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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
roblem:Since May of 2016, I have been asking Delmarva to put my account on a payment plan, and each time the rep claimed that they had and it was taken care ofI have spoken to several reps about this, and each time my request was ignoredI have been cut off, hung up on, and ignored in this matter for months nowNow Delmarva claims that my account is past due, due to their errorThe second I received a notice that the power was going to be disconnected, I called Delmarva and they refused to speak to me about my accountThey hung up on meI continued to pay my bill for the monthSoon after, I received a notice on the door that the power was going to be shut off unless a payment was made, even though I had just made oneThe notice said in order to prevent disconnection, to call the number listedI called the number as instructed, made arrangements, and about an hour later my power was still disconnectedNow Delmarva claims they cannot reconnect my power with out another $payment that I cannot afford, even though their mistake put me in this situationIf Delmarva had listened to me when I requested a payment plan, this would have never happenedThey have the most horrendous customer service I have ever had to deal withI have never spoken to a company that had so little interest in helping or keeping their customers.Translate Desired Resolution / OutcomeDesired Resolution:RefundselectDesired Outcome:I would like a refund of the $reconnection fee and an apology from Delmarva regarding the terrible customer service and lack of customer support

Attached, please find an Excel statement that includes three tabs. The first tab reflects the accounts recievable statement for the electric and gas account. The second tab reflects that electric usage and per day average. The third tab reflects the gas usage and per day
average. Based on the per day average and average temperatures the usage is in line with previous history at the location. There is currently a credit of $on the account

I have reviewed Ms ***'s account, DPL's records indicate customer was refunded $8/24/and the check has been cashed

Customer did not receive February bill due to delay in billingFebruary bill was released on 3/and March bill 3/Due to the inconvenience, Delmarva Power has offered a new payment arrangement so the full amount is not due at one timeThere was a previous issue where another party requested
service in their name at the complainant's address, temporarily causing the service to be placed in this other party's name in DecemberThat incident had nothing to do with the current bill issue

Delmarva Power has completed the appropraite meter installatino on May 27, 2015. Permission to operate was communicated via electronic mail to the Solar Contractro and customer on June 2, 2015. We extend our apologies for the delay in providing a timely meter installation and
response to this matter. Attached is a copy of the permission to operate for your recordsSincerely,*** ***Customer Relations Lead AnalystRegulatory and Executive Customer Relations

Delmarva Power *** ! they are making their customers install the so called smart meter but yet they do not tell their customers that they will cause cancer & also every month since I moved to this home my elcbill has been $to $a month & it is only living in a sqfoot home & when I lived in a sqfoot home with living in the home with Chop tank my bill was never over $a month ! Delmarva Power is screwing people! I hate this company & I do not understand WHY we are NOT allowed to change to Chop tank !

I have reviewed Ms***'s account, DPL's records indicate customer has been billed on the scheduled read date of each month The start and end date is located on the top of the first page and on second page of the customer's billCustomer's current bill was billed between
January and February and mailed on 2/*** *** * *** *** *** * ***

6-27- I have adjusted Ms, ***'s move out date for *** * *** *** ** *** *** to correlate with her move in date of 1-9-for *** * *** ** *** *** Attached is a revised final bill for Ms*** reflecting a balance due of $

9-13- I have reviewed Ms***’s complaint filing and account. Ms*** activated service at Sandburg Place in May 2016. Our records show that she and Keith Sykes spoke with several representatives in August regarding the billing. On August 29th a supervisor call back
was made and a message was left. On August 30th Keith Sykes spoke with a supervisor about the charges, readings and balanceThe usage Ms*** has been billed is accurate and based off of actual meter readings. Ms***’s daily usage is provided to her on each bill and can also be viewed through her online MyAccount. I have attached a statement detailing the daily kilowatt-hour graph for her July and August bills, and her current daily usage up through the midnight read on 9/12/16. If Ms*** reviews this data she can see what days she has used the most energy. Her energy usage in July significantly decreased between 7/7/through 7/15/16. In addition, starting as of 8/16/her usage has remained consistently lower, which would indicate a change in appliance use, such as air conditioning. This data supports Ms***’s statement that she turned off her air conditioning, which was probably on 8/16/16. As a result, her August usage was almost kWhs less than July even though temperatures during the August bill period were warmer. Ms*** is currently averaging kWhs per/day, which is significantly lower when compared to kWhs in August and kWhs in July. If she continues using this same amount of energy her September bill will be under kWhs *** ***

Our records indicate that Ms*** currently has an outstanding balance with DPL in the amount of $952.49. The deposit on file was increased by $due to delinquency. Disconnection notices were sent on 1/23/16, 3/26/16, 6/1/16,7/1/16,8/1/and 9/27/16. All notices state that a deposit could be assessed or increased. Ms*** was advised that ACE was willing to waive the security deposit if she paid the account in full less the deposit amount. She advised that she was unable to pay the balance in full. The deposit was set up on a month payment arrangement and the outstanding balance of $was placed on a month payment arrangement. The first installment payment would be due with the November billing

The deposit policy is outlined in the DE Tariff and states: Customer's Deposit to Guarantee Payment of Final Bills The Company shall require a cash deposit from an Applicant or an existing Customer for each account until satisfactory credit is established to guarantee payment of final bills for service renderedThe Company reserves the right to hold either an aggregate deposit for all accounts for a single Customer or multiple deposits for separate accounts for a single CustomerWhere the Company holds more than one deposit for separate accounts for the same Customer, the Company shall administer each deposit individuallySuch deposit shall not be more in amount than two-twelfths (2/12) of the estimated annual applicable Delivery Service revenue or combined Electric Supply & Delivery Service revenue, or as may be reasonably required by the Company in cases involving service for short periodsService may be denied or terminated for failure to pay a deposit when requestedDeposits shall not be applied against current delinquent billsPayment arrangements are available upon request

Mr*** was backbilled for tampering. His Sep through May bills were lower than due to electric diversion. As a result, Delmarva Power adjusted those bills based on his prior usage. We did not bill Mr*** for the cost of investigationAlthough Mr***
believes the adjustment based on his prior usage to be unfair due to changes in his household, the fact of the matter is the adjusted usage is fair and actually in line with his current usageThe adjusted bills from Sep through Apr totaled $3,716.10/27,kWhs compared to his bills for Sep through Apr totaled $3,/ 26,kWhs As you can see from the enclosed comparison statement, Mr***’s adjusted usage and charges are comparable to current usage; therefore, no further adjustments will be made. Tell us why here

Property in question was listed as non-residential when first put into serviceThe property has since changed hands but Delmarva Power was never notified of any change in use from non-residential to residential propertyThe customer notified Delmarva Power 2/After verification that property
was residential, Delmarva Power changed rate moving forwardDelmarva Power would not change prior billings before being notified of change in use of property

The deposit billed to the customer was waived prior to my review of the accountBills are do to be paid on time in full each monthIf the account becomes delinquent in the future another deposit will be billed

Ms*** has two accounts in her name *** *** *** ** * *** *** *** ** *** ** A payment of
$posted to #*** *** *** The $payment was transferred to *** ** *** on 6-29-

Per the DE Tariff - Leaf noSection III - Customer's Deposit, Delmarva Power can assess a security deposit to an applicant or existing customer until satisfactory credit history is established. The deposit is based on the average bill at the location over the past twelve months and
multiplied by two. The deposit assessed on Mr***'s account is accurate. The deposit was assessed after two disconnection notices generated on the account within a month period. Our records indicate that Mr***'s account has only been paid in full three times within the past months. The deposit is warranted and will remain on the account

DPL's position remains the same

Mr. ***'s father with the same name *** *** account was set up with son's SS# in errorThe accounts have been corrected and the deposit for Mr. ***'s was waived on 7/31/

Our records indicate that there was only one payment made to the account on January 8, 2017. This payment was for $and there was a processing fee of $so the total payment was for $225.84. This payment was made online and not with a customer service representative. Based
on the payment information provided, the payment was made by Chad Russell and the ATM account used for this payment ended in 0646. This is the same account that is listed under Ms*** My Account as a payment method and matches the prior payments made on the account. Our records do not indicate an additional payment of $paid by her boyfriend as she previously stated to our Customer Service Department. The payment of $was the amount due on the account for the most recent billing. No refunds are warranted on the account as only one payment was processed

On the evening of November 1st Ms*** called Delmarva Power to make a payment (through Speedpay) via our IVR. Ms*** made two payment attempts: Attempt 1 IVR ATM card transaction of $was
rejected Attempt 2 IVR ATM card transaction of $+ $fee was accepted; Confirmation #Only the second payment attempt was successful and only one payment of $posted to her account. It is possible that the first attempt resulted in a “hold” on her credit card account for $190.00, which Ms*** will have to contact her credit card bank to resolve. This information and the contact number for Speedpay Support *** *** **) was provided to her on November 3rd

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