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Vaccinations Mandated
I have always believed Baylor to be One of the top hospitals in the country. My father was an OBGYN, my sister is a PA and my daughter is a nurse and they would all agree. However; a hospital that mandates all Healthcare workers to get an experimental vaccine which has not been FDA approved is shocking. We are now seeing the Delta variant in the vaccinated because the vaccines are waning and boosters may be pushed. To what end will you go? The cure rate is 99.7%. Hydroxychloroquine has been peer reviewed and shows a 200% increase in healing. Baylor doctors should be sharing this cheap alternative with their patients as well as Ivermectin. But Big Pharma and hospitals make much larger profits on the cycle we find ourselves in. The Cleveland Clinic has research proving natural immunity works as well as the vaccine so you should encourage antibody tests be taken. Young nurses risk the spike protein attacking their ovaries, while the elderly risk brain clots. Please be the Baylor we have loved and trusted for generation and do not make our heroes chose between a paycheck and an unproven vaccine.


Billing & Insurance
I was scheduled for an MRI on 8/19/2021. Then I received a phone call to suggest that my appointment be moved to 7/14/2021. At first I though it was nice of them to give me an earlier appointment. However, I find that their concern was to collect money up front before I completed my deductible. See, I had a balance from a previous medical service that was not billed to me until just before the upcoming appointment. I was demanded to pay up front for the upcoming MRI, before I could pay the previous bill. Had I been given ample time to pay the previous bill, I would have met all of my out-of-pocket cost; and therefore, the MRI would have been paid in full by the insurance. Was this an attempt to double-collect?

• Jun 14, 2023

Yes, it is.
They've done the same to me.

Five Star Rating
I just spent five days at this facility and could not have better care anywhere. ALL THE EMPLOYEES WERE EXCELLENT. They treated me with care and respect and had uplifting spirits. They were attentive. They checked on me regularly and always asked if I needed anything. When you are down, it is great to have wonderful, upliftng people around you
God Bless All The Employees!


Banned from BSW Waxahachie
My mother was physically assaulted by Dr. Sheen at BSW Waxahachie and when she complained they banned her. How is this legal? If anyone knows of a medical malpractice attorney that has sucess against Baylor in the DFW area please let me know.


Don't ever see a malpractice attorney from the same town that has BSW facilities. They (BSW) ingratiate themselves in many aspects of the city politics and medical establishment.

BSW Covid 19 vaccination reservation # is (214) 820-2670 if you have doubts; avoid BSW and live.
We moved near a new BSW hospital in Marble Falls as we are geting older. But I stopped seeing my BSW GP for incompetence coupled with the BSW policy of NOT filing out medical forms for employers, which cost us thousands of dollars and threatened our continued insurance coverage. When I needed critical care, there were no qualified heart valve surgeons at BSW, so I had to go to St Davids Hospital by ambulance where I recieved great care (30+ days in the hospital). But coming back to BSW after surgery was a mistake. As I healed, my heart periodically would race to 250 beats per minute, so my BSW cardiac EP specialist did a smaller heart surgery. But thereafter my heart rate would often still be 150 bpm (even sleeping), and also completely stopped for 3 seconds at a time. My BSW EP specialist said that was "not bad enough" for further treatment and/or a pacemaker. On top of all that, my regular BSW cardiologist refused to tell me the truth of my heart condition and possible options because of internal BSW policies related to the EP's position. I got a second opinion at Austin Heart and they were shocked at my two BSW doctors opinions based on my condition, which ncluded "flat-lining" for 3 seconds of a 12 second test right there in the Austin Heart office. The BSW EP specialist was actually angry that I sought a second opinion, and my BSW cardiologist has transferred far away from Marble Falls.
I have recieved great care at St. David's in Round Rock/Temple, Assention Seton in Burnet, and Austin Heart in Austin.
Most recently, while now having little to do with BSW, and after months of being told "don't call us, we will call you" about Covid 19 vacination, they finally posted a phone number to call for information. I called to see if I was still a "patient" of BSW being reviewed for 1B status. The nice lady checked my chart and she said I was eligible to schedule a vacination, and gave me the reservation phone number of (214) 820-2670, and told me to call immediately, which I did. However, the people in scheduling, including a supervisor, completly blew me off and said "don't call us, we will call you." They said it was a "misunderstanding." I then sent an email to BSW and the nurse responded by saying she would elevate the matter. As you can rightly surmise, nearly a week later, still silence from BSW. I did tell the BSW nurse that I was going to post this if they did not get back to me, and they obviously do not care.
So in conclusion, if I were you, I would go anywhere else for medical care, especially to the three three hospitals and their doctors I stated above. Save your own life.


I live in Temple now after moving back here to take care of my elderly mother. I won't go to BSW unless I'm unconscious in an ambulance. I also go to Georgetown or Round Rock St. David's, Austin Heart , any non- BSW facilities or physicians.

In past 5 years I HAVE been taken unconscious twice to Temple BSW, and each time I came close to dying for good. I say it that way because the last time, I had a cardiac arrest while in the ER. They didn't tell me about it. I found out at discharge to a rehab hospital for PT/OT due to being intubated for several weeks and several more weeks in the hospital because I had pneumonia. Nothing was or is wrong with my heart. They tried to convince my elderly mother to put a trach and feeding tube into me only about 5- 7 days into the process. Obviously there was/ is nothing wrong with my brain. She refused,and told them to wait. After they stopped sedation, funny, I woke up.
The first time things went south, I was in the hospital for transfusions due to severe anemia found in outpatient labs at the "other clinic" in the community. Following transactions and studies of my GI tract, I fell into a unconscious state also requiring intubation. Ultimately, again a respiratory cause due to aspiration during GI studies. I had told the anesthesia and GI doctors both I had severe reflux causing aspiration pneumonia in my past. Previous GI studies requiring intubation to protect my airway during procedures. They chose to ignore me and sedation without ET tube.

BS&W Health Insurance
Hadn't quite made it to my appointment, when I found out they canceled a follow up appointment I made, knowing I would have to go back multiple times. I received a phone call telling me it was being canceled. 25 minutes to book and someone decides that I can't have two appointments with the same doctor. I AM PAYING FOR THIS!


Totally incompetent
My husband was in the hospital for 35 days. He was admitted for COVID after a seizure. His care in the hospital had its ups and downs. Some providers called to update me. Others had to be contacted so that I would be updated. Since there are no visitors allowed for COVID patients, it was really upsetting to have several days go by without updates. A walker was ordered and delivered to the hospital. It was lost for over two weeks.
Now we are dealing with follow-ups. My husband was back in ER Saturday. He tested positive for COVID again. Today, Tuesday, we were to have a follow up with primary care. Because of the positive test, instructions were given to go to the main clinic on 31st Street. We arrived and were told to go to the Plavilion. At the Plavilion, a nurse checked and sent us to the main hospital. At the main hospital, again my husband's birthdate was entered into the computer. We were given instructions to return to the main clinic and go to D1. Arriving at the main clinic, we were met with 2 security guards saying we were not allowed to enter. This whole mess took 1 1/2 hours and, inspite of specific instructions of where to go for the lab work, we were denied access. My husband was released on oxygen and needs follow up care. The incompetence was ridiculous.
Unfortunately this is not even close to the incompetence my son has experienced. He has Crohn's disease and has had his colon removed. This year, due to multilple hernias, the decision was made to close the ostomy site and reattach the small intestine to the rectal stump. The surgery was done and the hernias repaired. It may even have been a success except--even though the surgen was told not to use staples--staples were used. My son has been back in the hospital 4 times, once here and once in Conneticut. Here he is only given massive doses of antibiotics. In Conneticut, they open the site and gave him instructions on packing the wound twice a day so it would heal from the inside-out. Conneticut was the 3rd visit. He was readmitted the 4th time here last Monday and finally checked himself out yesterday, Monday a week late with no resolution. During this admission he was again told by the surgeons that the CT scan was normal. A hospitalist disagreed. The internal surgery site was healing in a elipse which was not the normal healing pattern. It seems the body is again trying to encapsulate the staples. This is a repeat of the surgery preformed in 2013, when 9 months later in 2014, a 2nd surgery was done to remove the grapefruit sized mass of encapuslated fat tissue and pieces of metal. The CT scan was also sent to a friend who is a nurse practioner. Her comment was that the scan was not normal and fluid was building around the surgery site, the liver, and kidneys. The surgens refuse to take responsibilty for the problem and refuse to fix it. The red lump is already showing up on my son's abdomin so obviously he will have to return to the hospital again. How many times will this happen before the issue is resolved? The incompetence and refusal to take responsibility for the problem even though the staple issue is doctumented in his medical records is horrendous. Not to mention on one occasion my son's shoes were lost. They were never found.
In the cases mentioned, I would have to say there is a severe lack of professionalism and competence at Baylor Scott & White.

A very unhappy mother and wife,


My husband began cancer treatment September 4, 2019. Billing has been good until I received a statement dated December 16, 2019. The statement indicated a balance for a procedure on October 6, 2019, the exact procedure, that had been covered previously (Sept 4-30, 2019 and Oct 1-21, 2019). After a numerous phone calls every month to BSW and my insurance, in addition to conference calls between my insurance a BSW billing, with each time assuring me it has been taken care of and I continue getting billed for the date, I can not get this taken care of. The last statement August 12, 2020, states it is now delinquent and final notice and will be going into default. This is so frustrating and your billing department should be more efficient. Way too much time on my part, insurance and your employee's part is not acceptable.


I brought my daughter into the Brenham hospital due to an accident. I was sent packing due to Covid-19, so I was unable to have any voice in her care or lack thereof. She was given 16 stitches in her leg, some of which were doubled due to the deep cut and sent home. NOTHING for pain, no antibiotic and no Tetanus shot. She is now running a fever and no one there cares!? I called the ER and spoke with Ilea, the charge nurse who could CARE LESS about her condition! Very sad that this is the level of care in Brenham, Texas. And yes, she does have insurance. RIDICULOUS!


I've had an ongoing illness that puts me in the hospital more often than ever before in my life. Baylor Scott & White in Temple Texas has been abusing me every time I have had the misfortune to need care. A doctor has scolded me for causing their budget to be affected by my multiple stays, they've had members of their psychology dept enter my room and berate me in an effort to get me to yell back at them so they can claim I have some kind of mental issue. They've put in writing their disdain for me as a person and as a patient. A nurse named Natalie has laughed after asking me personal questions and getting me to talk about a family member who took their own life. Natalie thought this was funny. I've been put on a floor that is under construction with little or no staff for me to get help from. Most recently I was put in a room with another patient who was infected with the Corona virus, in the hopes that I might catch it. When that failed Baylor Scott and white sent a woman to my home who made an appointment with a doctor for me and when I got there they demanded several hundred dollars from me. They don't want me coming back and have also refused me admission when another hospital needed to transfer me because they did not have the capacity to take care of me. As long as you follow their rules, as long as you leave and don't come back they will do right by you. But if you cause problems of any kind, remember, you are in an environment where they can do anything they want to you. Sometimes I wondered if I would make it out alive.


I regret that you are currently dissatisfied with the Provider Based Billing that Baylor Scott & White Health implementsI can assure you though that what we are doing is a standard practice among non-profit organizations which require prior approval from the Federal GovernmentThe amount that is owed by a patient could be a result of the type of Health Plan they have chosen and the amount of the deductible that was agreed upon when purchasing that planThank you for bringing this matter to our attention

Thank you for bringing this to our attentionReview indicated that we have been trying to reach out to you to resolve this issueThe contact information we had was incorrect and I apologizeWe will be making more attempts to contact youThank you

Thank you for bringing your thoughts to our attention as we take these very seriouslyI will have one of Finance Experts reach out to you for assistanceThank you

Thank you for bringing this to our attentionI can understand why the complainant would be upset; however, the billing and the coding is correctIt seems that no one has attempted to take the time to address our physician based billingI have reached out to the complainant and when my call is returned I am certain that complainant will be satisfied with resolutionThank you

We're very sorry for the interaction you have had with the Ambulance BillingBased on the reason you called an ambulance, it is [redacted] that is denying your claimWhether or not you were carried to the Ambulance or walked on your ownAlso, You have already filed a complaint and that complaint has been responded to and closed outPlease take this issue up with [redacted] We have attempted more than once to collect from themIt is [redacted] that refuses to cover the chargesWe cannot commit fraud unless we actually get paid for the servicesSince [redacted] is not paying for the service, there can be no fraudThank you

Thank you for bringing this to our attentionour review indicates that the coding was correct and the incidents involved are not covered by MedicareBaylor Scott & White Health will now consider this matter closedThank you

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: The issue has not been resolvedI have not received a refundThe response is sarcastic in nature and unprofessional Regards, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I want the to note in it's records the problems created for me with Medicare due to billing errors generated by Scott and White EMS Regards, [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meI would like to note that had I known there were alternative methods of resolution, I would have pursued them- I was essentially told that the matter was closed and that there was no other way for me to seek any resolution other than what was provided to me earlier Regards, [redacted] **

I sincerely regret you "rejecting" our responseIn our last transaction I wrote:Thank you for bringing this to our attentionOur review indicates that you were being billed for all of your visits with the one Doctor you describeFurther review indicates that several statements were mailed to you only to be returned address unknownAs it stands currently, your billing is correct and accurate; However, I invite you to bring those statements you disagree with to our business office so we can see if there are any errors that we can correct for youThank you.There was an invitation for you to come visit with us in order to resolve any issuesWe have yet to hear from youWe will consider this matter closed until we hear from you in person

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