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This resolution is in reference to complaint: ***. After investigating this complaint, we found that a CNP crew did a leak investigation and located the leak under the sidewalk, but did not break the sidewalkThe leak was referred to Contractor Services for repair, so a
contractor broke the sidewalk to make the permanent repairs, which have been completedKindly be advised that the sidewalk was repaired early on Monday 11/07/2016. Respectfully, CenterPoint EnergyExecutive Administration Office
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint
[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]
The response does not reflect the sequence of eventsSuper bowl Sunday a Center Point rep rang door bell at [ *** *** **] and ask me ( Mr*** ***) if there was a problemI had just arrived home and responded I don't think soThe rep said he had gotten an auto alert of a problemThe rep explained that was a cell device on the meter that alerts Center Point of any issues...he needed to check system ..later returned to explain what he foundhe said apparently *** was working in the area and damaged some lead lines in several homes in the areaHe said we were only getting percent power to the homeand I needed to do some home work to disconnect all chipped devices as they could be damaged..he said my neighbors were in dispute with *** about the damage lead lines..stated the underground cable would need to be replaced by an electrician , ask if I had any questions and left
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 11243996, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint Hi Center Point Energy,I think you mix up my complaint with another customer.My compliant was against technician who red tag all gas appliances at my home Both licensed home inspector and heat inspector came and reported there was nothing wrong with my gas appliances As a result I asked for the refund of $or $(something like that for the refund of the inspection) The technician agreed to refund my money However, I still have not received the check for more than weeks I ask for proof that the check has sent to me
*** *** *** *** *** *** ** ***
This letter is to inform you that CenterPoint Energy has carried out to my satisfaction the resolution it proposed for my complaint, filed on 11/16/and assigned ID *** Was taken care of to my satisfaction,although after they finally showed up my a/c and heater
no longer worked,so I had to hire a repair man, seems a little fishy, but it is what it is
*** ***

This is in response to complaint# *** submitted by Ms*** *** regarding the premise at *** ** *** *** *** ** ***
After thorough review of our records, we were able to determine that Ms*** spoke to a Supervisor on 07/08/An apology was immediately extended
for the amount of time it has taken to receive a response that Ms. *** presented in reference to her December 2014, billing. The billing and invoices from December to current were explained in detail. The customer was assured that the disconnection of service did not have any association with the December billing
Ms*** was advised that an invoice was sent online on 06/22/15, for $144.00.This amount included a disconnect notice for $with a final payment date of 07/02/15, plus the current bill of $due 07/07/In addition, the disconnect notice was also mailed to the customer at the above service address. It was explained to Ms*** that the disconnection of service was a result of a balance forward of $from her April invoice, and a $balance forward from her May invoice for a total of $On 07/05/15, payment was received for $leaving an unpaid balance of $Regrettably, this amount remained unpaid and on 07/07/07/the gas service was disconnected for non-paymentThe customer was quoted $to reconnect serviceThis included a $past due amount, a $collection fee, a $reconnect fee and an $deposit
Based on our findings CenterPoint Energy was not negligent in disconnecting Ms***’s gas serviceWe were unsuccessful in our attempts to contact Ms***We regret we are unable to waive the reconnect fees as they are warranted and do applyAdditionally, a supervisor informed Ms*** that we regret we would be unable to waive the $collection fee and $reconnect fee and the customer accepted the reconnect quote of $This amount included a $past due amount, a $collection fee, and a $reconnect feeHowever, in consideration of Ms***, CenterPoint Energy agreed to waive the $depositIn which the deposit is the greater amountNormally, this fee would have been required to be paid prior to restoring serviceThe reconnect order was executed on 07/09/15, and gas service was restored
We sincerely regret any inconvenience Ms*** may have undergone as a result of this matterWe appreciate her for making her concerns known to us and we look forward to serving her better in the future
Respectfully, Natalie E***CenterPoint Energy

This is in response to complaint #*** submitted by Mr*** *** regarding the premise at *** * *** *** *** ** ***
Upon receipt of the complaint, we immediately forwarded Mr*** request to our CenterPoint Energy Credit Department for handlingOn 09/02/15, we
received an email confirmation from the Credit Department that a deletion request to all three credit bureaus for $was submitted and a deletion letter was mailed to Mr*** at *** *** ** *** ** *** *** ** ***
We were successful in speaking with Mr*** and apologized for the amount of time it has taken to resolve this issueMr*** was very receptive to the information providedHe thanked us for contacting him and stated he was satisfied with the outcome.
We regret any inconvenience that this matter may have caused Mr*** and we thank him for allowing us the opportunity to address his concern
Natalie ***
CenterPoint Energy
This letter is to inform you that CenterPoint Energy has carried out to my satisfaction the resolution it proposed for my complaint, filed on 8/3/4:21:PM and assigned ID ***

In response to Ms***'s request.....We had a senior member of management contact Ms***. Management confirmed that the service request was never submitted for enrollment and that there would not be any changes to the account. Additionally, management confirmed that the agent that came out has been coached and apologized for the human error on reviewing the invoiceManagement explained to Ms*** that when a customer enrolls with CenterPoint Energy a copy of the agreement and terms of the product selection is sent to Ms***. If the consumer has questions upon receiving their agreement, the customer can reach out to our call center and an agent can go over the current plan that they are on and explain pricing. Ms*** stated that the township in her area will be sending out notification to all the residents to review their bills and rates. Ms*** stated that there was no additional assistance needed at this timeRegards

This is in response to the complaint #*** submitted by *** *** residing at *** *** *** *** ** ***. Please know that after a thorough investigation, we discovered that the errors made concerning the returned checks were self-initiated Within the last months
all of the payments that cleared were researched to confirm how the payment was made and from what banking institution It was confirmed that the same banking institution was used but not the same checking account information There may have been one too many zeros in the account number enteredUnfortunately there have been two returned items on this account which the account has been flagged to not accept any checks for payments for a months period Other alternatives to make a payment would be to pay in cash at a payment location or with a credit card payment on-line or over the phone Additionally, since the last two payments where returned, the disconnection for non-payment is valid. Therefore we would be unable to refund or waive the reconnection feesThe account will be eligible to accept check payments as of January RegardsCenterPoint Energy

We are in receipt of the additional information submittedPlease understand we have reviewed the account in great detail and determined no adjustments are warranted in regards to the reconnection feeWhen the second account number was created, Ms*** was verbally provided the correct account numberThe account number provided was used to make the payment for the initial deposit
CenterPoint Energy

Thank you for you for patience regarding Complaint# *** *** *** located at the address of *** *** ** in *** ** for account# ***-
Our attempts in speaking with Mr*** *** were unsuccessfulHowever, according to our CenterPoint Energy records a shut off notice was
mailed on 12/15/in the amount of $due by 12/25/to avoid service interruption of service; when payment was not received nor payment arrangements were made by the shut off date gas service was interrupted on 1/4/Please note upon receipt of payment on 1/4/in the amount of $gas service was restored on 1/5/15, which is our processing time unless the customer is willing to be charged and has paid for same day service
Please note this gas account qualifies for payment arrangements which Mr*** can make anytime via our Customer Service Contact center at 800-659-We apologize for any inconvenience he may have experienced as result in his attempt in restoring serviceHowever, in an effort to work with Mr*** we have reversed the reconnection and collection fees as one time courtesy; please understand should a repeat of the same circumstances reoccur in the future, the customer will be responsible for all fees incurredThank you for allowing us the opportunity to respond to Mr*** concerns
*** ***

This is in response to complaint # *** submitted by *** *** regarding the premise of *** ** *** *** *** ***
MsCortinas stated that she scheduled an order for 11/4/Our records found no order on record and no one called to see if an order was scheduled until
11/5/On 11/5/15, *** *** spoke with an agent and it was explained there was no order foundIt was confirmed on 11/3/*** *** paid all of the required reconnection fees through the CenterPoint Energy IVR system but did not complete the process for an order to be issuedOnce an order has been issued, a tracking number is given which is used by the customer to keep track of the orderThe agent scheduled a reconnection order for 11/6/
On 11/6/15, our records show an error occurred which cancelled out the orderThe system did not recognize that the payment to cover the reconnection was made and cancelled the orderThe records also show that *** *** called to check on her order but when placed on hold for a supervisor, the call was discontinuedThe accommodations could have been completed on 11/6/
On 11/9/15, we acknowledged the cancelled order for 11/6/was an error and for the inconvenience, the deposit was waived and will be credited on the first invoice*** *** was in agreement with the decision and a reconnection order was immediately issued and completed
We sincerely thank you for your business and appreciate your patience
Angela B*** CenterPoint Energy

Thank you for your patience in our response regarding Complaint # *** for *** *** at the address of *** *** ** in Tyler, TX
*** *** contacted the regarding billing, gas service interruption and charges associated in reconnection of gas service due to none
Please understand CenterPoint Energy mailed a shut off notice on November 20, for a past due amount of $to the subject addressThe invoice advised to make payment for the past due amount no later than November 30, to avoid service interruption; along with the current charges in the amount of $due by December 7, for a total of $No payment was made and therefore gas service was interrupted on December 8, Please note when services are interrupted for none payment, customer are required to pay past due amount ($25.89), reconnection fee ($40.60) and collection fees ($20.00) upfront in order for gas service to be restored
On December 10, 2015, our call center representative informed *** *** to only make payment for a minimum of $and the remaining amounts left owed would be billed
Please be advised that we have included for your review a copy of the shut off invoice and the accounts most recent payment historyPlease understand based on approved tariff set in General Rules and Regulations applicable to Natural Gas Service in Texas / Section 8.b(a-k); and the above information provided we do not believe any adjustments are warranted
Shauntee S***

This is in response to complaint # *** submitted by *** *** regarding the premise of *** *** *** **, Cypress, TX***
After a thorough review of Mr***’s records, it was discovered that the account was set up on the wrong rate code and was not being billed
correctlyThe invoices were reversed and corrected starting with the turn on date of 10-22-to 9/25/Once the new billing invoices posted, the difference between the old bills and new bills left a balance of $A corrected invoice with an itemization of the bills was issuedThe new invoice shows the last bill of $was corrected to $It was the total of the $plus the corrected amount of$that totaled $40.35, which was drafted from the bankEverything is current and correct as of the last invoice
We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and thank you for your patience and understanding
Angela Boswell
CenterPoint Energy

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me
Thanks I have accepted the response from Ceneterpoint just to close the matter and not waste any further time on thisHowever, I feel it is necessary to respond to Ms *** as I don't feel Centerpoint is presenting correct facts here. Firstly, the wait time where I spent close to min on phone was not due to waiting for one of your agents but an example of poor customer service where I was kept on hold for close to minutes just to talk to supervisor without any updateWith this I would like to also highlight that I was not offered any message to call me backPlease check your telephony recordings to verify the facts.Regarding engineer's visit, I actually didn't accepted but I was not given any option and Centerpoint is not ready to accept their fault and wanted to do Pressure testYour engineer never called minutes before arrival and just turned up despite me verifying it couple of times with supervisor who booked testI suggest please check your phone recording and check with engineer if they ever calledThis is yet another example of where I see Centerpoint failed on their commitment On closing, I would just hope that centerpoint improves their customer service and billing processes.Thanks

This resolution is in reference to complaint #: ***
Please be advised that we have reviewed the natural gas account associated with the service address: *** *** *** *** ** ***
After review of the account, the security deposit originally charged to the account on 05/29/
was reversed in full from the account per receipt of a letter of credit from *** *** on 06/03/
Please be advised that the Service Initiation Fee will not be removed from this account. We have provided a copy of the new service confirmation email sent by CNP Online Customer Service Department. It states:
About Your First Bill
A $service initiation fee, along with a $security deposit,
will be applied to your first month's invoice
The security deposit may be waived by providing one or both of the
following documents:
• A guaranty agreement signed by another CenterPoint Energy
customer who will guarantee your depositThis person must have had
service at their home for at least consecutive months and a good
credit rating with us in order to guarantee your depositContact us to
have the proper documentation mailed to your guarantor
• A credit reference letter provided from another natural gas or
electric company, showing no more than two late payments, no returned
checks and no disconnection orders for nonpayment during the last
consecutive months
These documents may be faxed to *** or mailed to:
CenterPoint Energy
** *** ***
Houston, TX ***
(Attn: Credit/Deposit Clerk, 27th floor)
With this proof, we will not waive the service initiation fee. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our customer Service department directly at ***
Executive Administration Office
CenterPoint Energy

This is in response to complaint# *** submitted by *** *** *** residing at *** *** *** *** ** *** ** ***
On 7/16/a technician traveled to the service address to check for any gas leaks, verify the reading and meter number, and make sure the meter was working
properly. It was determined that there were no gas leak and the meter was functioning properly. It was also determined that we had the correct reading and meter number. On 7/20/we were successful in speaking with *** *** and explained our findings in detail. We also explained that the technician stated that possibly the water heater servicing her address was also servicing the other addresses in the building. We advised her to speak with her landlord
Based on the information provided, no adjustments are warranted. Thank you for the opportunity to address *** ***'s concerns
LaToya J***
CenterPoint Energy

This resolution is in reference to complaint #: ***.Please be advised that we have reviewed the complaint and the account located at: *** *** *** *** *** ** ***. During our investigation we found that the customer started service at the address mentioned above on
01/03/2017. Since that date, the customer has received four monthly billing statements. The customer previously successfully completed two monthly payments. Because the customer was not enrolled in our paperless billing program at the time, this is an indication that CNP has the correct mailing address and that the customer was receiving the billing notificationsPer the notes on the account, and the recorded conversation with our Customer Service Department, the customer essentially did not want to pay the reconnection fees because they were under the impression that the account was on the automatic bank draft program. Unfortunately, the account was not and is not enrolled in the program. The mailing address was also confirmed during conversations with our Customer Service DepartmentAs a result, CNP is not at fault for the disconnection of the service. While we apologize for the inconvenience, CNP will not be able to waive and/or refund any of the reconnection fees that were applied to the account. The company mailed the billing statements to the correct mailing address on file and because a payment was not received by the due date the services were rightly disconnected. Respectfully, CenterPoint EnergyExecutive Administration Office

This is in response to complaint #*** submitted by Mr*** *** regarding the premise of *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ** *** Our research determined the order was fulfilled on 2/15/Mr*** requested his order via CenterPoint Energy’s On-Line service which is
not real timeOnce his information was entered in the system there was a large debt discovered at the location where he requested serviceIt is Protocol to request information from the new party to confirm they have no connections with the former party that left the debt The Credit Department verified that Mr*** was cleared of the debt and the order was scheduledThe order was dated for 2/10/with the instructions for the technician to call Mr*** when he is on the wayThe attempt to complete the order was madeThe technician called twice before going and reported no one was home at 11:AM. Once Mr*** discovered the order had been attempted, he called to reschedule for 2/14/2017. The order was attempted again and the technician reported no one was home at 3:PMAgain the order was rescheduledThe attempt was made on 2/15/and it was reported no one was home at 4:PM. Mr*** called to get the order reissued for the same dayOnce he was quoted an overtime fee he requested to speak with a supervisorThe supervisor issued a same day order and agreed to waive the feeThe order was completed for 2/15/at 6:PM We appreciate Mr*** as our customer and regret we would be unable to refund the service establishment feeRespectfully, Angela ***

This is response is to complain # *** submitted by *** *** residing at *** *** *** *** *** *** **
We were successful in reviewing the account and agreed that the starting reading possible could have been misreadAs a result, the first invoice has been reversed and billed
for ccfsThere is currently a credit balance of $
LaToya ***
CenterPoint Energy

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