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SilverRock Automotive, Inc.

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Not reliable dependable co same issues with vehicle in conyers ga

On July 31, 2017, we contacted our customer, and she confirmed she had received the reimbursement funds We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience the delays in reimbursement have caused our customerAs a goodwill gesture, we have worked with our customer’s loan administrator, Bridgecrest, to issue a $credit toward her payments

I purchased a car in 11/ A month later I noticed I was having mechanical issues when driving long distancesI contact the warranty department and was told as long as I made claim before warranty was over it would be covered I brought my car to in-network facility they could not find the problem or fix it, they suggested it was a one time thing Last week I took a trip and I was stranded this problem is worstAnd I contact the warranty department and they state it will not be covered

We purchased our vehicle three weeks ago A Silver Rock warranty was an option on the finance portion of our contract After our check engine light illuminated two weeks into our contract, I decided to envoke the warranty, as we had not owned the vehicle for very long After being told that they "did not trust the diagnostics" of the first shop, they told us we had to take it to another shop After quite a bit of confusion regarding work done by the first shop (it was an estimate, by the way, not work performed), they determined that the work needed to be performed by a dealer service department It was upon hearing this that I decided to call Silver Rock regarding the fact that they shouldn't have sent me to the first shop if the diagnostics couldn't be trusted, and that we would require a rental car during this process After speaking to three different representatives and asking to speak to a supervisor, which was never granted, they agreed to provide a rental Next, we were


This business has no concept of a timely repairThey don't have anyone that will give you a straight answer It took weeks just to get them to get the parts for my carAnd that was only after multiple calls to them from myself and the repair shop I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone


Thank you for bringing this matter to our attentionWe appreciate the opportunity to address our customer’s concerns.We sincerely apologize for the confusion, frustration and inconvenience this matter has caused our customerOn January 25, 2017, SilverRock spoke with our customer to address his concernsWe apologized for the interactions and miscommunication he had with SilverRockWe also informed our customer we would be covering his direct-billed rental in fullOur customer had no further concerns at this time.The actions described in our customer's correspondence are clearly not in keeping with SilverRock’s set standards of service and supportSilverRock strives to make each customer’s experience both rewarding and pleasant while ensuring that every customer is treated with the utmost respectWe informed our customer his feedback is greatly appreciated and ensured him we have utilized it for our improvementShould he have any questions or concerns, we encourage him to contact us ###-###-####As a gesture of goodwill, SilverRock has sent our customer a $American Express gift card.SilverRock thanks the for their supportShould you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by calling us at ###-###-####.Sincerely,Customer Relations

(Please see the attached for full response.)On June 3, 2017, our customer entered into a Retail Installment Contract when she purchased a Ford Explorer from CarvanaThe Contract was assigned to GO FinancialThe vehicle came with a day/4,mile Carvana Limited WarrantyAdditionally, she elected to purchase a Vehicle Service Contract (VSC)Both products are administered by SilverRockThe expiration of the VSC is either June 3, or once the odometer reflects 90,miles, whichever comes first.In regards to SilverRock referring our customer to speak with Carvana when escalated, this was in an attempt to seek additional assistance above what SilverRock is able to provide her within the limits of the VSCOur intentions were not to dismiss our customer, but rather an act of goodwill in an effort to explore all possible resolutions.We sincerely apologize for any delays in addressing our customer’s concernsAt this time, we have offered to review the rear facing camera concerns should they persist and we are able to obtain confirmation of the component failureAdditionally, we will be reviewing the rental receipts for reimbursement once received from our customerSilverRock would like to thank the for the ongoing supportShould you or our customer have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Relations department at 800-965-

I’ve had my car less than years and I have replaced the transmission two timesChevy MalibuThey use used parts from salvage yards and refuse to give you the information on the transmission that was put in your vehicleSo basically you’re driving around with a major part in your vehicle with no knowledge of where it came fromThis company is horrible and I will be pursuing this furtherMy transmission went out during morning traffic in the middle of a intersection with my children in the car

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLESilver Rock has the absolute worst process/ protocols, and representatives I have ever done business withNO ONE can provide direct answers to questionsEvery representative is passing blame along to the next individual/ partyCurrently, my vehicle has been waiting at the dealership for an inspectorThe dealership is even contacting me with frustration as they are unable to do anything with the vehicle until SILVER ROCK provides authorizationI have called to speak with representatives who pass blame along to "outside vendors" which they are "unable" to provide contact info forI asked the representative to provide me with contact information on the "vendor" that locates inspectors for Silver Rockstrange enough NO ONE at Silver lake was able to provide this informationTotal disrespect regarding timeliness for those who have purchased a warrantyUsually, the wait is mechanical but in this case its solely on Silver Rock and they have definitely dropped the ball in this process


I bought my KLuxury vehicle on 06/08/I immediately called the [redacted] Dealership that I purchased the vehicle from that day & let them know of a bad vibration from the front passenger side of the vehicle I was advised by SilverRock to take my car to MrTires in Canton GA the next daySpend all day waiting on the outcome of what was wrong w/ the car/ verdict from MR Tires was there was nothing that they could seeIt must be a bulletin warning for Transmission Shudder valveI had to take to KIA for them to fix that issue I immediately took the car to KIA Marietta w/ approval from SilverRock Kia reset the codes but the car still has the same issue and it is due to SIT FLAT tires and the car sitting w/o being moved for over a monthMy tires were going to cost $Now I had to wait until the following week for a silverrock inspector come out to KIA and look at the car to approve that cost The inspector approved the cost and the tires were orderedThen o

Goodnessall these reviews sound like my experiences with SilveRockI've had this wonderful lemon-of-a-car since FebIt has been in the shop for repair times!!! It's a Jeep PatriotThe repair issues are becoming more severe & seem to be becoming more of a safety issue as time goes onThis last time my entire wheel dislodged from the "socket "of the arm/axle (whatever the term is, I'm a Nurse not a mechanic) & just hangingThank the lord I was slowing for a stop sign when this occurredThe vehicle was completely out of control, no brakes, no steering, nothing!! SR insisted this issue must have came from the new set of tires recently installed or maybe from the other recent work of having my wheel barring replacedIt just sounded like they were ready to wash their hands of my issue from "out the gate"After ranting about how many deductibles & lost time/wages this "new" vehicle & warranty has cost me, the rep offered to waive my deductible & day rental costI thought well shot, that's great beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stickI was grateful for the assistancebut surprise surprise come time to sign the paperwork at the cashier & BAM"Your bill is $200", the girl saidI fought & argued about how the deal was suppose to be notified that I was paying nothing out of pocket, after the time of repeating the same st, I just paid for itIt was 7am the day before ThanksgivingI couldn't reach SR & I had a hour drive ahead of meAfter left the dealer I called SRThey just stated to submit my receipts for reimbursementI did thatI called Monday morning to confirm my documents were receivedthat opened another freakin' can of wormsNo one knew what the other person was doingThey suggested just going back to the dealer for the refund, they suggested processing my reimbursement & mailing it out in 7-daysHA!!!! No matter what the issues seems to be with this janky- [redacted] warranty company, customer service & satisfaction are definitely NOT a priorityMy reimbursement is still in limbo, my vehicle is headed back to the dealer due to issues that occurred while being repaired the last visit & now I have to claim a with my insurance company because of the damage caused by the tire being ripped off the carThe worst thing about all this back & forth with SR is they have absolutely no follow throughI have to keep calling them for updates, I have to make sure there's an actual name behind everything said, I've spent hours at work getting the run around about my $reimbursementMaybe they would be more willing to assist the customers that contribute to their livelihood, if they treated every customer the way they would want to be treated in a time of vulnerabilityI just can't believe this is a legit company


I want to say that Silver Rock 100% will do everything in their power to get out of paying for a submitted claimThe timing belt and tensioner went out on my car and the level of unprofessionalism that our situation was handled in not only with me but directly with the mechanic is unbelievableThey asked the mechanic to submit proof that the timing belt was broken which is completely understandableThey did so only to be told the claim was again deniedThe mechanic was in disbelief as well so they submitted more detailed photos including my odometer to show we were within warranty, my vin, and direct photos of the broken parts on my vehicleIt is ridiculous that you have to go through such hardship when this is not a cheap policy that we pay for every monthIf they cannot provide the services they offer, then they simply should not be in the businessI am a licensed loan officer and sell these products to my customers day in and day outSilver Rock is not the way to go if you are looking for coverage of your vehicle


Bought my car from Carvana with the extended warranty from SilverRock Heard humming noise took too the mechanic and had them call SilverRock Received a text hours later letting me know they are pay for the repairs all I have to pay is my $deductible Repair was wheel barrings $460ish I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me I will wait until for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved Regards, Stacey P***

Do not Purchase an extended warranty from SilverRock, can not believe the shystynest on a dollar part, I can only imagine what they would do on a truly expensive car repair

I purchased a Toyota Highlander from [redacted] on 8/23/in California and I purchased GAP insurance coverage by Silver Rock through [redacted] on 2/3/my vehicle was involved in a total loss accidentOn 3/27/my auto insurance company [redacted] mailed a check for the amount of $7,to BridgecrestI logged onto my bridgecrest account (bridgecrest is my lien holder) and noticed they applied the insurance money to my account on 4/5/ I called Bridgecrest and they told me that is takes to hours to apply the insurance money to my loan and after that it take approximately to business days after that for silverrock to apply the GAP insurance and pay off the remaining balance on the loanI've called Bridgecrest multiple times since 4/5/and Bridgecrest/Silverrock still has not applied the Gap covererageits been over business days since that statement bridgecrest made to me and as far as I'm concerned SilverRock/Bridgecrest is NOT honoring our

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attentionWe appreciate the opportunity to re-address our customer’s concernsOn May 5, 2017, we contacted our customer to verify the account information for which the mentioned refund was deposited to on May 2, After speaking with our customer, we found the account information to be incorrectWe immediately processed the refund again with the corrected account informationWe apologize for any inconvenience or frustration this has causedAdditionally, we have confirmed the engine has arrived at the repair facility as of May 6, 2017, and repairs are expected to be completed by May 10, We have extended our customer’s direct bill rental through May 10, 2017, to continue to assist her through the completion of repairsWe have been in contact with our customer and will continue to work with her to ensure all that has been promised is executed in a timely manner SilverRock thanks the for their continued support and allowing us the opportunity to re-address our customer’s concernsShould you have any questions, please contact our Customer Relations department at ###-###-####

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attentionWe appreciate the opportunity to address our customer’s concernsAt the time of sale, our customer elected to purchase a 5-year / 50,000-mile Vehicle Service Contract (VSC), administered by SilverRockAdditionally, the contract purchase price of the VSC is $3,555.00, as disclosed on page one of the VSC under section titled Contract InformationThe VSC is attached for your referenceUpon review of our customer’s phone conversations with our representatives, we found there were two occasions, where he advised us the vehicle was under the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warrantyHowever, we did not verify this information with our internal database and had the vehicle transported to an in-network repair facility (INRF) as opposed to the OEMWe sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and frustration this has caused our customerSilverRock will be seeking all internal training opportunities and corrective action to ensure we are exploring all available options for our customers and verifying information our customers relay to usFurthermore, in an attempt to come to an amicable solution and as a gesture of goodwill DriveTime made an exception to reimburse our customer the remaining cost of $This check has been confirmed as delivered to our customer as of August 10, Please see a detailed description of events below.A third party contacted SilverRock on July 14, She expressed concerns with the transmission not shifting properly and inquired about tow and rental assistanceWe encouraged her to have the vehicle diagnosed at an INRF and a claim initiatedWe provided the contact information for one nearbyWe further explained rental reimbursement would be authorized with approved repairs, at $per day, and suggested she contact the INRF to see if they would be able to assist with the transport of the vehicle(continued on attached)

For full response, please see attachedOn April 28, 2017, SilverRock contacted our customer to discuss her concernsWe explained all repairs have been authorized and are expected to be completed by May 5, We also advised we would be willing to reimburse for rental expenses upon providing us with paid receiptsAdditionally, we offered to provide our customer with a direct bill rental through the completion of repairsThis means SilverRock will cover the daily rate of the rental vehicle while our customer is responsible for any applicable fees assessed by the rental facility On May 1, 2017, SilverRock received our customer’s rental receipts and have processed a 20-day reimbursement at $per dayOur customer expressed satisfaction with our resolution and the call was ended on amicable termsWe will continue to remain in contact with our customer to ensure the repairs are completed in a timely and efficient manner SilverRock thanks the for their continued support and allowing us the opportunity to address our customer’s concernsShould you have any questions, you may contact our Customer Relations department at ###-###-#### Sincerely, Danielle CCustomer Relations

I recently had a claim processed after calling for days having to prove that the part covered in my warranty was indeed the issue causing my vehicles dysfunctionI woke up, and my van would not startI called an in-network garage to come and tow my vehicle and have it diagnosedThey said that the "Powertrain" Engine Control Module was reading many errors, and that it would have to be replacedThey also informed me that SR would not cover those repairs, as it is not outlined in my coverageI have the year coverage, which outlines the "Primary" Engine Control ModuleI called customer support to figure out the issue, and the representative informed me that it was a common issue in the verbiage, and that the ECM differs from the PCMI paid their in-network garage, and had it released to a dealership, and dug furtherThe representative at Dodge informed me that he had been working there for years, and had never heard of a Primary Engine Control ModuleI then called SR (time 2) and was trying to explain that I was a Network Engineer, not a mechanic, but it sounds as if the parts are one in the sameHe reached out to his claims department and informed me that they cover ECM, not the PCMI looked back at their coverage outline, and took it with a grain of saltI went back to research, and found out that the ECM is part of a part systemolder vehicles used different module to complete the full taskThey are the brains of the carThe engine control module interacts with the Transmission Control Module (2-parts) to act as the brains, controlling the functionality of the vehicleNow, most cars use the Powertrain Engine Control Module "PCM", which now provides the functions of the ECM and the TCM, to act as component providing the full brain power of the vehicleI called customer service a third time, and a lady named AL picked up the phone (((extremely rude)Very Poor Customer Service Skills)May want to invest in a PR course, or at the very least a leadership program)She assured that her tech had a background in mechanics, and that if I had a dispute, to call the garage where I had received my information, and have them take it up with her claims adjustersI just wanted her to email me part numbers for the covered components, or give me some sort of factual information that the components were indeed separate entitiesShe informed me that she wouldn't produce anything for me, and to revert back to her previous statementBy definition, the PCM is also referred to as the ECMI told her that I wasn't trying to argue about the matter, but wanted to be shown that the two parts were not performing the same function, i.e, the same partShe could not / would notShe kept insisting I chase this through her claims and my repairs center, then I asked for her supervisorShe would not listen, and repeatedly kept speaking over me to repeat that I will be denied what I paid for, and that she didn't care about the error in the coverageVery rude, and with an attitudeI asked to speak to her manager, and she assured me that course of action would be fine, but I would just be told what she told me, that I wouldn't be coveredI spoke with the manager, and he verified that the two parts are in fact the sameOne is just more current than the other (SINCE 2013, PRE-DATING THEIR BUSINESS STARTUP)That I would be covered, and everything was fineIt took too much time away from myself, my company, my family, and way too many phone calls / research to justify a claim that was deniedThis is their job, they should be the subject matter experts, not meI shouldn't have to let them know how to do their jobPlease listen to the recording

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Address: PO Box 29087, Phoenix, Arizona, United States, 85038-9087


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