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Mr*** was backbilled for tampering. His Sep through May bills were lower than due to electric diversion
size="3"> As a result, Delmarva Power adjusted those bills based on his prior usage. We did not bill Mr*** for the cost of investigationAlthough Mr*** believes the adjustment based on his prior usage to be unfair due to changes in his household, the fact of the matter is the adjusted usage is fair and actually in line with his current usageThe adjusted bills from Sep through Apr totaled $3,716.10/27,kWhs compared to his bills for Sep through Apr totaled $3,/ 26,kWhs As you can see from the enclosed comparison statement, Mr***’s adjusted usage and charges are comparable to current usage; therefore, no further adjustments will be made.
Tell us why here
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
I still do not agree with Delmarva Power regarding the high deposit of $And had to set it up on a deferment before the due date or they would have canceled my original deferment already on my accountIt was a catch They make you agree to defer or pay or you owe entire balance with no further eligibility for payment arrangements. The deposit was added too close to due date for me to have days to argue it with the I did not open your email until the other day, and thought I would be able to comment when I hit next, but it submitted to you without my commentsAlso, if you tried to call me, I don't not answer unknown calls unless a message is left in my voice mail due to telemarketersPlease contact me by leaving a message or by email. Thank you so muchI still request that my deposit is removed as I already cannot afford my billRespectfully,

Customer began service at property in 8/2015, prior account in son's name with balance remainingSon called 2/and advised he was living at property, so his balance was transferred to active accountDelmarva Power is requesting proof of residency for son to show he is not living at
propertyProvided customer fax number

Our office was contacted in regard to this matter by the Delaware Public Service Commission as well. I did speak to Ms(***) *** directly and advised that the total balance on the account is currently $4080.70.
Ms*** (***) *** previously had service in her
name at
a prior location with DPL at ** *** *** ** *** *** Service at that location ended as of 3/10/
with an ending balance of $1613.13. Mr
*** previously had service at Maple Avenue in Wilmington, DE. Service at that location ended as of October
14, with an ending balance of $5,
Initially Ms*** called in and requested service in
her name at the new location of *** * *** *** ** *** ** on
10/5/16. She was advised that she had an
outstanding balance of $would need to be satisfied in order to grant
service in her name. She was advised the
same on 10/7/16. Mr*** then contacted
DPL on 10/10/and requested service to be disconnected at *** *** *** and
service to be placed into his name at 1** * *** ***. He confirmed at the time the Ms*** was
his wife and was residing at the property with him.
Mr*** was advised at that time, since his prior
account had just ended and was previously on a payment arrangement that we
could reins*** the payment arrangement and grant service in both his name and
Ms*** name. He was advised that
Ms*** balance along with his outstanding balance of $would both
be included in the payment arrangement.
Mr*** failed to maintain the payment arrangement and the service was
eventually disconnected for nonpayment in May 2017. The balance on the account at that time was
$9,515.36. DPL agreed to accept a
payment of $and the service was restored.
The service was then disconnected again for nonpayment in
August 2017. On August 29, Ms
*** was advised that a minimum payment of $would be the minimum
payment needed to restore the service.
Mr*** made the requested payment and the service was restored. Due to the fact that the account was off for
over days a new account number was generated when the service was
restored. The outstanding balance of
$was then transferred to the new account after service was restored
The account was then disconnected again on October 18,
for nonpayment. The balance on the
account at that time was $6783.22. A
payment of $was accepted and the service was restored. The account has since billed for the current month's charges bring the balance to the $4080.70. I am currently in the process of preparing a billing statement for the accounts at ** *** *** ** *** *** *** *** ** *** *** *** * *** *** ** Bear, DE. And advised Ms*** that I would be emailing her a copy of the same once it has been completed. Ms*** did provided an updated medical certification and I agreed to set the balance on a month payment arrangement

DPL, does not have a flat rate for determining the customer's deposit, the calculation of the deposit is based on months of the customer's average bill over the last months; therefore each customer will billed a different amount based on their usage at their propertyThe deposit and
the calculation is part of DPL's tariff which is approved by the Delaware Public Service CommissionMr ***s was assessed a $security deposit due to his late payment history Based on his late payments, disconnect notices were generated and mailed to the customerMr***'s deposit is warranted and is not eligible to be waivedDPL is willing to offer a month installment plan for his deposit balance of $of $in addition to his current bill Once Mr***'s has re-established a good or excellent payment history by paying his balance to zero and has paid his bill in full by the due date for consecutive months, his deposit will be refunded
I have reviewed the response made by the
business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
Called Delmarva on Saturday and they say the deposit issue has not been resolved, they requested a new letter of credit be sent with additional informationHow can they respond to that the issue has been resolved and tell us a different storyNot good customer relations on their part with no one knowing whats going on

$deposit waived by Customer service on 3/22/2016, customer currently has a credit balance of $
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Spoke to customer regarding security deposit on accountDelmarva Power would require balance to be paid on time and in full for months before being refunded to customerSecurity deposit can be assessed due to past due balances or collection activity on the account

The rate adjustments was completed back to the date of notification. Our records do not indicate that we were advised of a request prior to June 2015. The rate adjustment is effective as of the date of notification

Unfortunately, once a budget is billed there is no way to go back in the system to correct the amount that had already billedThere was a error in the calculation of the budget when the budget was initially established. The Company takes any reported system errors very seriously; they are reported to the appropriate area and corrected as needed. The customer was provided with a manual calculation of the budget and was asked to call back after the next billing if he was interested in re-establishing budget billingI apologize for any negative customer service he may received. As a regulated utility customers are required to pay for the service they consumed. The Company does not reimburse customers for their troubles

There has been no bill reflecting a balance of $nor has her balance been $ I've attached a billing statement reflecting her charges and payments and her running balance
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
The documentation submitted by the company was not provided prior to the implementation of the security deposit. The notice I received states if the service is disconnected than a security deposit may be required. The document does not state "if you receive two disconnection notices than you will be required to pay a security deposit". If it is the companies policy to implement a security deposit late accounts then they should provide that information to their consumersThe requested security deposit amount is more than my utility bill. The company also utilized my full utility payment towards the security deposit which in turn made my payment late.

Our office was contacted by the Delaware Public Service Commission in regard to this matter as well. Below is the information provided to their office in response to this matter:
I spoke
to Ms*** directly yesterday afternoon. She currently has an outstanding balance of $2,and there have been four prior broken payment arrangements within the past months. It is first noted that Ms*** began questioning her high usage on May 11, when her service was last disconnected for non-payment. She was advised at that time of the amount needed to restore her service and based on the review of her usage history her billing concerns were most likely due to electric heating
On May 12, 2016, Ms*** contacted DPL again in regards to her billing concerns and requested to have her meter tested. She was advised at that time to conduct a breaker test at the home first. On May 18, she spoke to a Supervisor at DPL who again reviewed her account and usage and advised that the increase in the usage was consistent with electric heating. A service order was issued to check the meter and to obtain a physical reading from the meter. The order was completed on May 21, that confirmed the prior readings used to base the usage were correct
Ms*** contacted DPL again on June 22, and was advised that the prior service order requested was completed and confirmed the usage was correct. Upon Ms*** contacting DPL again on June 27, a request was sent to our Energy Engineers to schedule a field visit to Ms***’ home
The Engineer called and left voice mail messages on June 28, and again on June 30, 2016. Our Engineer was able to speak to Ms*** directly on July 5, and the field visit was scheduled and completed on July 6, 2016. The Engineer that completed the field visit advised that Ms*** insisting that they barely used the heat this winterBased on our AMI data, it shows that the heat was indeed usedThere are period of time where the meter shows a constant 6kW draw for weeks at a timeFrom the looks of the usage, it looks like an heating element was onCustomer told the engineer that the compressor for the heat pump is brokenWhen our engineer turned on the heat, the compressor did not kick inThe AUX came on almost right awayThe home was drawing around 10kWShe was advised that we believe that the heating element in the air handler was either shorting out, or the customer was using the oven to heat the homeShe was advised that the high usage trends were in line with temperatures over the winter time and it does not happen in the summerThe customer at that time requested to have the meter tested
A request was made on July 7, to have the meter exchanged and tested. No payment arrangements were set up on the account and collection activity resumed on the account resulting in the service being disconnected for nonpayment on July 12,
I spoke to Ms*** yesterday and advised that DPL has attempted to address her usage concerns and provided suggestions as to what we believed to be causing the high bills during the winter billing periods. Ms*** advised that she had an electrician come out to the home and they found no electrical issues at the home. I explained to her that she was advised multiple times that DPL believes that the issue is with her heater and she would need to contact a heating contractor to address the issues with her heater.
I advised that the meter will still be exchanged and tested and can be witnessed by the Delaware Public Service upon her request. She advised that she does want to have the PSC there to witness the testing. I advised that I would reach out to our meter shop and a representative from the PSC to accommodate her request. I advised that a minimum payment of $1,(50% of the total balance) would be required in order to restore the service and to place the remaining balance on a month payment arrangement. I advised , in the event the meter test found the meter was not properly functioning the account would be directed to our billing department for adjustment and the payment arrangement could be amended at that time
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
My complaint has not been addressedI received a call where the supervisor gave me no resolutionShe indicated that she had cancelled my budget billingThis goes directly against what I had asked to be doneI wanted budget billing for the convenience of it and to keep my bills at a consistent dollar amount yet she cancelled itI told her I just wanted it corrected, not cancelled and she said it was too late, she had done itI asked how they were able to correct the problem and she said they hadn'tI asked what had happened to cause the problem and she said she didn't knowI asked her to keep me in budget billing but correct the amount and she said she could notThen she said if I wanted to, I could "try" again next month, she said it "might" work then.
I don't see how this is resolution in any way at allShe openly admitted that they don't know what happened and that the figures were indeed off by a factor that was almost doubleThis is a significant discrepancy and they seem to not even care about the fact that it happenedIt seems to me if it happened when I enrolled myself online, why couldn't this be a systemic problem that is happening to other too? They should be much more concerned and they are not
When I asked how to be sure about re-enrolling she said to call and they would be able to provide all the information for me about how much it would beThis is false, I started this who journey by calling and instead the representative on the phone argued with me that the system is never wrong and that was correctI tried to explain to that rep how averages work and that the average cannot be higher than the highest value in the dataset but she couldn't figure it outShe put me on hold to calculate itIn the minutes I was on hold I exported the info from online and crunched the numbers in excel so I could explain itWhen she came back she said she said the math was too complicated and she would need a couple hoursShe person who called me is wrong, the representatives cannot helpI explained the above to her and she said just ask to talk to a manager thenLast time I called to do that they hung up on me...the next time they gave me an answering machine where I left a message but NEVER received a call back
They seen wholly uninterested in the fact that they nearly double charged me days before Christmas, they don't know why it happened and can't fix itThey offered no reimbursement for my troubles and openly did the exact opposite of what I askedIf there was another utility company to choose from I would but that's how they continue to get away with over charging and not fixing anything, because we have no other options
I find myself wholly dissatisfied with their service and find that their "resolution" doesn't fit the definition of that work in any way
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
I have yet to receive the refund check that Delmarva allegedly sentThus, the complaint is not yet resolved

Delmarva Power sent refund checks on 8/and 8/5, for 0.51, 3.72, and Two checks were sent to incorrect addressDelmarva has traced payments and confirmed refund checks have not been cashed, so will be resending refund checks for total amount of to updated address confirmed with
customer today

The security deposit of $was waived on 7/18/after it was confirmed by a Customer Service Supervisor that the late payments were a result of a problem with the account enrollment of autopay
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 11113876, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.
For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
My house is a little bedroom houseI hardly run the air conditioning because I am never homeI have repeatedly asked delmarva to send someone out to check if someone else is using my electricityThey always say they will and to no surprise nothing is doneI should not have big bills like thisAnd I have been with delmarva for almost years why in the world.would.they increase my depositI am only looking to get helpGet someone out here to check why so much energy is being usedThis is ridiculous to have such high bills when I work hour days days a weekI also do not have wifi
*** *** this does not solve anythingThe deposit was not dollars it was as posted on the first bill received, the next month another deposit was posted, the customer rep did not answer my questions he didnt answer anything he was rude didnt give me a chance to speak and continued to say the same thing over and over like he was reading off a screenThis response is
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below

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