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Two Men and A Truck

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I utilized the services of Two Men and A Truck to move a cherished piano. From the start, I was impressed by their full usage of safety measures including tire safety chocks, cones and the truck had full working signals. The crew worked together in harmony. Each mover introduced themselves by name, shook hands; were very polite and very professional. They wasted no time (which was really appreciated!); got right to work; and before leaving to the final destination; inquired if anything else needed to be moved. The care taken to move my piano was greatly appreciated. Thank you! [redacted]

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:I would like to apologize to MS [redacted] for our company not meeting or exceeding her expectations.  At Two Men And A Truck we take customer service very seriously.  I am going to issue a check for a full refund that MS [redacted] is asking for.  The...

check amount is $748.46. I will be mailing it to the address listed in this complaint.   I am also going to look into everything about her move and take appropriate action to strengthen our customer service performance in the future.  I can only hope that MS. [redacted] can accept my apology and give us another chance to show her what we are capable of in the future.  Thank you so much.[redacted]

During the first conversation with our CSR a lower estimate was verbally mentioned.  As the conversations with the CSR continued, more details of the items, and the number of stops increased, there was email correspondence between them stating that there would need to be 3 men which Mr....

[redacted] responded to.   They were moving 35 rolling charging carts to 12 different schools in the St. Louis public school district. The estimate was finalized and the move was booked.  At that time Mr. [redacted] was emailed a pre-move letter which included the detail sheet and the amount of the estimate which was for 5-6 hours with 3 men and 1 truck at $175 per hour totaling $1050.00-$1225.00.  Upon arrival for the move it was noted that the carts did have wheels as stated but they were in wooden crates.  The supervisor did a revision to the estimate changing it to 7-8 hours because moving them would be more difficult and time consuming.  The actual move went 8 hours, $1575.00,  which was within the revised estimate.  During regular business hours there 8-10 customer service representatives and multiple managers on duty to receive calls.  Later in the day there is at least 1 logistics manager on duty every day to take phone calls from customers or employees until all trucks are back and parked on our lot.  Mr. [redacted] stated that the men worked hard all day and he had no complaints about the work they did. Attempts were made to contact him during and after the move.  Our logistics department did speak with him but were disconnected.  They spoke with him at another time and have since credited him $175 on 12/13/16 for a new total bill of $1400.00.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
[redacted]                     the company took three trips in 2 days to get all of our things. My son's signiture is invalid due to me having guardingship of him.I talked about it over the phone several times, that We needed everything moved to new address, not portions of it. How can one turn in apartment keys with things still in the apartment.I had to pay more rent to the complex as a result of movers not having everything out the first time.That extra rent comes out of my deposit. This should not be a big, huge surprise to a moving company.    I was not informed in writing that movers would keep charging me more money over and over again for repeat trips. the prices were not put in writing either, and there was never a written contract. I was not informed in writing that movers leave before job is complete.I was not informed about signing paper work before job was started. I want to note that both my son and I were in a disabling car accident a year ago and needed the help from this company.They took advantage.

Concerning Mr. [redacted]’s problems: The home was not ready for a move when we arrived at his house at 9:55 on 9/25/15. There were large quantities of boxes, and miscellaneous items piled on top of furniture.  There were no paths through the furniture. The move was going to take much longer than...

the original estimate, and Mrs. [redacted] was informed that if she would organize her items, we would come back and do the move.When we returned a week later, we had the same problem.  Items had to be sorted and moved off the larger furniture. None of the movers asked for furniture.  They did ask if she wanted everything moved, as the truck was getting filled.  Mrs. [redacted] bought the men ice cream, and the men took down time to enjoy it.  At the unload, they had the same problem finding space.  Moving the items already in the house required extra time.Mrs. [redacted]’s daughter was present for the entire move.  At the end of the day, she reviewed the paper work with the mover and even tipped the men for working so well in a difficult situation.One of our movers said that Mrs. [redacted] was sharing exercise tips, and Mrs. [redacted] was in tears because she was so happy for the work done.Apparently, there was damage to a tool box, and we will be sending a check for $50 to replace the box.At no time were we contacted about any problems with a refrigerator.

We were extremely satisfied with our moving experience. The crews were so careful and took care to protect our home and belongings. They showed up on time and delivered as promised. The crews were professional and polite. I plan on using them again. Thank you Two Men and a Truck !!!

I was anxious being a woman moving on my own with a large home that the movers would not be as responsive, would not listen to my requests, or that I'd get ripped off. However, the moving team (Clarence, Alex, & Benjamin) were all kind, respectful, timely, effective and efficient. The overall value is unbeatable.
It was 90+ degrees, bad air conditions, and the governor even requested "no activity" during the course of our move. The team assured me that they could continue and powered-on without missing a beat. All of my equipment and furniture were safely delivered (no scratches or dents to my home either). They were meticulous about plastic wrapping and blanketing my possessions so that everything was delivered with care. Some pieces need to be taken apart and reconstructed-- and this was done seamlessly. They even moved heavy objects into the attic in that heat! Clarence was an outstanding team leader.
I have moved w/other more expensive companies (at twice the cost!) and honestly, they were not as quick, effective, or as responsive as Two Men... I recommend them highly.
One small note, their office staff did call me the day before my move and stressed they could only make one trip, that there may not be enough room in the truck. There was plenty of room, thanks to the skilled movers. I think the office staff may need a little more training, but the moving team was top notch!!! When I expressed my concern about space, each mover responded with similar responses "Please don't worry. We're here to make sure your things get moved today and we're going to treat you like you're family," or "I'm not sure who you spoke with, but were here to provide the best level of service and we'll make sure you get it." They even checked in with me throughout the move to be sure if there was anything else I needed moved. A pleasure to work with.

We are very sorry that this moving experience was not a positive one.  We accepted responsibility immediately and have already resolved the said issues.  Items that were damaged have been repaired by a third party vendor.  We have also performed a free moving service (estimated value...

of $670) to offset the customer's dissatisfaction of service.  I performed an on-site home inspection and brought it to the customer's attention, that most of her alleged claims were pre-existing damage.  A third party vendor also confirmed this.  Please accept our apology, as we feel this matter was resolved and closed.

Movers were fast and very careful with my things. Would recommend highly to anyone needing a move.

To Whom It May Concern: Our damage claims manager ([redacted]) has reached out to Mr. [redacted] on several dates.  I have attached our damage claims managers notes to this response.  Please refer to those notes for all of the details.  As stated on the notes, we have...

every intension of fixing all of the damages that occurred during Mr. [redacted]s move.  We are continuing to try and communicate with Mr. [redacted] as well as our venders to get all damages resolved.  Thank you so much.D. [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:Once again, no company can sign away liability. You destroyed equipment because of inexperienced movers. This tanning arena was delivered by professional movers in less than 10minutes and absolutely no damage.Your movers rammed the equipment between a wall and railing and then continued to apply pressure until the unit buckled from pressure.  Why can professional movers move this equipment to me and your "professional" movers could not navigate the first entry?  You will pay for my equipment and no customer signs permission for you to destroy their property.  Your responses have been less than forthright and you most certainly, do not exceed any customers expectations.  It is extremely frustrating when you represent yourself as a "company that cares" however, you don't have the basic consideration of actually reading anything that has been provided to you.  Your movers left items that I was not aware of until I returned and your movers were paid and left.Complete compensation for destroyed equipment, all moving expenses and compensation for moving all items left behind AFTER YOUR MOVERS LEFT. I am in compete shock that any company would handle this scenario the way you have, your GM said to me: "I will have new blinds left by your door tomorrow" obviously, he lied. You have had countless pictures and you are attempting to sweep this under the rug.  I am asking to remove your A+ status to Do Not Do Business with this company. Complete compensation is expected immediately or legal action is my next step and media attention to this destruction of property as well.
[redacted] offered binding arbitration to settle the matter, however we did not hear back from the complainant.

Hi [redacted], We apologize for the damages that occurred to your dresser and refrigerator during your move. Our movers are trained to prevent damages and we do not like to see them happen. In the event that a damage occurs, we do our best to provide a quick and equitable resolution for our...

customer. It looks like you spoke to [redacted], who offered to find a local vendor to come out and repair the damages. I am looking at your claim file now and according to the notes, [redacted] was waiting for a response from you to confirm the manufacture of the fridge. I will have [redacted] follow up again tomorrow so we can get this issue resolved. I apologize for the miscommunication, If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our office at 858-877-2100.  [redacted]
[redacted]Sales ManagerTWO MEN AND A TRUCK®


I am rejecting this response because:At the time the mirror was broke, however, the frame was not as witnessed by my wife and the Two Men and a Truck Work crew. The damage report completed on 4/8/16 by [redacted] indicates the mirror was shattered by wind blowing it over outside which was due to negligence on the Two Men and Truck crew. [redacted] indicated they would take the broken mirror and frame to a company that could repair the mirror. The report states that M. Jones was responsible for the damaged mirror. No reference to the frame being damaged as witnessed by my wife. 
On the initial call by [redacted], the adjustor for Two Men and a Truck, indicated the mirror was broke and it would cost $890 to replace. At that time I asked for the frame and was told it could be picked up, however, on the next call Two Men and a Truck indicated the frame was damaged beyond repair and that they did not know where the frame was and they would have to research it. We have never received our frame back.
Our position is that we want total replacement, no depreciation, we want total replacement at today's market value. Just as we paid our total bill of $3,645.50 for Two Men and a Truck service, we want our total for the damaged mirror to be replaced.

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I want to apologize to MS [redacted] for the delay in getting her damages resolved.  Our moving crew did not turn in the damages at the time of the move.  There was a delay in even knowing about the damages.  Our management staff was in touch...

with MS [redacted] the week of the 25th.  She was told that her damages were turned over to our best furniture vender and that he would be in touch with her for scheduling ASAP.  She was also told that he was a little backed up but, does really good work.  At the time of this phone call she was fine with this.  I would like to again apologize for the delay in getting the damages resolved.  We will have the damages resolved for MS [redacted] ASAP.  We take customer service very seriously and we will be addressing the issues that caused the delays in this case, so that we can prevent it in the future.  Thank you so much. D. Bryan [redacted]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted]  The statement is false as I have not received a voicemail.  Full reimbursement of $500 is appropriate as the repair person said in August that repair was not recommended for the futon   

We reached out to [redacted] yesterday and we are waiting for a return call.  We have never had this type of issue in the past with [redacted].  We will touch base as soon as we hear back or we will send a different vendor.Thank you,[redacted]

We were very pleased with Two Men and a Truck. They were prompt, polite, efficient and professional. We have moved numerous times, and this was definitely the best moving company we have worked with. We would highly recommend this company.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 7, 2014/10/22) */
We called customer multiple times to discuss his issues, but there was not a voicemail available to leave a message. Since we were unable to contact the customer, we sent a check for replacement costs for a lost remote. If there is any...

additional claims, customer must submit them to me in writing to begin the damage resolution process. Please call [redacted] XXX-XXX-XXXX
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.The response from this company is laughable, considering they were criminally fraudulent, and emptied by bank account--with unauthorized charges of $1,500+ over the $905.00 I signed for.  I am still pursuing this matter both criminally and civilly with both Camp Pendleton PMO and Oceanside Police Dept.  I have obtained an attorney, as there are punitive damages as a result of the attack on me I went to my doctor on Thursday---to check my pregnancy due to the stress this company caused and my pain and suffering.  If there is nothing further the can do, I will be continuing this legally.  
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.They refused to credit ANY amount for the  additional cost caused by their practice of delaying the move. The same items were moved 6 months ago by another form for HALF the cost..with NO damage! We are totally dissatisfied with their response and unwillingness to refund $300!

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