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[redacted] sans-serif;">This issue was resolvedWe spoke to a representative and removed the I Fratelli restaurant from our website as a courtesy, after explaining that we use publicly available informationIf the restaurant has any further questions we would be happy to answer them I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Hi, We apologize for any confusion but you are correct that BringMeThat is merely an ordering service and some of the restaurants that are listed are not directly integrated into our system, so we have to phone in those orders All of your concerns are addressed on our FAQ page which is linked prominently on every page in our header and can also be found here [redacted] How we operate our business is described on this page in the section 'How does BringMeThat work with restaurants' How we process credit cards is described in the section 'How do you process my credit card' Security of our site is addressed in section 'Is the site secure' We appreciate your feedback and apologize if this information was not transparent to you We strive to be as transparent as possible which is why all this information is included on our FAQ page, as that is the best place to describe how our business operates and is available on any page on our site

Hi, We apologize for any confusionat BringMeThat we personally phone in any orders and pay with our own credit card for security reasons so that no one, including members of our own team, ever see your credit card number The prices listed on our website are just estimated prices as sometimes the restaurant will change their price but you will ultimately only be charged whatever the restaurant charges plus our service fee Therefore, your card will only be charged the $you mentioned plus our service fee and any tip you left You can see how this works at [redacted] .Thanks, BringMeThat Customer Support

We received a request for removal for this restaurant via email late last night, and complied at the open of our business day todayOur service provides convenience to customers that prefer to order online and we charge a fee for the serviceWhen restaurants request removal, we always comply On occasion customers will request that a restaurant be added to the site so that they can order from itA restaurant owner need only fill out our removal form on the site to have their restaurant taken off within hours

Order pasta online and waited the minutes for delivery After the delivery driver left, I discovered they gave me pasta I asked for a replacement and was denied because I ate some of the pizza Still have 3/I did not want, did not order and do not like Refund was refused

Our records show that you have signed your receipt and added a $tip, which has been paid out to the restaurantRegards, BringMeThat Customer Support

I am on a business trip, totally exhausted from meetings here in [redacted] . I decided to use the give me that app.....HORRIBLE IDEA!! At about 8:00 I placed an order, after 20 minutes, I had not received confirmation of my order, I was just getting ready to call the restaurant when I got a call from Massachusetts ###-###-#### at 8:20, telling me that my order needed a replacement. The lady said it would be 45 minutes to an hour. I questioned loudly, AN HOUR, she recanted and said well it won't take that long since it's late. That was at is now food yet.

I had never heard of Bring Me That but they came up first in Google as delivering from my chosen restaurant. I ordered and they sent me an e-mail confirming and stated it would be 1 hour. Then I looked at some reviews and started to panic. There were so many saying that it is a complete scam. At 55 minutes I used the chat option to check the status. The chat person asked me to hold and during that hold the guy arrived with my order. He was SO polite and apologized for the delay. I think it may be a problem with different regions. Here in Louisville, I had no problem. OH! right before you submit the order there will be a box checked to sign you up for monthly service for a fee. I made sure to uncheck the box. I gave them a four because an hour did seem a lot of time to wait for an order from less than 5 miles away.

At this time, I have been contacted directly by Bring Me That Inc regarding complaint ID [redacted] , however my complaint has NOT been resolved because: They continue to deny that the promised not to charge meThe person that contacted me stated that they mentioned they wouldn't charge me that day but they only mention the initial $charge, which was a preauth anyway so that claim doesn't make senseI stated to them I never authorized a $tip and was told the $would be refunded at leastIt wasn'tTo be honest I have pretty much given up dealing with them because they are going to continue to lie and give me the runaround In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above Sincerely, [redacted] ***

I only ordered through this company because they somehow showed up on the website and I thought I was ordering directly through the restaurant The restaurant only does pickup, so all they did was call on my behalfI showed up to pick up my order and the side I ordered was wrongI showed them my receipt on my phone - and they were confused because they don't have an online serviceThey said a man called in the order, and then they ordered the wontons the store owner recommended they do the meat dumplings, as the wontons aren't great, according to the owner, the person on the phone (BMT) said, "yeah, go for it!"THEY CHANGED THE ORDER ON MY BEHALF?? Not only did they not even get the order right, they charged me $for the privilege of messing up the most simple service This company is a joke and a scamThere online chat support isn't optimized for mobile, and I couldn't even type out responses to the rep I was able to contact

DO NOT ORDER FROM BRING ME THAT! IT IS A SCAM I TRIED TO ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY AND THEY DID NOT BRING ME ANY FOOD THEY SAID THAT THE RESTAURANT I ORDERED FROM WAS NOT ANSWERING THE PHONE I ASKED IF I COULD ORDER SOMETHING ELSE FROM ANOTHER RESTAURANT AND THE PERSON FROM BRING ME THAT! SAID THAT THEY DID NOT CARRY ANY OF THE DISHES THAT I ASKED FOR THESE WERE ALL BASIC DISHES THAT MOST RESTAURANTS CARRY LIKE STEAK AND CHICKEN DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY THEY ALSO KEEP SENDING ME EMAILS THAT I TRY TO BLOCK BUT THEY KEEP COMING BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted] , and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because: Good evening, I do not accept BringmeThat, Inc's response as it is fraudulent and incorrect The message indicates that they were unable to provide me with the agreed upon service due to the restaurant no longer offering delivery That is invalid and incorrect because I personally spoke to the managers of that Greek reataurant and they advised that BringmeThat, Inc is illegally using their business name They stated that they did not stop doing delivery and have never received a phone call or any form of contact from BringmeThat, Inc Regardless, I would have never known that they were never processing my request had I not personally contacted the Greek restaurant myself I do not trust BringMeThat, Inc and feel that they are doing business in Bad Faith In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above Sincerely, [redacted] *** I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted] , and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because: I was charged $to my Credit CardI have attached a transactionI would like all monies credited to my account In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Hi ***, We are not partnered with this restaurant so we called in the order as we do for restaurants we are not partnered withThe restaurant made a mistake and charged you a second time after we charged youI will expedite the removal of the pending charge we placed on your card once you place an orderPlease note that this pending charge would have disappeared in 7-business days, because we would never finalize a pending charge for an uncompleted orderBecause you made us aware more immediately we can ensure that this charge disappears from your card in 1-business days depending on your financial institution Best, BringMeThat Customer Support

This company is a scam! They represent themselves to be a food delivery serviceThey are notI ordered from them online last night, from a local pizza shopThey charged me $just to call the restaurant and place the orderThey did not deliver it, the delivery driver for the restaurant didSo I was not only charged for my food and tip to the driver, yet also the additional fee of $To do something I could have done myself! I spoke with the restaurant manager this morning and informed him of this situationHe expressed that they are in no way affiliated with this company, and that he will also be filing a complaint I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved Sincerely, [redacted]

Total scam and I will, aggressively, dismantle this nonsense. After relocating to my current Projects location, I was looking for place to have dinner delivered to my wife at home. I came across a local Pizza place in which BringMeThat led me to believe that I was ordering on-line through the vendor, themselves. I received an order confirmation number and was told that I would receive an order confirmation via e-mail. After waiting an unusually and unreasonable amount of time, I contacted the vendor who confirmed that A.) The do not accept on-line orders and that B.) They were not familiar with BringMeThat and C.) They did receive an order in my name. After I placed the order myself, I was contacted within minutes by the vendor indicating an identical order had just been telephoned in. Then, I checked the data with my financial institution indicating a $4.50 charge. Immediately, I initiated action. Their Customer Service wanted to dance me around and even advised me that I subscribed to their service. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. DOWN with BringMeThat!
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ***, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:
This company has repeatedly purported that I signed two different receipts or ordered two different orders from *** *** I never did any such thing I had never ordered from that company over the phone before 8/**/and never again after that I ordered online using and paid $with my visa When *** delivered our food, they handed me a receipt to sign, which I did Later I realized that the amounts were different The final charge of $makes total sense when you add in the tip of and the BMT fee of This has not been in dispute What has been in dispute is the fact that I was actually charged for two separate amounts One from Bring Me That for $and separately from *** *** for $24.40.I cannot account for why I was charged by both entities, but for BMT to continue to presume that for some reason I ordered the same thing from the same place, twice in one phone call is absurd They told me on September *** that I would be refunded automatically in 1-business days I wrote back to them on September *** to let them know that I still had not been reimbursed I wrote back to them on Sept.*** and told them that I still had not been reimbursed and that I was lodging a complaint with the NY State Attorney General and the got back to me on the *** and apologized and said that they would refund the pending charge of $and that I should only see one charge of $and that I should send a screen shot of my bank statement I sent a screen shot and copies of the original receipts STILL NO REFUND!On 9/**/I lodged a formal complaint with the and the NY State Attorney Generals Office just as I had told them that I would On December *, I received a copy of an interaction between BMT and the Internet Fraud department BMT was STILL claiming that they had resolved the issue and issued me a refund They did not!I finally received a credit to my account for the amount of $on December ***, They called it a "courtesy refund" I take issue with the fact that they consider giving me back money that they owed me a courtesy I am so tired of this situation I sent clear evidence that I had paid twice for the same order and I am annoyed beyond belief that they may be operating like this with other folks who do not have the time or tenacity to chase them down.August *** to December *** is not 1-business days, just in case Bring Me Thatcom was wondering Charges never "fell" off of my account I had to dog them for nearly months This is absurd and I hope that people will take note of this situation and watch their accounts closely
In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above
*** ***

*** did in fact forward her complaint to the Attorney General's office and we responded with the following, to which we haven't received any replyWe explained that she was not incorrectly charged, but we also refunded her as a courtesy
0in 0in 12pt;">We did receive complaints from this customer that we thought that we had addressedWe will issue a courtesy refund for the purposes of satisfying the customer and below I will explain the customer's confusionFor restaurants that we are not partnered with, we call in on the customer's behalfWe provide our card information, so the restaurant charges us (the receipt the customer signed was ours) and then we in turn charge the customerA pending charge is placed on the customer's card and then is finalized when the restaurant finalizes the amount on our cardWe then add the tip amount the customer left to the total we are charging the customerThe prices of the items on our site are sometimes higher than the prices that the restaurant charges, which constitutes a feeThis is the explanation that we provided via customer support email which you w "The initial charge was and you left a tip of which we added to your bill for a total of We refunded the pending (unfinalized)charge of to make the chargeThe $difference between the restaurant's initial charge (23.48) is the small fee for using the serviceI'm not sure what the charge was, unless you are saying that the restaurant charged you againThere should only be one charge on your card from BringMeThat for If this is not the case please send me a screenshot of your statement with your personal information redacted." When we saw the charge restaurant charge by the restaurant we could not account for it since we do not have her credit information, nor would we give it to the restaurantIt could be that she had ordered directly to them in the same neighborhood of timeThe initial email that we sent showed that our customer support agents had assumed that she was talking about the initial charge we had refunded, not a charge placed by another partyThat is why we assured the customer that she would be refunded in 1-business days, because we thought she was talking about the initial chargeThe attached documentation shows the initial charge was refundedWe would not be able to explain the restaurant chargeWe only know that they correctly charged us which is why BringMeThat knows that she left a tip of The total charged the restaurant to BringMeThat's card by the restaurant was $We passed on the $tip to be paid by the customer bringing the final charge to from We have refunded her as a courtesy and due to the bank's processes it take 1-business days to be reflected in her statementI hope that this satisfies your questionsLet me know if you need anything in additionBest, BringMeThat Customer Support ***

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Description: FOOD - SALES & DELIVERY

Address: 31 East 32nd Street, Suite 4502, New York, New York, United States, 10016


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