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• Apr 16, 2021

The restaurant never received the order from this platform. I did not receive my food, yet, this platform charged my card twice: one for a service fee of $8.44 and the other $43.04 for the food that I did not receive and the restaurant didn’t receive the order. This is absolutely fraudulent activity. This needs to stop and these people need to be arrested for scamming people out of money.

• Mar 10, 2021

They DO ACCEPT TIPS BUT THE RESTAURANT NEVER GETS THEM. I have Fighting with them to get a list of customers who used their service with phone numbers. STILL WAITING. IT IS A SHAME IN A PANDEMIC WHEN PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO SUPPORT RESTAURANT WORKERS AND CROOKS like this steal their money!

• Feb 19, 2021

First Experience with this company...and it SUCKED!!!
First experience with this company ( I searched online for my restaurant. It "looked" like I was at the restaurant site, but when ordering a $4.99 "Service Fee" was added. Then only after ordering and checking out was it disclosed that this was a 3rd party site and that they would email me after placing the order. LIKE I COULD NOT PLACE A TAKEOUT ORDER MYSELF? Then after 10 minutes of no email, I received a call and was told that the prices shown were outdated and the order would be almost 50% extra. So, told them to cancel the order. And, concurrently I received a text saying that the order could not be placed...all the while I was driving to the restaurant. WHAT A CLASSIC WASTE OF TIME! NEVER AGAIN!

• Jan 03, 2021

Smooth move
They take your card info to bill you for a monthly charge that you do not agree to . Scammers.

• Dec 13, 2020

Beware! This company overcharges and does not provide the service!
I ordered from China Kitchen, in Chester, Va, on this online site thinking that this is the site the company uses to order food. When we went to pick the food up, we were informed that they don't take money online, so we had to pay in person. Immediately, I looked at my bank account only to find that not only did the company not pay the business; they charged more than what the site showed. The service fee was supposed to be $4.99, but they charged $9.95. They should not have charged my card at all because they didn't do anything to deserve to be paid.

• Oct 24, 2020

Restaurant manager
This website has been asked by our restaurant multiple times for the last 4 months to take our menu off of their site, and they have not responded at all. I have asked the callers directly if they are from an online ordering site and they lie and say no. This website is useless to both customers and restaurants. Please call your local establishments and order food.

• Oct 19, 2020

Bring me that is a scam STAY AWAY!!! 0 stars
not single mentioned about being signed up for a monthly service of 9.99, I did not agree to any of that and yet the charge continues to happen every month. I have already contacted them and they had agree to cancel this dumb service and the charges keep coming. 4.99 fee for a service they dont do and then 9.99 a month that you dont agree has to be consider a scam. I have lost 80 dollars thus far and no resolution. how are they a business at all is mind blowing.

• Oct 13, 2020

It is a scam
They will take your money and never place the order.

• Sep 04, 2020

Deducting money from my Checking account
I placed an order a few months ago and this company has been taking $9.95 out of my account ever since. I did not authorize for them to take the money each month and I do not have orders delivered every month. What a rip off, I've been trying to call and get no answer...finally changed my debit card so they can no longer bill me.

• Aug 05, 2020

My family and I order out frequently since the pandemic has struck us. BringMeThat makes ordering takeout economically feasible with their premium subscription service of $9.95 a month. I order several times a month and am always informed that status of my order my a convenient text letting me know when the restaurant will be ready for me.

More companies should be like BringMeThat.

• Jul 26, 2020

I ordered food for my family from a local restaurant and when we arrived the employee told us that they don't have an online ordering service, and that our order had never been received. Bringmethat still charged a service fee of $4.99 for something they never did. The online menu from Bringmethat also had prices and menu items that didn't match the official restaurant's website. Buyers beware!

• Jul 25, 2020

I ordered food from a local restaurant Total of food was $8.90 with a service fee of $4,.99
Total of purchase was $13.89. I paid with ***
When the food arrived, the delivery person said it was marked as "Pay with cash". I showed him the ***l receipt which I then discovered was $20.18!!!!
The delivery driver went back to the restaurant who told us that "BringMe That" was a scam and they were not paid for the order. They did not charge me again but asked that I never use this company again but rather call them directly for delivery.
Meanwhile, I paid $20.18 to a company that overcharged substantially and they never paid the supplier. Lose/lose for the consumer and great for the scammers!

Bring Me That Inc Response time Jul 28, 2020

Thank you for contacting us regarding your experience with Bring Me That. I have thoroughly reviewed your order and it appears your card has been refunded $15.19 for the difference of what you were charged and our service fee of $4.99.

We do not partner with all restaurants and do our best to ensure our prices are accurate. In the confirmation email that you should have received would have indicated that the order was to be paid upon delivery. We charged your card a pre-authorization that would have fallen off within 3-5 business days.

I apologize for any confusion and the poor experience. I hope you will give BringMeThat another chance.

• Jul 13, 2020

I recently went to order food online for pick up and used what I thought was a website associated with the restaurant itself. I put in my credit card info, but when I got to the place for pick up, they said they had not received payment. All that this company does is call in the order themselves and charge a fee. On top of feeling like I was cheated out of some money, and them getting the order wrong, the restaurant in question was also upset that Bringmethat was taking advantage of its customers

Bring Me That Inc Response time Jun 30, 2020

Thank you for contacting Bring Me That regarding your experience. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate your order with the information provided in your inquiry with the I would be happy to investigate this and give a break down of our process but would need to look at your order.Please provide the email you used to place your order or the order # (you would receive this after placing the order) and we will review your case further.

Customer Response time Jul 01, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# 14496683, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

The business stated Issue unable to be resolved as they could not find my order without any of the below information:

The email on the order was ***
The phone number was ***
The date was June 13, 2020 6:07 PM
Please do not use my contact info for anything but resolving my issue.

In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above.


*** Barrett

Bring Me That Inc Response time Jul 02, 2020

Thank you for providing the additional information. I was able to locate your order from Inoko Sushi Express June 13th of 2020. It appears your order was successfully placed with the restaurant. BringMeThat is an online ordering marketplace similar to other marketplaces we charge a convenience fee for placing an order on your behalf. You will see this fee in your shopping cart before you place the order. Additionally, updates are provided via email and text message indicating your order will need to be paid for at the restaurant. Restaurants with concerns doing business with us can contact us directly. At this time, no refund will be provided as we completed the service for you to place your order regardless of the method. I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved, AS LONG AS THEY REIMBURSE ME FOR $AS PROMISED IN THE PREVIOUS MESSAGE Sincerely, [redacted]

Hi [redacted] , Thanks for reaching out to us about the issueThe customer in question was immediately refunded minutes after the customer placed the order at 8:It was clear that the restaurant would not deliver to his address so we immediately issued the refundOnce the refund is issued on our side we have no control over long the customer's bank will take to release the pending charge, which we place to ensure that the customer has enough funds to cover the transaction The customer repeatedly contacted us with the same question and each time we offered the same responsePlease see the logs from our credit card processor as well as a copy of the email we sent the customerThe time in the logs is a different time zone - UTC I believe Thanks a lot for your time -***

I wish I could give 0 stars I ordered for the first time last night and my order never came I printed out the order along with the order confirmation number and the the time and date if this isnt resolved I will be forwarding all the information to my attorney.

I would say the biggest problem with the service is that they do not have any relationships with the actual restaurants they claim to offer service forOn one hand, I see the appeal, they are able to offer services for a much broader array of establishments this wayHowever, they rely on online menus, which in my densely populated area often are in no way official menus, but that doesn't stop BMT from using itThis means the prices my be wildly different and in some cases may not even represent items actual served!! As an example, tonight my faily wanted to order ChineseWe just moved to town a few months ago, and we haven't ordered Chinese delivery since we lived here, preferring to pick up from a restaurant close by that does not deliver to our new homeBut tonight I decided to try the place just a few blocks away, and was delighted to find they offered online orderingExcept that they dont, it was done through BMTI paid no matter and ordered anyway, not being familiar with the serviceI get my confirmation e-mail, and the total was much much lower than I would typically pay for a family of fourConcerned that somehow my order was incorrect, I entered the online chat and was assured that the price was correctWhen my food arrives, it is missing the items I ordered for my children to shareI look on the paper menu the restaurant brought me, and they don't eve offer that item!!! So rather than call me to let me know that something I ordered was unavailable, they simply omitted it and charged me for the pleasureI will never order through them again

[redacted] sans-serif;">This issue was resolvedWe spoke to a representative and removed the I Fratelli restaurant from our website as a courtesy, after explaining that we use publicly available informationIf the restaurant has any further questions we would be happy to answer them I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Hi, We apologize for any confusion but you are correct that BringMeThat is merely an ordering service and some of the restaurants that are listed are not directly integrated into our system, so we have to phone in those orders All of your concerns are addressed on our FAQ page which is linked prominently on every page in our header and can also be found here [redacted] How we operate our business is described on this page in the section 'How does BringMeThat work with restaurants' How we process credit cards is described in the section 'How do you process my credit card' Security of our site is addressed in section 'Is the site secure' We appreciate your feedback and apologize if this information was not transparent to you We strive to be as transparent as possible which is why all this information is included on our FAQ page, as that is the best place to describe how our business operates and is available on any page on our site

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