mr Bird now tells me that my daughter must give them an additional 60 day notice to cancel by sending them an email request because she is out of state at college and cannot appear in person. He also explained when asked about customer disclosure that they do not tell their members that there are different practices for cancellation at different gyms. They do not accept the certified letter mailed in July. The Fairfield Retrofitness gave me incorrect information causing an additional expense to myself of over 60.00 . The practices at both gyms are deceptive. We did exactly what we were told to do to cancel. Had we been informed to go to the West Orange gym in July, this would not be an issue. Retro fitness does whatever they can to make it difficult to cancel a membership, giving the run around to the customer.Desired Settlement: Immediate cancellation of the membership without waiting the 60 days. Fairfield Retrofitness needs to contact West Orange Retrofitness to straighten this out. It was their incorrect information to me regarding the procedures that is ultimately delaying the membership cancellation and costing me more money.



Hello, I have spoken with the manager ofRetro Fitness of West Orange, [redacted], about [redacted]s account. He informed methat when he spoke with [redacted] he did let her know that they had not receivedthe letter requesting to cancel [redacted]s account and informed [redacted] that ifshe has proof of move for [redacted], whether it be a piece of mail with her nameand address on it or a new driver’s license, he would cancel it effectiveimmediately. He also stated that they do accept certified letters to cancel aswell as coming into the club or e-mailing the manager. I did ask him if she hada return receipt from the letter she sent certified mail, as I had asked her ifshe had when she came into the Fairfield location, would he accept that to cancelit effective immediately and he said he would. [redacted] is over the age of 18 and waswhen she signed up, therefore; we are unable to discuss her membership,regardless of who pays for the membership, to anyone other than [redacted]. Asstated previously, if there is a return receipt that [redacted] or [redacted] can providefrom forwarding the letter certified mail to the billing company, [redacted]can then be contacted to see if the letter has been received and the status ofthe letter. The information provided to [redacted] was accurate in regards to[redacted] cancelling her membership via certified mail to [redacted], due to[redacted] not being able to make it into the facility, regardless of whether themembership was transferred or not. The memberships do transfer basedon the amount of times a location is used within the month. Although RetroFitness is a franchise, it is individually owned. You are able to use any RetroFitness location with your membership but (for example) if you move and thereis another Retro Fitness location closer to you and you use that location 60%of the time your membership transfers. Once the membership transfers thatcurrent club is now able to access your membership, billing, notes, healthwaiver, etc. A membership transferring is for the convenience of the member andplacing their billing at the right location they are using. If a member choosesthey would like to go back to their “home location” all they need to do iscontinue using that location 60% of the time and it will automatically transferback. The membership is currently at the West Orange location, and as long as the proper information requested by themanager is provided, they will cancel it out. The Fairfield location is unableto access [redacted]s membership. Unfortunately this is all the information I canprovide to you at this time. If there is any other questions or concerns pleasefeel free to contact me at the club via phone or e-mail.[redacted]E-mail: [redacted]

Review: My husband was a member at Retro Fitness up until we moved to Texas. When we arrived in Texas it took sometime to get our new driver's licenses but as soon as we did we mailed a copy of them to Manahawkin, NJ Retro Fitness via certified letter as we were told to do. The receipt of the letter was 2/7/14. I have called many times and I am told I must speak with the owner because our proof of move was not sufficient enough. Honestly, what is more proof then a brand new license from the state of Texas? We are still being charged five months later. I am given the run around when I call to speak to this owner. This is not a good business practice and as a whole I hope this will be taking care of and our money refunded.Desired Settlement: Refund the last 5 months payment because we did exactly what we were told on how to cancel.

Review: Memberships with establishment expired on 06 and 07/2013. In November 2013 I called the [redacted] where payments were made and told them as we had not renewed contracts I was ending my membership as I had not visited gym in over six months. The Finance company informed me that I had to cancel directly with the gym. I called the gym and asked who's attention I could send cancellation letter to. I spoke to a young person who informed me that if I didn't have a contract but a month-to-month, I had to cancel personally with the manager "[redacted] Nevertheless I sent a few letters to no avail I continued to get billed by [redacted] I called the gym incessantly and asked for [redacted] and again they insisted I hand to cancel directly with him. I visited the gym numerous times to cancel to no avail. I sent letters to finance company cancelling but they refused to give me address where I could send certified mail only a P.O.Box address. After calling incessantly April 26-28 to find [redacted] to no avail, I showed up at the gym with my son. The person at the counter informed me that he was not a gym employee and could not cancel my membership. I refused to leave until these memberships are cancelled. I've been paying this establishment for 11mths. whilst trying to cancel this membership. After being very adamant and making a fuss where other patrons were listening a young gentleman came from the milk shake counter and said I can cancel your memberships. He asked for both my membership cards as I had one for myself and one for my son. I asked for some type of documentation that the memberships had been cancelled and he said there was nothing to give me. I expressed that I had been trying to cancel for over 11mths. even though we didn't have a contract and the manger did not accept or return my calls or respond o my letters.Desired Settlement: This establishment has unethical business practices. They do not acknowledge or delay cancellations and then direct all billing issues to [redacted] They instituted rules about cancelling directly with one person who was never available, would not respond or acknowlege correspondence in order to continue billing. To date I have not received a cancellation confirmation and continue to be billed.

Review: I started my contract with Retro Morganville, in which I asked "if I move, can my contract be switched?" They said it could no questions asked.. That was a problem in itself as it did not switch over smoothly, however that part of the issue was finally resolved. Now they are telling me they have to charge me more at this location because they all have different pricing. However, I signed a contract for a certain amount of payment and was not informed of any possible increases if I changed locations. So not only have I downgraded in the quality of the gym they expect me to pay more? Why should I have to honor my contact when the retro franchise does not? This has been nothing but a headache to me.Desired Settlement: I will not continue with this contract, it seems the company only wants money and cares nothing about their customers. I should not have this many issues with a company, it is frustrating to say the least.



Hello, I received a complaint for the second time from the above member, the first complaint had absolutely nothing to do with my East Brunswick location, but I made a few phone calls, and helped this member out, she sat with me in my office, and I did everything she wanted me to do, and then she was transferred to my location about a month later. Member was very happy with the results I had given her. Now she sent a second complaint, because our child care is $15per month, and the location she was transferred from was $10, a note was left for me, and I as a COURTESY to this member changed her child care to $10/month, which is something I did not have to do, but wanted to keep a member happy, the same day as I went through the mail, I see that she sent another complaint to the bashing my location once again, I called member, and just cancelled her out. I do not want her as a member, I have done nothing but bend every rule for her, and she still continues to complain. I went against all Corp policy and just cancelled her out without any 60 days notice, just because I don't want her as a member in my club. We have MANY members, and all positive feedback from all of them, I do not need a member that bashes us any chance she gets, even though I have done everything she has ever asked for. As of today she is cancelled from the agreement, I do not want any further contact with this member. I called her at 8:45 pm and told her I was cancelling her, and she was fine with that. [redacted]



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: I purchased my membership in Kenilworth nj I believe in 2009. I have moved to [redacted]l, nj an over two hour drive from Kenilworth, NJ. I want to cancel my membership. I went to a local gym that said they could do nothing but refer me back to the purchasing gym to cancel. I do not feel it is reasonable for me to travel a total of four hours to cancel a membership. The contract was for 1 year which has long passed and I understand the contract then goes month to month. As a franchise I believe a customer should be able to complete any tasks at every location. They also did not give me any contact info for who to cancel with or if anything else was required. This should be able to be completed by phone. I want to cancel this membership immediately.Desired Settlement: I want confirmation that my membership is cancelled effective immediately.

Review: I am still being charged for membership dues after contacting the facility TWICE to have my membership cancelled. The first time the women who answers the telephones told me to obtain a form from ANY retro fitness to cancel my membership. When I asked the Toms River location for the form they told me that I had to obtain it from the Manahawkin location. When I went to the Manahawkin location the Man at the desk told me I needed to mail a letter stating I wished to cancel. I mailed the letter months ago and I am still being charged.Desired Settlement: I wish to have the last 4 months of payments refunded to my credit card IMMEDIATELY.

Review: I signed up for a membership on march 11,2013 for a one year membership set to NOT auto renew which the sales woman confirmed. I stopped going to the gym last year but still paid my obligated dues. I went in in February 7,2014 to cancel my membership and to confirm that it would not extend past the date on my 1 year contract since my 11 payments started in april 2013 and would be completed February 2014. The gentleman[redacted] said that it would not because the 1 year contract was up. I was billed on march 11, 20014. I called the club and [redacted] gave me [redacted] cell phone number which I called and left a message. He did not get right back to me I had to call the club a few times to get him to call me back. After a brief conversation where he basically said I know what I signed up for and there is no way out of it so you have to pay 2 more months or else it will ruin my credit. He was very rude and condescending in his tone which was very demeaning to myself.Desired Settlement: I would like to be refunded the $21.39 that I was billed and I do not want to be billed any more.

Review: Once I pay my final bill I am just requesting that Retro Fitness provide me with a letter statement that my account is closed. The gym refuses to provide me with a letter saying that my account is closed and that I no longer owe them money. TDesired Settlement: I want to pay the money that I owe the game and get a letter clearly stating that my account is closed.



Member originally sent in a cancellation notice on July 17, 2013. Our cancellation policy is a 60-day notice, meaning, he will be responsible for 2 billing cycles. The 2 months that [redacted] was responsible for did not go through because of credit card being declined. Member then called to ask why his membership is not cancelled. Explained why, then told him because of the 2 months missed payment, his account is now responsible for the late fees that was applied to his account. Spoke to me, the General Manager, and settled to make a payment of $71.78 (2 month + late fees) instead of paying the accumulating months that then added to his bill being that it accumulated because of his account being delinquent. Member was supposed to be responsible for the balance, but: settled with the manager for $71.78 amount. [redacted] did not come in on the day he said he would to meet me. So when he did come in, the staff was not aware of the settlement made with the manager. He was told the outstanding balance was owed. I called [redacted] three times and left voicemails and an e—mail regarding the issue to close out the account we originally have made a settlement for. [redacted] then finally got in touch with me 3 weeks later and he made the payment and I cancelled out his account.

Review: To Whom It may Concern,

Attached please find a string of emails to and from your local NJ corporate office. Also attached is a string of emails to and from ** the Vice President of Marketing.

I am now forwarding all the attached emails to Franchising at Retro Fitness as it is the only other email I have been able to find so far online. I am also contacting via phone the actual corporate offices attempting to get someone on the line.

On 11/13/2013 I was trained by [redacted] at the Brick NJ location as part of the "FREE" fitness evaluation. At that time I agreed to sign up for weekly training. 2 days later I was contacted by a trainer at the facility who informed me he did not work on Saturdays. The following day [redacted] said he would have someone that did work on weekends call me. On November 16th I received a text message from "robb" to set up a training session. He informed me that day he would get back to me "early the following week" to set up the appointment. He did not reach out to me "early the next week"

In the interim I was extremely sore from the workout by [redacted]. I assumed this was normal soreness however when I was still in a lot of pain on 11/22/2013 I went to a doctor. I was told I had torn ligaments in my elbow which was most likely due to the fact that your trainer did no stretching of any kind either before or after the workout.

On 11/21/2013 I called the brick location and explained to them that not only was I injured by their trainer but I also still had not gotten an appointment for training and I wanted to cancel my training agreement. I left 5 messages at the brick location that day and received no calls back. The last time I called I got the number for the corporate office and called them. I was told that day that someone from operations would be in touch and I would get a call back within 24 hours. I never received a call. I called again on 11/22/2013 and left more messages at the corporate office and again no return call.

I called on 11/25/20113 and 11/26/2013 and still received no calls back. On my last call to the corporate office I spoke with ** and she assured me that she would handle it and have someone call me back. She emailed me that day to tell me she had reached out to the locations owner who assured her she would call me on 11/27/2013. She never called. You can see from the emails between myself and ** that I was given a slew of excuses as to why I had not been called back.

Today I received an email from [redacted] (attached) again telling me that the owner would reach out to me. She did not. I called the brick location and after being on hold for approximately 10 minutes I was again told the Owner would call me back. She did in fact call me back and her response to me was absolutely mind boggling. First, she told me that she had been told 15 different stories about what happened and that she was assured by her staff that I was called back (it can be proven by phone records that NO ONE from that location EVER called me). She then told me I was lying and that there was no way she was going to cancel my training agreement unless I could provide her with written proof that I am permanently damaged and unable to exercise. She went on to tell me that not only was she going to not refund my money, that she would in fact keep charging me for services she is not providing. She was rude, nasty and just all around ugly. I am in complete shock about how this is being handled and how the corporate offices allow their members to be treated whether the gyms are independently owned or not.

I have contacted the (according to them there are many complaints about your company). I have called the bank and according to them charging me for services you are not providing is in fact illegal and they are opening an investigation to that fact. I will be leaving voicemail messages for each and every officer in the corporate offices including [redacted], [redacted], [redacted] and whomever else I can get a hold of.

I will not just accept that this behavior is ok.

ALL I wanted was to cancel the training as to not injure myself further and I am being treated as if I did something wrong.

I absolutely will not just go away because your independent Owner has a problem with me and clearly with her staff who are telling her things that are not true.Desired Settlement: Refund for services charged to my card that were never performed. Cancellation of training contract as the trainer injured me due to his lack of knowledge.

Review: in February of 2015 I made an appointment to cancel my membership due to finical issues. I filled out the correct form with the shift manager and was advised my account with be closed. 7 months later I am now advised the account was never closed and I have been billed 200.00 dollars since. I spoke with the asst. manager today (8/18/2015) and was told I need to find my cancelation form in order to be reimbursed, now after 7 months I am unsure if I will be able to locate this form. I am unhappy with the fact I had to miss hours at work two different days because the first time I walked in and you have to schedule an appt. to cancel and now I have to spend time searching to find this because the shift manager couldn't do his job and finish my cancelation. I tried contacting their corporate office and was unable to reach anyone and left a message without receiving a call back still.Desired Settlement: I would like to be refunded the 7 months I have been charged (19.99 per month plus tax) as well as the 50.00 dollar annual fee I was charged this month as well.

Review: I sent a physician letter to Retro Fitness [redacted] stating due to injury I needed to discontinue my activity concerning my injury.

The letter was sent three times. The last time it was sent I sent it registered. I am receiving threatening letter from collections about my account. There has been no response from Retro Fitness.

I am attaching the letters sent and the USPO tracking number for the letter.Desired Settlement: discontinue collections

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