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Better Beef Brands

1715 S Madison St Ste H, Webb City, Missouri, United States, 64870-3044

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• May 22, 2023

Missing a box of meat.
I bought 3 boxes of Meat and I went there for the 20 for $40 ribeyes and they offered to carry all the boxes out to my car and when I got home I noticed I'm missing the Ribeyes. I also didn't like the meat as well. I had a steak that I cook all the time and it was not good. Weird taste and slimey. Will be throwing away all $489 dollars worth of meat away. I want a refund for $489 I'm very disappointed.
How can I get ahold of these people? I found a phone number 1-417-825-3244 and I have called it twice. My boyfriend got onto their Facebook page. And no responses.
I'm extremely disappointed. And it was the last day the truck was there at the mall and they closed at 5pm and I didn't get home till after 5. I immediately called the number above and nothing... im pissed that no one will call me back.

• Apr 17, 2023

If you see this truck selling meat, keep driving. The sales person was really nice and I trusted what he said about the meat. It is horrible. It is thin, dry, tough and full of fat and gristle. I'm trying to find a phone number because I want to return this meat and of course the truck is no longer there. No phone number available, go figure! I am so angry at myself for believing what that sales person said - TOTAL SCAM! Don't waste your money!

• Mar 03, 2023

Outright scam no other way about it
I spend over $450 on two boxes of their "premium steak"
The following are facts.
-Meat has a brine solution and no where in the box or site does it say that.
-The fillet mignons are cut sirloins made to loook like fillets
-No matter how you cook these "steaks rare or well done on the grill they do not form the correct doneness and end up looking like brown goop.
-They do a great job with their packaging but product does not come close to pictures.
- They advertise a premium product but this is the type of quality you'd find at doral general steaks.
-They are graded F on the BBB and have several investigations.
-CC companies have a bunch of charges filled against them.
-24 hour return policy but if you purchase on the last with their already ridiculous return policy they'll be gone by than into the next town to suckered people out of their hard earn money.

• Feb 15, 2023

$636.54 wasted on bad meat
February 4, 2023 my husband heard on the radio about a meat sale in the parking lot of our local mall. Because I have purchased meat before from this same location and it was great meat I choose to purchase again. I spent a total of $636.54 and then I need to purchase freezer to keep it in. We have tried the chicken, bread shrimp, rib eye, and filet.
All of this is not eatable. The beef is tuff, the chicken didn't taste right, the shrimp was so small you didn't know you were eating shrimp and tasted weird.

Now I am out over $1000.00 for something I can not eat. I have called the 1-417-825-3244 and left a message. I have even call the radio station that advertised it and left a message also.

I will update when and if I get a response.
$636.54 wasted on bad meat

• Sep 20, 2022

This is a scam!!
I really questioned buying Meat from a parking lot. The ad of 20 ribeyes for $40 is a big sales gimmick to get people there. They advertise under a different name ("Essential Foods" on Facebook. Once making the purchase and looking at my bank statement I found the name used for the charge to my card and looked them up. I find nothing but negative reviews. I looked at the official webpage and they provide no way to contact them. This is the most disgusting meat I have ever tried and it smells rancid.

I am requesting a full refund, and will be reaching out to my bank, BBB and a lawyer if I do not get a satisfactory response from the company. Hopefully they are still monitoring this site as I did send a Facebook message immediately upon finding all the negative reviews and have not heard back yet!

• Sep 13, 2022

Full of additives
I bought the steaks the other day and noticed that there is fine print on the inner boxes that state that there are plenty of added ingredients not disclosed when purchased. They have an assortment of additives including SUGAR, SODIUM, beet juice, bleached wheat flour, yeast and many others. Celiac sufferers cannot eat wheat without getting sick. Heart patients cannot eat alot of sodium without looking at another heart attack! I agreed to pay $389 and charged $400.67 not knowing there was an added fee. I was ripped off for sure and I am a senior living on fixed income. SHAME ON YOU!

• Sep 13, 2022

Additives and sodium!!!!
I didn't notice right away but if you read the small print on the label, these steaks are riddled with sodium, yeast, bleached wheat flour, SUGAR, beet juice and several other additives and seasonings. When a person is on a restricted sodium diet, this is not a good choice of food and they do NOT divulge this info before purchase. Also, if a person does not read this fine print, it could be pretty bad for someone with Celiac disease because of the wheat. I paid $389 and was charged $400.67! Heart patients beware-get ready for a huge rip-off!

• Jun 25, 2022

terrible meat
This is the worst meat I have ever had, the steaks are tuff no flavor, full of water, I can't believe these people can stay in business, selling stuff like this,

Rancid Meat
I spent 236 on beef that was rancid. I defrosted the two steaks right away in the fridge and could not believe the product. Dark in color, smells and is plain inedible.
I have worked in the restaurant industry, certified by the county in food safety, and this product is unsafe.

I tried going back to return my purchase (literally the next day) and the truck is gone!
Rancid Meat

The vendor is selling “meat” out of a refrigerated truck advertising 20 ribeyes for $30 in closed mall parking lots during the COVID-19 Pandemic with beef and meat shortages occurring so people, including me, are jumping in line trying to get steak to feed their families. The product they are selling is reconstructed “meat”. They push hard for you to buy their family pack or larger quantities and talk over and around you so you don’t read the label on the side of the box which says Water and Binder product then lists all the other ingredients which Ingredients is actually spelled wrong on the label but there are 12 ingredients in 1 “Ribeye” steak. The taste is not steak. It’s like ground up parts of who knows what mixed together but I have never had a more awful “steak”.

Better Beef Brands Response • May 21, 2020

Our products come the the very same distributor that distributed to all steak houses and surrounding grocery stores. We apologize that you are unhappy with your purchase. We do purchase nothing but quality products and every customer is shown exactly what they are purchasing before they purchase it under the tent.

Customer Response • May 21, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

This is not what I was shown under the tent. Look at the pictures. It is NOT meat. They showed me different cuts in an attempt to sell me over $700 but I only wanted the 20 ribeyes for $30 as advertised. I was charged $35, which is $5 more than I was supposed to be charged. During COVID-19 I was just looking to feed my family. I cant feed my family this. It's NOT meat. The label, which I did not see until I was home, says its water and binder product. I was scammed and I want my money back. This is not edible.


I purchased a beef and pork pack from Tyrone mall on Sunday morning. I spent 289$$ and the man assured me the product was organic and choice grade. This meat is not choice grade- my whole family has had diarrhea for 2days since we started eating it. I could not get through a steak because there was so much gristle and the burger taste like mush. I called every phone number and no one answers. I tried to reach out via fb where all advertising is- again no response. I’d be happy to return. I feel like I was tricked and have an expense freezer full of food that I wouldn’t even feed my dog.

Better Beef Brands Response • May 11, 2020

The grade of the products that we order though our distributor is strictly Prime or Choice grade. We do not order anything less than that. All products are shown under the tent prior to purchase so that each customer knows exactly what they are receiving with their purchase. At this time due to the CDC guidelines put in place we are unable to accept any returns on grocery items. It is clearly stated under the tent that all sales are final. Our apologies that you are unhappy with your purchase but at this time we are very limited on what we can do in order to stay compliant with all guidelines put in place by the CDC and other state and local authorities.

I knew purchasing the 20 Ribeye for 30$ was fishy. These are super small super thin. Definitely NOT ribeye. Didn't take long to thaw and cook. They were completely inedible. They had a spoiled odor when opening and while cooking. We took a tiny bite and the meat was gross. Decided to give them to our dog because it really looked like meat from a dog food company. This place is awful. Bought from a parking lot in Louisville KY a couple weeks ago. What a waste. If you want a good ribeye go to *** instead.

Purchased $270 worth of beef from Fayette Mall in Lexington KY on April 10. We began to use it the following week. It is terrible meat. We tried the tbone steaks which were horrible and then tried the beef patties hoping the steaks might have been an anomaly. Also horrible. The stand is of course gone, there is no way to contact them through the website. I would like a refund.

I bought this meat today. When I got home and opened one of the packages of meat it smelled rotten. I will not eat this meat or feed it to my grand children. We have one car and I cannot get this meat back till Wednesday or Thursday of next week. They are not there all the time. They are always late and I will not go down to the mall and sit for 2 hours and wait for them. I paid $100.00 and thought from what they said it was a great deal but it smell like poop. I will be glad to send it back to you guys. I can have either UPS or Fed it ship it back to you. I don't want it. You should be ashamed of yourselves for selling this to people and it being cheap beef. It is a scam and I want a full refund or I will push this situation further. I expect a complete refund. I feel as though If I ate this meat I would have gotten deathly ill.

Better Beef Brands Response • Apr 27, 2020

Per the CDC guidelines we can not accept any returns on grocery items. All sales are final. All of our products are US raised and processed and come from very reputable distributors throughout the US. I assure you that in no way shape or form we are set out to scam anyone. Especially during these times.

I purchased meat at *** from this truck on Friday, the meat needed to be thawed 24 hours then when I cooked it, it was as the flyer said there was a 3 day return policy. By the time I arrived, they were already gone. I am very unhappy with with product as I spent money for quality and did not even close to receive it.

Better Beef Brands Response • Apr 16, 2020

We are still set up at the

Customer Response • Apr 16, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:
I am unable to drive to location. I do not have transportation. Was there via a friend.


Better Beef Brands Response • Apr 16, 2020

If you can please send a copy of your receipt or bank statement and the last four digits of the *** or *** used to make the purchase we will be able to look up the transaction and refund you the difference you were charged otherwise there is no way we will be able to look up the transaction made by that card in order to refund you the difference. It was stated that if you were not comfortable posting that information that you may go to the *** location and speak with someone there that can assist you personally. Please provide this information so that we maybe able to clear up this matter. Thank you.

Customer Response • Apr 18, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


I went to their 20 ribeye steaks for $30 on April 10 at the *** in Louisville, Ky. They tried to upsell me a family pack of steaks and I told them no. I was not interested. They then tried to upsell me Chicken and Seafood. I told them all I wanted was the ribeyes. I purchased my ribeyes and left. When I got home I was charged $289.00. I tried calling the number on the charge, but all I got was a recording to leave a message and someone would call me back.
I could not find an email address so I went back to the site on 4/11 and spoke with *** to inform him of the error. He said to call the number on the receipt and they will call me back in a couple days. He also said to email them and I asked for the email address and he was not able to provide me with one. He kept saying it's on the webpage.
I went home and there wasn't an email address on file. I did find another number on the site and called it, but got another recording for a Google Voice and was told to leave a Voice Mail which I did and still no response.
I reached out to their Social Media page, explained the issue, and they kept saying I have to go back to the site to return the items. I told the Social Media site I was not returning anything, I just want a refund of the diference that was owed. Again they said I have to go to the location to due a refund. I can not go back to the site as they have already left and the social media site replies did not come back until after the locations closed. I'm not risking going back out to Public during the Corona Virus Pandemic and all I want is a refund of the difference that is owed to me.

Better Beef Brands Response • Apr 16, 2020

Hello ***,

As stated in the message that you were sent on Monday the office does not have access to the individual clovers that are used at each sale. In order to resolve this issue we had to wait until business hours we are having difficulty finding your transaction and need more information from you to proceed. We have messaged what information we need and further instructions in order to solve this issue for you. Thank you

Customer Response • Apr 16, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:
I have been asking about this since the day after the purchase when I noticed the incorrect charges. That day was April 11th. I did not get a response until the next day and it was a generic reply saying I need to go to the tent that I purchased to dispute. I went to the tent and was told to call customer service which lead me to a voice mail which I still have gotten a response or call back.
When I messaged social media back, I got the same copy and paste reply of going back to the tent. I told them I already talked to *** at the tent and was told to call or email corporate. When I asked for the info, he said it was found on the website. *** wasnt able to provide me with any info.
I was told by the social media account it will take a business day to review the clovers and see why I was overcharged.
This was on 4/13 and I asked for an update on 4/15 and just got a different response. They are now telling me they need my information on the issue. I told them dollar amount both on 4/11 and 4/12, yet they are just now asking for this info. Why did they say they were going to look into this on 4/13 and not ask for this info in the beginning?
I would like a refund back to my account of $259 that I was overcharged on.


Better Beef Brands Response • Apr 17, 2020

We are trying to get your refund processed as quickly as possible. We are even refunding you the full amount due to having to wait so long to get it processed.

Their products are a rip off, the filets were so tough the were un eatable, the burgers are full of fillers like flour and beet juice for coloring and don't taste like beef, ribeyes were small and stringy, on the good note they refunded all my money the next day when I returned it.

Better Beef Brands Response • Apr 13, 2020

We are terribly sorry you are unhappy with the purchase you made. We have tons of customers that love all of our products and are very happy with the customer service they have received and believe in customer satisfaction and service.

I purchased 20 ribeyes for $30, but the quality of the ribeyes were questionable. They were extremely thin and tuff to chew. It was like chewing bubblegum after cooking a few steaks on the grill-unfortunately. I find it hard to believe that the steaks are REAL beef. Buyers beware of purchasing from this company. I'll shop elsewhere before I purchase anymore mystery meat.

Better Beef Brands Response • Apr 13, 2020

We have tons of customers that love our ribeyes. We apologize that you are unhappy with your purchase. I assure you that all of our products are real beef, chicken, pork and seafood. *** ALL of our products are USDA INSPECTED AND APPROVED and come to us prepackaged and frozen.

Meat purchased was slimy & had a strong harsh odor indicating meat had been spoiled. Took a package of steak and chicken to my local meat store to have the butcher inspect. Butcher stated meat was spoiled and had been treated. Company is impossible to contact and have not received any responses.

Better Beef Brands Response • Mar 27, 2020

We have not conducted any sales this year. You have the wrong company. Please contact the correct company. Thank you.

Better Beef Brands Response • Apr 07, 2020

Our apologies but this is the first that we have heard about your unhappiness with the product you have purchased. Per the CDC public guidelines we are not allowed to accept any returns of our product however, if you could please provide a letter from the butcher you took the meat to that stated this meat was spoiled and proof of purchase then we will happily provide you with a partial refund. All of our meat comes from our distributor prepackaged, frozen and USDA approved. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

Customer Response • Apr 11, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:First this company claimed I hadn't purchased anything from them and wanted proof. I sent that. Now they want proof that a butcher inspected it. They are claiming that all their product is inspected, certified, or whatever- for which dba name that you use? There appears to be so many that they dont even know who they sell to anymore. If this company wants proof that they sold me bad product, I will gladly send it back to them, at their expense. The butcher shop that previously inspected the meat has closed their doors for now due to business expenses of COVID 19. This product is so bad I wouldnt even feed it to my dog. I do not accept the offer of a partial refund. What an absolute joke of a business! Cant believe they are still in business under so many names. If a full refund is not issued, I will be pursuing further action.


Better Beef Brands Response • Apr 13, 2020

We have not received any proof that your purchase was made from *** and in order to refund you any you state that you took this purchase to your local butcher and that they stated the meat was spoiled. Since the CDC is prohibiting the return of any food products in order to give you a refund we will need 1. proof that your purchase was from *** and 2. that your local butcher said that this product was in fact spoiled per your statement in your complaint. Thank you.

I bought what was supposed to be Ribeye Steaks which is what I eat all the time, NOT RIBEYE STEAKS!! These steaks was so thin you could use them for philly cheese steaks, They were Delmonic steaks not Ribeye. I bought them for the Super Bowl didn't know until I opened them and saw the results of these Thin Steaks, No time to take them back! DO I GET MY MONEY BACK FOR STEAKS I DIDN'T CHOOSE TO BUY? NEVER WILL I BUY FROM A TRUCK IN THE MALL AGAIN!!!

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Address: 1715 S Madison St Ste H, Webb City, Missouri, United States, 64870-3044


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