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Two Men and A Truck

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The customer signed off on cents per pound for any damage that occurred during the move The attached sheet above shows where the customer signed off on this The glass only weighed pounds and the lamp was around pounds as well So we paid her out more than the cents per pound that was agreed to We called the day after the move and the customer said everything went very well with the move and had no complaints other than the damageThanks, [redacted] Two Men and A TruckAssistant General Manager

This customer has received a total refund of $out of customer service

I have already ordered a new light fixture for [redacted] and he has received the itemA vendor by the name Western Furniture Repair has the table for [redacted] and is in the process of refinishing it as we speak this time, I have not been contacted by Marcum LLP regarding complaint ID [redacted] Sincerely, [redacted]

***, My sincere apologies that your claim has not been handled yetFrom my notes and email threads there was a conversation between [redacted] from our office and yourself on 9/30/regarding the settlementAfter the conversation [redacted] sent an email to confirm how you would like to be compensated (check, refund to Credit Card, etc..) but never heard backWe left additional voicemails including three over the last week to confirm the sameIn an effort to close your claim we will send a check in the amount of $(per your conversation with ***) to the below address: [redacted] ***[redacted] , [redacted] ***Again, I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused youPlease reach out to me with any questions or concerns [redacted]

We (Two Men And A Truck) have spoken to [redacted] [redacted] and [redacted] have agreed to have the total cost of the move brought down to the original estimate which equates to a $refund [redacted] and [redacted] have also worked out all details to have the couch and hutch door repairedAll issues have been addressedAs far as we know there are no more issues to coverIf this conflicts with anything [redacted] is saying please have [redacted] contact us and we will happily work out a solution I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does not satisfy or resolve my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # [redacted] Mr[redacted] is dismissing the fact the fact that the damage did not occur to my property per contract, BUT to another business’s property ( [redacted] ) rendering contractual option voidThe vendor hired to inspect the damage is clearly biased in favor of Two Men and a Truck as when they were onsite they informed [redacted] that the door and frame must be replaced and could not be repaired; they even pointed out damage caused that [redacted] had not noticedYet, the vendor produced a bogus document to Two Men and a Truck stating the door could be repairedClearly there is an untruth and after seeing the damage myself, it is clear that both the frame and door must be replaced and where the untruth lies.I was a tenant of [redacted] for years and am in business with them as their digital marketing partner, but that has no weight with this claim as after all I am no longer a tenant and they are billing me $3,under the threat of lawsuit which they are entitled to as I hired two men and a Truck and they are technically guests that damaged their building with nothing being reconciled.Mr***s car comparison is invalid as the comparison should be: Buying a car, driving halfway across the lot when a dealership employee driving a truck was told and understood that a car was crossing the parking lot and not to hit it, sees the car and intentionally drives into it totaling the carDoes the dealership then repair the car or does the customer get a new car? Mr[redacted] is treating this as an accident, BUT it was notHis Men were told not to hyperextend the door as help was on the way to remove the doorHis men fully understood this to the point that they stopped the hourly billing clock to wait for the door removalShockingly, they still hyperextended the door causing all the damage that Mr [redacted] agrees occurred.I should not be paying for their damage; they should pay for ALL the damage they caused, NOT some bogus and absurd partial payment rendered in hopes of closing this case I have attached both true repair invoices to render emergency repair the day of the damage and cost to replace the frame and door These replace the bogus and biased repair estimates submitted by the inspecting vendor Regards, [redacted] *** I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below The organization is not being truthful about the overall experience and did not answer all my questionsThey provided weak examples For example, they stated that I was contacted promptly for the wall damageI had to reach out to them days later asking when our wall will be repairedIf they followed their standard process, the wall might have been repaired within a reasonable time but they didn'tThe additional credit is not acceptable and does not fit the poor quality of serviceThank you, Regards, [redacted] ***

From the planning tool on the website to the follow up by the office staff, ***, to the confirmation letter outlining the move details, and the appointment call to re-confirm, everything about the move was as it should be The estimate was approximately what I expected The highlight was ***'s crew of himself, [redacted] and [redacted] arriving as scheduled, establishing the move day details, conducting the walk through, explaining the paperwork and getting right down to the move itself Moving is stressful by itselfTheir focus on customer communication, care for our possessions and genuine concern for our move relieved our fears They stayed on schedule wrapping up the load out before lunch We then ate lunch with them to demonstrate our appreciation for their efforts Once completed we went in to the first unload which was a second floor delivery Overcoming the narrow stairway with ingenuity and sheer strength, they quickly had the first unload completed We then moved to the second unload where they provided advice and support on how to best load the space to optimize use of the available unit We finished on time, on the planned schedule and right on budget We are per cent satisfied with the Two Men and a Truck support staff, the tremendous teamwork ***, [redacted] and [redacted] provided for our move and the overall experience We thank you! I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below I appreciate the response from Two Men and A Truck, however, there are some errors with their response Yes, the contractor could have come at 7:in the morning, but both my husband and I leave at 7:for the standard work day beginning at 8: We were not comfortable leaving a stranger in our home by himself Yes, I did end up being at home with my premature, newborn infant while the repair man was there We had to move the baby and I, as well as his medical equipment, to the basement for the day to remove us from the chemical fumes I hadn't planned on being home that day, as his birth was early and unexpected My husband, however, had been the one planning on being home that day and was there also, having had to rearrange his schedule the week prior and take off work for the repairs.The issue of the dirt and fraying on the couch was not pushed further with the repair man, as he made it clear that he could only repair wood furniture damage It would have been a silly to carry on about it to him, as he wasn't the correct person to address the situation I did mention the missing box to two separate people at Two Men and A Truck I'm sorry if my complaint wasn't acknowledged I didn't push the issue of the missing box as hard as the furniture damage, as I have no good explanation of what may have happened to the box and didn't want to make accusations.Ultimately, all I wanted was a response from the company They state that they will replace the grill cover, but then never call back to make arrangements, despite numerous phone calls Had they ever returned my call, this would have been avoided Regards, [redacted]

This customer was offered the $as a settle based on the valuation of there goods which they chose $per poundThe weight of fridge translated to $

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/07/09) */ We did complete a move for Mr [redacted] In the Terms and Conditions section of our Bill of Lading, it states that we are not responsible for wood items damaged that are made of pressed board/particle boardItems were moved safely, and broke because they were not structurally sound, not due to negligenceI offered a $refund as a gesture of customer service sakeAs far as the move, the customer had more furniture than he said he hadWe offered to move the remaining items at a different date, and he declined to do so

In regards to complaint ID [redacted] March 12,Two Men And a Truck was contracted to do a move for Ms [redacted] Ms [redacted] was given an estimate of hours based on the drive time and the information we received regarding the items she wanted us to moveThe drive time to and from the office and between both pick up and drop off locations was a total of minutes (.75) by itselfAt the completion of the move Ms [redacted] was given a bill (minus the deposit) for $dollarsMs [redacted] 's total move was hours and $Ms [redacted] did pay a deposit of $which left a balance of $at the completion of her moveMs [redacted] instructed the movers to charge the balance of $that she still owed to her Credit CardThe movers noted this on the paperwork and also gave Ms [redacted] a copy of the billing where she authorized the payment.On the morning of March 13,per Ms [redacted] 's authorization we attempted to run her credit card for the balance that was still owedMs [redacted] 's credit card declined for the $We attempted to run the credit card for a smaller amount ($25.00) and then again for another smaller amount for ($15.00) and both transaction's were successfulWe attempted to run Ms [redacted] 's credit card one more time and the card declined again still leaving a balance owed of $dollarsWe attempted to contact Ms [redacted] but we were unsuccessful in reaching herMs [redacted] 's account was then turned over to our collection departmentOn March 27,after not being able to reach Ms [redacted] our Accounting Department again tried running Ms [redacted] s credit card and the balance owed was acceptedHowever when running Ms [redacted] 's credit card on March 27th we inadvertently ran the credit card for the full amount of $rather then the balance owed of $ We acknowledge Ms [redacted] 's concern regarding the charge from her bank of $and will reimburse her for this cost.On March 28,Ms [redacted] did call into our office to address her concerns and we issued a refund back to her credit card for the overdrawn amount of $that we accidentally overran her card forWe have attempted to contact Ms [redacted] to no avail to set up an appointment to investigate into her concerns of the length of her moreUntil we are able to reach Ms [redacted] and set up an appointment to review her complaint with her we are not willing at this time to reimburse Ms [redacted] for the amount she feels she was over chargedWe will again attempt to contact Ms [redacted] on Monday April 6,

I have spoken with *** A check has been written for $to reimburse the warranty that her husband had purchased Since the warranty had been purchased the repair was free for *** [redacted] will be responding to me and to you once she receives the check

Hello [redacted] I received you concerns from the and I re-opened your file to have a look at your concerns I see that you received some compensation, but not nearly what you felt is fair Out of customer service I would like to provide you with an additional refund of hours’ worth of time ($201) This refund will be applied to the card ending in *** Please allow 7-days for this amount to reflect in your account Thank you, [redacted] ***Customer Satisfaction DepartmentTWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Tell us why here

Two men and truck will not respond to damage report that occurred on X-XX- XX.numerous calls made to office and no one will return calls

Excellent, prompt service Good follow up

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:I would like to apologize to MS [redacted] for our company not meeting or exceeding her expectations At Two Men And A Truck we take customer service very seriously I am going to issue a check for a full refund that MS [redacted] is asking for The check amount is $I will be mailing it to the address listed in this complaint I am also going to look into everything about her move and take appropriate action to strengthen our customer service performance in the future I can only hope that MS [redacted] can accept my apology and give us another chance to show her what we are capable of in the future Thank you so much[redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below [I am shocked and disappointed by your response I have been waiting for several weeks for a details breakdown of the reimbursement and you still haven't provided me that breakdownAs I previously described, the estimated that the corporate office briefly mentioned were using incorrect items (see the toddler kitchen vs stand alone burner example) You have failed to answer even the basic questions for me This is one reason I feel you and your company are actively trying to swindle money from me and are being dishonest Please show me a breakdown of each item that you damaged and the amount you are claiming to reimburse for itAdditionally you responded that you checked the GPS of the trip to ensure I wasn't over charged How would you explain their lengthy stop at [redacted] on the GPS then? I followed their truck there while I got lunch myself so I am acutely aware of how long their stay was since I was at the EXACT location as themI am also aware of the amount of time they sat in their car upon arrival of my house and the length of time they stood in my garage and their truck just looking confused and not actually moving Neither of these two issues are resolved and I am still left with the evidence that I have overpaid for a horrible service where so much of my valuable furniture has been damaged.] Regards, [redacted] ***

Our goal is to exceed our customer's expectations on every move and we apologize that we were unable to do so on [redacted] move I have been in contact and personally met with the customer on September 20th in regards to the repairs necessary for replacing the mattress cover, repairing the tear in the mattress, and the dirty box spring, I was unaware of any damage to a drawer or any other damages We did, in fact move [redacted] belongings and do not feel that a refund of moving costs is appropriate in this instance However, I have agreed to replace the mattress cover, received a quote for [redacted] to come out and clean the box springs at [redacted] convenience, and use a patch to repair the mattress as recommended by the mattress company [redacted] did agree to accept a check for $to replace the mattress cover, clean the box springs and repair the mattress which I agreed to personally complete once [redacted] received the checkI have attempted to contact the customer again but have not yet received a response back Once again, we apologize for the damages which occurred during the move and are working to take care of them [redacted] / [redacted] Style Definitions */

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Address: 4230 Industrial Center Ln NW STE 200, Acworth, Georgia, United States, 30101-6706


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