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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved once I have received
the refund payment in full.
*** ***

I ordered my glasses from 39Dollar Glasses and when my order number *** Fission Eyewear Black When my glasses were delivered there was a film on them and the right lens was way off as was the left lens I called them and had them shipped back to fix I then got the glasses back and there was still a film on my lens and the right lens and left were still not correct I got tired of this back and forth and wanted my full refund back...I spoke with someone on the phone and they said I would get my full refund back...In emails they told me that the glasses were check and that they were fine...This is not the case these glasses were made wrong and they only gave me back 50% of my money Had the glasses been made right I would have kept themI also have the same pair I ordered a year ago only a difference color and I love them and also when I ordered them a year ago the first one was not made correct....Please help me get my money back thank you *** ***

On 12/** I placed an order for myself and my fiancéOn 1/* (the 7th business day which I should have received the order) my order still showed as pending onlineI contacted the business while travelingThe first rep told me that both pairs of glasses still had steps to go through and lied about the production timeI checked the website again to ensure I remembered the correct information, which I did so I called backThe second rep told me one pair of my glasses failed the inspection process and had to be remadeThe rep showed no concern and took no responsibility for the order being messed up so I asked to speak with a supervisorThe supervisor completely ignored the fact that the first rep had lied and that the glasses being late was no big dealHe told me he would make sure the order was inspected the following morning and would give me a call the next morningThat never happened, but later that evening I seen the status changed to shippedThe next day the order arrived an

Good service, but I wouldn't recommend anyone try to relens an existing frame with this companyThe AR coating on my new polycarbonate lenses started to spontaneously develop edge cracks about months after I received themI removed the lenses from their frame to check out the extent of the damage, and was nonplussed to see that the lenses had never been cut smoothBoth the top and bottom of each lens had easily discernable bumpsCan't help but think cramming unsmooth lenses into metal frames contributed to the cracking

Mailed a pair of designer frames to be re-lensed on November 7thAs per the *** tracking information, the frames were received at 12:on November 8th and signed for by R***Contacted customer support and the service has been terribleBoth the representative I initially spoke to as well as the "supervisor" David, lack soft skills, empathy and there was clearly no sense of urgency in resolving this matterInitially both employees were "completely sure" that the frames were never received and that I needed to submit a claim with ***I explained that when I signed in to their website and checked the status online it originally indicated frames had not been received but then the status changed to "being handled in lab." This must have meant that someone did in fact receive the frames and I assumed there was just a mix up I was told I would be called back on two occasions and was notThus far I have been refunded the amount originally paid for the lenses (after calls, and emails), as I emailed a copy of the signature confirmation provided by *** that clearly proves the frames were delivered and received by an employee at their locationMy frames are still missing and I have been told I will have to wait until after the holidays to hear anythingI am highly disappointed and would NEVER recommend doing business with this companyMistakes happen - bad service doesn't have to

Excellent service and great pricesOrdered a pair of sunglasses and a pair of regular glasses and couldn't be happierMy optometrist listed by PD in two numbers and thanks to their online order system, it flagged my pupillary distance (PD) as being very narrowI was able to research and correct the order before it was shipped and Since I ordered it Monday evening, they fixed the PD and I received it both pairs today, Friday and they work as well as the pair my optometrist madeVery pleased and will be a returning customer when I need new glasses
I have reviewed the response made by the business in
reference to complaint ID# ***, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:
You are lyingI asked your rep point blank if I could mail it in and she said noWill I be getting the same frame? If not, I would like a list of options to pick from of comparable framesI also need the address to send the glasses toI will NOT be closing the compliant until I get my repair glassesI do not trust your company at all
In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above
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I sent three new Oakley Plank frames in for re-lensing Two of the frames were returned with lenses, however the third frame that was receiving polarized lenses were not fulfilled
I sent multiple emails asking status of order on website and none were answered I finally received and answer after the fourth attempt to contact them They replied apologetically and promised to ship the glasses next day, the following day Two days later I received an email stating that they stripped a screw an my frames were permanently damaged These frames are made of super sturdy forged aluminum and any competent eye glass repair shop could easily repair a stripped screw hole
They ignored my request for repair and offered a replacement of my designed frames (Oakley) with ultra-cheaply made frames Upon contact the company in disgust we came to a settlement in writing that they would order a replacement frame and asked me to provide them with a source to purchase the frames I provided
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved
*** ***

I ordered sunglasses from them, once I received it I found a big white scratch on the right temple, which I can't take off, in the same week I contacted customer service for this problem and I asked for a refund, they agreed
After weeks from sending the glasses back to them, I received the refund short big amount of money, when I contacted them, their agent refused to send me back the money, they said this is shipping
I contacted their manager David Rhe was so rude and it, stupid manager, he refused either to refund me my money on my credit card, I should not pay for shipping back for a scratch from their company, that is not my fault
They are the worstWill never ever deal with them or recommend them to anyone

Hi ***, Here is a screen shot of the pfor the offer you are inquiring aboutThe first bullet point states it cannot be combined with any other offers

Placed my original order 6/**/18, glasses were wrongMade contact with 30dollarglasses, and suggested I pay $additional to get the correct glassesUpgraded, sent the glasses backReceived my second pair of glasses, still incorrect, called 39dollarglasses and they said to send them back to get correctedThinking third time would be a charm, I tried one more timeI went to the eye doc to confirm my prescription, added a paper copy to the box so there would be no confusion for 39dollarglassesWell I finally received this pair and they were still wrongPerson on the phone said "they probably just sent you the same glasses, not wanting to fix them"I called 39dollarglasses one more time to get some helpI was blown away at the disrespectYolanda from 39dollarglasses told me "oh well" and hung up on meOn 9/** I received a $refund of my $spent

ordered first pair lenses were cut wrong to fit the lense They fixed this The second set of lensescracked on the inside right at the frame where the top and bottom half go together I got a hold of customer service and tried to explain this looks like a manufacturing defect that took a while to happen I got told the warranty goes days I responded that this was day No response from them at all after that

Waiting for my first pair, they are a little late but I just want good qualityWill keep you posted

As we have advised the customer, and as per our advice in this complaint, the PD, not the prescription, would cause the distortion the customer complains of.He has, as per his extensive order history with us, changed his PD, which would not change from order to order, as it is a size, not a correction. We suggest the customer review what PD was used on the new order he made locally, as the prescription is likely the same, but the PD, which was listed at 31/in his prior order for progressives, was listed at 31.5/for this orderThis would put the PD off, placing the focal point in a slightly different place than needed, causing the very distortion the customer described.Because the lenseswere made to what he directed our company to use when he placed his order online; the refund, as advised, was issued at 50% back to the Visa originally used to pay for the order

As advised in the Terms & Conditions for relensing your own frame, we are not responsible for frame breakage, as this is not unusual and can occur in any lab making glasses. The customer cannot determine how the frame was cracked, as this can occur at any time, for any reason, which both
new and old frames, purchased anywhereThis is very specifically why we require agreement to these terms ahead of accepting the orderThe customer has the option of choosing not to agree to the terms, and not placing an order with us, but these are terms for our acceptance of such an orderWhile breakage is not common, it can occur, and in these cases, we are not responsible, as agreed.The customer agreed to these terms and conditions prior to sending us his frame.He has been issued a full refund including his shipping, as we do not financially compensate customer in the cases of frame breakage, but are happy to refund the original order.We have pasted our terms & conditions for relensing below for review, which the customer was required to agree to prior to our even accepting his order for processing.TERMS & CONDITIONS:"At it is our pleasure to put new lenses into your own existing framesWe will take every precaution possible to ensure your frames are maintained in the same condition that you sent them.If, in the rare instance that something should happen to your frame in the lens replacement process (e.gframe scratches or breakage, loss during transit), we cannot be held responsible for the frame's value.In addition, if you would like to keep your old lenses we recommend you remove them from the frame prior to sending (we will make every effort to return them but we cannot guarantee this).Due to the additional processing involved using a customer's frame, we ask you allow up to business days to process and ship (after we receive your frame)Occasionally, additional days are required, but it is not typicalPromo codes and Eyebucks rewards points cannot be used for re-lens orders.As per the terms that were provided, and to which the customer agreed, we will not be compensating him for the frames, as we were quite clear regarding breakage during the order process.We are unsure how to address the mechanic comparison, except to advise that our service is a bit different, and we did cover breakage in advance, and the customer did agree, not to hold us responsible in the case of breakage doesn't fulfill their responsibility on timeI placed my order on 6/**/I already paid for the product at the moment of submitting my orderAccording to their website information, the order should take business daysMaximum delay would be weeksToday is 7/**/I still don't have my glasses backI have contacted them three times via phone calls and online chatEvery time I call, their answer is the same, that the product is in process and it would be shipped shortlyI reminded them about their delay and requested to expedite their processBut their response was that there is nothing they can do about itI haven't heard any apology from themIt seems that this kind of delay is for them and that I should be patientI will never purchase any product from this company nor recommend it to others

I placed order (*** ***) on * July for contact lenses The order qualified me for a free pair of $dollar glasses plus free shipping I did not receive my coupon code for my free pair of glasses I called and spoke with Thomas the coordinator and he verified I was owed a coupon code for the free pair plus shipping Thomas stated that there was an IT issue that needed to be addressed which is why I did not receive the codeThomas gave me code *** over the phone Thomas stated the code would be good for daysI placed order (*** ***) on ** July for a free pair of $dollar glasses I used the coupon code stated and the screen stated the code was accepted successfully At checkout, the screen asked for my payment information I mentioned this in the note box for the customer service to read My order charged my credit card $plus $shipping IS BLOCKING THE ORDER NUMBERS, THINKING THEY ARE SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ***, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:
[The company ignores the fact that I took the identical prescription to another manufacturer, who made lenses that worked perfectly. had the exact same script, but provided me with lenses that were incorrect. Tow manufacturers had the exact same prescription: one made the correct lenses and 39doallarglasses made lenses that were distorted.Furthermore, I have just confirmed my credit card company that I have no received any type of refund. I am entitled to a full refund. While the company says they issued me a 50% refund, my credit card company tells me that I have not received any credit. is completely is a company that is unorganized that makes mistakes. My claim that the glasses were not made correctly is supported by the lenses made by ***. My claim that they are lying about issuing any type of refund is supported by *** ***.]
In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above
*** ***

I have purchased glasses from many times as my prescription is very high and it is too expensive to buy them at retailers
Recently, I have had challenges finding a new frame that I thought looked good on my faceBecause of this, I have had a lot of interactions with the Customer Support of the companyI have been thoroughly impressed! In the last months, I have returned different pairs of glasses, and each time, I have been refunded entirely the amount that I paid for the glassesTheir "Worry Free Warranty" has truly been just that for me
I would recommended for someone who is looking to try an online glasses retailer because if the glasses don't work, you actually will get your money back - no strings attached!

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