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Per the DE Tariff, Delmarva Power can require a cash deposit for an existing customer until satisfactory credit is established. I have attached a copy of the tariff regulation as well as the two prior disconnection notices that Ms*** received prior to the deposit being assessed on the account. Our records indicate that the account had only been paid in full by the due date once in the twelve months prior to the deposit being assessed on the account. The service does not need to be physically disconnected in order for DPL to assess a security deposit on the account. The disconnection notices states that there will be a reconnection fee charged if the service is physically disconnected. It states that a deposit may be assessed or increased. Based on the review of the payment history on the account, the deposit is warranted and will not be waived. In the event Ms*** cannot pay the deposit in full she does have the option to request to pay it over three installments

Current balance $last payment received $11/ DPL's records indicate customer was set on a month installment plan for $ per month in addition to the current bill on 11/along with a month installment of $for the assessed depositCustomer was assessed a
deposit of $due to the delinquency of the account and customer has received disconnect notices between August and November

2-22-spoke with ***--explained deposit was assessed due to delinquency and the $is based on a month average bill Is concerned she won't be able to keep to the arrangement since the deposit can only be split over months I satisfied deposit from her recent payments and then
set up the entire balance of $on a month arrangement of the bill + $starting as of 2-29-bill Confirmed she still has a $pledge from the state service center for emergency assistance--we haven't received the funds yet

I have completed a review of the account. The rate change was completed as of the July billing. I have completed the adjustment for June billing and have applied to credit differnce of $as a Good Customer Relations Credit which will appear on the next months

Customer has solar panels as well as AMI meterThe meter readings were not being communicated to Delmarva Power from December through April, so these bills were estimatedOnce the meter was communicating the readings, the bills were adjustedIn regards to consumption, the customer is faxing
documents with her meter readings as well as generation statements from the solar companyThere has been an increase in usage when comparing last year to this year
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear belowI accept the refunding of the credit on my account and appreciate that it was done in a timely manner (only after I filed a claim with the, what I do not accept is that no one from Delmarva EVER contacted me about anything that's happenedEach manager I spoke with at Delmarva apologized for the mistakes of the previous supervisor and then proceeded to make the exact same mistakesI was expecting someone to at least contact me to apologize for the horrendous customer service provided by the companyAt this point it doesn't matter as I've received the credit on my account and it appears there's nothing more Delmarva can do to make up for the hardship and frustration I've encounteredI am currently looking into alternate energy providers because my experience with Delmarva have been so awful

spoke with Mr***--we are looking into his rebate issue and will follow up with him directly
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that
this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
I was told by Emblem apartments that the reason why the building was pending release was because Delmarva kept pushing it backThe building that I'm moving into is Yes, I just started services since my move in date was scheduled for May 5thBut that still does not solve the fact that Delmarva was suppose to be out on site at Emblem since October which caused my first building to be delayed until July and then I was told to choose into the current building which is and that was suppose to be done in March and I had to make accommodations at my residence after I had already put in my notice that I was not going to be renewing my lease which then resulted in paying more money on a monthly basisI don't think it's professional to have people go through these sort of situations and think that it's okay to get the job done at Delmarvas convenience because it's the only company that can do the jobSo like I said in my first statement I want reimbursement for the amount of money that I had to pay due to this. Regards,
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is
satisfactory to meHowever, my concern is that for months now, I've been told that the charges would be removed and I received a letter from collectionsIf I continue to receive notifications, should I reach back out to the truly appreciate your assistance with this matter!

11-9- A disconnect notice was mailed to Ms*** on 10-3- Records show she called our Customer Care Office on 10-25-in response to the card that was left advising of the pending disconnection She owed a balance of $and the $payment she made that day was not sufficient to stop the disconnection Service was disconnected that same day She paid the additional $and service was reconnected The $reconnect fee was billed appropriately and will not be waived

This is a MD customer I have reviewed Ms***’s case file. In March Ms*** paid a $security deposit. That deposit was reviewed for possible refund and was credited back to her electric account on March 24, in accordance with COMAR Refund of
Deposits. The $credit satisfied Ms***’s March electric charges of $leaving her with a credit balance of $258.07-

Our office has received *** *** inquiry filed with your office. I have conducted a thorough reveiw of the matter and provide you with this response.
As a recipient of Maryland Energy Assistance Program (MEAP) benefits, *** *** is required to be enrolled on budget
bill (equal payment plan). A budget is calculated based on the estimated cost of average utility usage minus annual MEAP benefit.
*** *** received a $MEAP grant on October 29, 2013. This grant was applied to her account and reduced her balance to $554.70. The average monthly bill for *** *** is $per month. With the $being incorporated into the budget this has increased the monthly budget installment to $350.00. While a customer is on a budget there are months their actual usage will be less than the budget installment and others times when the usage is greater than the budget installment.
If *** ***, wishes to be removed from this program she wouild need to put her request in writing to DPL and understand that by doing so, she understands that the $grant she received may be returned to the State of Maryland.
If she should have any additional questions or concerns she may contact DPL Customer Service at ***

Customer's deposit of $has been waived and applied to her electric balance, as a one time only courtesyCustomer now has a credit balance of $ Moving forward, all future payments will need to be paid by the due date and in full each month or customer will run the risk of being
assessed another deposit that will not be eligible to waive

DPL's records indicate that as of 3/customer has paid the required good faith payment of $and his account has been placed on a courtesy hold until his Agency 4/appointment date with Network Empowerment CenterCustomer will need to contact DPL after his appointment with the outcome
and make payment arrangements on the accountCustomer has a current balance of $ 4-12-

I have reviewed Ms***'s filing No adjustment is warranted On 7/26/we received an agency pledge int he amount of $from the DE State Service Center, which posted as a pending pledge on her account On 8/16/the $agency payment was received and posted
Normally, the pending agency pledge is then backed-off within a few days; however, on this account the $pending agency pledge remained on the account until it was removed on 9/20/ This is why Ms*** was advised $was her balance on 9/20/16--that included the $pending agency pledge, which should have been removed when the payment posted
Ms***'s balance is currently $and no adjustment or credit is warranted We apologize to Ms*** that she was erroneously advised a balance of $on 9/20/when her actual balance was $ Ms***'s balance reflected accurately on her bills, as pending agency pledges are not deducted from the bill balance We understand if Ms*** is unable to pay her balance in full, and can offer her a 12-month payment plan on the $ She may contact us at *** to set that up

This matter was not resolved previously as the transfer request was
never completed as stated I was unable to provide a response to the current resolution as the complaint is showing as closedPlease be advised that I have left a voice mail message for Ms*** today and sent a follow up email advising of the corrected resolution: Please accept this email as follow up to the voice mail message I left for you this afternoon I have completed a review of your account Our records indicate that you had an outstanding balance of $for account number There was a credit balance of $that was still showing on account number that was placed in your name in error I have transferred the credit of $to your active account today, thus leaving a credit balance on your active account in the amount of $ In addition, I have also reversed the $deposit from the account This will bring the total credit on the account to $ I spoke to the Supervisor in our Credit Department today and he advised that he would be processing the request for a refund check for the total amount of $on Monday, January 4, once the deposit reversal is posted I was advised that you should receive the refund check of $on or before, Friday, January 8, Should you require any additional assistance on this matter, please contact me directly at ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.This is a lieI told Delmarva Power my correct address in JuneWhen I called July 7th, the rep told me that they had my correct address on file (** *** *** *** ** 08046) but they made a mistake and mailed it to the previous address by mistakeThey told me that they would have to cancel the old check and send it to the correct addressWhen I called on August 22, the rep told me that they mailed my check out to the correct address (** *** *** *** ** ***)The rep on August as well as the rep on July 7th BOTH read out to me my correct address without me having to give it to themThe correct address has been on file since June so they are completely lying! The rep on August told me that it should take 3-weeks to get to my home in New JerseyI called on Sept 13th and they told me it was AGAIN sent to the wrong addressThe supervisor *** * ** *** *** told me that they're cancelling the old check and expediting the new checkI STILL have not received itSo they are ALL lyingIf I don't receive my check by Monday Sept 26, I'm taking Delmarva Power to small claims courtI already filled out the small claims court form and have the name of the officer (*** * ***) that would be served papersThey should NOT be treating customers like this and they shouldn't be blatantly LYING to the Revdex.comI don't care if the check comes on the 27th; if its not here by Monday the 26th, I'm SUING!
*** *** ** ** *** *** *** ** * *** ** *** *** ** *** *** *** ** *** ***
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
The pledge was applied to my account as of August My electric went from to within days, which is bogus because my electric and gas for the month of September was only I have been told too many different unrealistic, non-professional excuses of why my bill is so highI have monthly bill statements that will support my complaint.
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear belowI want formal written apology from the company for the way they handle this matter because this is the most ridiculous thing I have seenI am being punished for their system issue when I paid my bill every month as instructed and did my duties as a consumer they didn't do their duties as a companyThe resolution they offer is ridiculous I feel they should eat part of this because its their fault as they continue to admit but punish me for itI will continue to escalate this issue all the way up until I feel I have received a reasonable solutionIt took me contacting the for the call to be pull and all he stated was she mention but she never informed she was setting me up on a payment plan or did I ever agree to that but once again the consumer is being punished
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID *** and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

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