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SilverRock Automotive, Inc.

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SilverRock Automotive, Inc. Reviews (174)

• Sep 16, 2023

Save your money!
Save your money because you’ll need to to cover the cost of repairs they refuse to cover although it’s clearly listed as covered parts. They will do everything they can to say it’s your fault. Multiple mechanics told me my brake damage was not caused by me but a bad brake line however silver rock disagreed. Do yourself a favor and read all the reviews or just send me the money so I can pay the $1154 I just had to pay out of pocket for something that should have been covered.

• Sep 11, 2023

Don't trust them
So I have recently bought a car from drivetime a week into having it the car stars acting up not wanting to start so I filed a claim did everything I was instructed to do took it to a in network mechanic to get it fixed. When I got it back I got 10 minutes from the house the check engine light came back on so I had to take it back to them then after a couple more days I get it back and I'm still having starting issues. Told silverrock and everyone I was supposed to about it they got another company to come look at it they canceled on me two times just to then look at it on the third attempt to tell me I had to go back to original mechanic I took it to the first time where it is now currently. I have missed so much work and plans because of this I'm mentally drained and don't know how I'm going to pay my bills because of all the run arounds they have.

• Feb 14, 2023

Great company all around. Couldn't have gotten my car serviced without them. Excellent at commuting with you, was there when I had questions and made my repair process go smoothly. I recommend Silverock to all.

• Feb 02, 2023

Join forces
Everyone who has had a terrible inexcused issue with this company and or car dealership should join forces together and do something about this as a collective. This isn’t right how they treat the customers that pay for this service and are turned away.

• Feb 02, 2023

Absolute scam! They really shouldn’t be allowed to just add this to your car our base without throughly going through the plan with the customer. I don’t know which is worse, Drive time for selling me a terrible car or silver rock for having an awful warranty. I feel completely tricked and disappointed with the whole process. Worst experience ever!

• Jan 26, 2023

Long wait time for approval
After taking my car to a Silverrock approve auto repair shop for repair, Silverrock took days to approve a repair. The auto repair shop submitted everything Silverrock ask for on the same day of the drop-off. Customer service is very rude and kept repeating written verbal statements.

• Jan 25, 2023

I bought my 2017 Nissan Versa from Carvana September 2022. Complete nightmare. I didn't get car as promised. Finally got it. January 2023 I took my car to Nissan Dealership to repair open recall of my car. I found out from them that my car needed to have control air replaced which is around $900. Took it to Firestone for second look at my car and they told me same thing Nissan Dealership did. Also told in short amount of time I had the car I shouldn't having this issue I contacted Carvana and my warranty company about the issue. First I was told that yes it would be repaired because I had warranty on my car. Then they told no .you warranty won't cover it and it would be out of pocket expense. I don't have $900 to fix it. I feel like I was ripped off by getting it useless warranty. I wouldn't recommend anyone purchasing a warranty from Silverrock. High price for warranty that won't cover diddly squat.

• Jan 14, 2023

Scammer's. Avoid at all cost.
Against my better judgement I purchased a 2019 Impala from Carvana. Upon delivery the car was filthy, had dents in the trunk lid and hood, cigarette burns in the seats filled with a hot glue gun, front tires were expired per DOT date with dry rot and chunks out of the sidewalls. After washing the car extensive paint and clear coat damage was visible on the entire vehicle. Carvana assured me the issues would be fixed and dragged their feet until the 7 day return policy was expired and only approved the 2 tires and trunk lid.
Scammer's. Avoid at all cost.
Scammer's. Avoid at all cost.
Scammer's. Avoid at all cost.
Scammer's. Avoid at all cost.
Scammer's. Avoid at all cost.

• Dec 08, 2022

Dents and Dings
Silver rock refused to pay for dent/ding damage that is supposed to be covered under Premium plan. I was told because there was some paint missing they don't cover it. That was the first question they asked. "Is there any paint missing?" What a scam

• Dec 07, 2022

This company is fraudulent
This company should be SHUT DOWN very a big inconvenience company and try and find loopholes to get over on people with the reimbursement for when drive time sell you lemon cars. The staff is very rude as well & will speck over you to read a contract knowing they are wrong I should have did my research before I went with them as a company with drive time WONT BE ME AGAIN ILL FILE MY CHAPTER 13 now I’m over it I have four kids and they ruined my childrens holiday

• Nov 29, 2022

This company is fraudulent
This company is fraudulent this company will take your money and will not fix any issues on your car they had me to go to Pep Boys Pep Boys told them that it was an engine issue they told me to take my car to one of their places where they told me to go to when they did the diagnostic Silverrock told them the same thing Pep Boys told them that it was an engine issue silver rock infused to pay for the issue and I have been paying this warranty company since I purchased a car please do not take this warranty company to someone else they are fraudulent.


I called Silver rock, they said take the vehicle to auto shop..took it there to have air conditioner fixed it wasn’t working..they came out said it they had to get the part..they got the part put it in the vehicle..then I got a text from SilverRock saying it didn’t cover it..I am stuck at car place cause I’m on SS and didn’t have no $ had to borrow..paid $3500 for the warranty and for what? To be told they don’t cover any of it.,I would never recommend this company to anyone..another guy was in there complaining about same thing they have our money and not covering nothing..frustrated if there was a way to get money back I’d do it..really frustrating..

Worst Company EVER
This company has to be the absolute worst in the world. I have a car through Carvana and paid for Silver Rock coverage. Car had an issue and these people refused to get my car towed professionally. They deal with ghetto unprofessional tow companies that call you at 11pm at night after you have waited since 7am for a tow. Just to say they have canceled. Also they show no compassion, no respect and had no regard for a paying customer. I am beyond disgusting and disappointed. This service is a bad representation of Carvana because they deliver A1 service. SILVER ROCK COMES OFF AS A SCAM. Then they keep telling you to look at a website that gives NO INFORMATION. You should be able to track your vehicle service on there but nope. It serves no purpose.


This company is a absolute f[censored] scam. I have owned my 2015 Ford Edge for 10 months. It is making a knocking or clacking noise. Ford issued a notice about this recently! They say it's the flexplate. I take it to the mechanic silver rock suggested, and they say it might be the flexplate but in order to know for sure they have to break the parts down on the truck to see for sure. The original diagnostic cost $62.00 the further look will be $165. But my deductible with this crap company for diagnostic is only supposed to be $100. Of course because they know of Ford's recent report they say they don't cover the flexplate. The bull crap mechanic they sent me too says around $2,000 to fix it, all out of pocket. I have another 4 years to pay on this pos truck, paying nearly $500 a month plus the full coverage $300 insurance. How tf do they feel like I should be responsible for anything needed on this truck?! Meaning, they sold me this truck knowing Ford issued this report on these flexplates! And silver rock being obviously aware and purposely not allowing it to be covered. Drivetime is screwing us all as well as silver rock! I WILL DEFINITELY be contacting an attorney because both companies are scammers. Even the mechanic said it shouldn't be having these types of problems, and it's only a 2015. Do Not Suggest a Ford Edge, especially from Drivetime and da## sure not silver rock!

• Feb 02, 2023

Same thing. Had the car one day and wouldn’t start the next day and now I have two flat tires. I’ve had the car 2.5 weeks. Silver rock is saying the tires were slashed so they aren’t covered. Like seriously?! They were cut from the rim while I drove on the flat tire to a safe location.

I bought a 2018 Nissan Sentra through drive time! Ten minute drive home and the lights came on. Of course I take it into the approved mechanic and he didn't even want to touch it! I then take it to Nissan! It's been there more than in my possession! I paid for new brakes out of pocket, they had the replace transmission, brake lamp switch now 4 times and now the egi and engine room harnesses need replacement $6000! Everyone gives the run around, I've now registered the car, put insurance, paid out of pocket for repairs and car payments for a car I can't even use?! I have no transportation to work and the car even shut off twice with my kids in it!

I had bought a car in 2017 through DriveTime. The dealership mentioned extra coverages and I asked if they could be cancelled if I changed my mind down the road. Two weeks later, I requested to cancel the useless GPS (theft) coverage AND the extended power train warranty. I received an email for the GPS form and later I continued emailing SILVERROCK about the cancellation form for the the extended warranty which was $3,555 plus interest. A lot happened in my life since then and I had forgot about. I recently went to pay off the remaining balance off my vehicle and realized something was entirely wrong. I still had approximately $5,000 left on my loan. I went back and saw the GPS (theft) was credited to the principal balance but still not the extended warranty years later. I gathered my calls and e-mails to Silverock requesting the cancellation form for the extended warranty from 4 years ago. I recently contacted them and they say the best they can refund is $300 out of $3,555 which equates to about $5000+ after interest. They ignored all my requests for cancelling the the extended warranty and fraudulently claim they never received emails from me and even claim they never once emailed me though I HAVE THE EMAILS!

Silver Rock
I purchased a car a 2015 Rava 4 limited from Carvana in April 2021; which they added Silver Rock warranty company. Everything was going fine with my car then In August driving on the freeway the car stalled and then the battery caught on fire. I had the car towed to Valley hi Toyota in Victorville California. I have found out later by looking online that Toyota has been having problems with the 2013 to 2017 RAV4’s catching stalling and then catching on fire. I’ll have gone through the corporate office of tired of saying and essence it was the battery was not a Toyota battery that probably was the problem.. I called Silver Rock to find out what I needed to do to file a claim. They told that they do not cover batteries. This is totally ludicrous . Isn’t a battery connected to the car by wires that come out from the car?They would not even send someone out to inspect the car. The car was well taken care of it I just got home from the tire dealership Valley hi oil change everything was checked out fine and now this problem occurred this company is worthless. Silver Rock should be investigated. If I could have given this company a negative I would given them a -10. Worthless! Carvana should be ashamed of offering this company as a warranty when you purchase a car from them. Maybe both of them should be investigated!

Silver Rock Was Great!!! Saved me $1200
I Do Not Work for Silver Rock or Carvana. I am Just a customer and this is my Honest Opinion. After reading other reviews let me say this.. Silver Rock did right by me. They Paid for a repair on my 2017 Jeep Wrangler that saved me $1200! So Yes This is a positive Review.

I bought my 2017 Jeep Wrangler about a year ago through Carvana. I got the Silver Rock Warranty for $1350... Yes that was expensive in my mind but they included it in the purchase price and I was making Payments so I figured It's a Jeep so.. yea The Warranty is probably a good idea because Jeep wranglers are Awesome but also EXPENSIVE to fix... So I added the Extended warranty into my purchase price/Payments did not increase so I figured let me do something Smart and buy this Warranty..

Well One Year into ownership the Jeep Wrangler has Driven GREAT and then all of a sudden the Engine Check light comes on... It's a Cylinder 4 Misfire... The Jeep Drives 100% Perfect. No Kidding I never noticed ANYTHING out of the ordinary... No Loss of power, no Misfire... But the Computer in the Jeep detected something was wrong threw a code for Misfire in Cylinder 4...

So Of Course... I Turn the Engine Check light off with my OBDII Scanner and keep on driving... ;)

Then about a week later, the Engine Check Light comes on again... Now I know something is wrong.. It's a Cylinder 4 misfire again..

So I remember I have this Silver Rock Warranty so I'm like... OK Let's See who this goes...

The "Recommended" repair shops that Silver Rock suggested were a "Mr. Tire" located in my area.. Ok these are the WORST Repair Shops in my area with a known ripping people off.. Just saying I would not trust my Jeep with them...

So I took it to the Jeep Dealership... Sure I had to pay a $50 deductible but the Dealership is the place to go if you want your car fixed Under Warranty with The Correct Parts.

I schedule an appointment, for a Week later because the Jeep Dealership is always backed up for like 2 weeks where I live.. I Drop it off at 12:30 and explain that the Engine Check light is on and I gave the dealership the Phone Number for Silver Rock and explain that I want THEM to PAY for this Repair! Not Me!

Well, Sure enough.. The dealership Handed Everything... at 5:00 the same day, 5 hours later they tell me my Jeep Is Ready.. It had a Faulty Fuel Injector in the #4 Cylinder and they Replaced it. Also in the process of diagnosing the source of the Engine Check Light, they put in a Brand New Ignition Coil and a New Spark Plug. Oh and they reassembled the Entire Intake Manifold (A 2 Hour Job)

The Total for this job would have been $1200! Instead, Thanks to Silver Rock I only paid $50 for the Deductible! Silver Rock Paid the other $1150!

Thank You Silver Rock! Yes! So Like I say, they did Right By Me! Thank You!
Silver Rock Was Great!!! Saved me $1200


Purchased a vehicle from Carvana and also purchased all sorts of protection plans. The vehicle was given to us with bad brakes and had to pay 1k to repair. We only have the vehicle two months and could not possibly do this to the brakes! We have pictures from the mechanic which we submitted as well! SilverRock would not reimburse us due to these lame excuses...contract expired (how can the contract expire when I have 21 months left?), we did not follow the process (you have got to me kidding me) or the repairs were not covered! This is a totally horrible and we are getting our attorney involved! WE RECEIVED THE VEHICLE IN THIS CONDITION FROM CARVANA! How lousy of a company NOT to honor this repair and cover it! We are first time Carvana buyers and Never Again! Especially will not purchase a warranty from this God Awful Company! Horrendous!


Negative stare
If I could give him a negative star I would call them to get my vehicle taken care of have 3 warranties and I don't cover a damage done to my vehicle by previous shop they paid for but yet not have to pay out of my own pocket for everything else from now on because they're the mechanic shop jacked up and now they don't want to cover the work there other mechanic shop did to our vehicle not my wife's without a vehicle because of their b[protected] reasons

Thank god I purchased this warranty
Took my car to a local garage, Needed a vapor canister for my 2012 Highlander and silverrock took care of it. I just had to pay a $50 deductible.

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