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SilverRock Automotive, Inc.

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SilverRock Automotive, Inc. Reviews (174)

Do not Purchase an extended warranty from SilverRock, can not believe the shystynest on a dollar part, I can only imagine what they would do on a truly expensive car repair

I have a Hyundai Sonata, which I have owned for monthsIt cut off on me at a stop light last weekend and I took it to an in network repair facility Monday
I have been without my car for a full daysCustomer service did not advise me that I could be reimbursed for my towing expenses or a rental car
I called this past Friday for an update on repairs and the repair facility referred me to Silver Rock for an updateMy engine is blown
When I contacted them they requested receipts from my oil changes
The in network repair facility has already informed them that my oil level was good as well as my other fluid levels
I grew up and live near Varina, VAYou cannot spit without hitting someone that works on carsI had a neighbor to change my oilI may or may not be able to get him to get a copy of the receipt for the gallon of Castroil GPX and the filter
After coming to the page and reading reviews and complaints, I believe I am going to contact my lawyer to handle communications with Silver Rock from this point forwardThey seem sheisty

I purchased an extended warranty when I bought my carThe company that I purchased my car from is DriveTimeThe extended warranty is SilverrockI did not know at the time this is the same companyI had several major repairs needed on my carThe warranty company found several loop holes to get out of covering any of the repairsThe way this company explains and advertises the extended power train warranty is a complete misrepresentation of what the really cover

I’ve had my car less than years and I have replaced the transmission two timesChevy MalibuThey use used parts from salvage yards and refuse to give you the information on the transmission that was put in your vehicleSo basically you’re driving around with a major part in your vehicle with no knowledge of where it came fromThis company is horrible and I will be pursuing this furtherMy transmission went out during morning traffic in the middle of a intersection with my children in the car

I want to say that Silver Rock 100% will do everything in their power to get out of paying for a submitted claimThe timing belt and tensioner went out on my car and the level of unprofessionalism that our situation was handled in not only with me but directly with the mechanic is unbelievableThey asked the mechanic to submit proof that the timing belt was broken which is completely understandableThey did so only to be told the claim was again deniedThe mechanic was in disbelief as well so they submitted more detailed photos including my odometer to show we were within warranty, my vin, and direct photos of the broken parts on my vehicleIt is ridiculous that you have to go through such hardship when this is not a cheap policy that we pay for every monthIf they cannot provide the services they offer, then they simply should not be in the businessI am a licensed loan officer and sell these products to my customers day in and day outSilver Rock is not the way to go if you are looking for coverage of your vehicle

July 20, 2017Marie GarciaRevdex.comPh###-###-####Fax ###-###-####RE: Complaint # ***Dear MsGarcia,Thank you for bringing this matter to our attentionWe appreciate the opportunity toaddress our customer’s concerns.On April 13, 2017, our customer purchased a Volkswagen Jetta from DriveTimeAt the time of sale, our customer purchased a year/50,mile Vehicle Service Contract, administered by SilverRockAttached you will find the Vehicle Service Contract for your reference.On July 1, 2017, our customer contacted SilverRock with concerns that the vehicle was misfiringWe referred him to an in-network repair facility (INRF) to have the vehicle diagnosed and initiate a claimWe additionally advised he would be responsible for only a$deductible for any repairs covered under the terms of the Vehicle Service Contract(VSC)Likewise, we informed our customer if any repairs were not covered under the terms of the VSC, he would be responsible for the diagnostic fee and repairs would be his choice to authorize and pay for.On July 5, 2017, SilverRock was instructed by DriveTime to waive the diagnostic fee at an INRF and was advised DriveTime would review options for further assistance once a claim had been initiated with SilverRockHowever, no claim was filed with SilverRock by an INRF.On July 7, 2017, our customer contacted SilverRock and advised he had been informed there was an open recall on the vehicleWe encouraged him to contact the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to seek clarification on the recallWe advised should recall work be needed, it would be completed by the OEM at no cost to him; however, should any non-recall repairs be approved by SilverRock, a $out-of-network deductible would apply.On July 10, 2017, the OEM filed a claim with SilverRock for a coil packThe repairs were not approved, as this component is non-covered under the terms of the VSCLater that day, our customer contacted SilverRock to inquire into assistance with the non-covered repairsAfter review, we advised our customer that DriveTime had provided approval for the repairs as a goodwill gesture; however, he would be responsible for a $deductibleWithin the next minutes, the SilverRock Claims team reached out to the OEM and left a message authorizing the repairs.Shortly thereafter, our customer contacted SilverRock and advised he had paid out-of-pocket for the repairs, as the OEM had not received the authorizationAs we had already provided the OEM with the necessary authorization, we encouraged our customer to contact the OEM and request a refund for all but the $deductible he was responsible forOur customer was agreeable to this course of action, but followed up with SilverRock to advise the OEM would not issue him a refundTo remedy our customer’s situation, we asked him to send in the receipts for his out-of-pocket expenses so we could issue him a refund of $284.45, per his request and our authorization.On July 12, 2017, after receiving and reviewing our customer’s receipts, we advised him we issued a check for $and sent it to him via FedEx overnight shipping.On July 14, 2017, we contacted our customer and confirmed he had received the checkOur customer was satisfied with the assistance provided, and we ended our correspondence on amicable terms.Thank you for your ongoing support in allowing us the opportunity to address our customer’s concernsShould you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Relations department at ###-###-####.Thank you, Kayleigh B.Customer Relations


Their mechanic base is unreliableTo get good repairs on anything that isn’t minor, you need to go to an out of network mechanic (they will instruct you to do so) In the months I have had my vehicle, almost a month will have been with a mechanicI had a botched repair and now I have wasted time moving my vehicle aroundI am a rideshare driver so I’m blowing through my savings

After having my car only months my transmission went out, I called silver rock and they told me they would have to use a used or referbisbed part because that’s what my contract states when in fact my contract states I can have one of the including new and that the system administrator will decide(I verified system administrator means anyone who gets the case it’s not an actual system) my mechanic was able to get a refurbished tranny in shop the next day and have me on the road by Friday and the warranty company told me they could not approve his part because it didn’t meet their safety standards to be put in a vehicle, I had to take their part and it couldn’t be in until MondayThat was not acceptable to me so I called the supervisor named Travis who he claimed Gina(that dismissed me earlier was his supervisor) and they paid extra to have the part over nighted but because it was a transmission it would still be 2-days and there is weather concerns so maybe later, I specifically asked him if he was blowing smoke about overnighting it just to passify me and he said no he assured me Gina approved the overnight costThen they call and try to file a complaint against my mechanic because they claim he’s trying to upsell me and make the cost more for them, we call them on 3way and are told there is no overnight payment that it’s not even an optionI was livid!!! I waited on hold for one hour until joe got on to apologize and they approved my mechanics part to try and shut me upI would never purchase a warranty thru this company!!! I have one star cause zero isn’t an option


Goodnessall these reviews sound like my experiences with SilveRockI've had this wonderful lemon-of-a-car since FebIt has been in the shop for repair times!!! It's a Jeep PatriotThe repair issues are becoming more severe & seem to be becoming more of a safety issue as time goes onThis last time my entire wheel dislodged from the "socket "of the arm/axle (whatever the term is, I'm a Nurse not a mechanic) & just hangingThank the lord I was slowing for a stop sign when this occurredThe vehicle was completely out of control, no brakes, no steering, nothing!! SR insisted this issue must have came from the new set of tires recently installed or maybe from the other recent work of having my wheel barring replacedIt just sounded like they were ready to wash their hands of my issue from "out the gate"After ranting about how many deductibles & lost time/wages this "new" vehicle & warranty has cost me, the rep offered to waive my deductible & day rental costI thought well shot, that's great beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stickI was grateful for the assistancebut surprise surprise come time to sign the paperwork at the cashier & BAM"Your bill is $200", the girl saidI fought & argued about how the deal was suppose to be notified that I was paying nothing out of pocket, after the time of repeating the same st, I just paid for itIt was 7am the day before ThanksgivingI couldn't reach SR & I had a hour drive ahead of meAfter left the dealer I called SRThey just stated to submit my receipts for reimbursementI did thatI called Monday morning to confirm my documents were receivedthat opened another freakin' can of wormsNo one knew what the other person was doingThey suggested just going back to the dealer for the refund, they suggested processing my reimbursement & mailing it out in 7-daysHA!!!! No matter what the issues seems to be with this janky-*** warranty company, customer service & satisfaction are definitely NOT a priorityMy reimbursement is still in limbo, my vehicle is headed back to the dealer due to issues that occurred while being repaired the last visit & now I have to claim a with my insurance company because of the damage caused by the tire being ripped off the carThe worst thing about all this back & forth with SR is they have absolutely no follow throughI have to keep calling them for updates, I have to make sure there's an actual name behind everything said, I've spent hours at work getting the run around about my $reimbursementMaybe they would be more willing to assist the customers that contribute to their livelihood, if they treated every customer the way they would want to be treated in a time of vulnerabilityI just can't believe this is a legit company

Silverrock lies telling me they are sending needed forms via us mailThey claim to have sent them three times! I am trying to cancel ancillary products and they require the forms to be filled out and returned to do soIt has been three months and I still have not received the forms

We purchased our vehicle three weeks ago A Silver Rock warranty was an option on the finance portion of our contract After our check engine light illuminated two weeks into our contract, I decided to envoke the warranty, as we had not owned the vehicle for very long After being told that they "did not trust the diagnostics" of the first shop, they told us we had to take it to another shop After quite a bit of confusion regarding work done by the first shop (it was an estimate, by the way, not work performed), they determined that the work needed to be performed by a dealer service department It was upon hearing this that I decided to call Silver Rock regarding the fact that they shouldn't have sent me to the first shop if the diagnostics couldn't be trusted, and that we would require a rental car during this process After speaking to three different representatives and asking to speak to a supervisor, which was never granted, they agreed to provide a rental Next, we were


I have been having issues with my vehicle's camera not working properlyThe backup camera as well as the park aid assist has been going in and out, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn'tAdditionally, my transfer case is bad resulting in a need for a new oneI had my vehicle towed to my local dealership for diagnostic on Monday 3/5/18, they contacted SilverRock for approval on 3/6/and SilverRock required that an inspector come review the car before repairs could be approvedThe inspector did not come until Thursday 3/8/at which point they advise Ford the claim had to be submitted for manager review and they would be contacted the following dayNo contact was made and myself as well as Ford has contacted SilverRock several times about thisI finally got an approval today 3/14/to have the transfer case replaced; however, I now have to wait for SilverRock to send Ford a part which will not arrive until Monday or Tuesday of next week! Ford has a part ready for installation


I bought my car well over a year agoWithin weeks after my purchase, I started a claim for the air not working properly and there was a radiator issue as wellThough the radiator is not my primary concern, it took one to two more vists to get that fixed, and because of the horrible repair shops they sent me to, the engine blew a gasketLuckily for SilverRock, Chevy paid for the entire engine to get replaced under the manufacturer warranty (that was just to show there are other issues I have faced)Since I bought my car, it has been in the shop a few times, and no one fixed the problemI kept following up and told them each time that it was still not working properlyRecently, the air stopped working totallyI brought my car to a repair shop listed on the SilverRock siteIt was miles away from homeThe shop then informed me that they discontinued their agreement with SilverRock over a year ago, but the info was still on the siteBecause I was already so far from home and

Not reliable dependable co same issues with vehicle in conyers ga

Bought my car from drive time, its a Nissan Sentraneedless to say I purchased it October its now September I've taken the car to the repair shop over times within this yearI've replaced the transmission TWICE!!!!, the drive Axel shaft , the wheel barring and the A/C compressorEverytime I toke it in the mechanics would always say that my warranty company (SILVER ROCK) IS SENDING OVER PART THAT ARE FROM THE JUNK YARDthis has been a nightmare purchasing my first car and I will tell everyone I know to never do busy with drive time and silver rock


This business has no concept of a timely repairThey don't have anyone that will give you a straight answer It took weeks just to get them to get the parts for my carAnd that was only after multiple calls to them from myself and the repair shop I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait until for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved
*** ***

has taken for ever for them to do even the simplest of things like call an auto repair shop or call the customer back I should just be working for them and getting paid at this point I am doing the job that they are supposed to be doing for me and it is just very unprofessional I would not recommend them too anyone and hope to never have to deal with them again because at this point it would be more worth it to just pay the auto shop

Submitted a claim with silverock Monday August 06,It's been a week and they still have my car hostage reviewing paperwork

I recently bought a car from Carvana and needed to use the Silver Rock warranty after the day test drive expired Long story short, the blind spot monitoring wasn't working and the dealership found that it was as a result of a minor collision, which wasn't reported to Carfax and wouldn't be covered under factory warranty Silver Rock approved the repair and did not haggle with the dealership on part price or labor, which even surprised the dealership Silver Rock came through for me

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Address: PO Box 29087, Phoenix, Arizona, United States, 85038-9087


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