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I had a water purification system put in my house from this company, whilst installing the system they damaged my brand new home! They also failed to instruct me how to properly care for the system which is important as it is very expensive! Well when I finally got someone out to fix the holes in my house they just pasted it together with caulkAt this point I had had many unsavory exchanges with customer service and decided I wanted to end the nightmare and just return the unitwhich is in the "contract"I have talked to the "president of the company" i've written them letters that I just simply want it taken outThey repeatedly call me and harass me about payment and refuse to address that i've requested its removalIn addition this unit has stopped working! i've not even had it months! I would like the unit out of my home and never to have to deal with their horrible staff again

This company was very great about constantly trying to sell their product but now that we have been trying to get a valve replaced they won’t contact usI have emails asking to speak to a supervisor and they never get back to meThey want to charge us now for this part that would’ve been covered when we originally calledWhen I call to ask for a supervisor they just take my name and number and say no one is availableThis company only cared about making a dollar for the sale originally and not about the customerI would never recommend this to anyone and now I’m stuck with a system that doesn’t even workOh and not to mention if you financed it they put a lien on your home

I would to like to share a very negative experience that I had with Apollotek InternationalThe salesperson that we delt with had no professional skills and lied about the finance aspect

I bought a water purification system on 3/14/I was promised a box of soaps and detergents that will last me about yearsToday is the day I have not seen the box of productsThat is the reason why I decided to buy this system! I had compared prices and I found a more affordable price but because of the detergent perk I decided to sign with ApollotekI have called multiple times since the date of purchase with no call backThere are multiple options when calling their phone number and I select all of them as I continue to callEvery time I call the same person (with strong accent) picks up the phone and says "this is the sales department, we don't have anyone from customer service available" EVERY TIME I CALL she says the same thing! She sounds like a robot! My point is, I need the products promised to me as I am paying them $a month ON TIME!

I have had my whole house water systems from Apollotek for the last six months and I
am absolutely loving ittheir system provides great tasty alkaline water and on top
of it they have great friendly customer serviceI highly recommend them to everyone

Again Mr *** disconnected the system himself and we are more thanhappy to help him to reconnect it again. Thank you

This company is terrible about customer service They serviced my water system after multiple failed appointments There is now a leak as well as a reduction in filtered water storage I have left messages and not ONE returned call This is typical for this company They were great in selling their product, but maintenance and customer service are the worst I have ever experienced with a company
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
[This is not trueThe tubing was placed on by your company and has not been altered in anywayThis is the second time the tubing had to be replacedThe product is not as describedYet when you sent your technician *** to my home he did not know how to fix all of the issues I have with this machineHe did not know how to change the languageAs the machine voice is speaking in a language other than English or Spanish and he did not know how to fix thatI then received a call from *** who said he would have *** to call me and work with me over the phone to change it, and guess whatI'm still waiting for that phone callYour business and product is not as you claim it to beYour customer service is unsatisfactoryI should not be paying for a machine that I can not get proper service onPlease help me, as this company is grossly overpriced and over chargers their customers and they provide mediocre customer servicePlease check my file with this company and how many times I have called to have this issue resolvedI can provide call logs and text messages of me contacting this company on several occasions to find myself here going through a third partyIf I do not find satisfaction with my complaint then I will have to purse other option to resolve this matterSince I've sold my previous water filter machine for this product and it's been horrible ever since I've made the purchase.
*** ***

We purchase Apollotek Water System in March this year and for the last couple weeks now we noticed that the water doesn't feel soft anymore So we decided to call reach out the Michael G***, the Sales Manager who promised us that they are honest and trustworthyAlso told us that whenever we call their customer service, someone will answer the phone immediately, and or someone will return our call right awayBIG LIE!!! My husband and I tried reaching to Sales Manager in our Area (Perris CA) since Tuesday July 18, his name is Michael G***His phone number recorded that it is not accepting incoming callsWe sent him text messages too We reach out to the number listed in Michael G***'s business card for customer service no one answer of courseThen I called (949) 833-since I left messages to extension the person on that extension said he will call back as soon as possibleThe fourth time I called and left another message (4th message) was Wed, Jul at around something PMI then reach out the number listed in Facebook, I spoke to someone he did not say his name but he said to text my phone to him, I didFriday morning, Jul I text him again and he text back said to call 800-787-ask for service dept after pressing I called and left a message twice He text me back saying that if I don't hear or don't have any success after 12noon today he will try for me

Hello my name is *** *** ***, a friend recommended me Mr*** ***, he came to my house and said he was the manager of the company “***” and that the product they could instal it for freeHe asked us how many people lived in the house and I told him it was four adults and one childAnd then he asked us for the expenses for the laundry detergent, body soap, and for the shampooThe expense is $plus tax and it was $that we had to pay according to Mr***He said that the charge was a disgrace because they had never given that price to anyoneHe said that the payment would be $for months and that they would give us cases that came with laundry detergent, and bathroom soapHe came back after the product was installed and said the credit wasn’t so good and that we were people and we had to pay them more for the product and we said we would not pay more that he had originally saidHe also got infor

We have been trying to get in contact with the business to remove the water system from our house since April because we are very dissatisfied with the service of this company and water system

Unfortunately Mr *** *** has not been truthful about the entire issueThey purchased their water softener over a year ago and according to what they told us, they disconnected their system last AprilWater softeners are not any new technology and almost every
single water softener has been documented by all professional sources to target Chlorine and remove Calcium and Magnesium from the waterthe function and process is called ionic exchangeTheir water softener's valve is manufactured by Clack valve as they are world's number one control system valve in the world and they carry highest certification by NSF and they are also USA made and is currently under warrantyThe body pf the water softener has all NSF components and should last min years and has life time warranty with the exclusion of labor, trip charge or shipment. again My *** has disconnected their system and has emailed us requesting to take their system backWe do not truly understand what they want as if they have any legitimate service issue we will be happy to evaluate and take care of it if is system relatedMy *** needs to understand that the system does not belong to us as is their system and they purchased over one year ago. Our obligation falls to provide any legitimate issue with the water system onlyWe made several hard special arrangement to send a technician to their home, but unfortunately they made it clear that the system is disconnected and there is no need to serviceWe truly value our customers and would love to help Mr ***, but we will not be able to proceed if My *** keeps avoiding our service departmentThere is absolutely no doubt that all water softeners work and Mr *** can truly benefit from their water system to get nice clean soft water and protect their plumbing, appliances and his family and as we mentioned the water softeners have been around over years and every one knows that they work and they are not any new technology. We can provide Mr *** with more information on Clack valve control system and their water system with NSF components and educate them with their functions and also provide him with the service if there is any legitimate service issue and are eager to assist themWe are also going to send them a letter and continue to approach them and and we are hopeful he assists us to resolve their issues, but unfortunately till now we do not have any legitimate service issue until we have access to their water system

Dear and Mrs *** We would like to assure Mrs *** *** that Mt *** is awonderful reputable representativeHe has had hundreds of customersand every one of them are well happy and satisfiedUnfortunately otherrepresentative from Aquakleen has brain
washed and manipulated Mrs*** with information about Mr ***We did further invistigationand again would like to assure Mrs *** that He is a quality individual with the best customer service satisfaction and we wouldMrs *** not to accept and listen to any fraudulentinformation from Aquakleen representative. Customer service management

Mr *** *** purchased his water system on 6/23/*** at our verification department verified with him ad went over his terms and conditions and he clearly understood and was happy, furthermore the *** ***, his finance Company verified with ** *** and went over
his terms and conditions and also recorded the entire conversation** *** also clearly stated his satisfaction and agreed with all terms and conditions** *** needs to understand that he purchased it for $and obviously in America or any other countries we pay finance charges. His minimum payment is $and the more payments he makes the sooner he will pay it offHis account is a revolving account and works like ***, *** *** and other department store card. ** *** speaks good English and has had three different verifications from different t departments There has not been any misrepresentation or misunderstanding on his transaction as he clearly verified on the phone and also in writing

We just received the phone call from Mrs *** and we responded immediatelyWe called her several times and at some point her voice mail was full and we were finally able to reach her on 08/
we are more than happy to have it delivered to herBase on our records the local representative tried to reach the customer to deliver their soap package gift and they were not able to
find themMrs *** probably called our sales and manufacturing department which they are at a different location and they instructed her to contact the customer service department, but
unfortunately she never contacted the customer service department until nowThe manufacturing department will not be able to help her even if she calls numerous time.but we are happy
and delighted that we were able to contact her and she is taken care of

This is the worst company I have had to deal withThere are so many things wrong for one they do not respond to maintanence issuesI have taken them to small claimsI would not puchase thier merchandise if I had none the difficulties

On 1/7/purchased a water treatment system from *** ***, regional sales managerInstallation occurred that dayHowever, the installer was unable to complete the installation because he needed a part sent up from californiaEverything was functional except the system was not hooked up to our icemaker as promisedInstaller indicated installation would take place within the next few weeks
Additionally included in the sale pitch was a supply of Pure and Gentle soap products mailed to us*** indicated that generally delivery took weeks to occur
On 2/1/Text send to *** asking for an update as to where the products were and when the icemaker would be connectedHe replied that day stating he'd look into it==> we never heard anything more
On 2/14/Texted again with no reply
Called *** more times and spoke with him twice during the month of feb and marchEach time being assured it would get worked out(one point indicating the soaps had gone to the wron

Apollotek has the best water treatments systems in the countryThey are very easy to use and water quality is greatEvery time I need maintenance they send a technician right away, they are very professional and ethicalI recommend this business to other consumers who are thinking of buying a water treatment system

We Sent a technician a few days ago to *** *** home and her system is now working perfectly fineAccording to the Technician, there was nothing wrong with her system but somehow the unit was in pause mode or bypass mode and that basically stopped the
system from functioningOur customer service department will be giving a courtesy call to *** *** to make sure she is 100% satisfied but according to the technician the system is now working fine

A quien le corresponda;Soy *** De *** *** les estoy escribiendo para decirles que le doy permiso a mi hi*** ***-*** para escribir esta demanda por mi, contra ApolloTek Ella puede escribir y comunicarse en ingles con ustedes departe de mi Ella conoce
bien el caso Incluso trato de hablar con *** *** para ver si resolviamos algo con ella
Muchas Gracias por investigar este caso Buena suerte*** De *** ***
*** *** ***
*** CA ***
(760) ***

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