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Apollotek Reviews (108)

Apollotek Int has great water systems and great customer service. The
staff are helpful and have answered our questions.
They have the best water systems that I have researched.

Product and service
I can truly say their water systems are the best. We are delighted to have
Apollotek water systems and their staff have been helpful and professional.
We have referred them to many of our family members and friends.

Great products and pricing

Great company
Apollotek is a great company. They offer excellent financing and great products. They work with you to get the best deal.

Product and customer service
I am a medical professional and purchased my water system from Apollotek
Int about 5 years ago and I must say, the product and the service have been
wonderful. I have never had any issues with my water system and their customer service does a fantastic job. I highly recommend it to anyone
pursuing a water system.

I was referred over to Apollotek by a Friend and company is very professional. They were able to find me good financing for my water filter.

Customer service
Apollotek is a great company! They offer excellent customer service. I had a technician come to my house to replace the reverse osmosis filters and the technician was very professional.

Company is great! I purchased a reverse osmosis 5 years ago and product is amazing. I love alkaline water. I highly recommend this company to many people out there, they have good prices and excellent customer service.

Customer service
This company is professional and offer excellent customer service to their clients.

Beware! These people are crooks.
Water softener was installed in November 2018. Noticed water was draining on floor every two to three weeks. I put a bucket under the water softener to try to collect the water, but it would always overflow. The water was also spraying onto the wall, which caused warping & damage. This always happened in the middle of the night, so I was not able to see where the water was coming from. We contacted Apollotek several times, and they always said that they would have someone call us back, but we would never receive a call. After so long we got an okay from someone at Apollotek to call a plumber out, and the customer service person from Apollotek stated that we would be reimbursed. The plumber found an area where the pipe was cracked when it was installed. I asked the guy if it looked like my water softener was even working since this was almost a year later, and we never had to refill the salt. The plumber said that it was NOT working at all. Called Apollotek again saying that they need to replace our water softener. Same thing - was told we would get a call back & nothing. Called again, someone told me that one of their techs would call me in the evening. The guy had me change a ton of settings because the unit was not set correctly. It basically was flushing the system 1/10th of the time that it should have been. He walked me through changing a lot of settings on the unit so that it would actually be softening our water properly. OVER A YEAR LATER! Now we have been calling and after arguing with one person they had the supervisor call us. They claim that they do not know who authorized us to have a plumber come out, and they didn't want to reimburse us the money we paid. In the end the supervisor told us that he would be mailing a check. This was a month and half ago. No check received. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I rarely write reviews, and all but one review written by my has been a bad one, but Apollotek has gone above & beyond by stealing our money and not helping one bit. It appears as though our water softener is working now, but we have water damage to our wall in our garage. No way we are getting that paid for if we cannot even get them to give us the money back for the plumber when they should have sent a technician free of charge. And the softener has been paid off for months, so we cannot even fight to not pay unless they make things right. These people are crooks.


They have the best water products out there.
Great company. They have the best water products out there. I highly recommend this company to new homeowners. They also provide financing if you are not able to afford buying your system cash.

This is a legit company.
My wife and I purchased a reverse osmosis 2 years ago. I was not too sure if we were making the right choice but I am glad we did. We love the alkaline water and it gives us a lot or energy when do our workouts. I recommend this place to any folks out there interested in purchasing a water filter for your home. This is a legit company.

Financing available
I purchased a water system 1 year ago and I have not had any issues with the system. The water quality is great and my monthly payment is super low, this company was able to find a me a good lender for the financing of my water system. I highly recommend Apollotek to anyone out there who needs a water system. They will work with you even if you are not able to pay it cash

Excellent customer service
This is a great company! I purchased a brand new water system last year and it works great. My wife is in love with the alkaline water. I Highly recommend this company to those people looking to buy a water system for their new home.

I have had my water softener and alkaline systems since three years agoI truly love the system and the Company, customer service and the staff are wonderful and have always been professionalThis has been one of the best decisions I have made

I am a heart surgeon and purchased a new water system from ApollotekThe product has met all my expectations and I am getting great PH and ORP from my alkaline systemI truly believe this is the best alkaline system and the customer service has been outstanding

I have had my whole house water systems from Apollotek for the last six months and I am absolutely loving ittheir system provides great tasty alkaline water and on top of it they have great friendly customer serviceI highly recommend them to everyone I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below I find it weird that I received this notice todayMy husband (whom they previously said was not on the "list" of people to talk to).........was contacted on Friday February 19th at approximately 6pm by Apollotek because they received a certified letter that I sent to them requesting the unit's removalI sent it certified because I have been requesting the removal for several months with no availSo, you can understand why I would need proof of my requestThe call was to schedule removal of the system! I thought we were getting somewhere however each time a date of removal was being discussed we were mysteriously disconnected and I would have to be the one to try calling them backThis happened three times before I was able to actually set a date and timeWe agreed on Tuesday February 23rd at 9amThe time came and went and I have yet to hear from the company, I took time off work to be here for the scheduled removalI am rejecting their response and want it to be documented that I AM being SINCERE and cooperativeIf Apollotek wants their merchandise back they are more than welcome to come get it, I have been more than cooperativeFurthermore, their response to my complaint is insulting and condiscendingcustomer service is apparently not their strong suitI did NOT sign a contract on the date the machine was installed as I was working and my husband was home (again he is not on the list) it was not until they had to return to repair damage that was done to my house that I even saw a contractAs I stated in my certified letter to them they have wasted enough of my time and I am no longer interested in spending a second more on this issue Regards, [redacted]


Unfortunately we were waiting for a special partWe have already contacted the customer and are delighted to take care of himWe are going to contact him tomorrow 04/ to take care of his service Customer service priority department


[redacted] signed legal contracts with the castle credit and he absolutely understood his terms and conditions as our customer service department verified with him and went over all terms and conditions and he understood his contracts terms and conditions He also verified with castle credit special verification department as they always take a very firm verification process before they purchase any contracts and [redacted] agreed and accepted his terms and conditions with the finance Company [redacted] speaks fluent English and also signed all legal contracts relating his terms and conditionsHis contracts have been verified in numerous occasions wit us and also with the finance CompanyHis minimum payment is $and is a revolving credit line and can pay it off with no prepayment penalty [redacted] has a wonderful water system and truly helps him to save substantial money in addition to get better health to him and his family his water system is state of the art technology system, we have over customers nationwide and every single customers claim that their Apollotek water system has been the most intelligent decision they have made in their life

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Description: Water Filtration & Purification Equipment

Address: 1702 McGraw Ave, Irvine, California, United States, 92614


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