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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ***, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:
I never signed anything or gave a tip
In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above
*** ***

Hi ***,Thanks for reaching out to us about this issueAs you know, the initial hold of $was refunded and replaced with a charge for $16.48, which included your $tipThe original was a pending charge, that disappeared from your statement once we released itYou should not
have been charged an overdraft fee and you should request that your bank look into that and refund you the fee since it was their errorWe’re really sorry that this happened to youCan we offer you a refund of $for the food?Best,BringMeThat Customer Support
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved
*** ***

The WORST EVER!!!! After an error on there web site that cause MAJOR confusion they REFUSED to make things right

Hi ***, We're really sorry that we weren't able to a hold of you when you claimed your restaurant on our siteWe've since change our policy to improve the process for thisWe removed your page from the site several weeks agoThanks for reaching out

The prices listed are just estimated prices and are subject to change based on the restaurantWe will only charge what the restaurant normally charges plus our service fee
This can be seen on our FAQ page at *** in addition to the cart upon checking out next to the TotalThanks,
BringMeThat Customer Support

Hi ***,
We apologize for the inconvenience After looking at our records it looks like your order for delivery was forwarded to the delivery service *** *** says that they went to your house and tried to contact you over the phone but were unable to get a hold of
you, which is why the food was not delivered Unfortunately *** did not refund us for the purchase because their delivery person has already paid the restaurant for the food, which is why you were automatically charged on our end However, we understand that you didn't receive the your meal so we're happy to refund you the $on our end We've processed this refund on February *** and it should be reflected on your credit card statement within the next 1-business days Please let us know if you have any questions or inquiries.Regards,
BringMeThat Customer Support

We apologize for any confusion The prices listed on are website are just estimated prices and are subject to change based on the restaurant We only charge what the restaurant charges plus our service fee This is indicated on the 'i' icon next to the total in the
cart in addition to our FAQ page which you can see here *** Thanks,
BringMeThat Customer Support

Thanks for your inquiry You can remove your listing from our site by letting us know which restaurant by filling out this form ***, which let's us know which restaurant to remove Please let us know if you have any
other questions or need additional information.Regards,
BringMeThat Customer Support

We ordered a inch pizza with sausage and green pepper and half with black olives the other half with mushroomWe ordered a inch pizza with just sausageWe ordered a roast beef sub with just mayonnaiseWe got a inch cheese pizza and a inch pizza Half with black olives and mushroom and half with sausage and green pepperWe got the roast beef sub and it had all the toppings on it instead of just mayonnaiseThe restaurant was apologetic and offered to make it rightHowever I did not have the time to waitI contacted bring me thatthey offered to refund the fee for their services but not my entirely screwed up the order.The whole purpose for using them was for convenienceInstead I am left with an order that is completely wrong and out over $ and totally inconveniencedBecause I did not have the time to wait the restaurant did not offer to give me a credit or anything for future orders because it was not their faultSteer clear from this company they are awfulBefore I was even done chatting with the operator she ended the chat session

They lie - the delivery receipt was wrong, their response was that they overcharge in case of tips, then refund the differenceNo refund, no resolution when I contacted themThey Lie, Do Not Trust Them

Showed me a restaurant that did not actually deliver to me, then charged me for the delivery despite calling me to cancel itWhen I reached out to customer service via chat, they said it would take days to resolve, and the chat turned out to be with "***"Weeks (and several followup emails) later, and I still have no responseClearly a scam

I ordered from a restaurant last month and used this delivery service to deliver foodThings went fairly smoothe until the next month when I was charged another $on my credit cardWhen I emailed support, they explained that It was a monthly charge for using their "premium service"I never signed up for thisThey then canceled my service but have not refunded the illegal charge

Scam Business Won't Reimburse a $9 Overcharge - No Customer Service. Bring Me That overcharged me by $9.60. I have a printed copy of my order and the total and the charge on my credit card was $9.60 higher. Bring Me That took more than 24 hours to reply to my first email challenging the charge and 48 hours to reply to my follow-on emails. They indicated that they can't reimburse me. This company is worse than a waste of money. It's a scam operation with little to no customer service communication and little to no recourse when an overcharge occurs. And because a company this shady has my credit card number, my next step is to cancel my card. Do NOT patronize this business.

This company is a scam and a waste of time. I tried ordering from a local restaurant but the phone number shown was not working. But there sat BringMeThat “Order Online” button and so I did. They charged my card $4.50 and sent a confirmation email that my food would be ready for pick up 20 minutes later. I arrived at the restaurant 22 minutes later; no food, no order resembling mine, nothing with my name on it. They’d never heard of BringMeThat, they don’t accept online orders, they didn’t even have a computer, and best of all - their phones hadn’t been working since earlier that morning. I place my order in person and waited 20 minutes for it. While waiting I used the Chat to contact customer service because finding a phone number for this “company” is like trying to find a mythical creature. I explained the issue and asked for the service fee to be refunded, no response for three minutes, asked a second time and the chat was ended. I got home and ate then AGAIN used the chat to contact customer service, this time it took 24 minutes for someone to enter the chat and another 4 minutes for them to “look into it” during which time I got an auto message thanking me for contacting them, I replied with “hello?” at which the customer service rep immediately responded they would refund the service fee. No explanation, no apology, absolutely nothing that makes even mediocre customer service. So now I’m stuck waiting to be sure they refund the money before I cancel my card because I trust this “company” with my credit card information about as much as I would trust my five year old with it.

Bring me that is a scam. I called the restaurant I ordered from who had no order of my food, after no response from bring me that via “live chat” waiting for 10 min I called
Restaurant back to place another order direct and they said “you just called and placed this same order but you sounded different and were very mean” and it was a different credit card used. Apparently this company falsely advertises to be affiliated with the restaurant and and literally charges you for “impersonating you on your own call” the restaurant driver not this company is actually delivering the food afterall . This is entirely fraud
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved, AS LONG AS THEY REIMBURSE ME FOR $13.47 AS PROMISED IN THE PREVIOUS MESSAGE.

We received a request for removal for this restaurant via email late last night, and complied at the open of our business day today. Our service provides convenience to customers that prefer to order online and we charge a fee for the service. When restaurants request removal, we always comply....

On occasion customers will request that a restaurant be added to the site so that they can order from it. A restaurant owner need only fill out our removal form on the site to have their restaurant taken off within 24 hours.

sans-serif;">This issue was resolved. We spoke to a representative and removed the I Fratelli restaurant from our website as a courtesy, after explaining that we use publicly available information. If the restaurant has any further questions we would be happy to answer them.
I have...

reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved.

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Description: FOOD - SALES & DELIVERY

Address: 31 East 32nd Street, Suite 4502, New York, New York, United States, 10016


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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Bring Me That Inc, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

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