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We have already sent the information and instruction on how to change to Englishthis process takes less than seconds and hopefully she has been able to do itKYK is world number one ionizer and has over million customers worldwidemany large and reputable hospitals are using their machine worldwide and there has not been one single professional negative feedback from anyone whatsoeverevery professional source has endorsed and provided with great positive feedback and many Doctors and professional medical experts have already confirmed KYK products to be the number one ionizer in this planetThe instruction on how to work with the machine is in owner's manual and all over youtubeWe will follow up with her to make sure she has been able to do it

Unfortunately Mr [redacted] has not been truthful about the entire issue. They purchased their water softener over a year ago and according to what they told us, they disconnected their system last April. Water softeners are not any new... technology and almost every single water softener has been documented by all professional sources to target Chlorine and remove Calcium and Magnesium from the water. the function and process is called ionic exchange. Their water softener's valve is manufactured by Clack valve as they are world's number one control system valve in the world and they carry highest certification by NSF and they are also USA made and is currently under warranty. The body pf the water softener has all NSF components and should last min 20 years and has life time warranty with the exclusion of labor, trip charge or shipment. again My [redacted] has disconnected their system and has emailed us requesting to take their system back. We do not truly understand what they want as if they have any legitimate service issue we will be happy to evaluate and take care of it if is system related. My [redacted] needs to understand that the system does not belong to us as is their system and they purchased over one year ago. Our obligation falls to provide any legitimate issue with the water system only. We made several hard special arrangement to send a technician to their home, but unfortunately they made it clear that the system is disconnected and there is no need to service. We truly value our customers and would love to help Mr [redacted] , but we will not be able to proceed if My [redacted] keeps avoiding our service department. There is absolutely no doubt that all water softeners work and Mr [redacted] can truly benefit from their water system to get nice clean soft water and protect their plumbing, appliances and his family and as we mentioned the water softeners have been around over 70 years and every one knows that they work and they are not any new technology. We can provide Mr [redacted] with more information on Clack valve control system and their water system with NSF components and educate them with their functions and also provide him with the service if there is any legitimate service issue and are eager to assist them. We are also going to send them a letter and continue to approach them and and we are hopeful he assists us to resolve their issues, but unfortunately till now we do not have any legitimate service issue until we have access to their water system. I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below [This is not trueThe tubing was placed on by your company and has not been altered in anywayThis is the second time the tubing had to be replacedThe product is not as describedYet when you sent your technician [redacted] to my home he did not know how to fix all of the issues I have with this machineHe did not know how to change the languageAs the machine voice is speaking in a language other than English or Spanish and he did not know how to fix thatI then received a call from [redacted] who said he would have [redacted] to call me and work with me over the phone to change it, and guess whatI'm still waiting for that phone callYour business and product is not as you claim it to beYour customer service is unsatisfactoryI should not be paying for a machine that I can not get proper service onPlease help me, as this company is grossly overpriced and over chargers their customers and they provide mediocre customer servicePlease check my file with this company and how many times I have called to have this issue resolvedI can provide call logs and text messages of me contacting this company on several occasions to find myself here going through a third partyIf I do not find satisfaction with my complaint then I will have to purse other option to resolve this matterSince I've sold my previous water filter machine for this product and it's been horrible ever since I've made the purchase ] Regards, [redacted]

Mrs [redacted] purchased her whole house water treatment systems and signed her legal contracts and understood her terms and conditionsShe also signed the installation worksheet expressing her complete satisfaction with the products and installation and we understand she speaks fluent English, signing all her legal contractsUnfortunately she decided to cancel after days which is far beyond her three days cancellationShe has not been honest and sincere about the whole processSince we deeply care for our customers, we have decided to remove our systems and we are hoping to get full cooperation from her to remove our products

I have been extremely pleased and delighted with my Apollotek water systems. I do not get any more rashes from tap water. I am saving a lot
of money on cleaning supplies since my water is so soft. It is no brainer
that everyone must have one and the best one I found was Apollotek
whole house Equinox system.

This company is a fraud! They offered me the well water purification system with the promise and guarantee that it would work like no other system. That was in February 2019. Around two to three months later, the water began to stain the showers in my house, the sinks, the toilets; In addiction, water began to flow with the bad smell of sulphuro. When I contacted them, I had to wait more than a month for a person to appear to take pictures. After a week, a technician came to "clean the well." As soon as he left, the water began to appear almost black cloudy. The next three to four weeks I was in communication with a secretary and with Mr. Carlos Guzmán. I told them what was happening once again, and all that was offered to me was only promises. As I was told, they were surprised at what had happened with the system in my house. Then I discovered the lie, because I found on the internet a number of complaints about the same situation. My family was without water throughout the house for a whole month. We had to buy water to drink, to cook and go to bathe to other places. Finally, in the midst of my frustration, I asked Carlos Guzmán to return the money that I had paid in full for the system ($ 7,500.00). He told me no. He told me that his commitment was to fix the system. Before his reluctance, I agreed to send a technician as soon as possible to my house and fix the system. Once again I let him know the crisis we were living at home. He assured me that the sooner they would. That was one more lie. Days went by and he never communicated. Finally, I had to pay a local company to remove Apollotek equipment and install other equipment, only then could I solve the water fluid in my house after a month without it. This company is not in the least interested in the welfare of the people, although that is their slogan; they only want to sell their incapable equipment and grab the money that enriches them, even if that means the deception of humble and hardworking people. Everyone who works in this company is part of the scam and fraud. I want someone in authority to finally stop them from doing so badly that they are doing to the community and the damage they are causing us. That would be justice.

Esta compañía es un fraude! Ellos me ofrecieron el sistema de purificacion de agua para pozo con la promesa y garantía de que funcionaría como ningún otro sistema. Eso fue en febrero 2019. Al rededor de dos a tres meses despues, el agua comenzó a manchar los showers de mi casa, los lavamanos, los toillets; en adiccion, el agua comenzó a fluir con el mal olor del sulphuro. Cuando me comuniqué con ellos, tuve que esperar más de un mes para que apareciera una persona para tomar fotos. Luego de una semana, vino un tectico para "limpiar el pozo". A penas se marchó, el agua comenzó a salir turbia casi negra. Las siguientes tres a cuatro semanas estuve en comunicación con una secretaria y con el señor Carlos Guzmán. Les comuniqué lo que estaba ocurriendo una vez más, y todo lo que me fue ofrecido fueron sólo promesas. Según se me dijo, ellos estaban sorprendidos de lo que había ocurrido con el sistema en mi casa. Luego descubrí la mentira, pues hallé en la internet un sin numero de quejas sobre la misma situación. Mi familia estuvo sin agua en toda la casa por todo un mes. Tuvimos que comprar agua para tomar, para cocinar e ir a bañarnos a otros lugares. Finalmente, en medio de mi frustración, le pedí a Carlos Guzmán que me devolviera el dinero que integramente yo habia pagado por el sistema ($7,500.00). El me dijo que no. El me dijo que su compromiso era arreglar el sistema. Ante su renuencia, yo accedí a que enviara un tecnico cuanto antes a mi casa y arreglara el sistema. Una vez más le hice saber la crisis que estabamos viviendo en el hogar. Me aseguró que cuanto antes lo harían. Eso fue una mentira más. Pasaron los días y nunca se comunicó. Finalmente, tuve que pagar a una compañía local para que quitara los equipos de Apollotek y me instalara otros equipos, sólo así pude solucionar el fluido de agua en mi casa luego de un mes sin ella. Esta compañía no le interesa en lo más mínimo el bienestar de la gente, aunque ese es su slogan; ellos sólo desean vender sus equipos incapaces y agarrar el dinero que los enriquece, aun cuando eso signifique el engaño de la gente humilde y trabajadora. Todos los que laboran en esta compañía son parte de la estafa y el fraude. Yo quisiera que alguién en autoridad finalmente les detuviera de tanto mal que están haciendo a la comunidad y el daño que nos están provocando. Eso sería justicia.

Mr Ramirez has a issue with his well water that needs to be shocked and treated periodically. Installing any water systems prior to shocking and treating well will cause
damage to water systems. We truly went to the extreme and installed and replaced our water systems at Mr Ramirez house at no cost and finally we mentioned to him
that his well needs be shocked and treated prior installing water systems otherwise the untreated well could damage water systems and this is his sole responsibility. we manufacture water system and are not responsible for shocking and treating residential well.
However we went to extreme and hired an outside third party contractor to shock and treat his water and were willing to install another new system after treatment.
We completed the treatment, however Mr Ramirez has not allowed us to install the new water system after treatment. We are more than happy to proceed once he is ready.
Mr Ramirez needs to educate himself with his new well water and learn how to shock and treat his well periodically as it is his sole responsibility. This is a well maintenance
issue and does not fall on anyone's responsibility but the owner of the well. Again we have already treated his well out of courtesy and are willing to replace our system with new
one once he is ready. We work extremely hard and go far beyond our limitation to keep our customers happy.

Apollotek International products and their customer service have been remarkably wonderful and professional. I highly recommend them to everyone. I also had a great honest professional representative helping me to make the right decision. We can not be any happier.

I purchased our new water systems from Apollotek and I have been truly impressed and happy with the products and their services. My new Equinox system is huge and amazing. It truly removes all chemicals and hardness and I would never want to be without it.

This company is a fraud. They send their representatives out to sell you and once you buy in you are forgotten. I wouldn’t recommend this company to my enemy. My husband and I purchased the system in april 2018. The installer apparently didn’t install the correct hose in order for the system to drain properly because 20 days after installation I came home to water just gushing from the hose. My new yard was flooded with water. I called the customer service department right away and they gave me the instructions to shut the system off and will send the tech out right away. Well I never received a call to let me know when the tech will be arriving, I had to make the call. I was told the they were trying to find the tech who installed the system but was unable to contact him. Then I was told that they would send another tech on this particular day and time. No one showed up! Never received a call to say that the tech was unable to make the appointment. I called customer service again, no one is available. Calls are always sent to voicemail and if you happen to reach anyone they absolutely know nothing or they can’t disclose information. I have had 9 months of no filtered water, no alkaline water, no call, no tech, no reimbursements that I was promised, no gift cards that was promised when we signed up, broken promises and poor customer service. So I decide to call again the beginning of february and again leave a message. I had to also get the involved. Elmer reaches out to me to tell me that he is new to the company and he would be my point of contact to resolve my issue. One thing he does right is send a tech out. The tech confirms that the previous tech missed installing another hose. Elmer then calls to tell me that because of the error of the previous tech the company approved for the additional hose to be installed. Guess what! No hose has been installed and I am 2 weeks in from that conversation. I have been requesting for credit on my account because castle credit would still need payment on my account for a system that isn’t even fully operable. My yard still looks a mess from because of the water damage that was caused (my yard has sand and bark) . This is a nightmare and a joke all at the same time. I just made another attempt to speak to at least the president of the company to inform him or her the poor service that their employees are providing and I was told that that can’t transfer calls to him or her nor give out him or her email. I had to ask if this was a legitimate company with business hours. I was told that they don’t have business hours they are expected to come into the office by 12: 00 p. M. I will be filing a lawsuit against this company for false advertisement and damages.

Chemical risk in water is very well knownThe city may not be able to perfectly treat the water due to excessive cost of doing thatI and my wife have highest degree of education and we are aware of the water risk from published literatureI am surprised to see that some people still believe the tap water is absolutely safe to drinkKnowing the risk of tap water, I shopped around to buy a water treatment system for my home and I found ApollotekI contacted their office and I am very happy so farThe price and customer service were significantly better than the other companies I contactedIt has been more than years so far and I am beyond happyI highly recommend Apollotek

I bought my Apollotek system about weeks ago here in San Antonio TXI can not believe how well everything is workingIn just weeks The hard water stains and soap sm went away with no scrubbingEverything is so spotlessWe had companies come out to try to sell us a system and nothing compared with ApollotekThe Alkaline water is amazingOur coffee taste so amazing and started feeling our energy levels go up in just weeksAwesome Product

I'm writing this letter is to dispute the amount charged of $3,on August 31, to our credit cardThe reason being is I bought a water filter system from Apollotek International, according to the deal I made with the salesman ***, the unit has a lifetime parts and labor warrantyHe said they would service the unit once a month to assure everything was working as it shouldFrom the day I payed the unit till now I have not seen a technician or a representative nor have I heard from themEverything was working fine until recently 4/11/2016, water started coming out dirty it was obvious the water was contaminatedI called the 1-number on the unit and all I got was we'll get someone to call you back, well I gave them a couple days and no word from themAfter insisting on speaking to a manager I finally spoke with *** *** *** ***, then they had me call the technician *** that was very rude and said he wasn't able to come fix it and to call ***after abou

I have had Apollotek Int water systems since last JanuaryI am a Chemistry professor and This is the best Alkaline water system and I highly recommend it to everyone
The staff and customer service have been outstanding

As of 8/16/I have yet to see a technician or even recieve a phone call from the companyYes, I had to remove the system! The water was contaminated with black particles, am I supposed to let my family drink that water??? No thanksEvery time I talk to them they make it seem like they are willing to help but at the end of the day nothing gets doneLike I said before, the problem with the dirty water was April of 2016, I called them and nothing was done about itThey don't care about the well being of their customersI had to call and keep insisting to talk to a manager or the owner and still nothing is getting done regarding my issueAll I hear is that they don't have enough employees and that they can't obligate the sub-contractors to workThat shouldn't be the customers problem if you ask me.
*** ***

Mrs *** *** purchased her whole house water treatment systems and signed her legal contracts and understood her terms and conditionsShe also signed the installation worksheet expressing her complete satisfaction with the products and installation and we
understand she speaks fluent English, signing all her legal contractsUnfortunately she decided to cancel after days which is far beyond her three days cancellationShe has not been honest and sincere about the whole processSince we deeply care for our customers, we have decided to remove our systems and we are hoping to get full cooperation from her to remove our products

We understand that Mrs *** wants to cancel her contracts, even though that the cancellation is outside of three business days, we decided to have our equipment to be removedUnfortunately The customer has not been cooperative and we even had to call the local sheriff to assist us to be able to remove and recover our equipmentWe just recently found out Mrs *** claims that she shipped our products to another Company that we do not recognizeAt this time Mrs *** is responsible and must do whatever takes to allow us to recover our system or we will not have any options but to proceed with legal actions

This issue has been resolvedThe service issue that Mr *** requested is part of service routineUnfortunately some customers do not want to pay for their maintenance and that will delay the processWe went out of our way and took
care of his service at no additional chargeWe deeply care for our customers

This company sold me a water ionizer and water softer system I first had trouble with this system months after being installed, the white hose from the machine that connects to the faucet brokeThey neglected to tell me that every time a technicians comes out there is a feeWhich fluctuates depending on who you talk toOne time it was $65, next time it was $85, followed by $ So I paid the fee for him to come out and fix the unitThe next time I needed a new filterThey told me $service fee plus $for the filterRIDICULOUSThey sent Jose who claimed he replaced the filter but he did notI had to call their office again and asked, why if I had a new filter, the water units on the machine it self has not changedThey apologized and sent him back out with the filterI personally think they did this on purposeHow do I pay you for a filter but you forget to install it? Now here it is, a third time and I'm having to pay $for someone to come out and replace the wh

I have had Apollotek Int water systems since last JanuaryI am a Chemistry professor and This is the best Alkaline water system and I highly recommend it to everyone
The staff and customer service have been outstanding

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