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We are fortunate at Retro Fitness to record all communications both in the customer files held on our database and via recording of telephone callsI already spoke with [redacted] regarding this matter later in the day of the first telephone call made by herselfThere is absolutely no records of any communication regarding a pregnancy at the beginning of her membership and it comes as both a shock and surprise to hear of this the first timeWe have many clients who freeze their membership during the gestitation period free of charge, so to hear the comments that are being alleged regarding a conversation, that are not on record, is surprising to say the leastWe are always more than accommodating regarding freezing membershipHowever more to the point of the complaint, after listening to the conversation and the subsequent conversation that was had with ***(also on record) that while Rachel's customer service skills may not of been the best on the day, she was more than curteous at the beginning informing [redacted] that there was no manager on duty till after 4pm and as a low level worker there was nothing she could do to assist herThis did not appease [redacted] and her tone and demeanor became increasingly hostile and aggresive to the point that it became a futile effort in trying to continue to explain to her why her day notice had not been processedSo while [redacted] believed she was correct the fact remained that because she had stopped the credit card on file subsequently allowing her account to be in arrears, and therefore any cancellation request to be null and voidShe was sent an email on the same day her day notice had been received(also on record) explaining all of thisSo while I accept that the conversation wasn't the best example of good customer service most of the blame for the situation would have to fall on the failure to meet the obligations of the member, something that was acknowledged and subsequently corrected by the collection of the arrears and the required payment for the day cancellation monies

We have communicated with MrsF*-p [redacted] on more than one occasionShe claims to have cancelled within a 30-day grace periodHowever this is not our cancellation policyOur cancellation policy is stated in all our contractsAfter signing up you have days to cancel and receive a full refund, otherwise your 12-month contract beginsMrsF*-p [redacted] is in a 12-month contract and must complete all invoicesOur Cancellation Policy in our member contract states that a letter stating her cancellation must be certified mailed to our locationIf you are still within your 12-month contract, you must complete all 12-months and we will not auto-renew a membershipIf you are beyond your 12-month contractual period (month-to-month), and you send you certified letter, it is a 60-day cancellation policy in which the member is responsible for the next days of payments

To whom it may concern, I began my membership with Retro Fitness of Bordentown January 12th April 13th I received orders to deploy, which I presented to the receptionist in an effort to cancel said membershipI was told upon signing up I could cancel at any time if orders are presentedI was told that day that the account was cancelled and thought nothing more of itMonths later I received charges totaling $(including overdraft fees to my credit card)Upon further inquiry, the account I was told was cancelled had been "frozen" and charges had resumedI requested a refund, and permanent cancellation of services, which I was told by an employee ( [redacted] ), the Manager/Owner ( [redacted] and a corporate representative ( [redacted] ), would be impossibleI was directed to proceed in cancelling the membership in December 2016, which would entail more monthly payments, which I consider unacceptableI would like a fair conclusion to this m

The facility is unaware of an alleged injury taking place at the gymThe member is currently on a medical freeze and has not been charged during this time periodThe membership has not been cancelled as of yet; we are awaiting a legible physician note in accordance with the members agreement Personal training contract was discontinued per member requestThe member has utilized every personal training package purchased

[redacted] signed up on For a year gym membership that renews on a month to month basis after thatThe way to cancel the agreement is through certified mail which is clearly outlined in her membership agreement that she signed and which gets emailed to her upon signupShe needs to pay the balance that is past due to have her name removed from collections On 5/*/She called the gym to ask about her account and told the front desk that she will not pay us a dime

My name is [redacted] and I just wanted to inform you that we did take care of ID We took care of Susan Rivera but clearing her past dues from past and cancelled her accountWe also gave her a call and made sure she was aware we took care of this for her and also for her daughter Jillian RosarioWe left the conversation on great terms and she was very happy and thankful we called her.I hope that this helps and we no longer will receive letters regarding this client!Thank you and I hope you have a great holiday season! [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and although I find this resolution unsatisfactory; I cannot endure anymore unnecessary stress by continuing to entertain how this company erroneously attempts to justify their unethical behaviour? Like, really, their [redacted] card is declined a month after I've paid in full, and I'm at fault because I didn't contact their emergency phone number, wow!!! ? Respectfully, please close this file? Please note: ? I do plan to voice my opinion on the internet, and perhaps the media, in an effort to circumvent any other customers from experiencing such a disheartening experience with this travel agency? I will not 'ever' do business with them again, and suggest they seriously brush up on their internal process protocols and their lack of customer service focus -- this is one case, where the customer was right, yet unjustifiably treated so disrespectfully!!!Thank you - I was not aware you even existed until my colleagues at [redacted] recommended you -- thank you for doing what you doso well! Much appreciated.? Sincerely, [redacted] ***

[redacted] signed up for Personal Training on 052**for one time per week which is $per week/sessionWe do not have programs of $per monthWhen [redacted] signed his contract, his agreement was instantly sent over to him VIA EMAIL he provided to Retro Fitness when he first signed up which is [redacted] (we have his contract on file if he would like to review it)If [redacted] had any issues with his agreement, he could have brought it to my attention right away and not two months laterI am the District Personal training manager and I would be more than happy to readjust his program and find something that 100% fits his budget and I will personally customize his program to his financially likingHis personal training sessions are all on his account and they were never tampered withOur Retro Fitness app sometimes has technical errors, this could have fallen into an errorI do see one session being scheduled but, there was a last minute cancellation on [redacted] 's partAs for returning his funds and cancelling both gym agreements, this is not a valid reason to do so this is why I would love to find a program that works with his finances(this would be at no penalty and he would not need to sign a new month agreement).Sent on: [redacted] **Sent by: [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted] , and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because: Obviously the communication was in fact not recorded properlyI in fact went in to the business on April ***, Where I informed a member of their staff that I wanted to cancel my memebershipThat is when they informed me that I needed to send a letter in writingI went home that very day drafted the letter and put it in the mailboxI asked for some corespondence back which it course I never recievedI found this is in fact a scamUnless the letters are sent certified the all manage to get "lost"This has in fact happened to at least 2-other people I knowCould it really be a coincidence? They do it on purpose to force the members that are trying to cancel to pay for moreI was fine with sending in the letterI understood having to pay the two months after thatI have never had any problems with any contract I was ever in because I always know what I sign up for and I go by thatBut I in fact sent the letter in April - April [redacted] to be exact and if they would have cancelled it when they were suppose to in stead of playing games I should have been finished paying my membership by JuneThen they attempted to bill me another random on August [redacted] which they claimed was a cancellation feeWhich in fact never existed in the contractAnd if anyone was going through this frustration with being unfairly charged and having so much problems trying to cancel a membership they would be rude toI do not like to be taken advantage of especially when My husband and I work so hard for our moneyIt's unfair that they do this and simply wrong! In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above Sincerely, [redacted]

A letter was sent to Retro Fitness via USPS on 5/18/advising them that I did not wish to renew my membership on 6/5/ The membership was renewed anyway, and my credit card was billed I contested the charge, and contacted the club who said they'd look into it I then started receiving phone calls from their billing company I contacted the club again and they acknowledged receipt of the letter and "hadn't gotten around to cancelling" the account yet, but would A week later I am still receiving phone calls from their billing company, and was advised by them that my account is still active The club management, although acknowledging that they were advised well in advance of the renewal date in writing that I did not wish to renew for another year, is doing absolutely nothing to rectify this situation

Member joined gym in March of 2015, member used gym in April of 2016, so members medical issue in march does not make sense to this timelineWe have no record of member attempting to cancel membershipMember was in a month agreement and medical cancels must be submitted with doctors note stating member is physically unable to workoutMember never provided this infoCorporate does not handle club cancellations and we do not refer members to corporate for cancelsBelow check in dates are after stated March hospitalizationMember joined club on March [redacted] of 2015.Check In Count: 04:PM 04:PM 04:PM 04:PM After the year agreement member can cancel at anytime with a day notice of when member processes this cancelMember went into collections because did not pay for more than daysClub cancel policies are clearly stated in members agreement in which member received via email upon joining

I would like to reply to the response [redacted] had recently statedI do not agree with her responseOur childcare records are included in the check in historyHer last check in with us before this situation had occurred was 1/21/at 6:12PMI did not vent to any of the employees and membersIn the middle of [redacted] and I discussing the situation, two members entered the club and she began to bad talk to them about the gym, the staff, and myself in SpanishI understood what she was saying to them, but I did not say anythingI patiently waited for her to end the conversation with the two members so I can try to resolve the problemOnce I received the doctor's note, I called [redacted] to confirm I have received the note and stated she is now allowed to return to the clubWhen she returned, I greeted her and wished her a great day when she leftOur cancellation policy for all of our members who have completed their commitment with us is a day typed notice stating they would like to cancel their membershipI explained the policy to ***, but she refused to provide the noticeAny questions or concerns, please feel free to contact meThank you and have a great daySincerely, [redacted] this time, I have not been contacted by Retro Fitness regarding complaint ID [redacted] .Sincerely, [redacted] *** I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted] , and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because: I completely understand and have knowledge of the policy of the membership agreementHowever, no individual can be expected to carry the policy on them at all times and know it verbatimWhen I first placed the call early in (February/March) I was not informed by their staff of this informationIt would have been helpful to have heard "Based on the membership agreement, we do not have the ability to stop auto-renewal and in order to cancel your membership you must....."It is clearly a lack of possibly new employees or those not well trained that there is no mention of this phone call in my records at the facilityDuring that initial phone call I was transferred and put on hold several times while the employee "researched" my issue and finally informed me that they will put a "do not renew" note on my account I am not disputing the legal aspects of the membershipI am however deeply disappointed in the way employees are trained and how they keep records and notesIf I was reminded about my obligations as a member I would have followed all stipulations and instructions in the contract on how to cancel the membership when the time for renewal had arrivedHowever, due to the fact that someone with no knowledge of said contract and policies provided me with the wrong information I am now forced to pay fees that I dont believe I should be paying Also, upon being told in October that a manager would return my phone call with information regarding my issue, I had to call a week later and was informed that a manager reviewed my issue and made notation but no one bothered to phone me and let me know what I should be doing to resolve this issueIf I had waited for the manager's call I would have had to pay another monthly fee just because the managers did not return my call with this information seeing as how cancelling is time sensitive In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above Sincerely, [redacted]

Dear Ms***,I did not state that the requested you reject in any interest chargesI state that you rejected the charge put through by the tour operator of [redacted] ? ? ? You? did confirm to me? that you did? go through the process of denying the charge last week when we talked.? ? ? We have offered to compensate you as I stated in the response any interest you may have incurred or the difference in any exchange rates between the US charge from the hotel and the refund they processed.I do not dispute the fact that you tried to call and email our office.? ? However, on the voucher you had for the hotel it did state to call the emergency number if you had any issues with the booking which they could have resolved charges before your check out.? ? Unfortunately because this was not resolved prior to departure from the hotel we had to go to both the hotel and tour operator on your behalf to try to resolve as they were the ones who had physically charged your cardAgain we appologize for any inconvenience and distress this caused you.? ? ? Sincerely, [redacted]

The business has responded, please read below The member [redacted] was informed of his cancellation terms that he has signed off for when he originally signed upHe was advised to send a certified letter to ABC Financial, the company that handles all of our member's billing, again something that is stated in the agreement and informed to the member at the time of signing upAccording to what my employee has documented from the conversation he had with [redacted] over the phone on February **, 2014, [redacted] stated that he would not send the letter and that he planned to just call his credit card company to not allow the charges to go throughThe employee advised him that it would not be a good idea because a collection issue would most likely resultABC Financial had attempted to send letters to [redacted] and call him as well but they received nothing backAfter three months of payments have not gone through, a collection preview is reported to myself and I attempt to contact members to warn the m of the delinquent paymentsWhen getting to ***'s account, the email was not correct and there was no phone number listed to contact him to help him avoid going to collectionsWe do everything we can to help avoid collections and make it our duty to be very informative of how to cancel and [redacted] was fully aware of how to cancel but his lack of action on his part is why the account went to collectionsHe was advised how to cancel and to not take his card off fileABC Financial and myself do everything we can on our end to help the members and will even make extra effort to try to keep members from cancelling but we are always informative of how to do so and our policiesI have now contacted [redacted] at the number provided to try to help him but have yet to receive a response

This is the firat I have heard from [redacted] ***Our cancel policy is that if [redacted] has orders from the military to move away we are more than happy to cancel his contractHowever, at this point we havent received anything from himRetro Fitness prides itself on giving discounts on memberships to the Military, Police and Fire FightersI hope this helps and feel free to call me anytime

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: The description provided by the business is as Retro left out some much of what I said, conveniently I stated in detail verbally that a family emergency arose and it had been CAUSED by my child's mistreatment at a child care center - I was trying my best to explain a rather private and sensitive situation and to be quite honest, the way Retro Fitness has decided to manipulate my words is unacceptable and incorrigible This gym has now presented itself as a terrible and unethical company that does not care about it's customers in the slightest, but only about how much money they can get out of people They seem to have no compassion or understanding when life happens and people have unforeseen circumstances occur that do not conform to their version of acceptable, yet they seem to promote themselves as having a wonderful customer service I disagree strongly, and will make sure anyone I know interested in a gym setting is aware of how Retro sees fit to treat customers I do not accept this joke of a proposed "solution" by Retro in any way and have notified my bank to put a stop payment as any further charges are unauthorized Please also be aware that I signed up for the membership BEFORE the mistreatment was discovered, before the trauma my child experienced surfaced, and I never in any way indicated or implied it happened at Retro I also never had any reason to believe my child wouldn't be able to be cared for by the child care at Retro prior to the emergency situation that came up Again, I am not asking for any credits or reimbursements from Retro, simply to cancel my membership and not be charged fees for it like they would a customer who suffered a physical injury It seems to me that Retro does not care at all about family and special needs, as they have no problem discriminating against this valid need for cancellation Regards, [redacted]

As to the allegations contained in the initial and subsequent responses, we respectfully refer to the documents submitted by the complainant as the best evidence and most accurate version of its contents and deny the allegations to the extent that they are inconsistent with those documents

June 21, 2016Dear Sir: [redacted] joined our facility in September of She agreed to and signed a month contract for a gym membershipIn October of 2015, she entered into an agreement for personal training which is a separate agreement than her gym membershipIn essence, she entered into contracts.(for the gym and for PT)While the personal training services are under our roof they are administered by [redacted] , a company that we allow to conduct personal training services in exchange for monthly rentAt the time when [redacted] signed her personal training contract, we were administering our personal training “in house” however under the agreement we subsequently entered into with " [redacted] ", we relinquished the contract to them to service[redacted] spoke with our GM and indicated that she thought she was being overcharged for personal trainingI reviewed her original contract and while she satisfied the original contract requirements, she failed to notify the personal training company that she wanted to cancel after the sessions she contracted forAdditionally, her contract was on “auto renew” which is explained at the time of signing and initialed separately to ensure the client understands the provision so in essence, she continued to be billed for monthly sessions under the "auto renew' provision when she could have cancelled at any time [redacted] was given a copy of her agreement which clearly states this provisionAdditionally, [redacted] entered into another agreement for personal training for additional sessions without canceling the first agreementI attempted as an owner to intervene and come to a resolution however since they are a separate entity paying rent, I have no real authority or influence and was unsuccessful in resolving the issue.In essence, [redacted] ultimately signed two Personal training agreements, agreed to the auto renew provision, and never followed protocol for canceling which would have been a written letter stating her intent to cancel with days notice so her sessions continued to be billed and her sessions continued to accrue.Since I was sympathetic to her situation I instructed my GM to cancel her gym membership at her request with no penalty or additional charges even though she signed and agreed to a month agreement which would not have expired until 9/Since I have no legal power to influence [redacted] 's decisions on Personal Training contracts, and they within their legal right to enforce the contract signed by [redacted] , the best I could do was cancel her gym membership at her request.I have checked with [redacted] and she still has Personal training Sessions available to herWhile a member MUST be a gym member to utilize these sessions, in light of her situation I would be willing to allow her to use her sessions at no “gym” costShe would need to contact [redacted] at the gym to make arrangements and I would instruct my GM to allow her entry into the gym without signing a new membership agreement and at no cost a total of timesI would however need to speak with the training manager for [redacted] to make this happen and would be happy to do so at [redacted] 's request.I have included a copy of her Personal Training Contract for your review which was signed as well as “initialed” at the “auto renew provision.Yours truly,Peter B

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