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I am taking this opportunity of advising SolvIt Home Services that we were very pleased with the performance of Mr. Massimo in attending to repair work at our home last Thursday evening. He was professional and pleasant.

We have been dealing with Solvit Home Services for about ten years now and have found them to be a reputable, dependable company. Massimo is without a doubt the best out of all the Solvit technicians they have ever sent to service our 3 air conditioning units and 3 furnaces. He goes about his business in a methodical, efficient manner, pointing out ways to prevent possible future problems. Once when performing routine maintenance on our units, he found a bird in one of the exhaust vents and removed it! We have complete confidence in him and always request Massimo to service our units.

The technician was well prepared (had all the tools needed to complete the job), knowledgable (experienced working on the equipment and had proper training) and thorough (not hurried and verified equipment was working properly before leaving).
Customer service kept us informed by calling to inform us that the technician was on the way.

Review: On Friday, February 7, the heating system (natural gas boiler) stopped working in my home. I called Fletcher/Solvit Plumbing and Heating in Forestville (Bristol) as I have done in the past. A few hours later, a technician came to the house and determined we needed a new gas valve. He replaced it as well as the thermocouple in about 2 hours' time. My wife was home at the time, and he requested payment, to which she agreed. The bill was $1,119.00 The bill showed that the cost of the gas valve was $763.80 (labor included, I guess, because labor costs were not listed) and the thermocouple charge was $219.39. Also, there was a minimum service fee of $69 and tax was $66.81. I felt these charges were excessive. I asked someone familiar with heating charges, and he found a price for the gas valve of $181 and a price for the thermocouple of $11. Even if I double these amounts and add in $200 for labor, I get $584, roughly half of what we were charged. I called to request an adjustment in my bill, and while I was treated politely, Fletcher's only agreed to refund me the thermocouple charge ($219.39), so my bill still totaled $899.61.Desired Settlement: I have talked to [redacted] at Fletcher's and she talked to a manager to get me the $219.39 refund. No one asked to talk to me further, so I am considering this their best offer before I decided to ask the for help. Can the help me by contacting Fletcher's? I still feel the $899.61 bill is excessive for this repair.



On February 14th we spoke further with Mr. [redacted] and explained pricing and how it is structured. Mr. [redacted] is aware we pre-quote and charge for “only” accepted work and by the job and that we do not charge by the hour. Our pricing reflects labor, material and warranties and cost of doing business regardless of our travel time to and from the location and how long a job will take; all of which protects consumers from technicians taking longer and charging for more hours. Consumers “after the work has been accepted and preformed” at times “shop around” and may find lower prices. What is not usually considered is that when each customer calls us they receive a live person 24 hours a day, service is often provided when other companies will not 365/24/7 or cannot in a timely fashion, the actual troubleshooting of the problem and fixing of the problem and restoring their systems to working condition. Additionally, seldom considered is the true cost of running an organization such as providing licensed technicians whom undergo ongoing training, criminal background and drug testing, call center, true 24 hour service and the like. Often consumers look up the price on line and what “they feel” is a reasonable charge yet what we call a “static” view of the repair itself without knowledge of the true costs of providing the service. We perform between 20-30,000 service calls per year and have thousands of verifiable customers whereas we have met or exceeded their expectations. Many customers do say that we were the “only” company which would come out when it was at night and below zero temperatures or similar circumstances. Mr. [redacted] did state he was offered a service plan which would lower pricing and provide lifetime warrantees on certain work not typically provided by other companies. Mr. [redacted] chose not to purchase such service plans. We explained to Mr. [redacted] that our pricing is our pricing and will not be changing. We did resolve the issue via phone on February 14, 2014 and will be sending Mr. [redacted] a total credit of $452.19 as we have a 100% customer satisfaction policy. This is an additional credit of $163.80 from our previous conversation on February 11, 2014. We look forward to working with Mr. [redacted] in the future!




I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: Solvit,Inc stated in a quote: "Customers water heater is leaking not only from the relief valve but also from bottom of the tank as well. Tech noticed rust marks near blast chamber and found traces of water leaking. Customers water heater does not have much more life left."The quote to replace 40 gal gas water heater from Solvit is $1,709.65 less a 10% discount or $1,538.68.I called two other plumbing company's and got quotes of $825 and $850 to replace my tank with a 40 gallon [redacted]Plumbers from a local co inspected the tank: "check hot water heater, tank was alright at time of inspection. Replace relief valve for water heater." The charge was $140.00. I signed a 1 year contract with Solvit thinking I would have safety in knowing I would get excellent service and with the 10% discount they offer and the $264.81 "Protection Plan" I am paying for, services would be reasonable and reliable.Desired Settlement: I want the contract cancelled and all future automatic draws from my checking account stopped.



BACKGROUND: Customer called in stated her hot water heater was leaking. We traveled to the customer’s home at no charge to diagnose the problem. Technician stated relief valve which is the hot water heater safety valve is leaking. It basically prevents the system from overheating and over pressurizing. Technician recommended a new hot water heater due to age as he saw water in the fire chamber and also the fact that this safety valve did release water. Customer declined the quote and there was no charge for our time. Customer called in at a later date and stated she called around and received other quotes that were lower than ours. We told her to get a written quote from a licensed and insured company and we would review it to make sure we are quoting the same service and equipment. Customer was getting very loud and cursing and hung up. She called again and wanted to cancel her “Home Protection Plan” with us. We reminded her of the policy she signed that states that she is obligated for one full year. She again was belligerent, threatening, and cursing and then hung up. The customer signed up for an annual “Home Protection Plan” for $249.00 plus tax and it would be paid monthly $22. Customer has been charged for 4 months $88. Included in this plan are a heating maintenance, air conditioning maintenance, electrical inspection and plumbing inspection not to mention many other benefits. During this time we have performed the heating maintenance on her gas boiler which is valued at $129.00. She has also received discounts on previous work and we have not charged trip fees due to the benefits of signing up for this annual plan.

RESOLUTION: This being said, we value each of our customers. Due to your concerns we have stopped all future charges to your credit card for your annual service plan. The water heater our technician spoke to you about replacing is one of the top brands therefore warranties are for Six years through manufacturer and by maintaining your Home Protection Plan you as well would have retained a Lifetime warranty for covered components through Solvit Home Service. Please understand our pricing is structured based on time to do a job, environmental removal and disposal of your water heater and top quality brand items plus safety accessories most likely not included by others to do the work.




Clarification to the "several trips" - after the first person came to repair the gasline in my stove, he did not turn the gas back on, therefore someone else had to come to fix that. Also, I never swore, I did get loud, but only to be able to complete my info since the rep on the phone kept bestowing the virtues of Solvit without listening to my concerns.

Glad to have this over with. Many thanks for your help!!!

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Katherine Peterson

excellent service provided

The work was complete and clean up done afterwards. It was worth the cost.

They were courteous, arrived right on time, friendly, professional. Everything was explained slowly and thoroughly. The repairs were efficiently done. I would recommend this team and will ask for them in the future. Good work.

The Solvit workers were on time as quoted, friendly, overall neat in their appearance and as they worked. They did a good job overall.

Review: I am writing to submit a complaint regarding Solvit, Inc., located at [redacted]. I recently contracted with Solvit to have a sewer pipe replaced on my property (roots were growing into the line, causing sewage backups). They inspected the sewer line, and assured me that the affected pipe was located underneath the top of my driveway, directly outside of my garage. Relying on this information, I agreed to allow them to dig through my driveway in order to replace the pipe. Solvit arrived to perform the work on 10/17/14, with a landscaping company as a subcontractor to perform the digging. They broke through my driveway's asphalt using a backhoe and began digging. Eventually they realized that the pipe was not located under my driveway. They refilled the hole and patched it with asphalt. However, the work left a significant crack running from the area of the patch, where I am afraid that water could seep in. The patchwork also significantly depreciated the appearance of my driveway. After some time, the plumber determined that the affected pipe was located underneath one of the flower beds adjacent to my front steps. The plumber informed me he would dig through the flower beds, but did not let me know the backhoe would be driven onto my lawn. I did not realize that until I observed the backhoe already on my lawn, digging through my flower bed. The plumber had arranged a makeshift ramp using the broken pieces of asphalt from my driveway, so that the backhoe was resting on top of my steps. As a result, one of my steps was damaged. In addition, my lawn sustained significant damage, as the backhoe tore through a large portion of the lawn as it was drove over the grass. The backhoe dumped dirt onto my lawn as it dug. I did not stop the workers, as I believed that they would do what was necessary to repair my lawn after the job was finished. I was wrong. The workers left a large amount of dirt spread across my lawn, and did not repair the damage to my lawn or driveway. Upon closer inspection the following day, I observed track marks dug through my driveway in addition to the crack noted earlier. The appearance and integrity of my lawn and driveway has been severely damaged.

I have contacted Solvit on numerous occasions over the past week. I have spoken with the service manager, [redacted], and customer service manager, [redacted]. I have also left voice mail messages for the owner, [redacted], but received no reply. [redacted] promised to come out to my property to inspect the damage, but did not promise to repair it. However, to date no one from Solvit has even come to my property to inspect the damage. With colder weather fast approaching, I cannot wait any longer for a resolution to this problem.

Finally, although the original estimate was for $3,745.00, Solvit agreed to a final contracted price of $3,500.00. The company required me to pay 50%, $1,750.00, in advance, even though only $1,100.00 was being paid to Solvit, as the remaining $2,400.00 was for the excavation cost, paid directly to the subcontractor. I believe that this is an unfair business practice because Solvit effectively collected their payment in full prior to the commencement of the work, leaving me without recourse to withhold payment for unsatisfactory work.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please let me know if you need anything else.Desired Settlement: Full repair and restoration of my lawn, driveway, steps, and garden bed.



I would first like to acknowledge receipt of Mr. [redacted] concerns over workmanship and have been in constant communication with him.

Mr. [redacted] had already spoken to myself and then to [redacted] our Service Manager about the price and doing the work prior to performing the work. The work was performed by our plumber and another company who provided the machinery and digging. Shortly after performing the work, Mr. [redacted] did call in to speak with [redacted] about the work. [redacted] agreed to visit the home yesterday with the plumber who performed the work and the landscaper who provided the digging. This is a normal course of action as the situation must be assessed in person rather than over the phone.

Yesterday morning, [redacted] came to me very upset that his father just had a severe stroke on his left side, was paralyzed and he completely lost his speech. His father was rushed to [redacted] where he remains today in ICU.

Before [redacted] left the building yesterday 10-29-14 to go to the hospital, he asked [redacted] in our call center to explain the situation to Mr. [redacted] and reschedule. Mr. [redacted] felt she was not telling the truth about the situation, threatened to litigate and began telling the [redacted], the CSR who he felt was responsible etc. We record inbound calls so the conversation is on file.

We understand that Mr. [redacted] may have concerns but we do need to review the situation “on site”. If found that there is an issue and it is found to be from workmanship we provided and or the landscaper or their machinery, we will resolve the concern together as we do as a normal course of business.

There is no need for Mr. [redacted] to threaten legal means as he repeatedly does stating that he is a lawyer. We are contacting Mr. [redacted] today and trust his concerns will be addressed.

Regards, [redacted] President.

Very good and very professional,know their jobs and more!

Matt was on-time and did a very good job.

Solvit responded quickly to a problem with our hot water heater, scheduled an appointment the same day, and then ~20 min later called back and said they could have someone there within1/2 hour.
The rep immediately diagnosed the problem, went for a part, and replaced the deteriorated rod, all within an hour.
We are very satisfied with this service.

Chris is always very personable, prompt, efficient and is very knowledgeable. Solvit does a great job. I can always count on them to respond promptly and get the job down with no drama or hard-sell.

Awesome service, Stephen did a great job. I had two other contractors take a look at this project and both of them ignored me. It was a pleasure to work with Stephen from Solvit, there was no way he was going to leave the job until it was finished properly. Customer service is practically non existent in this country anymore, it is great to see that one company still believes.

Review: We first contacted this business to repair our furnace they charged us over $1,to replace a blower and wxpansion tank (no plumbing required)They hooked us into a service contractWe had them come on a service call to replace a ejector pump They gave us a quote to replace the float switch for $New pump $in home depotI plugged unit back in and it operated obviously they only cleared the float and were going to charge us to replace it
Today we found out that during there last annual ac service they turned up the fan speed so our drip pan filled upAt which time they also conned my wife into a bogus two hundred dollar duct mold cleanupThey gave us a $quote to replace a drain line that was not leaking and a float switch that operated fineWe just had it repaired by a reputable contractor for $and none of those items need replacingBEWARE THEE GUYS WORK ON COMMISSION!Desired Settlement: $
Thank you for your view of our performance and serviceWe utilize all reviews, especially those less favorable to better our company and discuss ways to improve our customers experience in our customer satisfaction meetings each weekI would like to start by conveying that all the individuals who came to your home are paid an effective hourly rate and are incentivized only when working productively and by exceeding customer expectationsThat said, you initially called us in March because you didn't have heat in your homeThe heating and air conditioning system had not been maintained or looked at by a professional for some timeWe made repairs and even shipped parts overnight so we could reestablish heat in your homeAt this point we offered you our maintenance plan which would provide for annual maintenance, discounts, priority service, and life-time warranties as applicableAs part of this plan it includes discounts and waived service fees for all our other servicesYou then called our company for a sewage problem you were having and we dispatched one of our plumbers to go out to your homeThe technician diagnosed a problem with the float assembly and provided you with a quote prior to doing any workYou declined and said you would do the work yourself so we didn't charge you for the service fee as it is covered in our maintenance plan described aboveWe then scheduled the prepaid maintenance for June 2nd on your air conditionerWe performed the maintenance which was not done for some years prior and found a dirty coil and mold in the air handlerWe quoted to clean the coil and the customer acceptedWe returned days later and performed that workmonth later we received a call that ac was leaking and the emergency drain pan was filling up with waterThe speed of the fan comes factory set for High speedWe did not adjust this setting per manufacturer recommendationsThe reason why your pan filled with water is because we found the old ABS trap was cracked on the bottomWithout water in the trap the air will go through it and cause the pan to leakLowering the airflow will reduce the symptom but not fix the problemTo fix the problem we recommended replacement of the cracked trap with a new PVC style EZ-trap having a built in float switch which is an added safety for the systemIf the trap was to ever clog it would prevent water from damaging the equipment or homeThere might have been confusion as there is another float switch that is located in the emergency pan which you are correct is working and we agree does not need to be replacedWe are always about 100% customer satisfaction and when a complaint like this arrives we will always make it right for the customerThe training our technicians go through is extensive and our recommendations are sincereWe would like to first say we will honor your request of a refund of your Home Protection Plan which is $+ taxSecond we would also like to make the correction to your air conditioning system at no charge, if you would allowThis means we will install the advanced EZ-trap with built in float switch and confirm the fan speed is set to factory condition as this will return the system back to peak efficiency all at no costIf you would like, we would also offer to keep the Home Protection Plan in place at no charge as you can continue to take advantage of all the benefits
[redacted], Service Manager
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me

I had a furnace failure on 2/14/16 when outside temperature was minus 13F. I had to have a contractor out in a hurry. I found this company through internet research and decided to give them a try and was not disappointed. From the first phone encounter and throughout resolution, I experienced great customer service and follow-through.
In this review I want to recognized the following people:
Chris H. There was amiss with phone communication, but Chris was kind to adjust his schedule and still make a service call to my house late in the day. He took appropriate time to diagnose the issue, explain the details and provide me with options. Excellent customer service, Chris!
Dan M & Leland D were the installers of the furnace. They came promptly as scheduled and did the installation without disrupting anything around. They worked efficiently and kept me informed. Dan answered questions I asked, explained the difference in the operation of my new unit vs old and provided instructions on how to get to the filter to change it. Good work guys!

Review: I hired SolvIt to repair a leaky faucet in a guest bathroom tub. While here, the plumber spent about 1.5 hours working because he had problems. After he left, I noticed a water spot on the ceiling below the tub but attributed it to water he had spilled on the floor (the tub and floor were both wet and dirty from his boots). Two months later, the first time the tub was used for a bath, it flooded into the room below.I had my insurance inspect it and he found that a piece on the drain was broken off (solid brass) and estimated that it was done by the plumber when he put his boots into the tub - either kicking or pushing against it with his boot (it's heavy brass and couldn't be broken with a bare toe without doing serious injury). With the piece broken, the pipe below the tub became disconnected and due to the water pressure of a full tub, water flooded past the pipe connection out into the ceiling space in the room below, causing the flood.I contacted SolvIt who initially said they would "work with me" but later handed it to their insurance department who tried to make it seem that it was my fault and that the brass part rusted or broke on it's own (the part clearly shows that it's broken and not rusted - besides, brass doesn't rust like iron). I told him about my insurance agent's inspection and they forwarded it to their insurance company.I spoke with their insurance today and they said they are NOT going to fix what their plumber broke and they are not going to pay for the damage there plumber did to my tub and subsequently to my ceiling. They tried to claim that I had had the ceiling patched before (which is not true) and that there was no proof that their plumber did the damage. I re-explained the leak marks in the ceiling immediately after his departure to no avail.Desired Settlement: I want SolvIT to#1) Fix the tub they broke#2) Pay for the repair of the ceiling and re-painting due to the damage it incurred after their plumber broke the fitting and causing the leak.



We are very sorry about not responding sooner, however we show no record of receiving the initial complaint from the on 4/28/14 as stated. We pride ourselves on quick responses to all customer concerns as our file should indicate.

This being said, we have taken care of all plumbing related repairs and damage and have received a sign off from the owner releasing our company of further costs.

As its stands today, we believe the customer is happy with the outcome.





I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 10028951.

I would highly recommend Solvit services to anyone. While we were in FL in the Winter of 2014 my two furnaces stopped working. Following a call to Solvit from FL they had both furnaces up and running within 2 hours of my call. Needless to say, I was relieved that all became well in sub-freezing weather. I have found their service people and customer service staff extremely competent and very prompt. I have been called on several occasions simply to check in and ask if all was well. This is unusually good customer service in this day and age of ARUs. I find their annual service agreement to be an excellent value and would recommend it to everyone. This one stop service for HVAC, plumbing, electrical and other services such as radon is a huge advantage to homeowners without the need to contact separate mechanics and wait for scheduling
I find their service very competent and responsive and have nothing but the highest regard for Solvit. I will be a customer as long as I live in this area.

Dan was on time, neat & clean. Very pleasant and responsible.
Everything went fine.

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