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I have lived at the Grand Apartments complex in Rockville aka North Bethesda, MD 20852 for over 3years now. Within the last year, Forest City Management, contracted Yes Energy Management. For the past year, my bills have been outstandingly high compared to the previous company (NWPS operating in Detroit, MI but based out of Irvine, CA). Yes Energy Management is also located 10 states away! I don't understand why these people contract outsiders that cannot provide good customer service let alone services period. Aside from the unreasonably high bills, like with NWPS, my main issue is their "billing fee" practice. When questioned, their response is "well, everyone does it" and "its just $2, no big deal". When you rely on SS Disability for income, it might be a big deal! Another issue is that their bills are ALWAYS estimated. They never have someone physically come verify the actual meters.
Im a retired disable veteran living ALONE, so excessive water, wastewater, gas, sewer usage is limited and controlled.
I am at the local college from 8am-5pm everyday, hardly ever home to accrue high utility usage.
Because of my disability I DO NOT USE AC or HEAT!!!! but yet those bills are up in the sky. I also spend much time at the VA for medical care, also not home to encourage such high usage of utilities.
January 2014 I was away for a month; TURNED OFF ALL THE SWITCHES/BREAKERS - I MEAN ALL OF THEM! My bill for January 2014...$178. WTF????

I just moved apartments within the same complex. Paid my bills on time, never late; I have 22days in the new place and my current bill is now over $90 with a $4 billing fee for the previous apartment and the new one!

Totally agreed with other statements that this company, YES ENERGY MANAGEMENT, operates with zero, zilch, 0, nada of integrity. This company lacks professionalism, customer service skills and accuracy practices. This company needs to be ban from operated completely. Its just disgusting

This company can never give you answer to your questions. I have called three times to talk to a manager and never got a response . Their call center is in India, so English is broken and this service does not have any information. Just trying to find out how they bill for water and sewer in a condo unit when everything is lumped together. I believe they over bill.
I have...

reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.  I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved. Again, ONLY if this complaint is resolved, which it has yet to be.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 11566359, and find that clerical problems will continue but I will deal with them on a one-on-one basis. 

I have called this company 8 times to not only get a copy of my previous bill but to speak with someone in there customer service department. Each time I was told I would be called back and it never happened. 4 of those phone calls I was requested a manger call me back and I was not called back. Terrible customer service.

after not being sent statements for 2 months, I called to find out why. The "representative" was rude and told me they never have these issues and that I was at fault (lying). I sent her my account page and everything. She denied it being their issue. Fast forward 2 months, now 4 months without statements, and my calls finally get an answer. They claim it was a bug in the system that I found. It made me feel better knowing they were screwing up, but id never repeat business with them. After my time at this complex is up, im out of here. Its all thanks to the awful customer service of this place.

yes energy provides maintenance services in where I live,[redacted] apartments,[redacted]. started jan 2015, they doubled my maintenance bill from $58-59 to $95-100. They are hard to reach and have no complaint or resolution mechanism abusing their monopolistic engagements with apartments where apartments refuse to look into it while YES increases prices without any notice or information and it's been 2 months now. It's a SHAME and SHAM

Customer Service received first contact from resident about bill dated 7/1/16 on 8/4/16, and the concern was escalated on 8/6.  Approval to remove the one late fee caused by errors on the 7/1/16 bill was received on 8/15, and resident was notified of this result on 8/17/16.  Resident...

demanded further concessions, but as a third-party billing company, it is not possible for us to deduct actual and accurate utility charges that are ultimately paid to our client, the property management for her apartment complex.

Thank you for reaching out to YES Energy Management. We
apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.
yes;">  We would like to take the opportunity to
provide the following response.
YES Energy Management has received and replied
accordingly to all communications.
It is indicated that there was voicemails left
on separate days inviting a call back for further assistance.
Regarding the “Payment can’t be processed at
this time, please try again later” this message does happen from time to time
when several residents are all trying to post payments for set due dates, and
certain days of the month the payment processing system is accessed more often depending
on the date and time you are attempting to post a payment.
Other payment options were offered when speaking
with our Customer Service Team and are always available to every resident.
YES Energy Management

We would like to respond to id 10855886 with the following response:
Thank you for reaching out to...

YES Energy Management. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.  We would like to take the opportunity to provide the following response.·         YES Energy Management has received and replied accordingly to all communications directly with the resident.
·         Original payment of $44.71 was returned to resident’s bank account as confirmed by resident in original complaint.
·         Second payment of $44.71 was received and posted to YES Energy Management account.
·         We have waived the two $10.00 late fees for a total adjustment of $20.00.
YES Energy Management

This resident first contacted YES Customer Service on 8/2/16 to contest a high utility bill, and the complaint was escalated on 8/4/16.  On 8/11/16, billing manager assigned to resident's property applied a credit to his account for the high bill he was concerned about; but billing manager...

was still working with property management group about scheduling a possible meter inspection.  Since YES is a third-party billing company on behalf of the condominium community for the unit owned by complainant, all meter services are reviewed and approved by HOA board and the property management group responsible for day-to-day operations of the community.  Owner called Customer Service about once every 2 days due to length of time for negotiations between YES and property management, at which time the Customer Service manager spoke directly with this owner on 8/25/16 to explain our role, and that YES had preliminary approval from property management for a technician to come to the facility on 9/8/16.  Owner then sent email to YES on 9/12/16, to report that no technician arrived on the proposed date, and his bill sent in late August was as high as the one sent in July that was adjusted (as a courtesy).  Billing manager immediately contacted property management about the service visit, and found out that approval had not been secured from the HOA board for this service visit, and it was cancelled.  YES assumed that onsite staff would have informed this owner, but they did not.  A voicemail message reporting this information about the cancelled service visit was left for this gentleman on 9/13/16. He was also directed to speak directly with onsite property manager about his ongoing concerns.YES is a third-party billing company, whose primary function is to generate monthly utility bills for owners/tenants at this condo community, based on master bills from the local providers of water and sewer services, along with information received from manual readings of the water meters attached to each unit.  YES has no direct authority to approve adjustments to high bills, or to schedule and conduct any onsite meter inspections, as the HOA board and property management company of this facility have that authority because they are a client of YES.  Owner was communicated with according to all proper procedures at YES, and his issues and complaints were properly reviewed and escalated between the billing manager and property management.

they are making you pay for the water apartments are using they are spliting ther bill among to renters that is why your bill is going up but they wont tell you that ! ridgestone apartments in lake elsinore ca. is starting to do the same thing and that is illegel !!!!!!!!!! they are making you pay for the fines of 10.000 a day for not cuting back 35% !!! they wont cut back they doint want ther landscape to die it wont look good to new renters that are thinking of moving in . and that is [redacted]!!!!!!!!!!!!

Resident utility payment in question was sent to outdated remittance address, but YES will remove late fee on a courtesy basis.

you can't do autopay (what energy company doesn't do autopay???)! You have to send your check in the mail every month. Since they are based in Florida, the check gets posted to their account 10 days after you send it, and according to their deadline, they ALWAYS receive it late so they charge you a $5 (the original amount is around $50). I now literally pay $5 on top of the total because I know they will always receive the payment late. Last payment they simply didn't receive the check! So I got a nice letter from the building management threatening me to not renew our lease if I didn't pay the energy bill immediately... Funny story: I pay the rent automatically online and obviously I always pay it on time. And other funny story: the payment was posted to the energy company the same day I got the letter (3 weeks after I sent the check). They offer the possibility to pay on their website but when you sign up, you don't receive a password. You need to call customer service to get your p

I am interested in moving forward with a class action lawsuit against YES Energy Management for the following reasons:

1) Excessive late fees
2) Lumping apartment housing units together (and then dividing the total cost equally amongst the number of residents) rather than issuing a single bill for each individual apartmnent.
3) Fraudulent Business Practices.

If you have experienced any issue with either of the above or feel that YES Energy Management is ripping you off, please contact me @ [redacted]
I am not a lawyer but if I get enough complaints I will move forward with the complaints and contact legal counsel to get the ball rolling against this firm.

Thank you for your feedback regarding YES Energy Management.
We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.  We would
like to take the opportunity to provide the following response.
We apologize that the messages were not received
as indicated in the complaint, possible an incorrect number may have been used.
YES Energy Management can only go off the information we have documented to the account.
We have appointed a representative to work
directly with the resident to communicate the resolution when trying to process
a payment.
The provided screenshot from the resident was beneficial
regarding the “Payment can’t be processed at this time, please try again later”.
We have researched and discovered that we did have unscheduled maintenance to
our servers starting the weekend 8/14/15 and continued intermittingly
throughout the week until 8/21/15.
The payment option selected did incur a $3.00
processing fee which has been waived in consideration of the inconvenience.
YES Energy Management continues to strive to correct,
enhance and upgrade our billing platform to meet the needs of our clients and
taking care of their residents.
YES Energy Management

I just realized that for the past few months YES has been billing me every 2 weeks got monthly services. I tried to call several numbers both on the invoice and numbers from an internet search and I cannot get to anyone in customer service to ask about this! I do not understand how a company could do business like this.

Currently living at lincoln military housing in San Diego California. 2 bed room apartment no AC, no out of the ordinary appliances. My electric bill goes anywhere between $199 to $319. I have submitted several energy audits and no response. I have spoken with housing and they have no clue. I will probably file a lawsuit.

Now that YES knows the name and location of apartment complex where resident resides and for which YES provides billing services, we are in a better position to respond appropriately to resident request and concerns.  First, many of the residents who choose to use online payments at the YES website to make utility payments on behalf of the properties they reside at (remember, YES is a billing company for apartment and condo communities), and plans are already in place to make partial payments on the YES site an available option in the future.  By the way, the YES website is the ONLY payment option that does not allow for partial payments at this time.  Residents can always make partial payments by phone, by paying through their own bank's bill-pay system, or by mailing in a payment to YES.
We further contend that complainant has more than sufficient time to pay her charges in any manner she chooses, since she lives in a complex in the city of Seattle, and Seattle city regulations mandate that due dates for third-party billers like YES must be no less than 30 days AFTER the statement date, which is the date the new bills are generated for viewing on the YES site, or to be mailed by USPS to the resident's service address.

I would like to know how it is that I went from paying 895 dollars for my rent to paying more on rent when I already have a bills that I get form metropolitan utilities and oppd so why am I paying more on my rent due to wastewater and sewer and trash I have been at muirfield apartment for a year and I have had this problem with over paying cost if my rent is a flat rate of 895 why am I paying for all these other cost which makes my rent higher and I already pay our local utilities company for gas and water and eletric so can some one tell me why im paying more

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