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• Sep 16, 2023

Complete and utter INCOMPETENCY...
We're considering a class-action lawsuit against this company because of the MYRIAD of issues surrounding their competency as doctors, their Administrative staff, their medical billing, I could go on and on. The worst thing about it is they're being paid by the government for this lackluster care. And that's just the icing on the cake for us.

I just heard tonight by a friend of the family that also uses BSW for her care. She recently had breast reduction surgery, and was SHOCKED to find her naked breast pictures ALL OVER her medical profile, which even the front desk staff could see and access them! So much for patient privacy and propriety of medical information. That's (basically) breaking HIPPA laws, I'm sure. This friend was also able to view her profile in her chart, and she owes them some $$ for copays. The screen said "CREDIT RISK" in big red letters next to her name, even though she's never not paid for her services.

WOW, just wow.

• Aug 25, 2023

They are criminals.
Horrible insurance with a bunch of incompetent people working for them. Their provider list is very small and limited. They take forever to approve procedures and the prescription company they use is just as bad or worse. I have a friend in Canada that was dealing with the same issue I was, and they got treated and through rehab before I was even approved for a test to determine the course of treatment. So, all the talk of the long delays to get procedures with socialized medicine is BS. You call in and wait for hours to talk to someone and then they keep transferring you because they are all too stupid to do their jobs and nothing gets resolved because every time you call it is something different. I would be better off saving the insurance premium and use it to travel to other countries to get my medical procedures done and prescriptions. No wonder medical tourism is the fastest growing travel in the USA.

• Jun 14, 2023

Billing Practices
There are no words strong enough to convey how unethical, deceptive and predatory the billing practices are at Baylor Scott and White.

The best doctors in the world are not enough to justify dealing with the nightmare of their billing. YOU WILL NEVER GET OUT FROM UNDER IT!

It does not matter how great you think your insurance is. They will find ways to bill you personally for any costs that your insurance company makes adjustments to, as they ALL do. They will call them "facility fees."

They will also send you bills, claim balances and send to collections balances that you were never made aware of. They will do this MONTHS and even near a YEAR after a visit.

There is something VERY wrong at BSWB. This is your warning not to step into their very complicated and predatory web.

• Jan 07, 2023


• Nov 04, 2022

Dr Clyde Collins, MD in Frisco, Texas
Went to Dr. Collins on advice from my GP to get an endoscopy. Setting the appointment was near impossible as no on at this doctor
s office answers their phone and directs everything to the BSW online portal. Left messages on the portal that were ignored. Wasn't until I conplained on Yelp that the office called with an appt date and location. The date for the appt was 11-04 2022 at 8am. I do all pre-procedure prep as listed on the emailed confirmation of my appt. I go to the appt and the facility had no record of me at all. I showed them the paperwork that BSW and Dr. Collins sent me to confirm the appt. and listed the preperations. They call Dr. Collins office only to be told I had made a mistake. The facility nurse responded by saying she had the paperwork in her hand and it clearly states the date, time and location. The response from Dr. Collins office was that he wasn't doing procedures at that location and that I could go to another location and wait and see if the Dr. Collins could "fit me in". This made me not only angry, but the flippant attitude of his office that it would be ok for me to go to another location miles away and sit and wait to see if Dr. Collins could fit me in. I asked for a specific time and was told that would not give me one as it had to be convenient for Dr. Collins. I responded that this is not a haircut. It's a medical procedure that involves being under sedation during the procedure and my fear that Dr. Collins. in order to "fit me in" would cut corners on either another patient, or on me to minimize the intrusion on his day. They attempted to blame me for intruding on Dr. Collins day. At this time I have neither received an apology or any attempt to contact me from this office. I do not trust BSW after this. They do not care about patients, only billing and doctor's getting money. In fact they have billed me for this procedure. BSW's version of the hipocratic oath should be the Hipocrosy oath: they swear to get as much money as they can and could care less about patients or quality of care. And to be clear. A Dr's office is a reflection of that Doctor so the excuse that someone made a mistake does not wash. They only care about what's easiest for them and the most profitable. On the list of priorities for BSW, patient care is at the bottom of their priorities. Stay away from Dr. Clyde Collins and Baylor, Scott, White Healthcare. I'm sure that have some competent, caring doctors , but Dr. Clyde Collins is not one of them.

• Oct 17, 2022

Dr. Collins
Dr. Collins a a good Dr. He's professional, etc. After my appointment I recieved a write up of next steps. The first thing is, and I quote "Please call GI clininc to schedule the procedure. NO PHOINE NUMBER of the clinic. NO contact info. And when I call for a simple clarification, you refuse to answer your phones and direct everything to the portal. Used the portal last week to ask the question. Still no response. On the portal, there is no "GI Clinic" to call. Recommendation: If you live in Frioasco or the surrounding area, find another provider other that BSW. They could care less about their patinets and only care about driving you to their website. Unprofessional is the kindest thing I could say about BSW. The phone system is a joke and getting a simple 10 second question answered is impossible. Run, don't walk, to a better provider. BSW has good doctors that let their patients down because of a poorly constructed communication system that actually prevents you from talking to a person. God help anyone that needs real healthcare and goes to BSW.

• Sep 29, 2022

My age, my race, my medical condition, my education, my geographic location, my income, what?
I have BCBS federal insurance which does not require a referral, called Scott & White to schedule an appointment with a Endocrinologist doctor and was told I needed a referral no matter BSBC requirement. Fine, I said I will have ADC forward a referral. The lady said once they receive the referral they would contact me to schedule an appointment. I was transferring from ADC to Scott & White due to unsatisfied medical care I received was my purpose for the appointment. ADC forwarded the referral but Scott & White but never received a call to schedule an appointment. After waiting for weeks, I call to verify if they received the referral and was told they did, a month ago but it had not been reviewed for consideration. I'm thinking, what consideration, my age, my race, my medical condition, my education, my geographic location, my income, what? I didn't understand why after receiving my referral and noting the seriousness of my condition, why would they just let the referral sit there for over a month like cancer means nothing to them. I ask for their complaint number and was given a number to their patient relation, which I called and left a message but no return call, useless. Today I receive a letter in the mail stating they attempt to contact me to schedule an appointment, Really! That wasn't what I was told when I called before. Anyway, I called the number as instructed on the letter to schedule an appointment. I was told they did not have an available appointment until February 2023. REALLY! First I need a referral, then the referral needs to go before a panel (my guest) for approval, then your failed attempt to contact me, then I have to wait an additional 6 months to be seen for possible thyroid cancer. All I can Say is WOW! I WILL NEVER CONSIDER BAYLOR SCOTT & WHITE FOR ANY MEDICAL NEEDS, EVER! If there was ever a Class Action Lawsuit again Baylor Scott & White on how they treat patients new or not, count me in.


Emergency Department
Recently tested positive for covid and was having some issues. Arrived at this hospital in a lot of pain with a high fever that was not controlled at home. When I first arrived I almost had to be forceful to be seen. With it being a holiday I couldn't wait and suffer at home with covid because I have asthma. Once I said I have covid I got the speech about the hospital not being a testing center. I never asked to be tested. I had already been tested at cvs. I needed medication. The doctor was very nice but the nurse was extremely rude and there were no precautions taken. The nurse stood about 20 ft away from me with no ppe on. I am a Baylor employee of 15 years and could not believe the treatment and the lack of kindness from this nurse. She never even made eye contact with me.


Can not get an appointment
I have Covid. I have tried and tried to get an appointment to see if I can get the anti viral. you have 5 day window to start the course. The only available appointments are 2 months out. I try to message the DR. "nurses" step in and copy paste stupid CDC links and all sorts of common sense questions. Like communicating with a robot the answers have nothing to do with the questions. Never in my 64 years seen a system so impersonal and so bad.


Hope your new cancer doctor doesn't need a copy of prior biopsy report, etc.
When the fax to the new provider doesn't go through, one would think the sending facility would pick up the phone, but not BSW's medical records department. Their actions are likely delaying my father's care and he may have to undergo another prostate biopsy. BSW blames the requesting urologist, who says they tried to call BSW. BSW claims to have been aware that fax of the records was not going through, but has not send the records via regular mail or figured out a resolution. Zero results thus far.


Piss poor
I have delt with gout most of my adult life, in the past have taken medication to help with it and seemed to work. I had stopped taking the medication, due to the doctor wanted to see me every 2 months to keep the prescription going, what a racket. Now that was through a different service provider. I turned to taking over the counter pain relief to help with the pain for years.
Now fast forward, 2 weeks ago I was having gout problems and started taking the over the counter pain pills to help with the pain. I started not feeling good throughout my body and ended up going to a urgent care. They did tests and labs and found my liver was having bad issues. The urgent care doctor advised me to goto the ER (Scott and White) right away. I went and was admitted for 3 days. Now the doctors at the hospital did a good job and got me better, to include the gout in my knee. I was discharged and set up with a follow up visit at their local clinic the following week. The er doctors had me on prednisone for my gout and then had me start taking meds for my gout. After completing the prednisone and switching to the gout meds, my knee started hurting again.
So here is my problem, I went to the follow up at the clinic yesterday and saw a “nurse” not a doctor. He said my levels for my liver were dropping still and looking good. I told him the pain in my knee had come back and asked for help, he did nothing to help me but while looking through my tests from the er said, it looks like you got a slight heart murmur and I’d like to schedule you for a test. And sent me home with not addressing my knee issue.
So after not sleeping all night, I wake up this morning taking over the counter pain pills once again, to try and help with the pain so I can try and goto work. I have to work to help try and pay for all this excellent medical treatment that I recieved from Scott and white. What a joke. But I do give credit to the Doctor’s that had my care at the Hospital. I followed their suggestions to a T when discharged. Changing my diet and not drinking or taking over the counter pain pills. But thanks to that “nurse”, I’m right back to where I was before my trip to the er.


Baby kidnapping
The staff tested a baby , Tempest, and claimed she tested positive for marijuana. Both parents don't do marijuana but they won't test the parents. They have taken the baby away from the parents and CPS is involved. One of the parents is a marine that refused the vaccine and it destroyed his career. This is insult to injury taking this baby away from these people. This hospital should treat people fairly and do multiple tests to confirm their findings before jumping the gun and getting CPS involved. Assume the best of intentions before anything.


Couldn’t diagnose something simple
I went to the head of the doctor‘s clinic at Baylor Scott and White and complained of my nose being very raw and irritated. The doctor never looked at my nose nor did he do a swab to see what was going on. Before I went in for knee surgery at Saint David’s my orthopedic surgeon wanted to me to have a physical the week before my knee surgery. I went to the internist had a physical and learned I had a staph infection in my nose. I was given medication it was over in five days and I had my knee surgery. I would hate to think what could’ve happened had they not caught the staff infection before my knee surgery. The LAKEWAY Baylor Scott And White doctor never caught the staph infection even though I went back twice for the same issue. Secondly I had struggled for eight months lost almost 40 pounds and couldn’t eat and had terrible stomach issues. When I went to the doctor Baylor Scott and White lakeway I told him my symptoms and I told him specifically my mouth is very inflamed and it hurt and his answer was go see a dentist. Well I ended up having H. pylori and a really bad case of it also my weight went from 165 to 125 in eight months and I’m almost positive that I contracted in the LAKEWAY Baylor Scott and white hospital because I was in there in July having severe pain all over my body I couldn’t move my white blood cell count was over 28,000 which indicated a severe infection. They did a spinal tap thinking it was meningitis and rule that out checked me out of the hospital put me on a bunch of IVs for infections I did get better but they never were able to diagnose what was wrong with me. Any of these three things that I went in for could’ve killed me. I am a senior. I have an appointment Monday with a PRESIDENT at the hospital and I want some answers about the deplorable quality of doctors that I’ve had. I’m still not sure if I want to blow this open and bring this up with one of the television news stations to be able to find out just how deep is this problem with patients Being grossly overlooked and having serious health issues. I’m pretty confident I acquired the H pylori in the hospital when I went in last summer with my “mystery” diseases. It’s such a pity I only live less than 2 miles from the hospital and as a senior was one of the deciding factors of moving into my neighborhood only the mind rampant and competency.


I hope you did this! Not that seeing the Hospital President would do any good. Maybe seeing a lawyer, would get a response. Unfortunately, these kinds of things are rampant throughout the entire BSW system. I live in Temple where they have a monopoly on healthcare. I have to go out of town, 30- 60 miles, to see a non- BSW doctor/ hospital. Even if you use BSW, you can't get a PCP doctor's appointment for 4-6 months or
see a specialist for 6-12+ months. If you need to be seen sooner, then it's a nurse practitioner or physician 's assistant. Of course, if that all fails it's the emergency room or worse.
Be aware before you sign up for BSW insurance which will lock you into their system with little to no choices.

Thieves disguised as doctors.
Was a walk in at a BS&W clinic in December. Was having some pretty intense back spasms and just needed something for relief. Spoke to the receptionist who told me my total cost for the visit was $234. I thought this was ridiculous for a 15 minute visit but I went ahead and just paid it. A couple months later I get another bill in the mail telling me I owe them another $100. I immediately call them and after a very long discussion she tells me that they made a mistake and than I only owe them an additional $35 dollars. I still thought this was ridiculous as I had just paid what I was told the entire bill a couple months before, but not wanting a headache, I just gave them the money again.

Fast forward to today, and I just received ANOTHER bill in the mail, this one for $20 dollars. At this point it’s not even about the amount of money, it’s the fact that they think they can just keep sending you random bills and expect you to pay them without question. I tried to call them to dispute but of course their billing department is closed.

Avoid this place at all costs. They’re just out to make a buck and they will attempt to suck you dry as long as they can.

I will update this when I inevitably receive another bill for a random amount a couple months from now.

• Jun 14, 2023

You're not alone.

Their billing department is either totally incompetent, or they're outright criminals, no other choice.

It's unbelievable that they get away with it. File with the BBB and consider a complaint to the atty general.

I have also had a terrible billing experience with BSW. I was getting double billed for services that I received at the doctors office - office, mind you, not the hospital. One bill was for my doctor's visit and the other for the hospital - hospital? So I called and billing told me that that's how they bill because they are connected to the Baylor Scott & White health system. I was told that they were clear in telling me that upfront before services. Well, neither I, nor my husband, remember them tell us that at all. Why would we agree to that?! Now we're stuck with a large bill. A much larger bill than if I had gone to an independent doctor's office. So now it's bye bye BSW! It's too bad because I did like my doctor's there. :(

Missed lung cancer on scan
I needed surgery to replace 2 discs in my neck because all other things I tried did not relieve the pain in my back/shoulder area or the numbness there and under my arm. Getting ready for surgery and stuck at home during COVID, I started walking my dog again. I couldn't go far before I had to stop and catch my breath. After contacting my dr, I was sent to a cardiologist for tests. They revealed a birth defect with one of my arteries in my heart. I was 55 at the time and no prior history of heart issues. I had to get clearance from the heart dr prior to having my discs replaced. They did a CT of my heart and I had surgery 6/15/2020. On 8/21/2020, I had double bypass to correct the defect and a clogged artery. I completed cardiac rehab but still suffered with fluid on my left lung and being short of breath. In 02/2021 I saw my cardiologist for a follow-up. I cried the entire visit. I thought having each of those major surgeries would alleviate by pain and breathing issues but no. Plus, I lost my husband 1/14/2021 and was very stressed already. I was referred to a pulmonologist who was a jerk btw. He wanted to drain my lung again since the first 2x they didn't test the fluid removed. The diagnosis was metastatic adenocarcinoma (Stage 4 lung cancer). I'm not a smoker. Never have been. He and another pulmonologist I saw in that office at a later time...both said they could see the mass on my CTA scan prior to my June surgery. I'm sorry but the radiologist has ONE job. Look at the picture, the ENTIRE picture, and give his findings. I have zero doubt that if he wouldn't done his job, I wouldn't have had the surgeries and my cancer wouldn't have spread. Which it's not a coincidence that those surgery sights are exactly where my cancer has spread to. I have been in and out of the hospital due to other missed things like clots in both legs and my "good" lung. Today, I was told based on my results of my blood work, I am in Stage 5 kidney failure although my intake/output of fluids was great when I was recently hospitalized about 10 days ago. I was in the hospital in early December and after I got out, told 3 different drs that I continued to throw up every day (for over 2 months), started having trouble sleeping and uncontrollable itching. (Those are 3 of the 4 signs of kidney failure). They all blamed it on the chemo which I hadn't had since before Thanksgiving. No tests or further investigation. "must be all the medicine you're on"

I blame S&W for cutting my life short and pray no one else goes thru this horrible experience.


Please you and your family see a good malpractice attorney. If you live in a small town where BSW maintains power, see an attorney out of your town. What you described, unfortunately, is not an isolated incident. I have had several incidents while hospitalized myself, although with better outcomes --ultimately. I could have just as easily not come out of it alive, and I am not referring to an accident or injury of any kind that occurred outside the hospital.

Only if THEY are made to pay will things change so that what happened to you will not be repeated again.

Could not even acknowledge inflammed turbinates
Have been suffering for five months due to the misdiagnose and carelenessness of Doctor Kristin Constantine. Went in for what I call

Went in for what I thought was sinus problems in Dec 2021.I was also diagnosed with hypertrophied turbinates ( confirmed by another ENT a week before my visit to this office and a month prior while on a trip abroad) fully dismissed by a shoulder shrug and saying that happens all the time and will go away on its own. I was so dismissied about it that she even wrote down on my chart that my turbinates were normal. As you can see on the picture below there is nothing normal on having two red balls inside your nose !

According to her, the CT scan did not show anything relevant. And wrote down my turbinates were normal AGAIN. I could see the inflammed red big balls inside my nose y own every day at home let alone the pain I have had for the past five months.

She sent me back home without any sort of medication not even advil !

Despite my pain complaints, she did not order additional tests and sent me on my way to basically keep suffering. No referrals or medical guidance on who else to visit.

You would think if your nose hurts you go to an ENT right. If it is not the obvious,you would do extra tests to find your patient some relief as there are hundred more ailments to be searched for not just sinus.

Also, my deviated septum magically corrected itself as it was not reported by her either. So many approaches that could have been used/suggested to help alleviate my pain but no. Just simple inaction and carelessness. Oh, its not sinus so I can not do anything else go on and live with your untreated pain.

And the nurse was very fast to tell me that they do not treat ear ringing despite being an ENT. Just don't ever go here Do not waste your money, time and peace here.
Could not even acknowledge  inflammed turbinates
Could not even acknowledge  inflammed turbinates
Could not even acknowledge  inflammed turbinates


Must my Husband suffer for months before he gets treatment?
My husband has stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. We are getting nowhere on the treatment. He found out he had Cancer in July 21. In Sept 21 he had surgery, were we found out that the cancer had already spread. He had the Wipple Surgery at BS&W in Temple,TX. He spent seven weeks in the hospital there and then moved to Round Rock, TX for two weeks in rehab. He's home and I am the care giver and wife of 58 years. My problem is: It's in the new year and we can't seem to find out anything about treatment. Why can't we find out something? The dr seems to want to tell us in person, so he can see our reaction. We know he has cancer and it was recently up graded to stage four. We also know it spreads fast. We want some sort of treatment, so maybe he can have a little more time on this earth. Please help us. We are okay with a phone call.


I am so sorry but I recommend a holistic doctor. They save lives. 🙏🙏

If you have Medishare or desire to pay cash and can afford to, no help here!!
I tried to schedule an appointment for my wife who has Medishare which we purchased instead of Obummercare because Obummercare pays doctors so poorly and Medishare had a lot fairer fee schedule for providers. There is no PPO insurance that can be purchased by individuals in North Texas. Medishare is not classic insurance, and tells you so. We had paid cash at Baylor Scott and White for an expensive MRI before. Baylor Scott and White WILL NOT EVEN MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR A CASH PATIENT WHO CAN AFFORD TO PAY FOR THAT APPOINTMENT, and they don't accept Medishare. They'd rather take Medicaid and Obummercare, I guess. So even if you have the ability to pay, I guess they'd rather bill a faceless manipulable entity than a real person. Please take your business elsewhere. Oh, they will allow a person(or at least my wife) to pay for a mammogram!?


Exceptionally poor care
I was transported via ambulance to the location in Lakeway Texas during the night of 8 September 2021. I have never been so sick in my life and was fairly certain that I was dying. I was seen by Dr. Neeta Bhakta in the ER. along with a couple nurses. I have NEVER in my life been treated with such cold and uncaring disregard. The nurse who inserted the IV blew 2 veins and informed me that it was my fault as I tensed up. When they attempted to run a EKG I was retching and shaking uncontrollably at that point the Dr shouted at me 'YOU HAVE TO BE STILL' with that she turned and walked out of the room. It is my sincere wish that at some point these 'medical professionals' become very ill and very scared. Still I would wish for them better care and more compassion than they showed an old woman that night. But at least then they might begin to understand how their actions effect patients. I now understand that Baylor Scott and White is a business and not to be confused with a true medical facility. I also understand that nothing will come of this but you can rest assured no member of my family will ever darken your door again


Doctor wont fill prescriptions in timely manner !
I wish to change doctors because of this issue, now everyone in your network tell me they cant take new patients with Medicare ! I also have the best policy you can buy with Blue Cross Blue Shield ! The problem is that the prescription that I need filled is my most important medicine for my neuropathy. It even says not to quit this medicine, to taper off of it . It is Lyrica ! And I have heavy metal poisoning ! Am I going to have to go to Mexico ?
Doctor wont fill prescriptions in timely manner !

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