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5/27/8:53:AM - Note (INFO) - Cease reporting to CB Changed to Reported and Deleted sam
Above is the notation on the account I personally deleted this from the credit reporting agencies
I do not know how long it takes them to remove it, but Second Round did it's part on 5/27/

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: They have made several calls to me and my family membersAlso, I have never, ever received a letter from this place explaining any thing about this bill they just keep putting on my credit reportI will dispute this charge until they remove itI have never and will never take any kind of a loan out via the internetThey need to show me physical proof that I done thisThat I physically signed a piece of paper
*** ***

Second Round is in receipt of the complaint from Mrs*** ***In reviewing Mrs***’s account, this account was purchased by Second Round from Synchrony Bank f/k/a/
GE Capital Retail Bank on or about 7/8/Second Round assigned the account with its servicer on or about 7/8/The servicer has filed a lawsuit against Mrs*** as a result of the default on her account ending 2191; however, they have only mailed her one demand letter (which outlined the name of the original creditor and the charged off principal amount due)According to the servicer, who is familiar with the practices of local bankruptcy attorneys and consumer attorneys, it is a standard exercise for these attorneys to start sending advertisements to consumers who have recently had a law suit filed against them in an effort to acquire their businessThe only law firm that is representing Second Round is Ragan & RaganIf Mrs*** has multiple copies of letters received from this law firm, we welcome her to forward those to Second Round for further investigation

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
I called the credit bureaus and they did not receive notification to delete the account from my credit report
Please resend the request to the credit bureaus and also fax copies of the request to the bureaus to ###-###-####, so I have a copy for my records
*** ***

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
I want them to send a letter to the credit bureaus clearing the negative information they posted previously, once that is done it will be acceptable
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
Regards, I will be requesting business to fax me the copy of deletion letter and confirming the account is closed and will also request them to send me the hard copy in mail I really appreciate your office help in this matter
Thanks to ** ***
*** ***

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
There is no account number that shows up on my credit reportIt says "Second Round LP" #71** with the original creditors being MTE Financial ServicesAnd as stated before, I have never received anything from Second Round LP or any other place showing me proof of this loan.
*** ***
Credit Monitoring Alerts
You have 1 new derogatory event
Derogatory Account
Apr 24,
The following derogatory event reported:
Credit Monitoring Status
There were no changes to the Credit Monitoring status during April

Second Round is in receipt of the complaint from *** *** (*** *** in our system of record)We take great pride in the quality & compliance training that we provide to
our collection staffIn reviewing the calls, the collection agents were calm and courteous while seeking ways to honor Mrs***’s request for a payment planThey were never rude nor did any Second Round collection agent yell at her during any of the conversationsAt times, they met resistance while attempting to verify that Mrs*** was the right party to discuss the debt with, as the law requiresWhen Mrs*** asked to speak to a manager on April 25, 2016, the collection agent informed her that the manager was on another call and could call her back; Mrs*** refused that optionShe also asked to speak to a manager on June 20, and was informed that the manager was not in at the time and she was given the phone number to the VP of RecoveryOn April 25, 2016, one of our collection agents was able to reach an agreement with Mrs*** to pay a total of $1,(39% of the balance) through monthly payments of $They set up one payment of $for that day and the rest could be called in to us or made through the online payment portalOn May 22, (Sunday), Mrs*** logged into our online payment portal and set up a $credit card payment as well as a series of monthly payments scheduled for $each month, through September 25, Our staff does not work on SundaysBased on this complaint, it appears that Mrs*** did not realize that she set up multiple recurring paymentsMrs*** was never told that she could not make a payment over the weekend, she was informed that she would need to make ‘postdated payments’ via checking account and not via credit card (this would have been a violation to Regulation E to allow the recurring postdated credit card payments)This was explained to Mrs*** when she agreed to the $monthly paymentsSecond Round would be more than happy to cancel all future payments that are scheduled through the online payment portal once we have Mrs***’s authorization to do soOtherwise, these payments are scheduled to process on a monthly basis until the final payment of $dated September 25,

We are looking into this with ** Second Round purchased this account from ** on 6/28/ No other agencies have had this accountWe are contacting ** to see if they have anything We have removed from ***. ***

Second Round follows all state and federal regulatory statutes, laws, and regulations Second Round is licensed and audited regularlySecond Round has never been under any consent orders, or other regulatory reprimand All of the information sent to the has been verified and is correct, according to the credit bureaus, ***, and *** *** legal records

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: Second Round's own words demonstrate the falsity of their claim to have met the statutory requirements for debt validation1. Signed contract/application, ORa copy of a document provided to the alleged debtor while the account was active, demonstrating that the debt was incurred by the debtor - No contract or application was provided The statements they claim satisfy this requirement were not original documents but 'computer generated documents created after the date of default' which multiple courts have explicitly stated do not satisfy this requirement Additionally, no evidence that such documents were ever provided to me while the account was active has been provided2. Charge Off statement - This was sent, although not within the day window allowed under the FDCPA
3. Complete chain of title - This is never been provided As explained in my letters to Second Round, my original complaint and my response to their response to my complaint the document they claim fulfills this requirement is a cover letter to a bulk sale of debts which does not mention my name, this account or any other information that would indicate that this debt either belongs to me or was transferred to Second Round
4.Records reflecting the amount and date of any prior settlement agreement reached in connection with the debt - No such documents have ever been provided to me
*** ***

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
-----Original Message-----
From: *** [mailto:***]
Sent: Saturday, July 16, 4:PM
To: info
Subject: Re: - You have a New Message from Regarding Complaint #***
I don't agree with their dates, it's stated a payment was received on the account and charged off days after a payment was made? That doesn't make any senseThey indicate they filed a suit, and then a supplied notice in person weeks later, how are you supposed to respond timely? What is the complaint number assigned? Again, I don't agree with the dates givenRegards,
*** ***

This account has been closed with our office We are no longer reporting to your CBR
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meHowever, I would like for the
company to send me written proof/documentation that the stated collection has been removed from my credit report
*** ***

March 9,
sans-serif;">RE: *** *** *** ID *** Hello ***, We have researched Mrs***'s accountShe received validation 6/25/We did receive her dispute and responded 10/24/Her account was reported to the CBR as a dispute at this time, and we requested additional information from herWhen we did not hear from her we sent another letter on 11/19/telling her we have not received the requested information and will continue collection effortsWe are always willing to work with consumers and welcome any information Mrs*** has to support her claim of disputePlease have her contact our office and we will be happy to assistOur number one goal is to treat each consumer with the respect they deserve It is our intention to find a fair solution Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns Best regards, *** *** Chief Compliance Officer

This account was closed and a request to remove it from the credit bureaus was made last week

The account has been closed and removed from the credit bureau *** *** purchased the account and only placed it with one agency, ***Other than that, you may have been contacted by a scam We do not know The account is closed***

March 3, 2015
sans-serif;">RE:     [redacted] ID [redacted] Hello [redacted] is no longer with Second Round. I have taken on her duties. I have searched on data base for Mr. [redacted] and can't locate him. Can you please ask him to provide an account number, type of account, or anything that would help us locate his account. It is my intentions to resolve any issues or concerns he has with Second Round. I am glad to work with you in any manner I can. If you have any questions please contact me at (512) [redacted] or via email: [redacted] Best regards, [redacted] Chief Compliance Officer

We have reviewed the complaint and found Second Round sent an...

assignment letter to Mr. [redacted] on 6/10/2015, this was returned. Our servicer sent validation letters on November 12, 2015 and December 15, 2015. Both letters were returned. We have tried two different addresses and in both instances the mail was returned. In fact, the last attempt was mailed to the address he shows in the complaint. Mr. [redacted] has right to negotiate a settlement with our counsel if he would like to settle this matter. Second Round has received no phone calls from Mr. [redacted]. Mr. [redacted] states calls were made to him at 8:15, this must have been our servicer. The FDCPA states we have the right to call between 8-9pm in the consumer’s time zone.

Second  Round is in receipt of the complaint by...

Mrs. [redacted] regarding her Synchrony/Rooms to Go account ending 8127. We have investigated her claim and in reviewing our system of record, Second Round has never made any phone calls to this consumer. We assigned this to our servicer for collection efforts. She also mentions that someone came to her home last Friday. Our servicer has initiated action against Mrs. [redacted] and a process server was hired to serve the complaint to her. Second Round purchased this account from Synchrony Bank on 3/18/2015 and we did begin reporting to the credit bureaus. On or about 10/12/2015 and 10/30/15, we received eOscar disputes from Mrs. [redacted] and we updated her credit bureaus to reflect ‘Disputed’. We have reached out to Synchrony to research Mrs. [redacted]’s claim regarding the disability insurance and are awaiting their response. The matter has been placed On Hold with our servicers until we receive further information from Synchrony.

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