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I have reviewed [redacted] [redacted] ’s case file Ms [redacted] had service in her name at [redacted] until 8-31- A final bill was issued showing a balance of $1, In August [redacted] called for service at [redacted] *** [redacted] and service started for him on 8-28- In Dec we discovered that [redacted] was living at [redacted] Dr with [redacted] and her outstanding balance was transferred At that time we accepted a payment of $and set up her remaining balance on a 12-month arrangement (bill + $51.44) In Jan we made corrections to the [redacted] ’s Sep through Dec bills and new updated bills were issued The [redacted] ’s payment arrangement broke in Feb due to non-payment In Mar the [redacted] ’s called wanting to include the updated Sep through Dec charges into the arrangement; however, this request was denied as the [redacted] ’s have made no payment to the account since the $on 1-5- Since the account opened in Aug 2015, the [redacted] ’s have made a total of two payments: $11-21-and $1-5- The [redacted] ’s now owe a balance of $2, In regards to payment arrangements and to avoid disconnection of service, Delmarva Power is willing to accept an initial payment of $and then will extend a final 12-month arrangement on the remaining balance (bill + $129.25)

Delmarva Power has been withholding my security deposit for monthsAfter at least phone calls there is still no answerEvery rep has a different story and no one can tell me where my deposit is or why they haven't sent it after different representatives claimed to have sent it already

Security deposits are calculated based on an average bill times two and in accordance with our tariff, which I have attached Mrs [redacted] ’s existing deposit was $150.00; however, it was no longer sufficient to meet the two month average requirement As a result, on 8-11-the deposit was increased by an additional $to $ Our system automatically reviews for deposit assessment or increase after the second disconnect notice in a rolling month period Mrs [redacted] has received four disconnect notices in the past months The notices from July and August are what prompted the deposit review Notices are mailed and not sent via email It is Mrs [redacted] ’s responsibility to contact Delmarva for payment arrangements when she is unable to pay the full amount due On 10-8-the third disconnect was mailed with a disconnect date of on or after 10-23- Mrs [redacted] did not respond to the notice and a a service person made made the door knock on 10-30- Againif Mrs [redacted] is unable to pay the full balance each month she should contact our Customer Care Office at 800-375-to discuss payment options

"Courier New A review of the customer’s electric account shows she is being billed based on actual readings each monthHer September bill, billing period from August 26th through September 25th, was $95.52, she used kWhThe October bill was $91.09, billing period from September 25th through October 24th, kWh was usedAs we entered the season when temperatures drop the consumption registering on the meter increasedHer bill for November was $169.16, kWh and December was $150.02, kWh DPL bills customers based on what registers on the meter servicing her propertyWe are unable to bill customers based on what they feel they have used It is recommended customers sign up for “My Account” on DPL’s website On “My Account” customers can obtain detailed energy use information such as what days of the week and times of day they use the most energyThis can help customers identify changes that can be made to increase their energy efficiencyNo adjustment is warranted on her account

Our office was contacted by the Delaware Public Service Commission in regard to this matter as well Below is the information provided to their office in response to this matter:I spoke to Ms [redacted] directly yesterday afternoon She currently has an outstanding balance of $2,and there have been four prior broken payment arrangements within the past months It is first noted that Ms [redacted] began questioning her high usage on May 11, when her service was last disconnected for non-payment She was advised at that time of the amount needed to restore her service and based on the review of her usage history her billing concerns were most likely due to electric heatingOn May 12, 2016, Ms [redacted] contacted DPL again in regards to her billing concerns and requested to have her meter tested She was advised at that time to conduct a breaker test at the home first On May 18, she spoke to a Supervisor at DPL who again reviewed her account and usage and advised that the increase in the usage was consistent with electric heating A service order was issued to check the meter and to obtain a physical reading from the meter The order was completed on May 21, that confirmed the prior readings used to base the usage were correctMs [redacted] contacted DPL again on June 22, and was advised that the prior service order requested was completed and confirmed the usage was correct Upon Ms [redacted] contacting DPL again on June 27, a request was sent to our Energy Engineers to schedule a field visit to Ms***’ homeThe Engineer called and left voice mail messages on June 28, and again on June 30, Our Engineer was able to speak to Ms [redacted] directly on July 5, and the field visit was scheduled and completed on July 6, The Engineer that completed the field visit advised that Ms [redacted] insisting that they barely used the heat this winterBased on our AMI data, it shows that the heat was indeed usedThere are period of time where the meter shows a constant 6kW draw for weeks at a timeFrom the looks of the usage, it looks like an heating element was onCustomer told the engineer that the compressor for the heat pump is brokenWhen our engineer turned on the heat, the compressor did not kick inThe AUX came on almost right awayThe home was drawing around 10kWShe was advised that we believe that the heating element in the air handler was either shorting out, or the customer was using the oven to heat the homeShe was advised that the high usage trends were in line with temperatures over the winter time and it does not happen in the summerThe customer at that time requested to have the meter testedA request was made on July 7, to have the meter exchanged and tested No payment arrangements were set up on the account and collection activity resumed on the account resulting in the service being disconnected for nonpayment on July 12, I spoke to Ms [redacted] yesterday and advised that DPL has attempted to address her usage concerns and provided suggestions as to what we believed to be causing the high bills during the winter billing periods Ms [redacted] advised that she had an electrician come out to the home and they found no electrical issues at the home I explained to her that she was advised multiple times that DPL believes that the issue is with her heater and she would need to contact a heating contractor to address the issues with her heater I advised that the meter will still be exchanged and tested and can be witnessed by the Delaware Public Service upon her request She advised that she does want to have the PSC there to witness the testing I advised that I would reach out to our meter shop and a representative from the PSC to accommodate her request I advised that a minimum payment of $1,(50% of the total balance) would be required in order to restore the service and to place the remaining balance on a month payment arrangement I advised , in the event the meter test found the meter was not properly functioning the account would be directed to our billing department for adjustment and the payment arrangement could be amended at that time

The customer had service in his name at [redacted] Ct and requested his wife be added to the account November 9, Company records show his wife had called prior to his calling for service at [redacted] Ctin July His wife was denied service due to a high outstanding balance at a previous locationThe balance, over $2,000.00, was transferred to the [redacted] Ctaccount under both husband and wife's nameImmediately after the balance was transferred to their active account the customer began calling to say his wife no longer resided with himWhen requesting new service, March 4, at March Rd, DPL customer service verified with the apartment complex that both husband and wife were on the lease and moving to the new locationThe Company requires payment of outstanding balance's for service used prior to granting service at a new locationIt appears these customers are attempting to switch names on the account to avoid paying an outstanding balance I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear belowThis is a lieI told Delmarva Power my correct address in JuneWhen I called July 7th, the rep told me that they had my correct address on file ( [redacted] 08046) but they made a mistake and mailed it to the previous address by mistakeThey told me that they would have to cancel the old check and send it to the correct addressWhen I called on August 22, the rep told me that they mailed my check out to the correct address ( [redacted] ***)The rep on August as well as the rep on July 7th BOTH read out to me my correct address without me having to give it to themThe correct address has been on file since June so they are completely lying! The rep on August told me that it should take 3-weeks to get to my home in New JerseyI called on Sept 13th and they told me it was AGAIN sent to the wrong addressThe supervisor [redacted] told me that they're cancelling the old check and expediting the new checkI STILL have not received itSo they are ALL lyingIf I don't receive my check by Monday Sept 26, I'm taking Delmarva Power to small claims courtI already filled out the small claims court form and have the name of the officer ( [redacted] ) that would be served papersThey should NOT be treating customers like this and they shouldn't be blatantly LYING to the Revdex.comI don't care if the check comes on the 27th; if its not here by Monday the 26th, I'm SUING! [redacted] ***

Customer has a Current balance of $I spoke with Ms [redacted] advised DPL will lower the previously required amount of to $to transfer service to premise #then set on an month payment arrangement of $108+cb (with $deposit being applied to final bill)Customer states applied for Energy Assistance, she advised them the required amount of $was needed advised if receives then will set on month payment arrangement of $108+cb Customer was billed a $deposit 3/25/which was based on the previous consumption history at her property Customer was enrolled into Budget Billing which is also based on the previous consumption historyCustomer's actual consumption doubled the previous history Ms [redacted] just recently applied for Energy Assistance, DPL has not received any commitments or payment from the agency

A thorough review of the customer’s account shows the $200.00 deposit was paid in full on 09-02-14. The deposit is eligible for refund after twelve consecutive payments from the time the deposit is paid in full. The deposit of $200.00 plus $.19 interest was applied to the customer’s account... showing on her October bill, billing from 09-15-15 through 10-14-15. The normal procedure is to transfer the deposit to the customer’s account unless otherwise requested. Account documentation shows the customer did request a refund rather than the credit on her account, on more than one occasion. Unfortunately, the refund was not processed and for this we apologize. The full deposit amount of $200.00 was applied to her account and paid the bills for October, $42.64, November, $60.88. The two bills totaled $103.52 which left a credit balance of $96.65. A refund check for the $96.65 was processed on her account 11-18. Her current account balance is $76.19 due 1-4-16. Although we apologized for any negative customer service the customer feels she received, as a regulated utility we bill customers for the service they used and are unable to provide her with a credit or an additional refund of $50.00.

I reviewed the four calls from March: 3-9- Mrs [redacted] called our Customer Care Office stating she is on a deferred payment arrangement and is unable to pay it The DPL representative advised her $was the total balance due and $is the amount due on the arrangement 3-10- Mrs [redacted] called stating she could pay the $today She made the $payment online while on the phone with the representative and provided the confirmation number to the representative 3-11- Mrs [redacted] called stating she is on a deferred payment arrangement and asked the amount due The representative advised her $is the total balance due and there was a pending agency “pledge” of $ The representative advised that once the agency pledge is received it will reflect on her bill and confirmed the electric and gas charges on her Feb bill 3-24- Mrs [redacted] called asking about amount due and the agency payment The representative advised the agency payment has not been received and that if the agency payment is received before the 4-7- due date of the March arrangement then she would not have to pay March arrangement of $ Mrs [redacted] asked if the representative knew when the $agency payment would post and she was advised that usually it takes up to days for us to receive the funds Mrs [redacted] was never told her total balance was $ The $agency payment was received and posted to her account on 3-and she did not make the $arrangement payment for the March Bill Between the agency payment and the Exelon Rate Credits, Mrs [redacted] ’s April bill reflected an arrangement amount due of $by 5- I have attached her Mar through Jul bill copies Her bills from Mar through May reflects the deferred payment arrangement but pages and also list the balances due for the electric and gas services under “Total to pay account in full” Her total balance is currently $and she owes $for the Jul payment arrangement by 8-9- [redacted]

sans-serif;">This matter was not resolved previously as the transfer request was never completed as stated I was unable to provide a response to the current resolution as the complaint is showing as closedPlease be advised that I have left a voice mail message for Ms [redacted] today and sent a follow up email advising of the corrected resolution: Please accept this email as follow up to the voice mail message I left for you this afternoon I have completed a review of your account Our records indicate that you had an outstanding balance of $for account number There was a credit balance of $that was still showing on account number that was placed in your name in error I have transferred the credit of $to your active account today, thus leaving a credit balance on your active account in the amount of $ In addition, I have also reversed the $deposit from the account This will bring the total credit on the account to $ I spoke to the Supervisor in our Credit Department today and he advised that he would be processing the request for a refund check for the total amount of $on Monday, January 4, once the deposit reversal is posted I was advised that you should receive the refund check of $on or before, Friday, January 8, Should you require any additional assistance on this matter, please contact me directly at [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below Its unacceptable how I am resposible for that huge bill when I to called for my balance and was repeatedly told I had a zero balanceThis is not how a business should runI've never had this kind of issue beforeRegards, [redacted] ***

Ms [redacted] has a current balance of $ DPL's records indicate that her deposit was waived as a one time only courtesy on 1/29/ Customer was assessed a deposit due to receiving disconnect notice within months The assessment of the deposit is part of DPL's tariff that is approved by the DE Public Service CommissionDPL's, new billing system will assess a deposits automatically if the customer has received disconnect notices within a month period if the customer does not have a deposit on hand The deposits will be refunded once the customer has reestablished good or excellent credit, by paying the account down to a zero balance and pays the bill each month in full by the due date for consecutive monthsIf the customer does not establish good or excellent credit with DPL due to the delinquency of the account the deposit will be held on the account until the account is closed and will be applied to the final bill, if there is a credit balance a refund check will be mailed to the customers final billing address Customers future payments must be paid in full by the due date each month or she may run the risk of having another deposit assessed, which will not be waived[redacted] 2/16/

Ms. [redacted] can contact our Energy Advisor Team at [redacted] to further discuss her usage and conservation tips.

Our records indicate that there have been seven disconnection notices generated for Ms [redacted] 's account within the past months I have attached a copy of the most recent disconnection notice that states, in the event there is a deposit on file it may be increased Deposits are based on the usage at the property for the past months When the system reviewed the usage and the deposit, the deposit was increased to be more in line with the usage history Ms [redacted] was advised on October 11, that if the account was paid in full less the deposit increase of $that the $increase could be waived as a one time courtesy Ms [redacted] advised that she was unable to pay the outstanding charges in full so the account was placed on a month payment arrangement

I have reviewed Ms [redacted] account, customer has been backed bill to her requested 1-29-move in date at Courtyard Lane #6, WilmingtonThe adjusted bills, has been mailed today May Customer's bill balance is $Ms [redacted] had a credit of $from her previous account at [redacted] ** This credit balance was transferred today to the new location, $was applied to her deposit request and the balance of $credit was applied to her electric balance Customer currently has a balance of $ Unfortunately DPL can not waive her $deposit billed, due to the late payments on her previous account, however DPL can offer a month deferred payment plan of $in addition to her current bill on the remaining balance I left a voice mail message for a return call [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below Although this issue dates back one year to September of 2014, to date Delmarva has not yet offered any payment to me There is absolutely no progress on my complaint I attempted to resolve this issue amicably with Delmarva Power from September of through to January/February of 2015, when Delmarva stopped returning my phone calls As a result, I filed a complaint with the As a result of my complaint, earlier today [redacted] of Delmarva called me This was my first contact from Delmarva since the January/February time frame During the phone call Delmarva indicated that Delmarva had yet again lost some of the paperwork for my case (one of the issues that was part of my initial complaint) Specifically, Delmarva lost the name of the contractor that installed my HVAC unit This information had previously been supplied to Delmarva on numerous occasions and Delmarva had in fact previously been in direct contact with the contractor on a regular basis for several months Nevertheless, Delmarva insinuated that it did not issue my rebate payment because Delmarva's current files no longer include the name of the Delmarva approved contractor that performed my HVAC install To the contrary, I yet again provided Delmarva with the name and phone number for the Delmarva approved contractor that performed the HVAC install Having realized it made another error in my case, Delmarva then immediately called the approved contractor and attempted to blame him for all of Delmarva's errors During this conversation Delmarva made numerous arguments, but the fact remains that all of my dealings on this issue were directly with Delmarva before involvement of the contractor Delmarva informed me directly that my HVAC unit qualified for a rebate As a result, I complied with all of Delmarva's numerous and time consuming requirements to obtain the rebate, but Delmarva has not yet issued payment to me There is no progress on my complaint

As a regulated utility we are required to bill customers based on the amount of energy that registers on the meter. Although we understand [redacted] concerns with her friend’s usage, we do not bill customers based on friends or neighbors usage. In fact, all of Ms. Li’s neighbors’ electric consumption is significantly higher compared to hers. The meter servicing [redacted] home was already tested on 2/13/13, prior to being installed at this premise. The meter ( [redacted] tested 100.02% accurate, which is within the required tolerance standards of (98%-102%). [redacted] higher winter consumption, which has remained consistent, is heating-related. Once temperatures increase and heating is reduced or not used her usage will decrease as it did prior to December.

Our records indicate that Ms [redacted] currently has an outstanding balance of $4, Of this amount, $of the balance was transferred to the current account for services previously rendered to Ms [redacted] at Elliott Street in Newark, DE Service at that location ended as of February 6, and the ending balance of $was transferred to her current account at [redacted] ** Attached, please find the Equifax report that confirms that Ms [redacted] was reported as residing at both addresses listed above All other charges were incurred from services rendered at [redacted] from February 19, to present There have been six prior broken payment arrangements on the account A minimum payment of $2,would need to be paid in order to avoid the service from being disconnected and to set the remaining balance on a month payment arrangement The account has been noted to reflect the same I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below I will wait for Delmarva to REMOVE THE BALANCEFurthermore, Delmarva needs to CONTACT Rickart Collection Systems and CANCEL THEIR COLLECTION CLAIM against meOnly then will I close this complaint Regards, [redacted]

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