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Woods Basement Systems

524 Vandalia St, Collinsville, Illinois, United States, 62234-4041

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Woods Basement Systems billed my credit card for work that was not complete.

Woods Basement Systems Response • Apr 02, 2020

Hello, we need more information about this because I just spoke with our accounting department and our customer just made the final payment for this project to us? It's 9 AM April 2nd and this complaint was sent in yesterday?

Not sure what we are to do next since we do not report to credit bureaus, thanks, Dave.

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Customer Response • Apr 02, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:They affected my credit rating.They billed me for work not completed.Woods knows this I spent 2 weeks on the phone trying to remedy the problem.My question is the ok with woods charging for work thay is not complete.


Woods Basement Systems Response • Apr 02, 2020

Hello, we are still confused because he made us a final payment, for the work we installed. Agreed, we have already been in close contact with him about his concerns about the work and his satisfaction, in previous weeks. Any other needed work that is under warranty is at no cost to any of our customers.

Also, we do not understand his position that we negatively effected his credit, he did the project payment with a financing company that we work with to help homeowners. We are here to help if somehow we can understand what this is all about, thanks. Dave

Customer Response • Apr 04, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:The fraud investigation I had to instigate was caused by Woods billing for a job that was not complete. The investigation was found in my favor because Woods did bill for work that was not completed. The investigation was reported to all the major credit agency’s which had a negative affect on my credit rating. Again I ask the if they are ok with Woods billing for incomplete work

Credit rating.


I have been dealing with this business for the last two years now. They will come out, do some shoddy work and then not return my phone calls until they decide to finally come back out to do more work. We hired them to strengthen our basement walls, they did "complete" the job, however that work was not up to snuff so I have to keep calling them out here on Warranty to fix their mistakes. They, while out here have damaged my siding, doors and neighbors yard on top of everything else.

Woods Basement Systems Response • Apr 23, 2020

Original work was completed in 2013, wall anchoring to stop inward movement of
two walls.

We agree that after several
conversations and revisits to follow up on our warranty for wall anchoring performed
to stabilize two basement walls, we did a complete soil excavation along the
two walls that was not part of the original agreement, straightened the two wall
as best to vertical, and added supplemental wall supports beyond the original scope
of work. This was done at no charge and
completed October 2019 and added to the warranty we are responsible to back.Additionally,
we fixed his yard and neighbor’s yard with grading, grass, and straw, Saturday
Feb. 8, 2020. Throughout this timeline
we were working with our customer to determine what other items he had requested
of us so that he would ultimately be satisfied with our work. Some of these
requests included redoing the whole front gutter, replacement of siding
sections, downspout extensions, and re-bricking of a long section on the front
of his home, all completed to date at no charge.

then, additional items he requested of us include:

wash the new front brick;Repair
another small section of siding;One
basement window replacement (Claimed damaged during our excavation in Oct.
the sump pump discharge line into the downspout we redid even though not connected in the past;Reconnect
the rear/side downspout to the home;Power
wash the sides of his home and the neighbor’s;Facia
repair along the soffit on the side of the home.

agreed to complete all these items and requested our customer to sign a paper
that this would complete all the necessary repairs required of us for this past
work. All warranties are to stay in
force pertaining to our original contract agreement. It was agreed and we met on March 2, 2020 to have
this signed so we could schedule and compete the list of items requested. This was not signed on that date because of
another request for piers to be installed which is outside the scope of our original
work and not related to any of this work performed. Also, where the piers are needed is on another
section of the home away from where we did our work. We are ready to complete these
final work items as soon as the customer signs our paper, thank you.

Juan *** did an excellent job of keeping me informed while putting in my waterproofing system. Juan never took a break! He worked nonstop until the job was complete. Juan is a fantastic project leader!
When I had questions Juan was eager to answer and make sure I was happy with the project. Thank you Juan! I appreciate you!
I have had a wonderful and professional experience with Woods Basements. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Woods Basement Systems Response • Apr 06, 2020

Juan is a hard worker who really knows his stuff too! So glad toy were happy with him and his crew.

I would like to thank Juan H. and his crew for the very nice work they did putting in a drainage system on the outside of my house. They did an excellent job, as did the office team who assisted me, after there were challenges with the initial crew at my home earlier in the week. Five stars to Juan and his team. I would be happy to have them at my home again.

Woods Basement Systems Response • Apr 06, 2020

5 Stars, thanks for sharing!

Thank you Juan and crew for a great job on the basement. He was great in keeping me informed of what was being done before, during and after the job. Yes, I will recommend Woods to others.

Woods Basement Systems Response • Mar 05, 2020

So glad to hear about the exceptional experience! We appreciate your business, thank you.

Retained woods to install sump pump. Gave them a 1500.00 deposit. Seven to eight days after deposit was given I called and had to ask for my money back(and yes I knew it was after the 3 day grace period to cancel). I went to pick up a prescription at pharmacy and it was going to cost $500.00. ( deductible not met for fiscal year yet) I was willing to give them proof of this extremely expensive medicine. I told them I needed money back to help pay for prescription. I also said I would call over the summer to reschedule. The response I received was that the only way to get money back was to take out a loan with a company they seemingly worked with for the price of deposit and then they would give me my money back. Wasn’t willing to do this. So they will keep my money. I am a retired teacher on a fixed income and I guess they need my money more than I do! Because I didn’t let them know in the three day grace period I needed the money. To bad I couldn’t read the future to know this situation would come up . Would have saved me a lot of money. Shame on you woods basement for doing this to me.

Woods Basement Systems Response • Mar 05, 2020

We are sorry this happened to you and I am not finished talking to management about this situation. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Customer Response • Apr 15, 2020

How much longer will it be till you all make a decision about this situation? I have had to charge my medication and would like to pay this off. It has been many weeks since your comment about “talking to management “ was posted. I get the feeling you were hoping I would forget about it. I also notice you have a new commercial on t.v. Is my money helping to pay for that? Please make the right decision soon and let’s end this.

We started having basement leaking issues almost immediately after moving into our new construction. We had several professionals come out to look; basement companies, engineers, plumbers, etc. No one could tell us what was going on... that is except for Woods basement systems, they seemed to be able to fix it, no problem. Looking back, they never told us what our issue was just how much we needed to pay for them to fix it (red flag #1.) That number was around $22,000, on top of that, they said they would need to tear down the walls in our brand new basement. This clearly gave me pause. So we looked around for an answer that we were still unable to find. Eventually, we called Woods back and the same salesman came out and suddenly the price had dropped by over $15,000, what a savings (red flag #2!!) At this point we were just desperate enough to hire them, so we did. Initially we didn’t notice that their work had failed because we had a period of dryness and didn’t check up on it, and figure everything would work as promised. When we did go down to our theater room, we discovered that we had wet carpet and a ceiling that was, just as or more so, saturated as it was before. To Wood’s credit we contacted them and they were out at our house in a reasonable amount of time to redo the work. We had a repeat experience, it still didn’t work. Wood’s came back, this time they sat down at our table and said they wanted to “step back” from the project and offer us 50% back because they didn’t know what was causing the problem. I declined this, threatened legal action, and told them we wanted a full refund because our problem had not become 50% better, in fact all we had to show was a brand new damaged driveway. With a few phone calls they suddenly were going to be able to fix it (red flag #3.) In hindsight, we probably should have accepted the little bit of honesty that they offered, taken the 50% back, and cut ties with this company. However, we were desperate to get this issue fixed and didn’t have a different solution at the time. As you may be guessing, it didn’t work. Same leaking, same place, etc. .... except for this time when we called they actually charged us $100 to come out and blamed it on our gutter. We did have the gutter fixed, it didn’t fix the issue. Do you know what did fix and diagnose the issue? A garden hose and less than $50 of sealant material placed in a area that was about 2 inches long around our stair/door. It’s been over 6 months with no leaks! Is it fraudulent that we were charged over $7,000 to not fix an issue that cost us less than $50 to fix? You be the judge.

Woods Basement Systems Response • Feb 21, 2020

Hello, please reach out to our customer and offer binding arbitration because we know all of wet basement issues they were experiencing and their understanding that $50 resolved them all is not accurate.

Additionally, please know that we did more additional work at no charge that was not included in the scope of work for the contract and we refunded half of their original payment last year. Thank you for your help in this matter.

We had Woods Basement System fix a leak in our basement. I was very satisfied with our salesman (can't remember his name) who explained what would be done. No high pressure. They called the day before and let me know what would be happening and who our foreman would be and what time they would be there. Juan and his crew (Gabriel and Cole) were very professional the entire time they were here. Juan explained what they would be doing when they arrived and wanted to know if I had any questions. When the job was over they cleaned up their mess and explained what they had done and if it was to my satisfaction. There was a small glitch the next day when I noticed a pipe had leaked. I called and they were here promptly (on a Saturday) and fixed the problem. All and all I was pleased with the whole process.

Woods Basement Systems Response • Feb 04, 2020

Great review, thanks and the salesman was Thomas W., and we appreciate that you shared that we are not high pressure. Also, how you called and we responded on a Saturday to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our work. Thanks for choosing our team to help with your home improvement project.

Can’t compliment enough the excellent representative you have in your foreman Juan. What an asset to your company. Work was done very professionally, courteous, very patient with my interruptions asking questions, explained so I understood, assisted kindly to my additional change I wanted in the drain, his crew were very hard works also. Every one were so polite, hope you realize what an outstanding crew this is. It was a delight to have them in my water logged basement.

The first day my daughter was here and communicating with Juan. She also was very impressed with y’all. It is hard for me to do the stairs often for health reasons.

Was so happy when you called and were able to move up the date for the sump pump to be installed. Had lived way too long with water standing and seeping continually into my basement. IT IS DRY. IT WORKS! Thank you Juan and crew. Betty DePew

Woods Basement Systems Response • Jan 20, 2020

Love your all caps, "IT IS DRY. IT WORKS!" Thanks for sharing after these recent winter rains! We appreciate your business.

We spent $17,000 to have our foundation repaired and basement waterproofed. The company has been out 3 different times after completing the original project to address both unfinished concrete work and water in the basement. We have water in the basement again, resulting in at least 2 more additional visits. Each visit results in my husband or I having to take off work, resulting in lost pay or use of vacation time that we could be using to spend time with our family. We chose this company because they have a lifetime warranty on foundational work, but we are quickly finding out that the extra money we spent for the lifetime guarantee is not worth the headache we have every time we get a decent amount of rain. Though everyone we have come in contact with has been very nice and apologetic, we will never recommend this company to anyone, as their quality of work is really poor. If we were in a different financial situation we would be paying another company to be fixing the work Woods did and be done with this company.

Woods Basement Systems Response • Jan 15, 2020

We are sorry this is happening to you. Your headache is a big headache for us too because neither of us planned on this happening. As you allow, we will not quit on you and resolving this for you home.

The salesman sold me Power Braces and Smart jacks stating that these were the solution to my basement wall settlement. When the installation crew arrived, they stated that "I don't know why the salesman recommended the Power Braces. They won't work." Then they offered to install wall Anchors , however, I did not want this because they were going to make 4 large holes in my patio to make the anchors work. The Production manager came on site now and after much time he said they could make the Power Braces work. The job was not finished and Woods wanted to send another crew out 1 month later to finish the job. During the first install, the crew dislodged my drain from my HVAC to my sewer and I had sewer gas and water left in my basement when they left..the install crew said I needed a plumber because there is a bad gas leak...which they caused. And after I looked more closely at my Smart jack, I noticed that not all of my floor joists beams were supported. Finally, the install crew came today and finished the Power Braces. After they left I went to take a look at the work. The support wedge between my brick wall and brace was loose and could be completely dislodged. The customer care team is poor and I have to say this work is unprofessional and sub-standard. I do NOT recommend!

Woods Basement Systems Response • Jan 15, 2020

Sorry for this confusion. It is my understanding that the Director of Production has visited with you at your home and we have a plan to resolve this issue. Thank you for choosing our company and our warranty will not let you down.

We had our basement system work done during the snowstorm this week. The crew was incredibly professional. In particular, I would like to point out Juan ***, the crew's foreman. He kept us informed of the progress of installation, and worked hard to get the project completed in the time frame promised. His work is high quality and I would recommend his services.

Woods Basement Systems Response • Jan 15, 2020

Thank you for telling us about your A+ experience with our company! We will pass this along to the whole team. Thank you for choosing our company.

Juan and his crew did an excellent job. Juan kept us informed of everything from arrival time to the progress of their work. Would highly recommend Juan and Woods Basement Systems.

Woods Basement Systems Response • Dec 12, 2019

Thank you for telling us how much you appreciated Juan and his crew.

The nightmare of flooding brought a very unexpected pleasant Experience with Wood’s Basement Systems! Juan *** and his crew were very professional, communicated to me each step of the way, and worked in a timely matter. No cussing,attitudes,loud music that I had experienced with others who worked for me!!! They got the job done in less than 2 days!! Thank you so much!!! Give them a raise!!! They are your best advertising!!

Woods Basement Systems Response • Dec 06, 2019

Thank you for telling us about our team's good behavior. Thank you for choosing our company and here's to no more nightmares.

Thank you to Foreman Jaun *** and Tradesman *** who did a great job installing waterproofing in our basement. Jaun kept us informed about the process as the work proceeded. Work looks great. Office team, and our sales represenative Luke were also helpful and explained the process and recommended engineering solutions. Thank you.

Woods Basement Systems Response • Dec 02, 2019

Thanks for telling us how great Juan was and his crew!

Thank you Juan and crew for a great job on the basement. Kat called the night before with info of who would be there and when. Juan called to let me know they were on their way and they were very prompt. He was great in keeping me informed of what was being done before, during and after the job. Yes, I will recommend Woods to others.

Woods Basement Systems Response • Dec 02, 2019

Thank you for this great review.

Very professional, the job was done extremely well and in a timely manner

Woods Basement Systems Response • Nov 05, 2019

Thank you for your business and for this review.

Sept 3rd this year they leveled a concrete slab next to a raised deck. An adjoining slab was to be reinforced to keep it from having problems in the future because we going to renovate the deck above it. A few days later the deck contractor showed me a cavity directly under a main deck support column. It was about 18" deep and extended in beyond the deck support. It was obviously missed by Woods. An Oct 7th repair appointment was called off because an employee had to pick up a child at school, some minutes before the 2:30 time. We hurried back from out of state to be available. A second appointment was made for 11:30 today. The foreman not to see this in his assignment sheet, therefore no one called to say they weren't coming. I had scheduled an out of town trip tomorrow based in this appointment. The next visit is supposed to be Oct 30th at 0930 hrs. It's hard to have a lot of confidence in this business.

Woods Basement Systems Response • Nov 06, 2019

Hello, we did revisit this customer on the 30th of October to do the work requested. To date, he is now satisfied with the completed project. Thank you.

Customer Response • Nov 08, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Actually they cancelled the Oct 30, visit again. We did reschedule yet again for November 7, which appointment they did keep. I consider the job complete now.


We had Woods Basement System waterproof our basement. They did an excellent job. Juan *** was the Forman for this work and he was super professional and kept me informed at every point during the project. Would absolutely recommend Woods and Juan!!!

Woods Basement Systems Response • Oct 22, 2019

Thanks for telling us about your very good experience with Juan and his crew!

The sales rep who came out showed me a prepared video which each solution what would help with my leaky basement floor and wall joint. From an engineering standpoint, the Woods system worked best for my particular problem due to the fact that I can't control the ground water surrounding my 1950's building and basement. Juan and Glen were very considerate, answered every question I had and offered multiple solutions to each of my questions. Even if what I wanted to be done would make his job harder, such as the placement of pipes.

They worked hard, finished a day early, and the basement was cleaner when they left than when they got there. I'm very happy with the install and working with Woods as a business. I would definitely recommend if their product is right for the situation.

Woods Basement Systems Response • Oct 22, 2019

Wow, thanks for sharing this and we will pass this along to Juan and the team!

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