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• Feb 20, 2021

Holding My Money Hostage
What a mess of a company. Don't think anyone working there has a working brain. Excuses, excuses, sorry, sorry, it's being processed are just an example of the many replies. They think that you will eventually get tired and quit calling but I call every week. I have been given several case numbers but nothing happens. They just give you a new case number the next time you call. I don't even bother to write them down anymore. The last i[censored] named Steve Gordon in Funding was a real surly and not at all helpful. He gave me another case #S210218-715. It's almost March and I have only received 1 Reimbursement and it only took about 6 phone calls, hours on hold and 4 or so case numbers to finally get my Jan. 1, 2021 payment deposited in my bank account. Of course they either text you or send you an email after you call saying the problem has been resolved. My next step will be The Attorney Generals office for Arizona. They are holding our funds that the Company gave them for us and making money from it.

• Feb 12, 2021

Worthless Company
This company is just worthless. They are handling a Health Savings Account for my former employer. I am retired and on a fixed income. I have been waiting 4 weeks for a $4200 reimbursement. First they would not process the claim for three weeks and when they finally processed the claim, they said I would be paid no later than Feb 8. As of today, Feb 12, no money and no answers from Via Benefits. Just a terrible company

• Feb 10, 2021

I used a VIA letter to me for a good purpose.
I worked with IBM and got my benefits restored after via benefits held them hostage. I received a letter from via about 3 weeks after I worked with IBM, and they demanded, and got my benefits reinstate. The VIA letter stated that THEY worked with IBM to restore my benefits, THEY DID NOT! I used their letter for what it was worth, and picked my dog's poop in the backyard. BTW, I had also contacted my Senator, Congressman, and Attorney's General asking them to investigate via benefits, and BAR them from doing business in PA.

• Jan 14, 2021

I was not told about any changes to my insurance had to go through via and ended up losing my funding. They said there was nothing I could do about it.

• Dec 28, 2020

Worst experience ever
My mom died May 30, 2020 and I’m trying to claim her HRA account, which she never used. I am executor of her estate and have spent hours on the phone and sending documents to no avail. I settled easily with numerous other insurance companies but these people are impossible. Have contacted Attorneys General in Texas and Ohio and have written OPERS about their ineptness.

Via Benefits
Most ignorant, incompetent, bunch of fools I’ve ever tried to deal with. Can’t get through to anyone one the phone, can’t access the website. WHAT GOOD ARE THEY? We’re FORCED to use them thanks to TVA and all they want to do is collect their money. To hell with customer service and what they were hired to do.

• Dec 03, 2020

Via Benefits (from your pain, apparently)
Absolutely the worst experience you will ever have. Horrendous app and web page. All the effectiveness of a fungus, yet their human reps are even worse. Ranking from bad to more bad...their app, their webpage, burning alive, burning alive while drowning and having someone dig out your eyeball with a spoon, their customer support.

• Nov 24, 2020

My experience with Via / Alcon HRA
On, or about, 10-01-2020, the reason for the ambiguity is the fact that there is no date on the envelope and or the documents enclosed, I receive a document with Via / Alcon logo stating in an separate letter for each one of us, that we both qualify for $2,000.00 each for health reimbursement aid (HRA).
Based on that I called Via 833 963-1234 and placed on queue for an appointment a few days later. My understanding was that they will call and after waiting over an hour after the time of the appointment I called them. They told me it was a mistake and they do not call the customer had to call them.
During that call I was assured that both my wife and I will qualify as joint account and we can either one use that account for the total sum of $4,000.00. I signed up for AARP Plan F and a few days later I received an unsigned and undated letter from Via Salt Lake, UT stating that my wife did not qualify. The same day a call from an individual from Via asked me to have my wife sign up. I asked him if he knew about the letter, does he know anything about it, he responded “No, what’s the problem so she does not qualify", after that I proceeded to find out the facts about it.
I called Alcon and they told me that Via now has total control over my health benefits.

To summarize, after over 12 hrs. of phone conversation, with Via, of which I have minute details about each conversation, I ended up not having any definitive answers and I called AARP and cancelled the Medical plan. At that time I was told that if I do cancel it I will no longer be able to get that plan F again, which was totally in contradiction with what I was told when I signed up with Via, that I can cancel and or change without any repercussions.
I am now at the point where I asked Via / Alcon to transfer my funds to another Agency and trying to get heath coverage with another Agency and just give up on the Alcon HRA.

• Nov 05, 2020

Terrible Experience
In December of 2018, I received a letter from VIA a bout $804.75 of uncashed checks from my deceased sister's GE pension. I responded on January 3, 2019 with all requested documentation. Check was never sent. Since3 September of this year I have called 7 times. Each call lasted in excess of 45 minutes. Each time I was told funds would be sent within 5 days. Money was never sent.

This week I received an email fro a Mr. Barbe who told me money was returned to GE because too much time has expired. I called again and was told case was still pending.

I feel VIA made a mistake and will not admit it. I do not know what else I can do.

• Dec 28, 2020

Keep bugging them. They are crooks.

• Oct 20, 2020

Hi if there was zero stars I would give that rating. We had a telephone appointment at 12:15, we were kept on hold until 1:30 at which time a person got on and just took our information. She then transferred us to an agent which put us on hold for another half hour. The second person asked us the same questions as the first person. She was of little help with our drug plan selection and then said she could not find our medicare supplemental plan which we have had since 2009. The are totally inept and you should not use this service. I am going to call my company and large a complaint. You are better off researching on your own. They said they would get back to me but so far NOTHING

• Sep 17, 2020

I have never dealt with so many inept people in my life. My Dad passed away and his account should be moved over to my mother who is very ill. Several phone calls and six months later, they now tell us that she is not entitled because she was not named as his beneficiary. She was. They asked us for my father's last will and testament and his death certificate 6 months ago (where it shows her as beneficiary) and we have copies of the paperwork. They literally refused to tell us whether they had received our faxes and would not send my mother any information through the mail. Absolute scam. We are working with an attorney.

• Jul 18, 2020

Your Money , There Money
The worse company to deal with. They put you off thinking you will give up and stop bothering them. Even after enering new username and password. unable to enter site. Know the info is correct but the site is messed up. Unable to get reimbursements or any kind of info. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone.

• Jun 15, 2020

Told to call back - again
I submitted all the documents and information requested and then called Via Benefits as directed 4 times. Now after 5 weeks the review has yet to be accomplished. Today I am told that it probably will take an additional 5-6 weeks before there is an answer. They do not call me - I have to continually call them to check on the status of the review..
The worse company to deal with. They put you off thinking you will give up and stop bothering them.

• Apr 20, 2020

Changing insurance companies
Changed from BlueCross/BlueShield to United HealthCare for 2020 but didn't know that I needed to go through VIA. VIA stopped my retirement payments stating I wasn't insured.
Called VIA and explained, but they wouldn't just transfer me from BC/BS but insisted I purchased new insurance through them. Ended up with Aetna! However apparently lost 3 months IBM entitlements - absolutely disgusting service!

• Nov 20, 2020

The company that you retired from sends you all the pertinent information on what you have to satisfy in order to keep your funding, HRA. It’s not via benefits fault that you went to a different company to purchase your insurance. Your place of employment is the one responsible for setting up your requirements not via. There is a contract set up and via must comply.

Called VIA for the third time today and finally got ahold of someone that actually new what I needed. Starr Byrd knew what I needed, and told me how to get it. The woman was extremely knowledgeable, wish I could get her every time I called VIa benefits.

Even after enering new username and password. unable to enter site. Know the info is correct but the site is messed up. Unable to get reimbursements or any kind of info.

• Nov 20, 2020

Try clearing your cookies, cache. The website is google chrome friendly. Hope that helps. I had to have a girl submit a ticket for me-once she did, I called back and the lady I spoke with had specific instructions, walked me through the phases and I was then able to get in.

I signup for new insurance coverage on Oct 20, 2019. On Dec 31, 2019 I get a call that my original sign up for my RX plan was not complete. Was this my fault? No, but I refiled again and had it go through ten days later. But on Jan 20, 2020 I get another call saying that my original filing on Oct 20 was not complete for my medical coverage. Was this my fault? NO, but I again filed another request for coverage for my medical providing insurance. But now the premium has gone up and I have no coverage until Feb 1, 2020. I only have coverage for this month under Medicare, and I am unsure about my RX plan now.
I hope no one has to go through this, it is very upsetting. Joycelyn P. Furtado
I am 76 years old, do you treat all old people like this? I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me My daughter and I spoke to a customer service representative and she is now authorized to speak with their department Thank you for your assistance in this matter Sincerely, [redacted]

The participant’s options were discussed in detail during the initial transition to individual coverage in At that time, the participant agreed to forfeit their individual allocation A OneExchange representative will reach out to the participant directly to review and assist

This agency is the worst I have ever delt with. I have called them 3 times for my money. I have a letter from Via Benefits that says: YOUR RECURRING PREMIUM REIMBURSEMENTS ARE SENT AFTER THE FIRST BUSINESS DAY O F EACH MONTH'. THAT IS AN OUT AND OUT LIE. Today is the 19th of January, I have called three times asking for my reimbursement, only to receive excuses. On1-16-20 I asked Steven S. to speak with a Manager and he refused, stating they had 8 days in which to "process"my money, telling me there is a difference between "processing" and "paid"., like I didn't know. I'm not interested in their WORDS or excuses. I want my money. STILL NO REIMBURSEMENT OF MY MONEY as of 1-17-2020. VERY DISGUSTING TO SAY THE LEAST. When I do receive my money it is NEVER ON THE FIRST OF THE MONTH, they post in "PROCESS" on the FIRST MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH, MAYBE could be the second Monday. Then I have to wait until the the following TUESDAY, of the next week, FOR THE REIMBURSEMENT to be posted in my account. MY credit union told me they post it as soon as they receive it, they do NOT HOLD ON TO IT. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone. WHERE ARE THE CEO's, VP's, I'll bet they know NOTHING OF THIS LOUSY SYSTEM.

• Jul 07, 2020

I would not recommend anyone use them!
I get the same run around! This is the 7th of the month haven't received last months reimbursement yet and it's time for it to come out again. In the beginning they said 3 to 4 weeks now this time they told me they allow the insurance company 6 weeks to submit a receipt for us to get it why does an insurance company need 6 weeks to submit a stupid receipt! This is the worst company ever! I hate people that play around with my money. They get a weekly paycheck but I bet if they only got monthly money and was due for a refund they would be chomping at the bit! I would not recommend anyone use them!

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