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Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: [redacted] denied both of these services because of erroneous data submitted by Scott and White EMS during the billing department, necessitating me to take on the burden of costs and efforts to appeal the resulting [redacted] denials I have received ambulance services numerous times in the past from providers other than Scott and White EMS which NEVER resulted in a [redacted] denial I believe that two [redacted] denials based on billing issues from one carrier in less than one year is suspect Regards, [redacted]

Thank you for bringing this to our attentionOur review indicates that you were being billed for all of your visits with the one Doctor you describeFurther review indicates that several statements were mailed to you only to be returned address unknownAs it stands currently, your billing is correct and accurate; However, I invite you to bring those statement you disagree with to our business office so we can see if there are any errors that we can correct for youThank you

I regret that we were unable to resolve this issue to the patient's satisfactionOur review indicated that we billed correctly and will now consider this matter closedThank you

Last time I was here I waited 2 hours in the patients room. My son waited 3 hours! Today we are at 96 minutes and counting! They know there is a problem as they are offering snacks as we wait. Seriously? We need a patients bill of rights like airline travelers have! 630-457-7771 if you care...but I hope I get the automated response like everyone else!

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

FINAL RESPONSE - Thank you for bringing this to our attention and I apologize for the delay in responseSeveral people, including upper financial leadership have reviewed this complainants concernsEvery single time the charges were found to be validEfforts to explain this to complainant have been made on more than one occassionWe will now consider this MATTER CLOSED

I am rejecting this response because:
according to a the EMS run sheet for the 9/15/service, it was noted that I walked from my apartment to the ambulanceIn fact, there are witnesses that can confirm that I was taken from my apartment by EMS via gurney. Before the ambulance left my apartment parking lot, an IV was started. Therefore Medicare rejected this service date. This type of error is the same type that happened with the billing for the 1/13/service, which necessitated numerous phone calls to the contracted Scott and White EMS billing service. It is frustrating dealing with *** *** Ambulance Billing as I note the dates and the account representatives who I speak with regarding various mistakes and issues with my account and they fail to note such interactions on my accounts. Then when I finally got the direct phone number for the account supervisor and spoke with her, she claimed that she had no employees by those names working for her. The initial billing error made by Scott and White billing for the 1/13/service was when it was coded as an out of country service and Medicare denied the claimI asked that the claim be corrected and re-submitted to Medicare. I have no doubt that all records of my interaction with the contracted billing service have not been correctly reported or retained in the claim history. With two consecutive billing errors, this leads me to believe that Scott and White EMS is perpetrating Medicare Fraud. I suggest they do more follow up and reconsider their decision. At any rate, I will be reporting my concerns directly with Medicare and ask for a formal review of Scott and White EMS billing practices
Helen Cosgrove

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: I informed them that they could inspect the iten and keep it at the clinicThey also said that they would have the heated chairs at the clinic like at the other one prior to Octand this was a lieafter talk to the director of dialysis on the 1st of Octthey had not intentions of get the chairs there for atleast another 2-years
*** ***

Thank you for bringing this to our attentionYes, we have had some issues where statements have been sent out long after the factCorrections have been made to avoid that from happening again. "Fraud", however, is a bit harsh and most inaccurate. I can assure you there is no
"Fraud"We would be more than happy to work with you to resolve this issueSomeone will be in touch with you to discuss these optionsAs far as you owing the money, yes, for services rendered whether it was last week or months agoAgain, thank you for bringing this to our attention

Thank you for bringing this to our attention in such a colorful wayWe will be happy to look into this matter and respond to you accordinglyI hope this finds you well and that you have a glorious day

Thank you for bringing this to our attentionWe are working diligently to get this matter resolvedI have reached out to the complainant and explained that we will work hard to resolve this issue and once done will be in contact with herOur apologies for any inconvenienceThank you

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and I apologize for the delay in responseSeveral people, including upper financial leadership have reviewed this complainants concernsEvery single time the charges were found to be validEfforts to explain this to complainant have been made on more
than one occassionWe will now consider this matter closed

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this
response because:The contact information they had was correct and I spoke to different people on the phone today who were all telling me the same thingI could not get my money back unless there were no pending insurance claims on my account, even though that's not what the initial payment was forI spoke to someone named *** in patient relations just a bit ago and she sent all the names and situations up to the main supervisor of the billing department and I would hopefully get a response by Monday because that person was out of the office todayYou have not had incorrect information because my name, address and phone number was doubled checked each time I spoke to these people todayI just want my money backI don't want and didn't pay for Scott & White store creditI am beyond appalled at the way this is being handledThis is not a truthful response at all.
*** ***

Thank you for bringing this to our attentioni regret that you are having this experiencePlease know that we have initiated a full audit of your account and will respond accordinglyMy apologies for no one getting back with you, that will be addressed by the appropriate leadershipThank you

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:I have been told that I should be receiving a refund, however, I have yet to receive the actual checkUntil that time I will not consider this matter closed.
*** ***

From* *** *** * *** Baylor Scott and White Health (BSW), is in receipt of a complaint filed with the, referenced as Case # ***Federal and state laws generally prohibit covered entities, such as BSW, from disclosing patient information without a valid authorization. Therefore, BSW is prohibited from providing any additional documentation or specific comments beyond the information disclosed personally by the complainantBSW can, however, provide very general information to address the allegations stated in the complaint. BSW will conduct a review and will respond directly to the patientBSW is committed to protecting the privacy of patient health information and all patient and consumer concerns are taken very seriously. Thank you for the opportunity to provide this information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact my office at *** *** *** *** Manager, Department of Patient Relations

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because: I feel it to be an unfair practice to extend an extra financial burden on a patient who has insurance with a provider.This practice is not a part of the information proved to patients when selecting healthcare coverage and/or providersThis in turn would surely educate patients on this hidden cost to them separate from thier plan being billedI plan to actively pursue other providers in the community which doesnt adhere to this policyI am saddened to have to give up my providers from the Scott And White networkI have begun to receive collection notices from this practice dating back to I will pass this information on to others who also may not be aware of this practice by the Scott and White Additionally plan to lobby these actions with our local union to possibly effect information to members considering change to thier Health Plans during next open enrollment periodUnfortunely patients utilizing your providers have not been informed.Regards,*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

The Emergency room staff treated me [ 83-yr-old male] on Friday, Nov. 30th for kidney stones. I was evaluated with a CAT scan and comprehensive blood tests. When one medication did not ease my pain, I was given another intravenously, which did. This took a total of three hours. The staff were responsive and caring.

The next day, Saturday, Dec. 1st, I returned to the Emergency room with the same issue, however, my pain subsided after I took prescribed medication. The doctor reviewed my previous CAT scan and blood work and offered to treat me for pain again, but after waiting an hour, I declined and left to go home.

On the way home, my pain returned but much worse than ever before. I returned to the Emergency room I had just left fifteen minutes earlier and was readmitted. My most recent attending physician was nowhere to be found and all of the nurses were new. This was 2:00 PM. The doctor again pulled up my previous scan and bloodwork and reviewed my diagnoses and treatment. I am writhing and screaming in pain at this point. My daughter requested that the doctor order pain meds for me several times. The doctor argued with her, fighting it seemed to find some flaw in the previous diagnoses, something that had been missed.

Finally, after thirty minutes, the doctor ordered pain meds to be administered to me. I am about to pass out from the pain and crying out for help. No one came. My daughter waited ten minutes and asked at the nurses station for someone to help me. No one came. Ten minutes passed. She asked the nurse responsible for me to help me, the nurse said that she had other tasks to complete and would help me when she got to me. Ten more minutes passed and I am crying out, screaming in pain. My doctor was nowhere to be found. My daughter asked to see the charge nurse and expressed her concern. He simply stood outside the door and defended the nurse's right to refuse to administer the ordered pain meds until she was ready. My daughter raised her voice slightly and complained that I was suffering and needed help. At that point, the charge nurse told her that she was "upsetting the staff" and that because she had raised her voice she would have to leave. She did not cuss or belittle or bully anyone, simply begged for someone to help me. I am also crying out in a loud voice. The charge nurse then called security and told me that they would not treat me because I was "yelling."

I left and went home. I passed out from the pain in the car.
Clearly, although some of the staff at Baylor Scott and White are trained in prioritizing compassionate care, others are not. More to the point, this particular group of nurses were all quite young and clearly inexperienced. They seemed to have no idea how to deal with the slightest disruption and narcissistically referred everything that happened to their own sense of comfort and importance.

Poorly trained and immature, this hospital staff needs to be reassigned and a senior staff member should have been present for guidance.

We will never go back to this hospital on fear of serious injury and/or neglect.


Worst experience ever! Our appointment was at 2:30 I said are you guys going to get us in on time and the secretary said yes we are next 3 o’clock rolls around I’m like do you know what time you guys gonna call us in your next OK I sat there the lady that came after us got called in before us and we are still sitting there I got up spoke with the manager that the doctor text time with her patients I said then don’t need you need to spaced appointments out and not schedule two or three people with the same time she’s like well we cannot do anything the doctor takes her time with her patients so I sat down I waited they came out at 3:15 to call us as we were walking in I said oh are you guys going to stick us in a room for the next hour well we do not have a handle on this there are three other kids ahead of you that have not been seen yet mind you it was 315 already I will never go back to Baylor and Scott again the picture attrition’s name is Dr. Williams and her manager is so rude she stuck her finger in my face and then I said can I get the one 800 number to call The customer service she’s like no we don’t give that number out you need to go online under Baylor and Scott and find a customer service phone number yourself and call them these are children they have short attention span they cannot sit in the office for 23 hours to be seen Dr. Williams is extremely slow does not keep up with her appointments and her manager was severely rude I do not suggest your kids go to see her unless you want to sit and wait for three hours for them to be seen

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